Meet Me Review (2020)

Meet Me

Meet Me was just a causal and innocent site where the users were meant to meet new people online.

Now it has grown into a bigger and better dating site. You can meet new people, date someone you like and grow your social circle.


  • The users can easily view and shares videos while maintaining privacy.
  • The website is LGBT friendly so all types of sexualities are welcomed.


  • Limited search options as the profiles are very brief.
  • Too many pop-ups and ads on the website which is a major turnoff.

MeetMe started as an innocent site, where, as the name suggests, you can meet new people. This was intended to have a ‘yearbook’ theme about itself, soon grew to be a place to meet new people and connect with others who are of your type.

Today, Meetme has grown into being a vast online dating site, where people aged above 13 years can make new friends, date, fall in love or meet them in real life. This dating site is a beautiful place for people to form connections with other people using the site within their locality.

The various attractive features of the site that makes it more like an online dating site. With easily accessible sign-up features, the MeetMe site has been growing in its popularity with millions of views every month and an ever-growing user-base.

The best part about this dating site is the fact that you get to meet new people, make new friends and grow your social circle. It is a great place to exchange likes, interests, hobbies, news, information and much more.

Primarily a social site, people of similar interests and mindset can get together and form a friendly social group where you get to be yourself and feel free. The site has undergone immense changes and renovations since its conception.

It is a step above as compared to the other sites, as you get to meet more new people as compared to merely keeping in touch with old friends. The site is free, making it an instant hit amongst the people from the student crowd.

It is smooth to operate, easy to use and quite quick in its application; thus, making an instant connection with the youth of today who are into immediate results and making fast relationship decisions.

What makes the MeetMe website so popular?

Today, MeetMe features on the list of some of the top online social sites. This online dating site has grown in popularity due to its tuning with the young people and students. Here, most of the features are free and using them is an instant process.

In no time you get to get ‘online’ and make the best out of the friend-making purpose of the site. The other attractive feature of the site is the ‘pay with credit’ feature available. The site allows you to earn credit in various ways such as purchases, different activities that get you to win the credits.

These Credits can be accumulated into a reasonable amount and later utilized to ‘use’ or purchase the other fun features and much more at the site. So, you spend and earn from the site itself, allowing you unlimited ‘free’ perks along the way.

The ‘Match Tool’, ‘Secret Admirer’, are some of the most fast-catching features at the site where a maximum number of visitors like to access. Here, at the ‘Match Tool’, you get to know people you share your interests and likes.

This makes it easier to connect to a like-minded group, rather than beating around the bush and making some real unpleasant encounters. The ‘Secret Admirer’ is a fun feature which allows you to check out those people who are ‘checking you out’.

This is also two-way traffic where you get to view the other users who might find you interesting and also let them know if you find them interesting as well. ‘Ask Me’ is yet another fun feature at the site, which allows you to let out your questions and queries without having to display your details or even your name.

This is perhaps one of the quickest ways to make friends or simply place a statement that you feel about firmly and study the opinion of the crowd online.

Overview of MeetMe

Website address:

Estimated visits last month: 1.2 billion

As stated earlier, the site has an instant appeal with the younger crowd due to its ‘quick-accessibility’.

The site is a collection of more than one feature of the online dating and friend-making world where you need to make contacts and have fun.

The Meetme site features games, Credits, chats, videos and much more. 


These features add to its appeal and popularity, making it a hit amongst the users. Also, the other users are encouraged to join the site as it has an ever-growing popularity base. The Live Feed is perhaps its most robust feature, where the users are free to show-off themselves on the live stream.

Here you get to view the other people of interest as they are performing, talking, talent display and much more. This also allows you to make an instant connection with the people of interest as you can see you like what you are watching.

Also, the Live Feed has the ‘Quick feature’ where you share your live video with only a single person of your choosing at a time. This makes the live feed, chatting and making friends also a private affair if you prefer it that way. The ‘Photos’ at the MeetMe site allows you to view them on a larger version.

This will enable you to like and comment on them, much similar to the other social websites of similar features. The ‘Ask Me’ is yet another instant feature where you get to make new friends and immediately by letting out a query or a question.

This instantly floods you with the required response, where you can check out, once again, who are like-minded people or exciting people. ‘Sending gifts’ is yet another feature at the site that makes it a major hit amongst the users, as you get to send and receive gifts to the one you want to.

Just like the gifts in the real world, these virtual gifts cost credits and are received by the users along with the exclusive ‘Diamond’ rewards. The ‘Notifications’ at the site are easy not to miss. The users receive notification about updates, friends requests, status updates, comments, etc.

This helps users stay in sync with the activity occurring over the site, and this will help you enhance your connection-making. The ‘Views’ at the MeetMe site allows you to check out how many other users are showing interest in you, who have gone through your Profile and checked out your photos.

This also keeps a list of people whom you have viewed. The ‘Friends’ at the site are your friends and the suggested matches made by the website for your friendship and interest. You also get to add other users over to the ‘Favorites’ and check out the others that have added you likewise.

Pricing & Membership Fees

The MeetMe site is essentially a free site. You get to use all the features free of cost with no purchases required. However, there are perks and benefits of the Subscription service. This is an upgrade to the MeetMe+ where you will be charged accordingly.

  • 1 Month – $10.99 per month
  • 3 Months -- $ 9.00 per month
  • 6 Months -- $5.83 per month

The best part about the MeetMe + is the fact that it is free from unwanted and irritating ads. Through this feature, you can unlock the access to view all the pictures available at the site. You can also enjoy extra credits every month that you can use to send gifts.

Here, you also get to use the advanced search filters, and your Profile can look more attractive through the themes. Also, you can now have easy access to your mail as it will feature on top of the inbox and make the most out of the ‘stealth browsing’ feature.

Site Statistics

  • Total number of photosets – 9K+
  • Photo slideshows – Yes
  • Watermarks on Photos – No
  • Maximum resolution of photos – 2495 pixels
  • DRM protection – NO

Competitors of MeetMe 

Tinder is one of the most popular and widely-used dating sites. This site is one of the closest competitions to MeetMe. Being an online dating site, Tinder also has quite similar features where the users are allowed to check out their matches within their close vicinity.

Tinder has been speeding up the dating scene with instant contact-making features and multiple options to choose from. This website is also quite user-friendly with no hassles required to navigate or access.


  • The MeetMe website is one of the most user-friendly online dating sites available. Here you get to enjoy making new contacts and friends who live close by within your locality.
  • The website is available in the app form as well, thus allowing the restless-generation, which is always on the go to check out the notification and updates wherever they are.
  • The subscription status is irrelevant to be able to receive and send messages.
  • The users can easily view the live videos and also see them on a one-on-one basis only as well.
  • The features available at the site are a variety in number. The site is a perfect place to enjoy various elements at the same time. There are numerous beautiful features like the ‘Live Feed’, ‘Ask Me’, ‘Text Chat’, ‘gift-giving’ and much more.
  • Here you get to watch those videos that you want, and also exchange videos with only those users you wish to or go public.
  • The MeetMe site is good to use without worrying about the funds, as you can now earn credits through performing various activities at the site. The loans are also accessible through playing the games available at the site, finding the secret admirers and communicating.
  • The secret admirer feature is one of the most attractive features at the site as it allows you to check out who is viewing you and whom you have been viewing all the while.
  • Gift giving is yet another unique feature at the site. This is a virtual gifting feature where you gift to another user, contact or friend at the site. Just like any other gift, these GIFs are also meant to be purchased using credits and then given away to whom you please.
  • Here, all relationship types are allowed. You can be straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual and you are still welcomed at the site.
  • The signing up process is straightforward and basic. It only requires you to fill out a few basic facts about yourself, and you are ready to use the site in no time.
  • The ‘Match’ feature is also another unique aspect of the site where you can view the number of admirers you have. This allows you to get going with making contacts with those people who are your kind or type, thus assisting you to make better contacts.
  • The ‘Diamonds’ at the MeetMe site are the gifts given to you from the other users. These can be accumulated and converted to credits to use it as and when required.


  • The MeetMe site is filled with ads. This gets annoying after a while as it tends to distract you from your chatting and making friends.
  • Since the profiles are brief, the search options are also limited over the site, thus making the search process somewhat lengthy.
  • There have been specific security concerns about the site. As there is no way of knowing the intent of a person, it is advised to weigh your safety before you meet your online ‘friend’ in personal.

Customer Support

The support at the is good and accessible. Here the users can easily reach out through various channels such as:


100 Union Square Drive

New Hope, PA 18938

United States

Final Verdict is the new-age online dating site where young people get together to share their ideas, thoughts and much more. This has grown and developed into a dating site lately due to its popularity and features that make it easy to use and make new friends.

The growing number of a subscription is mainly due to its free accessibility at first that makes it easier for people to handle the majority of the features available at the site an easy task. Here you get to display live videos of yourself through the ‘Live Feed’ feature where users can view other users videos.

This helps the people to make an instant connection by simply liking a particular video and making contact with that user. The Ask Me feature at the site is yet another unique aspect as it allows you to place your views without having to share your user name or any other details.

The best part about the MeetMe site is the fact that you can easily send and receive messages without having to be a subscriber at the site. Here the dating game is quite simple and instant where the users are encouraged to connect to their people of interest by various means.

You can text directly, you can like a profile photo, you can like a video you check out your admirer at the Match, and you can also connect through simply liking a particular photo. The various features are all interconnected yet unique in its sense.

The games, fun and activities at the site are also one of the most attractive features which allow you to boost yourself. The credits are earned here, and you can spend the earned credits on making multiple purchases at the site itself.

The other exciting aspect at the site is the ‘Gifting’ where you can gift a GIF to another user buy purchasing them through credits.

If you wish to enjoy more perks at the site, you can always upgrade to the MeetMe+, where you can access all the photographs and enjoy an ad-free experience without interruptions. The ever-popular, however, is the live streaming where you get to enjoy viewing some fascinating videos and content.

Parting Words

MeetMe is an excellent online dating site. Just like everything else, it too has its own set of precautions and security concerns. The site takes significant measures to ensure that all the users experience a sense of safety over the place.

Any form of offence is encouraged to be reported to the authorities at the site, and reasonable action will be taken accordingly. However, the users are also asked to take care of their own private space as well.

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