MCS (Mind Control Stories) Review

Erotic Mind-Control Stories

Do you belong to the fascinating breed of porn enthusiasts who have a fetish for reading sex stories?

If so, Mcstories will provide you with just the right erotic content.  


  • It offers erotica on explicit descriptions of fantasy sex, with a collection of over 15,000 stories.
  • Porn lovers who have a thing for the genres of Mind control and fetish category will find shelter on this website.


  • However, the site is unimpressive in terms of display, without interesting pictures or creative fonts.
  • Also, many of the stories are riddles with a lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes, which could ruin the experience.

If you want more details on its pros and cons, do give the review a read.

The porn industry offers a lot of porn material to its lovers. You can watch porn content such as videos, pictures, live cam sex sessions, read animated hentai comics and sex stories on various porn websites. Though, there is always a group of porn enthusiasts who ismore interested in reading sex stories.

Various porn sites provide erotic reading material to its users. There are numerous sex stories which are often fantasies, and some of them are real as well.

Well if you are a avid lover of reading those kinkier erotic sex stories, then there is a perfect destination for you, Mcstories. Mcstories is a website offering a vast collection of sex stories for its users. You will experience some erotic adult stories and mind control sex stories at Mcstories.

The huge archive of various erotic sex stories at Mcstories will take you to a different level of fantasizing.

Why is Mcstories so popular?

Mcstories is a world of adult erotic reading content with exclusive categories.

If you visit the Mcstories, you will be amazed to view the exclusive range of categories representing erotic sex stories. 

There are explicit descriptions of sexual situations depicted together in a single story which has all the aspects of fantasies.

Some of the erotic stories are real, and a maximum of them are imaginary.

Mcstories promises its users that they will never be disappointed while reading their vast collection of mind control erotic sex stories.

This site is for those who love to fantasize while reading the stories rather than practising it. 

The categories on this site are very appealing, and a reader cannot resist scrolling through all the categories. 

mcs categories-min

Not just reading the stories, but you can register on the site and enjoy uploading your stories while getting connected with other authors too. One more reason for its popularity is that you can read all these stories for free.

Over these years, MCstories has gained an appreciating place among erotic reading sites.


Website address –

Mcstories is operating since 2002 while offering its users a wide range of erotic mind control sex stories. Home to more than 15000 erotic sex stories,

Mcstories has been a place for porn lovers who love to read sex stories while fantasizing.

Because fantasizing is always the favourite part for all porn watchers, all the sex stories are excellently sorted according to the related categories.

There are some best categories available here such as bondage, discipline, cannibalism, bestiality, comic book, dominance, exhibitionism, female dominant, female sex, fetish, furry, enlargement of body parts, humiliation, humour, incest, lactation, masturbation, mind control, male dominant, male sex, non-consensual, robots, scatology, science fiction, time stop and watersports. 

mcs categories 2-min

The mind control category has the largest collection of stories to be read. From  the categories, you can choose your favourite fantasy story to read. All the stories you read here are submitted by the amateur authors who are registered on this site.

There is a large community of amateur authors who regularly post erotic sex stories here. You can also get registered on this site for free and be a part of this huge community. The forum page on this site is home to all the authors posting stories.

Once registered, you can post your stories and can comment on other stories too. The forum does not have daily activities.

The Mcstories website is designed very professionally. You will not find any unnecessary advertisements and pop-ups on the site. The categories page is very well arranged according to the user’s easy access.

On each story, there is a unique colour code through which you can identify the type of story to be read. There are different abbreviations and colour codes for every story in each category. For each story, you can find its author and category.

On the main category page, you can find some options such as What’s New, titles, authors, reader’s picks, FAQ, the garden of MC and MC forum. You can find some exclusive stories in the reader’s pick sectionand can get all your queries answered on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

On the MC forum page, you can view the active members and their activities.


In terms of pricing, Mcstories is the most reliable adult stories website. The users can read all the erotic sex stories for free without registration. The users can get all the access on the website after a simple registration. The registration process is very simple and free for all the users.

Once registered, the registered members can have all the access to the site and its content. They can read all the stories, can post their own stories and can comment on other stories. All these activities are free for all the registered members.

Even all the exclusive stories collection is free for all the registered members.

Site Statistics 

  • Primary Niche – Amateur, Mind control,  Community
  • No of Stories – 15000+ 
  • Categories – 26
  • Topics – 35729
  • Active members - 32948
  • Download limit – No (Unlimited Downloads)
  • Content Update – yes

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design


Content Updates


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Value for Money


Exclusivity of stories


User-Interface & Layout


Overall Score



The Mcstories provides a wide collection of erotic sex stories to its users.

However, there are some other websites which provide the same content to its users.

Some of the sites providing the same adult content as Mcstories are Literotics, Lushstories, Sexstories, Nifty, ASSTR, Novertrove and Hyperdreams.

Some of these sites have a better user interface as compared to Mcstories.

The web pages of these sites are very attractive with all the tabs arranged perfectly.

Also, some of these sites have more categories as compared to Mcstories. 

But some sites offer a paid membership to its users whereas Mcstories provides all its content for free to its users.

Despite the tough competition, Mcstories has maintained its place in the adult stories section by providing an exclusive range of erotic stories.

mcs recently added-min


  • The Mcstories is one of the exclusive websites providing an erotic collection of sex stories to its users. It is popular for stories related to mind control and fetish fantasies.
  • Filled with more than 15k stories, this site offers stories on explicit descriptions of sexual situations which are highly fantasized. All these stories cover more than 35k adult topics.
  • The site has 26 categories of stories for its users. There are some favourite categories like humiliation, female domination, male domination, science fiction, masturbation, enlargement of organs, fetish and mind control.
  • The site has a huge collection of such stories since its inception to the current day. Various popular authors post stories on this site.
  • Mind control and fetish categories have the highest number of stories on them . Users will find all the topic based stories according to the categories.
  • The homepage of this site is straightforward and user-friendly. The users can quickly scroll through all the stories. They can find their favourite fantasies according to the categories sorted conveniently.
  • The lists of stories have a short description at the start of the page, along with the author's name. Once you click the story heading, you will get the entire story on a single page of your device. In short, you will find it very convenient to read the story on your device.
  • There are different colour codes and abbreviations for each story. You can easily find the type of story based on the colour code or abbreviation.
  • There is a reader’s pick section at the top of the home page. Here you can get the best of stories from famous authors of this site. The top stories could be easily found here.
  • The FAQ section is provided to the users where users can find answers to their doubts about the site accessibility. Members of this site best answer all the questions.
  • The design of this site is very professional. There are no unnecessary advertisements on this site. Users can read their favourite fantasies without any interruption.
  • You can choose your favourite story according to the topic or author. There are options provided to choose the story to be read according to the author or topic.
  • The users can get registered with Mcstories very easily. The registration process is quite simple and free for everyone. Once registered, you can enjoy all the content on this site.
  • The registered members can get accessibility to all the activities on the site. They can post their own stories and can even comment on other stories.
  • The Mcstories forum has a large community of more than 32k members. All these members actively post their stories on various topics. Once you are registered here, you will be a part of this huge Community sharing their fantasies.
  • The Mcstories site provides excellent mobile support for its members. The members on this site can read stories on two versions;  first one being the normal version and the second being the simplified version. Both viewing options are comfortable for the readers.
  • The site provides member support for the active members. In case if you can't post your story or can't comment on a topic, you can get support from the support team here.


  • Despite being a wonderful site for reading erotic stories, the Mcstories lack in a few aspects. The website is very old school in terms of display. You will find this site similar to some journal website as there are no pictures or creative fonts here.
  • The stories which are added on this site does not notify its members. The members can't get an update regarding the posting of a new story. As the site looks very similar to any journal site, users can't find any updates on new activities.
  • The stories which are posted here are posted directly by the author without any moderation. So you may find a lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes while reading the stories. It may be disappointing in some aspects.
  • There is no search option on this site. Users wishing to jump directly on their favourite story cannot reach it via searching. Due to this, you have to scroll a lot through the categories to search for your favourite topic.
  • Based on the ratings provided by active members, there is no sorting of the stories. You cannot easily find that story, which is best rated by other members.
  • The forum on this site is not much active as compared to other similar sites. The members do not post regular stories here. So don’t expect a new story every day while you visit this site.
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The Mcstories has provided a FAQ section on their homepage.

You can find some important questions which are best answered by the experts on this site. 

When registered authors post their stories on the site, they will get all the technical support from the support team.

In case of any complaints or regards, you can mail on All the questions and concerns will be addressed here on this mail id.


Honestly, Mcstories is an excellent destination for porn readers willing to get the best of sex stories to be read.

The Mcstories has perfect categories which provide exclusive mind control and other erotic sex stories. 

mcs readers picks-min

This is one of the best sites which has more than 15k stories covering more than 35k topics. The other good thing is that all the members get access to this collection without spending a single penny. So altogether the Mcstories is a cherry on top for the erotic porn story readers out there.

Parting words

Landing on the page of Mcstories will be a wonderful experience for every erotic adult story reader. Once you visit this site, you will be visiting it every time whenever you’ll wish to read some erotic material. This site will take you to the joyous ride of all your wild fantasies running in your mind.

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