Male Edging: Complete Guide (2020)

After spending, a few days away from one another, finally, you get to spend some quality time with your partner.

You were waiting for this night for a long time, and the ever-growing sexual desires are making it challenging to keep yourself content for long.

The same goes for your partner as well. During that ultimate moment of satisfaction, if he ejaculates early, that will spoil your fun for sure.

You want it to last for a long time, and that’s why sexual partners are learning the art of male edging to make it more satisfactory.

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In layman’s terms, edging is defined as a practice of taking yourself to one point of orgasm and then stopping from reaching the said peak. Now the main question is why. Why would you need to learn the art of edging? Well, the answer is pretty self-explanatory and straightforward.

Orgasm is the best bit of that intimate relationship. When it is done, you start feeling tired, and that excitement will not be there for some time. So, why let it happen so fast if you can control its movements?

Make your orgasm a memorable one!

Thanks to edging, now you can easily make one sexual desire lasts for a long time by keeping a check on your orgasm. Edging will make the eventual orgasm pretty powerful. The practice will help in increasing blood flow and sensitivity in your penis, resulting in a dramatic outcome.

You just can’t forget the psychological aspect of wanting what you actually can’t have! That makes the result, even more, promising here.

Some people work on edging as one control method. It is a playful way to enjoy sex and add a kinky feel to it. The best part is that this method won’t involve any pain, unlike BDSM ones.

So, why not start exploring some new power exchanges in the bedroom with this new form of edging you just learned about!

Men and their edging practice, with Time

Edging is what men are aiming towards. This method helps them look more exciting and more difficult and will offset lower libido and mild erectile issues.

Well, you must know this isn’t for blokes. Some women can even try out the beauty of edging, and it has been proven to be a popular way for women to enjoy masturbation at its best.

  • Everyone is different, and some people would like to reach just the brink and then pull it back once or even twice, before enjoying an orgasm.
  • Others will always choose to edge multiple times before letting it go eventually. Then you have others who will try edging over and over again without falling weak. Well, that’s what you call self-control at its best!

What's Edging, and How can it Help?!

Anyone can give it a try!

It is always easier to just experiment with the art of edging through masturbation as you have one feedback loop. While masturbating, you have need to be aware of how close you are of from the orgasmic pleasure. It helps you to know when to stop.

Some people would like to withdraw stimulation entirely, and then you have others who will just dial the level of intensity down. Anyone can try it out. You should try it at least once in your lifetime and might get super addicted to it shortly.

You never know, but this practice might help you to be great in bed as you can satisfy your partner for a long time unless she begs you to cum inside her.

Understanding the Stages of Arousal

You can get a good grip over the art of edging when you can appreciate the multiple stages of arousal. Knowing these steps can always help you to narrow down the time when you need to stop and then start stimulation.

  • The first point is excitement - At this stage, your skin will start to flush with the muscles getting tensed. Your heart speeding and blood will starts to flow quickly down to the penis, or clitoris and even vagina. The scrotum withdraws as the vagina gets wet.
  • Next arousal stage - The feeling from stage 1 will get more intensified. You will feel yourself closer to the feel of orgasm. This is the ultimate stage of your sexual arousal when you need to get ready to stop and then work on slowing down the work of stimulation.
  • Third step is an orgasm - This is the ultimate stage of orgasmic pleasure, where muscle and nerve responses take place. It helps in resulting a proper feeling of ecstasy with increased lubricant in the vagina. It is that time to enjoy semen ejaculation from the penis. While trying out edging, this is one time that you plan to set up for and avoid unless you are ready for the right move.
  • The last stage is resolution - When you are through the orgasmic pleasure, the tissues surrounding your private parts will return to their non-aroused colours and sizes, and the vitals will get to normalize as well. During this time, the refractory period starts. It is one temporary time stretch when you can’t just get aroused even if you want to! This stage can last for any time, from minutes to a few days and even longer than that!

Studies indicate that one great way to have a satisfying sex life is through self-exploration and masturbation. It is essential to know your body well; otherwise; no one will be able to satisfy your thoughts and needs.

Practicing multiple techniques will help you to understand your physical needs and get accustomed to your body. As a result, it will affect your health, personal satisfaction and relationship with a partner.

Edging and its use in BDSM

Speaking of the art of submissiveness, dominance and kink, they all are practiced by adding one element of physical or psychological control to the practice of delaying or outright denying themselves the pleasure of orgasm.

This heightened up arousal is still in its place but with a powerful twist for lifting the level of fun!

Edge Play in BDSM

Trying to edge a partner can often increase the sensations of control and power but can further work in reverse.

Anyone at the top, who is willing to test the control they have over their own body and desire, should always practice edging. The one at the bottom can also try out edging for increasing the level of consensual objectification, submissiveness and even enjoying the level of surrender.

By taking one step further, from edging to denial or orgasm, this method is for the tops to increase the tolerance of the bottom one for some stimulation. It will act well as erotic torture and can serve to train someone to cum when demanded.

Ways to try out edging at the Comfort of your home

Going through the essential points might surely attract you to try out edging on your own. If so, then why not start practicing it at home. You should start focusing on what you feel like the perfect pleasure point before orgasming and then staying in that position between plateau and orgasm.​

You need to listen to your body and its needs and then starting to recognize the signs. Yes, you might have to run down through some trials and errors, but that’s ok.

You can start with the primary stop-start edging method.

You have the liberty to try out this method either solo or with the help of a partner. Each mode will have some different steps to it, but the result will prove to be just perfect.

For the solo performance:

  • For the first step, you need to be in an ideal environment. Try locking the doors and then turn the lights down, put some romantic music and use oil diffuser for setting up the mood. Then you need to get in the physical mood by closing your eyes and then touching yourself until your private parts start responding.
  • It is time to start masturbating now. Stroke your penis and do whatever makes you satisfied and pleasurable. Whenever you feel like you are about to come, it is time to stop stimulating. Take hands away or just slow down movements. Then take deep breaths or just open eyes, whichever seems promising.
  • Now, go back on focusing on what got you excited. Take a note of how your body changes. Then start touching yourself again or masturbate faster. After the break, repeat the initial steps to help you get to the feel of orgasm more. Give yourself the chance to let go, and you will notice that the orgasms will last longer, making you feel intensified. Give some close attention to feeling and see if this edging made any difference.

Try it out with your partner.

Try working on your favourite foreplay activities or some positions with your partner, just to get aroused.

You can try out some oral sex and stimulate the G spot. You need to be vocal with one another just to get the cues when orgasms are likely to take place. When the time comes, stop or reduce stimulation just to help you go back to plateau mode.

Then start this process again and repeat orgasmic steps to enjoy the final blow.

Try out the squeeze method.

People can try out one technique with their penises, called the squeeze method. Here, first, you have to get aroused.

Then start stimulating yourself to enjoy orgasm. Right before you orgasm, squeeze the tip of the penis to stop the orgasmic flow. Wait for 30 seconds and then start over the stimulation process all over again!

Ballooning to help you with premature ejaculation.

If premature ejaculation is one big problem you have been facing for quite some time now, you can work on another edging method called ballooning. There are some simple steps to follow this method, and you can start working on it too.

  • At first, you need to find one spot on the penis that seems to be pretty sensitive to you. Avoid touching any other area on the penis and focus on that particular spot.
  • Then, gently move the finger around that said area in one circle. Keep rubbing that spot till you find yourself as hard as a rock. Follow the same method unless you feel you are about to come.
  • Right when the orgasm struck, stop touching the penis. Give your penis some time to get a little soft and then start focusing on that area once more until you are closer to orgasm.

Make sure to repeat this procedure multiple times but don’t come. Ballooning is here to help you last for a long time. For that, you need to train yourself with the art of orgasm. So, refraining from this method will make the exercise work well.

Why not try out a vibrator!

You might not know this, but some vibrators might provide you with a better understanding of your body.

When you start working your moves out with the vibrator, you can feel the orgasmic changes taking place. Some of them will stimulate the tip of the penis, which is the ultimate move to enjoy orgasm.

Thanks to this piece of vibrating adult toy, you get to explore various penetration levels, angles, rhythms and vibration speeds with so much more. All you need to do is explore your imagination and let this toy help you with that.

The Pleasures and Dangers of it All

Male edging is becoming way too popular these days with people trying out various moves.

The main idea is to delay the orgasm to the maximum before ejaculating with ultimate force and passion. Sometimes, you might get influenced to try out male edging on your own. But this method has its share of pleasures and dangers as well.

So, learning the pros and cons of this method is what you need to bother about first, before finally trying your hand in it well. Going through some previous reviews will help you get a clear vision of this sexual move.

The Benefits of Male Edging

There are so many titillating reasons for men to try out male edging for a change. Why not go through those points first and start working on the pleasures of life right now?

  • Edging has its share of psychological pleasure which is on a completely different level! It will not just make you feel powerful, but also competent and in total control of orgasm. If you have the most insatiable partner, you can easily get to satisfy her with your holding power. You can fulfil not just one but many partners and can fantasise yourself as the best lover anyone can think of. Holding your mind at the edge of orgasm will help you open some new realms to enjoy fantasies about you and partner and trying out some new moves.
  • Physical pleasure is always the primary reason for men to try out male edging. Edging can still keep you at the highest physical arousal, which is just the primal stage before orgasm. For most men, out there, this zone is the pleasurable portion of sex. Edging will help you to control your orgasm for a longer time and help you get stronger and better orgasms as the result.
  • For those associated with the world of BDSM, denying orgasms can always prove to be quite stimulating and fun for both the deny-ee and deny-er. The feeling of getting close to orgasm and then stopping its natural flow is pretty exhilarating. Your partner might help you with that. You will feel less responsible for sexual gratification and can easily surrender in the hands of an in-control partner. So, male orgasm denial and male edging are entirely different in their subjective intent. Furthermore, it helps you to know how it in power to maintain the edge. It is always necessary to have a great communicative practice with a partner, to understand their pleasure points too.
  • Male edging is your answer to the question of how to last longer in bed. This method helps in delaying orgasm, especially for those suffering from premature ejaculation. For most men, edging is one way to control ejaculation and master the art completely. It is one way to build up pleasurable tolerance before the final burst of orgasmic beauty.
  • There are times when your partner likes to see you have an orgasm, then delaying it and finally teasing to stay right at the edge. If so, then this mode of male edging can prove to be one fun game to try out!

I'm on the EDGE!!! - Is Edging Good for Us?

Dangers and Drawbacks to Watch Out for

Just like with any other thing, male edging has its fair share of pros and cons to it.

Once you have gone through the benefits, you will realize why more and more people are into edging these days. However, there are some corresponding risks to male edging, which depends on the person and his level of control over orgasm.

Some of these issues are listed below for your reference.

  • Practicing male edging can indeed add more to tolerance level to lower arousal sex or lower sensational foreplay. You start feeling less stimulated under more moderate arousal conditions. But, physical sensation mainly on the penis can begin to wane with much visceral attention and contact. If you start facing such an issue, it is a sign that you need a break from edging. Instead, you can start focusing on some sensual pleasures of your body. Edging is there for you. So, whenever you feel ready, you can return to it with ease.
  • Loss of presence or embodiment is one of the significant risks that you might have to consider. It is one minor risk, which should never be ignored. If you focus too intensely on edging mechanics, there are chances that you will lose touch with the rest of your body. You will lose that connection to with your partner and your pleasure too. Sexual practice indeed deserves a heavy focus on private genitals for arousal, but that does not mean you have to engross yourself entirely to it. If you end up practising practicing edging opposing to diversify erotic measures, then male edging will lose all its beauties well.
  • There are many results and instances, where it has been proven that male edging leads to fatigue and make you unable to orgasm even when you try it hard. Such effects can take place due to overstimulation or exhaustion, also termed as anorgasmia. Yes, you can solve early ejaculation but you will come across yet it’s the exact opposite problem, delayed ejaculation. So, be sure to allow yourself to orgasm sometimes earlier just to maintain the power of orgasm.
  • For most men, male edging is fun and great for arousing. But, delaying the natural flow of orgasmic pleasure will turn out to be a significant part of sex life. If so, then you are setting up for disappointment when it takes place. With passing time, the cumulative effect of such letdowns can make orgasms disappointing on so many levels.

For every con, there’s a solution, and you need experts to guide you through the stages well. The more you get to research; the better points are waiting for you to grab right now. If you want to last longer in bed naturally, trying out male edging within its domain and limitations will be of great help now.

You can ask some top-notch and reputable sex coaches to explain various levels of masturbation and breathe work techniques, which are perfect for trying at home. These methods will help you to lower your anxiety level and help you feel confident regarding your skills as an ideal lover.

Whether you can control orgasm during sex or not, it all depends on the pleasure coming your way in the end.

Edging is completely different from Anorgasmia

People have this general concept in mind where they need to know if edging is completely different from delayed ejaculation or these methods are the same. Well, to be honest, edging is completely different from DE or anorgasmia.

  • DE or delayed ejaculation is one medical condition where a man cannot ejaculate. Even if they can, they will take a minimum preparation period of 30 minutes of stimulation just to reach the level of orgasm.
  • Most people will experience such occasional DE episodes. In case you find that it takes you more than 30 minutes to ejaculate, even when you are not trying to control it, you are facing one underlying problem. Similarly, if you can’t ejaculate at all, you better consult a doctor first.
  • There are various psychological and physical conditions which can cause DE in an individual. So, try making an appointment with a specialist or healthcare provider for the best help. These experts will first assess your symptoms and then make one diagnosis if needed. In some cases, psychotherapy or medicines can work to help restore healthy ejaculation.

Try Masturbating to the Brink

It is time to stimulate yourself manually at one pressure and pace that helps you to reach your climax.

When you get nearer to the point of orgasm, you better slow down the procedure to ease the pressure. After a few minutes or seconds, return to that same old speed and pressure. This way, you can bring yourself to the climax for another round.

You can always repeat this cycle until you are all set to reach orgasm.

Slow Down the Means of penetrative sex

Penetration will take place during anal, oral and vaginal sex. No matter, what form you plan to choose, try bringing yourself to orgasm point and then stop the motion completely.

  • When you are ready, you can start the penetration process all over again. Be sure to repeat this same cycle for as long as you want to hold your orgasm.
  • Not just for men, but even women will get to enjoy absolute pleasure with edging. They just need to follow separate techniques while practicing.
  • Sometimes, you might just ask the partner to stop thrusting when you are near orgasmic relief. After a short while, try following this thrusting motion all over again!

You can always mix things up!

Try out anything from anal, oral or even vaginal sex until you are at the edge of orgasm.

Then, just stop the process you have been following or slow things down.

Try changing positions or just switch to some erogenous stimulation from masturbating yourself or with a partner. 

This difference in pressure or sensation can help prolong orgasm.

You can even try to change positions, methods or even pressure level until you are all set for a result. 

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No matter what the choice might be, male edging is always at the top of sexual desires. Once you get a taste of it, it’s hard to move back. Well, practice makes a man perfect, and this idiom is ideal in this scenario. Practice hard to enjoy male edging in its fullest potential.

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