MILFs Affairs Review (2020)

MILFs Affairs

If you are looking for a brief but steamy relationship, then MILF Affairs is your place to find salvation.

This site is like a boon as you will find older and busty women here. You will witness some ladies performing nude before you.


  • You can search your matches at the ‘Find Members’ option on the main menu.
  • MILF Affairs is a safe place to date older women.


  • The website is limited to the American audience.
  • Several fake profiles so make sure whom you meet in real life.

The review below will cover almost every type of query you will have about the website.

Also, check the features and drawbacks for a better experience.

Milf’s Affair is a perfect place to be if you are a woman looking out for a brief but lovely steamy affair with hot young men. This site is bliss when it comes to being able to get their out in the open and display your ‘thing’.

As  society today has grown more and more accepting of various sexual orientations, you will not have any problems finding available suitors of preferred sexual pleasure taking and giving. The main popularity of the site is the fact that it has been created for women.

The MILF is a place for  bored women, who are sexually active and attractive, seeking out the right ‘mate’. This site is a beautiful place to be if you wish to have some fun in your free time or otherwise. As expected, this site is most frequented by women mainly.

Here one gets to both participate or watch and enjoy. The site is too attractive for words. Here you get to view women of all types, shapes, sizes and ‘likings’. With ‘age-no bar’ kind of a feel to it, it is pleasantly surprised to watch the women perform without any inhibitions and clothes.

The live stream feature of the site makes it all the more attractive and popular. Here, you as a user can enact your performance just the way you want to. Also, you can watch the performance as an audience if that is your thing.

There are all sorts of performers, be it experienced ones or the amateur ones, the fun continues no matter what. While it might be one of the best places to flirt and have some mindless fun, you can also find your match here. Some users wish for a fantasy fling, and MILF has just been able to offer you that. 

What makes MILF so popular?

The central aspect of the MILF popularity is the live streaming feature which is much sought-after. Most of the time, people simply love to perform. Here you will be treated to some of the most provocative acts of self-pleasure right on live display.

The nudity is simply delicious, and the acts are sexually erotic with nothing left for imagination. Various women and girls here make an appearance where there are masturbating or fingering themselves. This is a treat for those users who love to watch and feel sexually aroused.

The performances by the professionals are mind-blowing with huge breasts and nipple stroking, squeezing, pumping and much more. The site is glossy and beautiful to look at, where you will be treated to a host of young and older women all in their sexual best.

The various acts are simply an erotic treat with ‘themes’ everywhere. Here the viewers will be treated to twosomes, threesomes, lesbians and gay sex and much more.

All videos are of excellent quality, with aesthetically shot performances that are not precisely mindless but do have a particular ‘story’ feel to it. This makes it all the more joyful.

Website Overview 

Website address:

Estimated visits last month: 1 million users per month

The primary factor about the MILF website’s popularity is its user-friendly website. There are no rabbit holes and no redirected pages at the site.

The users will have absolutely no problems navigating across the site with utmost ease. 

milfs affairs lp

Here you create your free account and get started with enjoying the pleasures offered in no time. The sign-up process is simple and easy, with just a few necessary information required that will get you going. You need to upload a profile picture and offer your stats.

This way, you can also view the profiles of othet users. The profile pictures are sexy, with various stages of undress and seduction on plain sight. Here the other users can ‘like’ or dislike an image, and you will be rated accordingly.

The various details such as age, gender and place are also displayed over the profile, thus, helping you make a connection accordingly. The fundamental reason for the popularity of the site is the fact that many younger men love to fuck older women and enjoy it immensely.

The videos are a treat to your sexual fantasy and will reel you into the world of ecstasy in no time.

Photos and pictures are of high definition and good quality. The videos are smooth without any interruptions and of super quality. With so many different genres and choices, there seems to be something for everybody.

Pricing of MILF Affair 

Generally, this website is free of cost. Here the users can log in for free and enjoy browsing, watch a few videos, view the profiles and pictures. The free user can also view the gallery of the shows.

However, your chat sessions will be limited, and you will not be allowed to access the exclusive sex shows and private showings. The Premium membership is quite reasonable as compared to the other sites, and the users will be flooded with  various exciting possibilities.

If you wish to take a ‘test drive’ you could do so with the help of $0.65 per day trial membership, where you could enjoy the unlimited chatting and profile viewing.

  • One month --- $ 29.95 per month
  • Three months---$ 16.65 per month
  • Six months---$ 11.65 per month

By opting for the premium membership, you can get to view the hidden profiles and can also chat without any limits. You will also be allowed for private viewing and much more excitements in-store at the site.

Performance Scores (out of 10)



Website Design

9 / 10

Content Updates

9 / 10

Quality Of Videos

10 / 10


7 / 10


8 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10

Value For Money

8 / 10

Exclusivity Of Videos

10 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

10 / 10

Overall Score

99 / 100

Site Statistics

  • Total number of photosets – 6K+
  • Photo slideshows – YES
  • Watermarks on Photos – NO
  • Maximum resolution of photos – 2495 pixels
  • DRM protection – No

Competitors MILFS

Though a great site to get hooked up with professionals and amateurs alike, the site has been facing some severe competition from various other like-themed sites as well. One of the fiercest competitors to MILFS affair is the

One of the best aspects of this competitor site is the fact that all the videos and porn content merely is beautiful and orgasmic to look at only. The site is easy to use and simple to navigate. There are various categories and storyline themes at the site with some of the best in pornography.

Here there are also too many varieties of sexual explicitly on display that will get any person horny in no time. The site also features its star-performer Lauren Philips, who is quite a dish. Her popularity, combined with that of the site, has got the overall rating of the site shooting for the stars.  

Various other professionals are featured likewise, and their grades and popularity are also displayed for the viewers to check out and make their selections.


  • The sign up at the MILF is a simple process. You do not have to go about various redirections or confusing steps to be able to sign up. Once done, you can start instantly. Unlike  other porn sites, this one is simple and allows you to access the ‘goodies’ almost immediately.
  • The features of this adult site are merely excellent. Here you can catch up with MILFs of your locality and get in touch with them too. The sections and categories are few and precise. Even the details fill-out form is quite a smooth process, where you can get started after you have done the formalities.
  • At the site, you get to view who is currently online at the moment. The list will give you an idea of both the users and the performers. This way, you would know who is who and make your selection likewise.
  • You can search out your match at the ‘Find Members’ drop box located at the main menu. This allows you to hook up with someone who interests you and also exchange what you like and dislike to better understand your sexual preferences.
  • The ‘Live Cam’ at the site is its most important feature. Here you get to treat your sexual appetite to the various sexualities at the display. The performers are both amateurs and professionals, making it all the more exciting. Here you get to see a lot of groping, fingering, masturbation, squeezing and absolute horny-ness at bliss.
  • ‘Live Chat’ is one of the best ways to get hooked up immediately. If you have liked a performer and wish to hook up with her, well, simply chat with her and get going. The chat section also allows you to exchange the sexual desires you have and how you wish to have them full-filled. This helps in avoiding any disappointments, as you can be sure to ‘hook up’ with the one you like the best.
  • This is a porn site, but it is also a place where you can get laid and come back for more. It helps if you have been looking out for the people who like you wish for a ‘no strings attached’ relationships. This place gives you complete privacy to express your desire for older women.
  • As you cannot date horny, sexy older women in a healthier environment, well, the MILFS affair is a safe place to be able to access unlimited choices.
  • Premium membership is a treat. As it is not all that expensive, you can go for it and enjoy unlimited chat sessions and private viewing as well. Here also you get to take a trail membership. This helps you make a better choice for further associations and also to gain access to various freebies and discounts and treats.
  • The billing at the MILFS affair is also quite an easy way to make payments. You will not be redirected elsewhere, and all your purchases can be billed in an easy way to execute format.
  • The security and support are quite apparent at the site. Just like other adult sites of equal calibre, this site also has its cyber protection methods. However, it is recommended for users to be responsible for their safety.
  • The Support at the site is easy to reach out and also swift and responsive. The responses and query solutions are prompt within minutes of placing them. 


  • At MILFS AFFAIR, it is advised to stay very serious while meeting your friend in person, because there are several fake profiles.
  • The site is somewhat limited to the American audience.
  • Slightly fewer profiles of females are available.
  • The rofiles uploaded at the site does not allow the other user to access much information about the users. This is basic and brief, making it slightly more robust for the users to analyze the potential match.

Customer Support

The Support at the is quite lovely and efficient. The users can place their queries about various issues that they have encountered through more than one way. The FAQs at the site are quite elaborate with multiple concerns that the user might have or have faced at the site.

This could be technical, billing, conduct wise or general queries regarding signing up. You could also reach them at

Credit Card Billing Support

If processed your membership: 1-(888)-596-9279 (USA & International) |  [email protected]

There are also various sections under the support category at the site. Billing Support, Forgot Password, Manage Profile, Technical Support. This helps any user to be able to access the support system without any hassles and would know directly where to approach.

Final Verdict

The is an excellent place for users to meet some hot young and horny men. The site offers more than just porn or adult content. Here the site is also user-friendly and easy to navigate. The free feature makes it much easier to access all the pleasures for one thing. 

The users can always upgrade their membership to premium, where you can enjoy the luxury of unlimited chatting and easy to access videos and profiles. The signing-up at the site is quite a breeze with no hang-ups or hick-ups either.

The Premium membership comes with a trail making it easier for the users to take their choice. is wonderful for lonely and available older women to bring back the excitement back into their lives. Here most women simply love to expose their sexual side to the fullest.

There is a massive display of breasts, pussy, ass, and holes to the fullest. These women are bold and love to explore their sexuality to the fullest. The live cam allows you to chat as you watch, giving both the viewer and the performer much to connect to.

This also helps the people to get together and meet up only if they have the characteristic sexual wavelength. The women are also free to express exactly what their sexual preference is all about. As for the young men, it is always an excellent choice to go for women who are comfortable in their skin.

These experienced and older women are all about adventure and excitement. The young men seeking sexual pleasure through the bodies of the older mature women is a bliss. This is mainly because older women are much more experienced and would know how to please you the right way.

These women also know precisely how to please the younger men, as they have  had erotic encounters before. Nothing is much sexier than a woman who knows what she wants and how she wants. 

Parting Note

Girls like to have fun too, and why should boys have all the fun? Well, at, women can now enjoy their sexuality to the fullest and beyond. It is a great treat to have a young in-experienced man at your disposal.

These young men are almost like your slave and can be made to do what you want them to. These young men are horny and do not know what to do about it. This is the best way to guide them into pleasing you and themselves equally. is an excellent secure site where both the professionals and amateurs can get together. This is a safe place to expose your desires and explore your sexual limits. Various users have come across beautiful hookup dates that have been fulfilling in all senses.

Here, even as a viewer, you will be treated to some great videos and streams. The live chat is a fantastic way to direct your interest in performing as and what you would like them to play. The women are only willing to do more and help you reach your orgasm like never before.

The chat window is also private and can be accessed into a chat where your privacy is well-guided. The best part about the site is the support section where you will be well-guided across various issues.

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