Men on Edge Review (2020)

Men on Edge

Men on Edge features male models of all types.

From straight athletic jocks to a variety of muscled hunks to slim, young teenage boys, the site serves up a variety of ‘dishes’ (read: men) for you to savour and enjoy.

Some of the biggest stars of the online gay porn industry regularly feature here, and there is a chance that one can stumble upon their favourite porn star in an entirely new, completely fresh situation.

Furthermore, the bondage is done in a very creative, aesthetically pleasing manner which is one of the highlights of the content produced by Kink Studios.

A relatively new name in the online porn universe, Men on Edge is one site that’s been around for a mere 8 years, tracing its roots back to the year 2012.

Offered to the most engaged aficionados of gay porn by the Network, it features some of the hottest gay scenes with men being tied and punished, begging to cum and then finally getting what they want.

Tagging themselves as the destination which features ‘ripped men brought to the edge in hot gay fetish action’, their videos and image galleries contain some of the most hardcore, intense and highly enjoyable man-on-man sex scenes, bringing viewers to the edge of their seats, both metaphorically as well as in reality.

One of the things that stands out on this gay BDSM and bondage site, is that all these men that are tied up or bound by several tools, equipment and other means, are always so close to cum but are denied to do so until the very end of the long session.

It takes into play the dominant and submissive style of BDSM and extends it to the wildest levels possible, making you go crazy with the sheer intensity of what you see on screen.

The submissives on this site are desperate to cum, so much so that at times, they’re often coerced into sucking some really big, hard dicks, being spanked and flogged or even be tied up or suspended in various extreme situations.

Even in terms of fetishes and positions, it includes a lot of foot worshipping, ass licking, tickling and nipple play among others to watch and savour.

Men on Edge also features stars such as Van Darkholme, who is a popular, top-rated porn star on their roster and was also instrumental in bringing traffic and users to the site in its initial days, when the site wasn’t as popular as it is today. Gay BDSM fans would surely love the sight of him in such videos.

Men on Edge takes ‘edging’ to its most extreme limits and is bound to delight the purveyors of hardcore, dirty, kinky porn or in simpler words, make you blow your load with each scene that unfolds before your eyes.

Their large library of bonuses, video footage and images among others will be pretty helpful in making all the time you spend on this site worthwhile.

Why Men on Edge is better than other similar sites?

Men on Edge is one of the craftiest, most exciting new entrants in the internet porn industry.

Having been backed by the network, you are sure to get blown up by the sheer amount of explicit content as well as features that they provide.

Add to that, it has the brand name of one of the most popular porn sites out there and you have a killer combination ready to win!

Men On Edge-min

Their video library contains high quality, aesthetically pleasing and long videos that sometimes run up to an hour or so, which means that you have to get ready for a detailed, in-depth exploration of the gay BDSM category.

Some of their most popular videos are ‘Bound Prisoners Part II’ and ‘Prisoners on the Edge Part I’ which are not only great in terms of what you get to watch, but also the amazingly dark lighting as well as a sexy soundtrack to back it up.

Additionally, these videos also feature some behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage of the making alongside interviews and chats with the stars in the video. The acting capabilities in porn movies don’t matter much, but the stars in here are exceptionally good and are fully aware of what they’re doing.

Some of these videos are also shot in the lavish castle that Kink Studios owns in the USA with a number of dungeons, which further adds a sense of mystique and exuberance to their content.

The performer’s roster includes everyone from teenaged, slim and sweet boys to older hunks with bodies, apart from those who are well hung too. Furthermore, their models are both cut and uncut, which is going to be a delight for those who love to watch either.

A model index proves helpful as it allows them to filter out these boys who tend to be mostly white-skinned, with a smooth and slender frame coupled with dark or blonde hair alongside shaved and unshaved cocks.

These results are also accompanied by a short little bio for each model which gives you a sneak peek into their specialities, their body features and even a little bit about the videos they’ve starred in previously on the portal.

With all the intense action unfolding on screen, it seems quite like a volcano of cum ready to explode and the dominants use not just their hands but equipment such as flash lights and vibrators among others to bring the submissives off.

men on edge bar

You will find about 309 videos on the site, with new updates getting uploaded to the site on a regular basis. All of these videos come with multiple streaming and download options, with some of them even featuring excellent HD playback.

Since some of these videos run for well over an hour sometimes, the folks here also provide the feature to download them in short clips. Back in the day, the videos featured screen grabs from within the video itself, but now all these videos feature video caps as well.

The videos buffer pretty fine and the site’s browsing experience on the overall, is pretty decent as well. The content is exclusive and something which makes it stand out from the crowd. Here, movies come with tags and descriptions which give viewers idea of what is in store for them.

Van Darkholme is a regular in a lot of scenes and also directs some of the videos that these folks produce. He is a fine Asian man with an amazing physique, with  gun to die for.

Men on Edge is premium in the way the entire site has been designed, and easily stands apart from its counterparts in a lot of ways.

Site Statistics

  • Most popular bonus sites –  Bound Gods, Bound in Public, Men in Pain,
  • Bonus sites – 15+ bonus sites
  • Total number of videos – 309 videos (which includes about 27+ HD videos as well)
  • The average length of videos – 10 minutes to 60 minutes 
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 1280x720
  • Download limit – No
  • Total number of photosets – 288 photo sets
  • Photo slideshows – Yes
  • Watermarks on Photos – No
  • Maximum resolution of photos –  675x1200; 1200x800
  • DRM protection – No

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

8 / 10

Live Stream Quality

9 / 10

Quality Of Private Shows

8 / 10

Number Of Models

9 / 10

Streaming Options

8 / 10

User-Friendly Features

9 / 10


7 / 10

Value For Money

8 / 10


7 / 10


8 / 10

Overall Score

81 / 100


Website address:

Men on Edge is a premium porn site with a strong focus on ‘edging’ or BDSM porn that focuses on subjecting submissives into holding onto their cum even as they’re punished, taken to the extremes of sexual pleasure, before finally getting off their ‘load’.

The site looks pretty decent, and one can’t help but reminisce about the good old days of internet porn, with a touch of vintage and modern sensibilities that reflects in the way this site has been designed.

The UI is good as well, and provides a fuss-free experience.

men on edge lp

Video quality works in Men on Edge’s favour and one can find about 30 full HD videos as well. There are about 280 plus photos which are full-sized accompanying the videos and which can also be downloaded onto one’s own PC in the form of Zip files or can be directly viewed online.

The older videos are broken into short, episodic chapters. Users also get access to a total of 20+ sites which are a part of the network as a bonus.

There are various subscriptions and it is important to check which sites in the network you get as a bonus at the sign up and registration page itself.

It is important to note that all their videos are DRM-free so it is 100% safe to download them onto your own devices, without having to worry about the legalities or copyright.

Their browsing experience has improved drastically over the last few years, and users can even track their favourites though the absence of sorting options could be disappointing for some users, although there are tags and keywords to find what you’re looking for.

Furthermore, you can even rate, like and comment on your favourite video or scene which adds a touch of interactivity to the entire experience.

There is a basic search engine, though being part of such a huge network, a little bit of work could surely have been done in terms of including an advanced search feature integrated into the site. This problem is somewhat solved with the model index, but it too leaves a lot of work to do.

There is also a forum and community features to discover and discuss about new and existing content, something that helps make the whole watching porn, more ‘social’.

Weekly updates ensure that new content is uploaded on a regular basis and the users get to watch something new that tickles their fancy every time they log onto the site.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Unlike its competitors, the pricing structure adopted by the folks at Kink Studios is on the expensive side, providing a lot of value and justifying a price point where a lot of other premium porn sites have struggled to get going.

Discounted prices and deals are another great way to grab a subscription at a cheaper price, and there’s a 40% discount on the membership, when signing up for the monthly plan, which is then billed at $29.95.

A 3-month subscription plan costs you about $89.97 (which is billed at $29.99 per month) while a 6-month subscription will be billed for $137.95 (billed at $22.9/month).

Lastly, if you are someone who wants to keep away from the hassle of recurring payments, you can choose the yearly plan, which will be billed at a total of $179.99 (billed at $15/month), hence a great way to get away with having to renew the subscription every now and then.


  • It is part of the famous network of premium porn sites
  • Downloadable, DRM-free, high-quality content is available here
  • BDSM scenes featuring guy-on-guy action, with dominant and submissive being the prevalent theme in most videos
  • Intense, hardcore gay sex makes it visually appealing to watch
  • Relentless focus on ‘edging’ as a theme, where the submissive is punished and done things until they climax (read: orgasm denial)
  • 100% exclusive content that one won’t find anywhere else apart from the Kink Studios network
  • A roster of models that include the likes of Van Darkholme and the fan favourite Sebastian Keys, who also directs some of the scenes that are published here
  • Can do several simultaneous downloads, which is commendable
  • Some videos are also mobile compatible and hence, work quite  well on mobile devices and tablet PCs too
  • A total of 15+ bonus sites to scour through
  • HD quality videos
  • Vid caps available with descriptions about the scene
  • Decent streaming and playback
  • Multiple download and streaming options
  • Bonus content such as performer interviews are great for some fun, bonus watching


  • They tend to increase their prices without any prior notice at times
  • The actual stuff offered differs quite starkly from what their site tour claims
  • The navigation and design are a bit clunky and you could have a hard time sifting through the site
  • Updates have slowed down to about two a month, whereas they once claimed to have about 10-12 updates a week
  • The run-time is a bit too stretched at 60 minutes and beyond
  • The site is filled with advertisements
  • No live cam sessions without paying for them
  • No file size information is provided


Men on Edge competes with the likes of GayTube, GayMaleTube, Gayforit and BoyfriendTV among others.

While it has a certain edge over them because of the Kink Studios brand name and a host of interactive features, it must try to figure out a way to make the site’s video watching experience a little less-cluttered, apart from working on the pricing structure which is a bit on the expensive side.

All in all, it’s a good site that is better than a lot of its competitors.

Customer Support & Other Services

The customer support team at Kink Studios looks at each of its customer’s grievances and issues with a keen eye and tends to provide solutions which amplify their browsing experience on the site, and make it more wholesome. They can be reached via the following link –

Final Verdict

In our opinion, Men on Edge is a good site and one where the scenes quite literally turn you on when you watch their amazingly huge collection of videos. They take the whole concept of BDSM gay porn to another level and the scenes along with camerawork and lighting look pretty sharp as well.

Count this and the interactive features, and you have an entire community of like-minded BDSM, gay porn enthusiasts to discuss and watch what tickles your fantasy. Although the membership prices aren’t cheap, but all of this pretty much makes up for it.

You also get bonus access to Butt Machine Boys, another site of the Kink network and we believe that’s a pretty good deal for porn enthusiasts all over the globe.

Parting words

We reviewed the hugely popular premium porn site Men on Edge, covering some of its biggest pros and as well as their biggest cons.

We hope our reviews were helpful and you could get a good understanding of all the points one should consider before signing up for a porn collection. Looking forward to hear your views and suggestions so that we can serve you better with each passing day!

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