Manhunt Personals Review (2020)

Manhunt Personals

Manhunt is a dating website and has become immensely popular in bringing together people who share the same sexual interests.


  • The registration process is simple and the site is designed well to soak all the features to give users an ease of access.
  • The algorithm of the site works well to bring you the people of your selected preferences.


  • There are a lot of fake users available on the platform.
  • Limited messaging option for free users.

‚ÄčThis review covers in-depth about the site statistics, prime area, performance indicators, pros as well as cons, pricing, support and more.

Read this review to get to know about our expert recommendation statement where you can know whether Manhunt is suitable for your needs or not.

Manhunt Personals is an official gay dating website that allows gay lovers to enjoy a leisure time meeting with people who share the same sexual interests. Mostly gay people are neglected widely by society, and therefore, they hide their sexual desires from the outer world.

There are many sites available online that has a special section highlighted for gay couples to explore the ideas of sexual fun that they can enjoy.

It is stated as one of the best online dating sites available to date as it has over 4 million active accounts in the current total, and there are several sign-ups every day. There are millions of local profiles for the people residing in the United States.

Manhunt personals require easy sign-up process along with your picture that opens up a window for several fake users to log in with photos of others. Well, there is no remedy yet with Manhunt personals to tackle this issue, but the website is working on it.

Manhunt personals allow individuals to pin their geo-location to initiate physical meet-ups over virtual ones. During the sign-up process, you need to answer several questions by Manhunt Personals about your sexuality, body type, height, weight, and also your penis size.

Manhunt personals also wish to know whether you have any sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV or not. The final question before the sign-up process will be whether your penis is scissored or not.

What makes Manhunt personals Popular? 

Manhunt personals have become immensely popular in bringing together people who share the same sexual interests.

The main aspect of what makes it so popular is its streamlined interface that allows an individual to put in their interests, and the server matches the profile with the person sharing near about the same likings and interests.

There are no holdbacks of this website that makes it one of the best sites for finding the right mate for one-night stand or long term relationship. Another main reason for Manhunt personals gaining popularity is due to its quick sign up process.

You will require a maximum of ten minutes to complete the sign-up process, including the questioning round of Manhunt. Manhunt personals make face picture mandatory for sign-up, but people who are shy for uploading their self pictures usually end up uploading the photos of their crotch.

The security aspect of the account is also taken care of by Manhunt personals by giving a secure username and password, which is personal and known only by you.

Another best thing about Manhunt personals is that you get the chance to direct message your interest or match over the site to start the interaction in the old school way.

After a point of communication, if you feel comfortable enough, you can go for live video chatting with your match or interest to build a better connection.If you love the interaction, you can also save the profiles of the persons you just communicated with.

You can always approach them for conversation conditioned if they are online. You will also find a "conversations" tab in your profile that will keep your interactions organized.

Website Overview 

Official Site:

Estimated Visits Last Month: 8.5 million

Manhunt personals become the top gay dating site that allows gay persons to enjoy their sexual life on their terms.

Manhunt personals bring an opportunity for a gay individual to find a right companion for long term relationship or just for a one night stand.

Manhunt personals give several modes of communication for the profile matches or interests, such as gay video chatting, gay text chatting, and much more.

You get only ten chats free for the day if you are using the free version. 

It might sound depressing as you cannot try your luck after ten interaction messages in a day. 

manhunt lp

Though it is a drawback Manhunt personal allows the users to log in at every hour to check for reply texts from the interests or matches. You can look for the matches either globally or nearby locals. Most of the site is free for the users to access while some sections are shut down for paid profiles to access.

You can build your entire friends list without even spending a penny for the premium account. Keeping the security in mind, you must always use your real email-id and picture to reduce the count of fake profiles on the Manhunt personals website.

The purpose of Manhunt personals is to bring together gay individuals to add beautiful moments in their life, and the fake profiles are somehow deteriorating that mission of the website.

Manhunt personals websites offer around nine languages in the website interface for the individuals to find the match with their language interests. The count of members is most high in the US that is 1.5 million from which more than 30,000 are from New York.

The prime intention of male individuals to visit this site is to get free& casual sex without much emotional or monetary investment. The visitors from the United States bank the title of highest visitors count, following to which Argentina banks the second position in the count of visitors.

Make use of the chatroom available for the unlimited contacts that you create over the site of Manhunt. The photo upload limits count up to 16 pictures per profile, which is enough to showcase what you got in you.

Most of the profiles add photos of their nude body parts to gain more popularity over the website. Every profile you look for will have adequate details for you to judge whether to or not to interact with the individual and take the interest further.

There are no charges for viewing profile pictures as everyone can admire the profile pictures of all the profiles present on the site of Manhunt. The 16 photos that you upload to your profile can be categorized as public or private based upon individual choices.

Some pictures need to be under the private section as you must keep something as a surprise and allow the people to interact with you to know more about you. To make your profile more attractive, you can add descriptions about your physical characteristics.

It will gain the attention of more people towards your profile.

Pricing & Membership Fees 

Everyone loves extra benefits in all aspects of life, and that implies even to the best gay dating site, Manhunt. Manhunt personals have exclusive features under free sections for the members who wish to enjoy the fun of interacting with gay individuals without paying a penny.

But the company has restricted some features for the paid members for a clear purpose "Business." By spending a few dollars, you get full access to the unlimited features of the website without any pop-ups mentioning the "paid section."

The free section provides you with certain features such as unlimited profile views, saved conversation history for up to two weeks, one bookmarked conversation, and friend list up to 20 matches or interests.

The paid version gives you the full benefits without any restrictions that include full photos of all interests, video chat access, saved conversation history for lifetime, unlimited bookmarked conversations, friend list with up to 1000 matches or interests, block profiles up to 1000 count, change the username multiple times and access to advanced search results.

There are two types of paid membership plans, one is auto-renewal membership, and the other is non-renewal membership. The only difference is that the auto-renewal membership plans will seek your approval only once at the time of first payment, and then it will deduct the amount periodically.

Online Dating Secrets to Being More Desirable

The non-renewal membership will seek permission after the end of every membership period for renewal. Under the auto-renewal membership plan, the weekly membership plan costs 7 USD per week, and the monthly membership plan costs up to 12 USD per month.

The packages above one month come with discounted monthly rates, such as three months plan that will cost 30 USD, six months plan will cost 55 US and 12 months plan will cost 99 USD.

Under the non-renewal membership plans, the weekly membership plan costs 8 USD per week, and the monthly membership plan costs 14 USD per month.

The plans above one month come at a discounted rate, such as three months plan will cost up to 35 USD, six months plan will cost up to 65 USD, 12 months plan will cost up to 124 USD.

Site Performance Score: (out of 10)



Website Design

8.5 / 10


8 / 10


6 / 10

Making Contact

9 / 10


8 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


8.5 / 10

Image Quality

9 / 10

Overall Performance

9 / 10

Site Statistics

  • You can upload your real face picture as a profile image during the signup process for finding better matches.
  • You can add up to 16 photos to your profile to convey better information about yourself to the interested profiles.
  • Making contacts is easy as you get an instant messaging option. The number of messages is limited in the free version and unlimited in the paid plans.
  • There are nine language options on the official website of Manhunt personals for the global visitors of Manhunt.
  • There is a mobile application compatible with iOS devices for ease of use and access, anywhere and anytime.

Competitors of Manhunt 

Since 2001, after Manhunt personals came into existence, numerous sites competed by delivering the same offerings to the public. Several websites are experimenting with numerous upgrades and updates to match the efficacy of Manhunt personals in providing genuine dating matches to gay individuals.

Some of the most popular competitor dating sites of Manhunt personals are Jack'D, Scruff, Hornet, and Grindr. These sites have almost equal service offerings but still lacks behind the efficiency of visitors as that of Manhunt.

The motto of the competitor site Jack'D is to allow gay individuals to stand out in a community to put their point of argument and win it to claim their stand in the society. There are several demerits of this application after it came into existence in the year 2011.

It is compatible with all devices, including Android, iOS, and windows. It has a similar interface as that of Manhunt personals that allows the users to connect with strangers who share similar sexual interests and connect with them for casual dating. Long term relationship or just one-night stand.

Hornet is another competing site of Manhunt personals that provides dating facilities for gay individuals. The website offers multiple language options for the ease of communication to global gay companion seekers.

Manhunt personals proposed this scheme long back in the year 2011 that keeps it ahead of the 2011 Hornet dating site.

Many other websites are trying their best to compete with Manhunt personals to at least get hold of half of its visitor count. But till then, Manhunt personals remains the best gay dating site throughout the globe with immense features and genuine matches.


  • Instant chatting options with the matches and interests on Manhunt personals official website.
  • You get the chance to upload up to 16 photos to your profile and also add text descriptions to let others know more about your interests and likings.
  • On buying the paid version, you can also view the full-sized images of your liking match, after which you can take the conversation further to long term or short span relationships.
  • You get to save conversations in both free and paid version of the most liked profiles. You can review the interactions for up to two weeks in a free version and unlimited in the paid membership plan.
  • Manhunt personals have a mobile application that is compatible with iOS devices, which allows users to gain access to their profiles anywhere and at any time on the go. For privacy and security measures, there are no pop-up notifications enabled in the application.


  • You can exchange only ten messages per day in the free profile version, which is the most significant drawback of the website. You cannot try interacting with your interests after you have exchanged a total of 10 messages in a day.
  • There is a huge count of fake profiles with fake pictures to which Manhunt personals takes no action. Manhunt personals propose the individuals to give their genuine photos if they wish to create a profile to cut down the count of fake profiles.
  • You cannot start more than one conversation with a liked match in the free version. You need to buy the paid membership to avail the unlimited starring feature of Manhunt, which is a necessary feature that must be made available in the free version.

Customer Support

The support staff of the official Manhunt personals website is also very cooperative. Any problems related to your payment or membership can be solved within minutes of interaction with the customer support executive.

You can make calls to the executive anytime between 8 AM to 8 PM between Mondays to Fridays.

They are very much responsive towards every minute query of the members. The contact number for reaching out to Manhunt's customer support executive is 866-424-9999 for the people of the United States or Canada.

You can also drop mail-in odd times with your member id and name for the executives to contact you back soon. People who reside outside the United States and Canada can also reach out to the executives via 24/7 email accessibility on [email protected]

The website also consists of an online help centre for the individuals seeking out immediate help. There are frequently asked questions and answers that might give you the solution you need without waiting for a customer support executive to attend your query.

Final Verdict 

After all the efficacies stated above, it is clear that Manhunt personals are one of the best dating sites available to date for the gay individuals out there. There are important updates and feature additions on a timely basis to meet the evolving needs of the visitors.

The individuals purchasing the paid memberships also state their positive feedback on the website that shows Manhunt personals as the clear winner above all. The paid memberships can be cancelled from the profile settings any time to prevent the auto deduction of credits from your account.

The website is legal and is a licensed online gay dating site with the most attracting features like gay video calls, gay chats, and a lot more.

With the paid membership, you can also download full-size pictures of your interests and extend your conversation to unlimited boundaries without the text message limitations.

Parting Words 

The reviews of the site, Manhunt, makes it a clear winner amongst its competitors, and therefore it gains more than 10,000 logins every day, which is a great count. Manhunt personals banked more than 8 million visits in the last month, which is a considerable amount of genuine traffic for a dating site.

The mission of Manhunt personals is to eradicate the loneliness from the life of gay individuals and give them a companion or a partner to get engaged with whether for a night or a lifetime.

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