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If hot gay sex is what arouses you, then will be a perfect site for you.

The site features most of the hot and dynamic male porn stars who gets it on to the action under a perfect direction and production setting.

The videos are DRM-free, available in pure HD quality and streaming speed is simply majestic.

The site has some great navigation options to look forward and offers good value for your hard earned money.

Read this review to find the latest insights about the site -


  • The members and the users can stream more than 3000 videos in HD
  • It offers gay sex from all genres, and they have men who exude masculinity in raw form.


  • Downloading of the videos is at extra cost.
  • The user can't comment on anything or anybody is a porn network that only deals with hot men and gay sex. If this is your preferred forte, then this website is a dream comes true. The domain name of was purchased in the year of 2003 in December by an entrepreneur named Rick Schwarts, for about $13 million.

The headquarters of is located in Las Vegas. has videos of famous performers like Paddy O'Brian, Raphael Alencar, Topher DiMaggio, Jimmy Fanz, Phenix Saint, Johnny Rapid, Adam Killian, Christian Wilde.

The videos of are shot in various unusal and exciting locations like the boat, the office, bedrooms, outdoor parks etc.; the website has also introduced parodies of superheroes and different movies like Batman vs Superman, Star Wars.

They have also introduced parodies of famous TV shows like Star Trek, Flash, etc.

Why is Men.Com Popular?

One of the most significant reason why is popular because there are about 300+ executive videos on the site, and moreover the videos are DRM- free and are offered in the most convenient format that is MP4 format.

The videos can be streamed in various resolutions. 

The primary player sized being 960*540; If the user has a fast connection and wants to watch the videos in the full quality screen, then they can opt for 1080p quality.

If the user has a slower internet connection, then they can avail lower resolution option. porn 1-min

Overall, the site offers resolution of different kind catering the need of every individual. The content varies from amateur to professional. Moreover, users can download the videos after getting a $15 upgrade.

The videos that are available on come with picture sets; these are outstanding digital stills and are of excellent quality.

The standard size of the pictures is 1663*2495, but they are shown in a smaller quantity. This picture sets come in various features like downloadable zipped files, slideshows etc. The user are able to save individual photos and they can also search any video through pic topic navigation.

All the pictures are well lit, and the angles are perfect. The image set has about 20 to 100 images. If the user is looking for extras, then there are about 6300 bonus scenes from about 1,700 DVD titles. The size of the downloadable is pretty decent. banner-min

The website gets about daily updates. But sometimes they skip updates once in a week and for quite a lot of time, the site is used to get updated daily. As earlier stated, there are variety of men on the website, and along with the guys, the videos also have very hot scenarios.

The moviemaking in this website is very inventive. These videos are not like standard porn videos.  The members can filter the videos on the site or can choose to go through the entire list of 3100 movies, where they will find recently added movies as well.

When any user clicks on the site page  they will be able to view the variety they have in front of them. When it comes to technicalities, the website is straightforward. Every user has to select the site and the videos from the list has been presented to them and then they go through the viewing page.

One thing the user needs to keep in mind is that older videos might not have a lot of options as compared to the newest ones. But the quality of the videos is completely outstanding, no matter how old the video is. The people at know what they are doing, and they are the best at it.

 Every viewing page of the website has the same features, and have the links to guys that are there in the model index, and the users will also be able to see upload dates, descriptions, rates, linked tag words, the feature to add your favourites is also there.

The movies can also be downloaded in MP4 format, and the user who is trying to download can choose from the option up to 1,920 x 1,080 HD, the smaller files can be easily viewed in such resolution.

The videos can stream on 1080p (as stated earlier), and the average running period of these videos is 20 minutes, these videos come with trailers and images as well. The images gallery has about 25+ pics that are excellent and are at the size of 1,663 x 2,495 px.

Overview & Pricing

Website link:

The estimated visit last month has been 2.89 million. offers various kinds of packs. The trial period of 2 days costs 1 dollar, and if not cancelled within two days, the user will have to pay the recurring payment of 29.99 dollars for every 30 days.

The same goes for the seven-day trials; the user will be charged 7 dollars, and if not cancelled, the user will have to pay 29.99 dollars for every 30 days.

The payment for a monthly subscription is $29.99, which recurs every 30 days.

The yearly payment is 99.99 dollars which recur after every 365 days. The website accepts all kinds of credit cards and crypto currency. logo-min

While making the payment, one need to be very cautious as there are pre-checked options and if you leave them as it is; you will be subscribed for other websites too. If the user wishes to download the videos, they would have to pay $15 extra.

If the user wants to get the details regarding behind-the-scenes, interviews, and solo videos, they would have to pay $1 extra to get VIP access per month.

There are about 200 + videos in the VIP section, and these videos get added after every few months, and these are loaded in the batches of 14 videos at a time. The VIP access also allows the members to have an ad-free experience.

There are some issues regarding the payment too. There is a pre-selected offer, as earlier stated on the billing page.

So till the time the user who is signing up doesn't click on the tab that says "No thanks, I'm not interested in this special offer," the website will sign you up for the additional membership, which is also recurring.

The members who take trial membership will get unspecified limited access, so while they are joining the website, they will be signed up for receiving periodic emails.

Once the user signs up, they will land on a page that is filled with advertisements. On every page, there is a two-part banner that will take the members to the live chat where they would be able to do free chat, but if they wish to see nudity in action, then they would have to pay.

The search bar is also great and the viewers will be able to find a lot of stuff, all thanks to the search bar. But the sad part is that people who take up VIP membership end up wasting their money because the regular members will also be able to find them behind the scenes videos. 

But be assured that whatever the tour of you have seen before purchase is what you will get after you purchase and sign up. is a very trustworthy and well-established network that has received awards too.

The variety available on the website is excellent, and you will find porn stars from all genres, be it newbies or amateurs.

Site Statistics

  • This website is a combination of eight sites.
  • features gay sex, and it has categories like reality porn, taboo themes and some with a lot of fantasies
  • The website gets update on daily basis, and the content is of high quality.
  • It has an option of trial membership that allows the users with limited access
  • It has got 3000+ streaming videos in MP4 format
  • The player is sized at 960X540, and the videos can be surfed in 4 resolutions, they vary from good, amateur, better, and the best
  • The smallest resolution works with the majority of the mobiles.
  • The viewers can download videos but with an upgrade
  • There are about 3500+ picture sets available on the site, these pictures are great, and they are stills which are sized at 1663x2495.
  •  The pictures can also be viewed as slide shows and can be downloaded individually as well as in zip folder.
  • The picture sets have 20 to 100 pictures.
  • The viewers also get bonus content and they get 6300+ bonus scenes over 1650 DVD titles.
  • The VIP section that is attainable with a $1 upgrade has scenes like behind the scenes videos, desktop wallpaper, solo scenes, etc.
  • There are sample galleries on the website, where you can relish topless and torso poses of the models.

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design




Quality of Videos














Image Quality


Overall Score


Is the premium subscription of really worth it?

You will find many gay porn videos for free on sites like Pornhub. These videos are even available in HD quality then why would anyone pay for it? This question might be hovering around your mind right now. You can try to find the answer for your question by going through the below benefits:

You won’t find full scenes on any of the free sites but is providing a huge collection of full length gay movies. Moreover, new scenes are released every day which means that you don’t have to keep watching the same videos again and again. has a lot of diverse gay scenes to offer. You will find buff and muscular guys having fun with popular gay pornstars in the scenes. The videos of these pornstars might be available on other portals too but here you will find full HD and exclusive scenes that is not available anywhere else.

Also, you need not spend much for purchasing the premium subscription as the site offers multiple payment methods. For example, you can use cryptocurrency for purchasing plans or you can pay via unused gift cards as well.

Apart from these perks, you also get to watch erotic gay theme series that is exclusively offered by These themes including first time gay experience, office boy theme, sex between coworkers, professor and students, and much more.

Top Models of

1. Diego Sans

If you are into gay porn then you must have seen the raunchy scenes of Diego Sans. He is one of the most popular gay pornstars known for his stellar performances in porn movies.

This 29-year old muscular and handsome dude has signed an official contract with this site which means that you won’t find him performing on other porn sites. 

Some of his work might be available on the free sites but for seeing him in super HD quality you will have to subscribe to 

For visiting his profile, click he

2. Damien Stone

Damien Stone is a model who also works as in gay movies. He is adored by his fans to the extent that he is popular on Instagram, OnlyFans, and other social media channels.

His chiseled body and powerful persona make his videos even more interesting and you will find plenty of his work on as well.

He likes vanilla sex in his real life too and loves cuddling up with his boyfriends after the video shoots. 

For checking more about him, you can visit his profile link:

3. Johnny Rapid

Johnny Rapid is one of the cutest official pornstars of His fans love him for his boyish looks and the huge monster that he hides in his pants.

Apart from acting in gay porno, he also likes to drive. The brown hair and brown eyes complement his flawless look and make him one of the most followed pornstars on

For checking his complete profile you can go to this page -

Special features of is not like any other porn site has it has a huge collection of gay sex scenes that are carefully classified in various categories and themes. Each scene has an interesting story behind it which makes it much more watch worthy for the viewers.

Moreover, it also features unique gay movie like parodies of popular movies and superhero movies. Therefore, men who love the original movies might also find their porn versions appealing.

Here are some of the kinky plots and themes that this site includes in its videos:

  • Drill My Hole - Drill My Hole is a theme where the bottom-guy is punished for his carelessness or crime. For instance, a servant of the house will be caught stealing by his owner or an office boy will forget an important meeting of his boss. After that, the boss will reprimand him in a strange way by taking his anal virginity away. This erotic theme is loved by many and you will find around 1700 such scenes on this site.
  • Big Dicks at School - We all know about the last benchers of our schools and colleges who like to troll and tease their classmates. However, in this particular theme, these bad boys are actually gay and they punish the sober boys and even professors of the class by banging them hard in their glory hole. Also, these badasses seem to have unusually huge pricks to make innocent bottom-guys scream at the pitch of their voice. This category has around 240 scenes right now.
  • Straight to gay - This is the gay version of from straight to lesbian. In this particular theme, straight men are convinced by gay men to have sex and somehow they start liking it and turn into horny gay men. This weird theme also has gained a lot of admirers on and you can watch about 630 such scenes.
  • Gods of Men - Under this particular theme, you will find well endowed gay men having rough sex with their partners. There are around 215 such scenes on this site right now.
  • Gay Office - This theme covers the gay encounters that take place in the office premises. There are over 180 such scenes on this site at present.
  • Jizz Orgy - This theme is reserved for group sex clips and you will find over 140 such scenes on
  • Men of the UK - You can explore this theme if you like to see dudes of Great Britain have fun with each other. Currently, 123 scenes are uploaded in this theme.
  • Top to Bottom - Watch top boys getting nailed in their butt holes for the first time by exploring this category. However, only 22 scenes are included in this category and you will also not find any latest updates in it. Apart from these unique niches, also features various unique gay movie like parodies of popular movies and superhero movies. These videos are not like standard porn videos. They have funny plots and interesting storylines that seem to be making fun of the original superhero series.  Also, these parodies provide great entertainment along with erotic scenes. Therefore, men who love the original movies might also find their porn parody versions appealing. These are some of the sample parodies that we want you to check out:
  • Spiderman : A Gay XXX Parody - It is a parody of popular superhero Spiderman. However, the twist of the story is that Spiderman is gay in this movie and instead of spider webs, he releases webs of cum to trap the villains and bangs them later to quench his sexual drive.  A total of 3 movies released in this series that will bombard you with a barrage of explicit gay lovemaking scenes.
  • Batman V Superman : A Gay XXX Parody - This is another interesting parody uploaded on Here, Superman is considered as the ‘man of steel’ not due to his strength but due to the monstrous dick that he has. Reporter Clark Kent has a crush on Superman and thinks that Batman is of no use because of the same reason. However, things get kinkier as the city gets attacked by villains who try to molest every cute guy they find. This parody has also been released as a series of 3 movies and their links are given below:
    Batman V Superman : A Gay XXX Parody Part 1
    Batman V Superman : A Gay XXX Parody Part 2
    Batman V Superman : A Gay XXX Parody Part 3
    Apart from these parodies, you will also find parodies of other well-known superhero movies like Avenger, Tarzan, etc. Therefore, you will love to see a porn twist of your childhood heroes on this amazing gay porn site. 

Competitors of Men.Com

Like any other website, has a lot of competitors like Cocky Boys, Sean Cody

Cocky Boys

Unlike, Cocky Boys has pre-taped interviews and these are documentaries. These interviews are between the site performers.

Moreover, this is just one of the features that the site Cocky Boys have. The penchant of CockyBoys is the sensuality that they offer, which is basked in the sheer curtain lighting, which can be found in porn. The series on Cocky Boys are sweetly passionate, crushing.

Cocky Boys offer s lot of plot-driven mini-series. Cockyboys offer a lot of high-quality HD gay porn videos, but the main reason why it is the competitor of is its pricing, the starting price is $6.25.

Sean Cody

Sean Cody was released because of the obsession that people have when it comes to the Jocks. It was started in the year 2001 and is serving the viewers with hot men in their beefcake glory. The approach of Sean Cody is that the first-timers are featured in solos scenes, which is a little dull.

But they claim themselves to be the ones to feature first-timers who have ventured into the Gay porn scene. In some cases, the actors do a solo for the camera, and they don't come back again.

 But the ones who come back become the favourites. There are scenes like paired showered, winter getaways. Etc. But the one thing which they are famous for is the Gym scenes the users will find the actors with their workout partners.

Sean Cody offers a lot of videos for free, but if the user wishes to get the best experience, they can buy a paid account. Now why Sean Cody is the competitor of is that the starting price for the membership is $10 a month.

Bel Ami

Bel Ami is the website for the ones who are literary fans, Bel Ami features European men. The studio of Bel Ami is based in Slovakia and was founded
roughly 20 years ago by a filmmaker named George Duroy. He lifted the name from the main character of the classic novel Bel Ami.

The website offers 3D videos and has the best European men as actors. Bel Ami is not cheap but is it competes because it offers unlimited HD downloads


  • It has eight outstanding Gay Sites
  • It offers gay sex from all genres, and they have men who exude masculinity in raw form. So, it is a great option for the ones who are interested in seeing all this.
  • Every scene of the movies are made in high quality
  • The members and the users can stream more than 3000 videos in HD, and it is a huge collection. The number of videos is growing daily as the website updates. Each video has large and high-resolution picture quality. Moreover, the resolutions come handy if the user wants to view the site on their mobile. The photos can be downloaded in Zip files. The content is of high quality, no doubt, but the production team also does a great job with editing and camera work.
  • On, the viewer can browse all the content or can view just the isolated scenes from one site. Whatever the user chooses remain available with the help of sorting and filtering options, and with the help of tags and the basic search. The user can also give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to their favourite scenes and can also add the videos into their watch later playlist. This video can also be casted onto the other devices.
  • There is an index of models and an exclusive model section present on the website, and both of these can be sorted and filtered.
  • The profile of each n every model has stats and their personal information written right next to it. The user can also like and dislike their profile.


  • Downloading of the videos is at extra cost. Though members can stream videos, they would have to pay 15 dollars extra if they wish to download them.
  • The user can't comment on anything or anybody, also the option of advanced search is also not available.


Like the website, the support system of the site is also great. You can directly contact the administrator, and they would be there to help you. Moreover, you can contact the toll-free number, which remain available 24 * 7. 

If you have any problem with's website, please use the info below to contact their administrator: 

The support of the website helps with the following:

  • It provides detailed information which is related to the status of the MEN membership.
  • They confirm the details of the transaction when the description in your statement does not match with the name of the purchase that you have made.
  • The website also provides the user with professional advice in case the user has been a victim of fraud
  • Provide solutions to any technical issues you may have encountered. porn 2-min

Verdict has a lot to offer, from a handsome man to muscular pornstars, everything is there in front of view., [IS1] there are more than 3000 videos available and every day one video gets uploaded. The action on is substantial, and with frequent up-gradation, everyone receives an option. doesn't compromise with the quality, and all the videos are made and edited by professionals. The website has videos of a lot of famous porn stars, and they post videos of a lot of new names that they have discovered.

So if the extra bucks don't bother you, then this website is an excellent option for you.

Final words

The website and the men on the site are incredibly hot, so a lot of users can overlook the idea of the extra money. is famous for bringing all the famous men together. The users can stream videos in full HD.

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