Complete Guide to Make Yourself Wet (2020)

Intercourse is always amazing, but what to do when your man is already hard, and your vagina is not ready?

Let’s accept it, it is only when your vagina is wet, you can enjoy penetration to its fullest.

A dry pussy will not only make you feel uncomfortable, but will also hurt your vagina while trying to have sex.

There are ladies who face difficulty in getting wet, but just because it is difficult, doesn’t mean you can’t become wet at all.

wet pussy

There are things that you can do which will make you feel aroused, letting go of a wet pussy. And this is what we are going to cover here. We want our ladies to be ready for sex as much as their partner is.

We know men can become hard in no time, but when it comes to ladies, things are a bit different. Sometimes, you might be totally into it, but your vagina doesn’t seem to be ready at all.

If this has happened to you as well, then you have come to the right place. You already know that for making your vagina wet, the first thing that must happen is you must feel aroused.

It’s your brain that will send a signal all over your body that you are ready for penetration, and through proper blood circulation, your vagina will slowly start to lubricate to get ready for the sexual activity. Whether you believe it or not, it is not difficult for women to get wet.

There are ways that will help you to get ready for a tantalizing sexual routine with your partner, and we believe this guide will help you get wet.

Understanding Female Arousal Fluid

If you want to know how the female arousal fluid is going to look, it is going to be a clear fluid. Not watery, but creamy, in some cases, it can also look a bit milky.

Sometimes when you are too aroused, and you want to have sex with your partner, you will be able to see the fluid coming out of the vagina as well. 

However, it is not necessary that you will always see it. The key for getting really wet is to feel aroused, that’s what is needed to become wet in most of the cases.

When you are aroused, blood will start rushing towards your genital area. This might end up making you feel bloated sometimes. If this happens, it means that you are internally wet.

When you are aroused, some of the common signs are reddened skin, fastened heartbeat, and increased breathing. What you need to know about being wet is that your vagina remains wet most of the time.

Sexplanations - Vaginal Fluid Handbook

Having a moist vagina is a common phenomenon, so if your partner suddenly inserts his finger and tells you that you are wet, there are chances that the reason behind is not your arousal, but it is because that’s how the internals of your vagina feels like.

The reason to become wet before penetration is to allow the penis to penetrate you without hurting the vagina. Becoming wet also allows you to easily insert different types of sex toys inside your vagina as well.

For example, it will let you insert vibrator toys or dildos without using any lubes. However, we recommend using lubes if you are inserting foreign objects.

When you are totally wet, it means that you will be able to have longer sexual intercourse with your partner. The wetter you are, the better your intercourse routine is going to be. Another thing that contributes towards making your pussy wet is room temperature.

You Can Use for Better Penetration

You might be wondering why are we talking about using lube when this article is all about making yourself wet naturally?

If you are wet and ready for the action, silicone-based lubes can allow you and your partner to have better sexual sessions. Lubes help your vagina to become more slippery, which means better and more intense lovemaking sessions.

And lubes are available everywhere. You can buy them online or go to the nearest pharmaceutical store. Plus, there are different types of lubes available as well.

But the one that you should try is silicone-based lubes. They last longer, and they don’t let your vagina become dry either.

While going for shower sex, the natural lubricant that your body produces gets washed out when it comes in contact with water. Having a silicone-based lube with you means you can use it whenever you want to.

Some might think that buying lubes is just a waste of your money, but many women say that usage of lubes have allowed them to have a pleasurable sexual routine with their partners. For those who can’t get wet easily, lubes can be of great help.

It lets you lubricate the inside of your vagina, and once you start having sex, your body will release female arousal fluids on its own. One of the main reasons why your body might not be producing enough fluids can be your stress.

Probably, you experienced a hard day at the office or you have worked too hard at home, these things are often stressful, and that makes it difficult for your body to produce the right amount of fluids.

Is it Normal to Get Really Wet During Sex?

You Need to Explore Your Body

If you want your vagina to become wet, you must know everything about your body. You have some points in your body that will help you to get wet. For example, you can touch yourself in a particular way, or try using some sex toys to feel aroused.

Sex toys are the best when it comes to making you feel ready for sex. Whatever gives you pleasure, and helps you to become wet, you can later share all the details with your partner and let him know that these things help you get wet faster.

You can do all these things before you begin with your sexual activity. For having sex, you need to get into the mood first. It is not like you lie down on the bed with your partner, and the moment he starts touching you your vagina will be wet. It doesn’t work that way for women.

Men can get a hard-on the moment you start touching their penis gently. But with women, things are a little bit different. So, rather waiting for the right moment to strike you, you need to prepare yourself to get ready for sex.

You can try different things, for example, asking your partner to suck your nipples for some time, or lick your pussy. Licking your pussy will send the sexually stimulating signals to your brain, and that will let your vagina get wet. You can also watch porn movies with your partner.

Start by playing with each other, like he can kiss you on your lips, press your boobs, play with your vagina and touch the surrounding area, these things will help you get wet faster.

Tips to Make Yourself Wet

Time to activate your desires


Women's sexual stimulation as we said is a bit different to that of men. To make yourself wet and know what makes your vagina wet, you can try various things. When you want to have sex with someone, you need to have some sort of emotional intimacy with them.

Even if you are having a one-night stand, it is important that you feel attracted to them, otherwise, why do you want to have sex with them?

You can raise your desire to have sex with your partner by reading a sex story, or by watching one of thesensual scenes of a movie that always turns you on. You can also wear a certain type of lingerie that will help you feel aroused.

Other than that, you can also start feeling wet when you see your man in a specific sexual environment. You can flirt with him for some time, or sext with him till he gets home. This will give you enough time to get wet.

What you need to focus on is what made aroused you and made you  wet the last time you had sex with your partner. Whenever you have sex, try to focus on how you got wet.

Once you are aware of what makes you aroused and what helps you to get wet, you can try setting the environment accordingly. Rather than waiting for the moment to get wet, what you can do is try to set the mood so that you are aroused.

Foreplay always helps

dance foreplay

When it is about getting wet, foreplay has a huge role to play. We know that sometimes you can be aroused, but your vagina might not be ready for it. For that reason, you must try foreplay. The thumb rule is to do foreplay for about 20 minutes.

Within 20 minutes, you will notice that you are completely aroused, and completely wet. Not that you need to set an alarm, sometimes, even five minutes of roleplay can make you wet. Foreplay is a must-do, and this helps you to feel excited.

So, make a point that you do it for sure if you genuinely want to get into the mood and want to have an amazing sex. Here’s what you can try. Start by kissing your partner gently. Use a lot of tongue.

When you kiss each other, you will begin building the right connection and kissing sets the mood right. You don’t need to insert your tongue all the way down his throat.

Just play within the outline of his lips, this sensation doesn’t only make your partner desire for you more, but it will also turn you on. To increase the arousal level, you need to make sure that you touch each other well enough. Touching and caressing are two good ways to set the mood right.

You can think of giving each other a sensual massage. Body to body massage is considered as the best one when it comes to arousing someone. Use body oil, and glide over his body. Use your touch to feel aroused.

You can even touch his lips, ears, his back, legs, and anywhere that you can think of. The last thing to do is start licking, and sucking. You can give your partner a nice blowjob, and ask your partner to lick your pussy. Oral sex and blow jobs always work.

If you want to get wet adequately, think of trying foreplay. It mostly includes the outer walls of your vagina that remains dry and not usually the inside. So, when he starts licking your vagina, he will make it wet externally, which means he will be able to insert his penis inside you.

Lower your stress level

plus size bath

You might not be aware of it, but stress plays an important role in not making you wet even when you would like to have sex with your partner. That’s why stress is commonly associated with a sexual brake!

So, the crux is to lower your stress level so that you can increase your sexual appetite and get wet whenever your partner is ready. Stress doesn’t only play with your mind, but it also stops your body from producing female fluids.

We understand that reducing stress might not be that easy, especially if you are already diagnosed with some mental health issues.

But few things can always help. If you feel stressed most of the time, and you have been feeling this way for a long time now, you should seek a psychologist’s, or a counselor’s help. CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy) can assist you to start feeling better about yourself.

Other than that, being mindful can also cause you to feel stressed out and you must stay away from such disturbing situations. Whenever you feel stressed out, you can try having a shower, or even a bubble bath.

Ask your partner to join in, having your partner with you while you take a shower can lower your stress level. You can also send some intimate messages to your partner.

Light some mood booster candles in your house, cuddle with your partner, have more body touch, try some breathing techniques, and you can also try listening to some calm music.

Drink a Lot of Water

party drinks

Mucous membranes around your mouth, nose, and eyes are also there around your vagina. If your eyes or nose are not properly wet, it could also mean that other parts of your body might not be properly wet as well. Therefore in this case, it can be your vagina.

Whenever you feel that you are not able to get wet as you used to, probably, you are not drinking adequate amounts of water, and you need to hydrate your body. The thumb rule is to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water in a day.

Try to Experiment with different things

mutual masturbation

When you can’t get wet easily, you should try different things that can make you wet. Your hands and fingers, in this case, can do the magic. Use your hands to find out which part of your body arouses you. Use your hands and gently stroke your body to find out your arousal points.

Place your hands on your face and cover it up, this will let your mind relax. Touch the palms of your hands, ask your partner to tickle you, stroke you for some time, or pinch you gently. Basically, your body needs to be ready for fluids to flow through your vaginal area.

Try going solo

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If you think that you want to get wet before your partner touches you, and you are worried that you might not be wet enough, you can try some solo ideas. Tell your partner that you would like to be ready before having sex.

Communicate your thoughts with him well, so that he can understand what is going on with you. Take some time, take a shower, you can also play with your favorite sex toy if that helps you in getting wet. Once you feel that you are wet and ready, you can go ahead with the main action.

This way, you won’t hurt the lining of your vagina as well.

Find out your comfortable space


Sometimes, your vagina becomes wet in the most unwanted places, for example, while working in the office. As we said earlier, just because a woman is wet, doesn’t necessarily mean that she is horny. It is a natural phenomenon for women to have fluids surrounding their vaginal area.

Fluids just let you have better sex and it makes easier for your man to insert his penis. Also, arousal has a lot to do with your mind as well. You can start thinking about the last night sex that you had with your partner, and might get wet, and that won’t be the right thing to happen.

So, if you feel like having sex, you can start fantasizing about him once you get back home. While taking a shower, you can start remembering the last shower sex you had. These memories will trigger the sex hormone allowing your vagina to get wet.

Include anal play

anal sex

Some might be crinkling their nose thinking what does anal play have to do with your vagina being wet? Well, the truth is, a little bit of anal play can help you get stimulated easily. And it can be faster than you think.  

Your anus has a lot of nerve endings, and when you please them, it can give you immense pleasure. That’s why we want you to go for some anal play as well. If you have an anal plug, use it to feel aroused, else, you can even use your finger to feel the pleasure.

Ensure that you are using a good quality lube, for the anal play.

Explore Your body

complete guide to make yourself wet

To find out what your body needs to get stimulated in the right way, you need to explore it. Try touching sensitive parts of your body like nipples, clit, lips, etc. to check which of them responds faster to touches.

You can also read erotica, watch porn, or imagine making love with your crush to check which of them is stimulating you more.

After some experiments you will figure out what your body actually needs and then you can use it in your future masturbation sessions.

Be Calm and Relaxed

be calm and relaxed

The best way to make your body sensitive to different kinds of stimulation is to relax it first. For that, you can take a switch off your phone, undress yourself, and take a warm bath.

After that, you can sit or sleep in a comfy position so that you can start your self pleasuring act. 

Don't Get Overexcited

dont get overexcited

If you are wet but want to get wetter, then the best trick would be to stop yourself from cumming. This simple thing will lubricate you from inside and you will be able to see your pussy oozing nectar like never before.

This act is also known as denying an orgasm. Though mostly used in foreplay and BDSM, this kinky act can also be introduced in your solo sessions especially if you want to get flooded at the end. 

Touch & play with your tits

touch and play with your tits

Breasts are one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body. They are extra sensitive to deft touches and if you want to get completely wet then you can also try to play and fondle them.

Pinching and teasing your nipples can also prove to be a good way to make your juices flow freely. Some women also like to use nipple clamps or suction cups to stimulate their nipples further.

Moreover, you can try fondling your breasts with or without clothes to see in which state you are getting perfectly aroused and wet. 

Tease your clit

tease your clit

Clitoris is also one of the most erroneous zones that can even be stimulated with light touching and teasing. To master this trick perfectly, you can stroke your clit diagonally.

Clitoral vibrators can also be put into practise and you can also use a lube if dry touches are not stimulating you enough.

Tease yourself

tease yourself

Like denying an orgasm, you can also tease yourself from cuming. For this, you need greater control over your body and arousal as you will have to reach on the verge of climax and stop it on multiple occasions until you finally give in.

This trick is also used for squirting and may also prove to be more than useful to make you extra wet during masturbation. 

Find your G-spot

find your gspot

The simplest way to find your G-spot would be to use your index finger and move it like you are calling someone after inserting it a couple of inches inside your vagina.

G-spot is nothing but a thick bundle of tissues that can stimulate you so much that you will be leaking profusely after that. 

What Happens When You Can’t Get Wet?

Even after reading this guide, you feel that you still can’t get wet, then probably, now is the right time to see a doctor. Not producing enough female fluids can be a reason for other unknown and underlying diseases as well. And sometimes, dry pussy can also occur due to certain medicines.

Those with depression symptoms, or mental issues, should get themselves properly checked and start taking medications because depression, anxiety, and stress decreases our ability to be aroused. This means that your body won’t produce enough fluids that will wet your vagina.

How to Get Yourself Wet - Overcome Vaginal Dehydration!

We recommend visiting a doctor for this. In some cases, healthy ladies produce a lesser quantity of female fluids naturally. They might not be under any medication, nor they are feeling ill, still, their body sometimes struggles to produce fluids, and that is totally normal.

Sometimes while having sex, you might feel dry, if something like that happens, you must use your lube that can help you get wet again.

Certain conditions that refrain women from getting wet

Each one of us has a medical history of some sorts and some of the medical conditions might even restrict you from getting wet.

Conditions like diabetes, hormonal issues, heart issues, addiction to drugs or alcohol, etc. are the few conditions that refrain women from getting wet either completely or partially.

As per the sex therapists the cause of dryness inside the vagina could also be due to psychological issues. Some medications that are used for birth control might also be the reason for this dryness.

Its symptoms are feeling dry or a burning feeling, itching, or pain while having sex, etc.  However, there is no need to be ashamed about it. There are millions of women across this world who do not get wet even after being aroused and many of them feel a very little amount of wetness inside.

In such cases, you can use a skin-friendly lube so that you are lubricated enough to enjoy the masturbation or penetrating session. If you do not get wet then it is not the end of your sexual pleasures.  Lubes can help reduce friction and you can still enjoy masturbation and sex as before.

Parting Words

Try and understand the reasons why you are not able to get wet. Once you figure out the reasons, it will become easier for you to get wet. Also, if you feel that a dry vagina is a long-term issue for you, visiting a doctor as soon as possible will solve all the problems for you.

The thing is getting wet is important for any woman who want to have sex. If you are not wet during sex, it will lead to painful experience for you. Lubes can be used if required and we hope this article will help you in understanding different ways that can help you get wet naturally.

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