LuxureTV Review (2020)


Tube sites have upended the porn industry by providing free sensual content to every Tom, Dick, and Harry across the globe.

Luxuretv is one such tube site that has a huge amount of fetish based and other sorts of porn, which is the best thing for a porn lover.

Starting with the most essential aspect of such sites, one thing is for sure that you won’t find any difficulty in navigability on this platform.

Because the whole website is designed as per the YouTube mode, it brings in the unique factor of smoothness with accuracy for the user.

When it comes to free porn, most of the fans will think that they won’t get that steamy video to fulfill their carnal desires. But that is where you are wrong. Luxuretv has a lot of good content that will shoot up your testosterone akin to a missile after it is fired.

And I mean every word that you are reading here. Yes, you may need to scroll through the pages a bit, but once you get there, it is a pandora’s box. You will never know what will come next.

Why is Luxuretv so popular?

That is a tricky question. To answer it, we will have to explore Luxuretv. The very first thing that makes it so popular is the ease of using the website. There are a lot of pages of content and different sorts of porn videos but the thing that makes it different its accessibility from the home page only.

Other than this, the videos that you will get on the home page are not the same lot of the most popular videos. Instead, it will provide you with the most popular videos from the last week. Do you see any benefit of this?

Dude, you will get the most-watched and smutty videos at random and this gives you the power of choice right on the home page. And if you are a choosy bastard who only wants to see a stepmom being fucked by her son, then you can easily search for such content or browse through the categories.

In short, Luxuretv has everything to quench your thirst from some hardcore to butt fucking sexual desires. Then what are you waiting for, fucking go for it?

Before I forget, Luxuretv is also famous for its infamous weird categories. I mean, who the fuck likes to watch zoophilia and amputee porn. Can you guess a girl getting fucked without any legs? But it does become more comfortable to pick her up and set her on your cock. But who am I to judge.

Site Statistics

  • Top Rated Video: Ebony Hooker Sucks Cum
  • Most Viewed Videos: Hot Teen licks the ass of her boyfriend (now you understand what I mean by some weird shit happens on this website).
  • Total Number of Videos: more than 2 million
  • The average length of videos: 30+ minutes
  • Niche Sites: Camonster, Networkmanag



First up, it is not that you will only find kinky sex where an alien with two fucking cocks is penetrating a shemale with only one hole.

No, there is some normal stuff in here too. More than this, Luxuretv has set some benchmarks when it comes to categories of porn.

There is indeed a huge network of categories (BTW, on this website, the categories are named as channels) so, keep that in mind.

And I have checked most of these channels, and they are pretty good in terms of quality and quantity too.

My most favorite categories on this website are Asian moms, public sex, and teacher. 


I know this is some deep shit that I am talking about, but come on dude, who doesn’t have a crush on their teachers. Other than this, if you are into squirting, fetishes, threesomes, orgies, everything is there on the website. It only needs a little searching.

Luxuretv also has a tab of community pages where you can also converse with other people and find out their interests. I tried it, and that is why I am sincerely requesting you not to do that. This is because here you will meet and see people who have the strangest fetishes, and they are open to talk about them.

One thing that strikes me as yet another good thing about Luxuretv is that it has a mixture of both the professional studio porn and the self-made chicks sucking dicks types of videos. Browsing through the channels, clicking on any category will open up a buttload of archived porn, and you may get some good stuff in there.

Talking about the video quality, Luxuretv does not believe in giving you the choice of selecting the video quality.

These guys thought that who would want to watch porn in standard quality or 3GP? When you click on any video, you will get the option to start the video, control the volume, and turn to full screen. That’s it.

There is also no option to download the video upfront. For that, you need to navigate to “Save As” and then store it on your drive. It would have been a lot easier, and users like you, and I would love to download their favorite videos with just one mouse click.

Every video that you will see on the website will also have the star ratings given beneath the thumbnail. If nothing else, by this rating you can decide whether to watch that particular video or not.


Ever since the craze of tube websites has been popularized, a huge number of such websites have been introduced. To name a few, Punish Tube, Porn Hub, Porn300, V Porn, PornDroids, and much more.

But Luxuretv has the edge over all of them because firstly it was established around 2010 when the tube sites had just seen the dawn. Secondly, Luxuretv has some disgusting, weird porn channels to the best type of amateur and professional-quality videos.

But, its competitors do provide the users with free porn and with a mixture of categories and watchable quality.


  • The most important aspect of Luxuretv which I like the most is its homepage, and unlike other websites, the homepage does not have a disoriented setup. The advertisements are either on the top, or on the bottom, or either side of the window.
  • No pop-ups are flying in suddenly from any direction and force you to fill in some details. Nah! There is nothing like that with Luxuretv. They understand that when your dick is drooling like a dog who is about to get the biggest bone of his life, asking him to take a bath first would be like calling for your death. That is why it is said that you should never go in front of a hungry lion; he will fucking rip you apart.
  • All in all, the website is designed with an amazing wireframe. It does not hang or won’t break down in the middle of watching a video. Imagine that you are about to cum, and the website hangs on the close-up view of the coal-black dick instead of the snow-white pussy of the babe! That does happen, and I have been through it a lot of times. This is not something that you will have to face with Luxuretv unless you have a slow internet. It has a good streaming speed, the pages load faster, and the design is truly intuitive.
  • Hola? Caio? Or Hello? Which language do you prefer? Because Luxuretv supports up to three languages. You heard it right, not every good shit comes in English. Have you seen the pussy of an Italian babe? Go watch it, buddy.
  • It also has a unique mobile version of the website. Believe me when I say that the mobile device version is somewhat cleaner and better than the desktop one.
  • Are you a twisted motherfucker? Well, if you are, then this is the best website that you look to if you want to check some crazy shit out of the world porn. I mean, who wants to get their pussy eaten by their golden retriever?
  • It does not matter what are you into, be it some kinky dwarf shit or a horse fucking a black dude, one thing that Luxuretv will do is always deliver. Every category that you will open up will have the kind of videos that will fit perfectly. If the category says shemales, then that is exactly what you will get and with perfect execution.
  • This thing needs a special mention. You must check out the Twins channel on Luxuretv. If there is heaven on earth, it is here. I know that I am bringing god into porn, but you will know what I mean once you get there. Here let me make it easier for you:
  • I consider this as a good feature. There are ads on the website, but they are not disturbing and does not come from any direction. Some ads force you to click on them because they appear unannounced but this does not happen with this website, and everything is simple, effective, and smooth.


  • Luxuretv may have developed its own identity with the knee-deep weird shit that it promotes, but that is not what I consider good porn. A girl getting pounded by a 4-inch wide cock and that too of a horse is just downright crazy. Who is aroused by it, and why would a girl go there? I guess I will never understand that.
  • And the worst thing is that you are sometimes forced to look at this type of content. As it lies in between the other normal stuff, once in a while, you will stumble on something that will discourage to look at the normal porn again.
  • The site speed may be good, but that is because of the age-old coding and primitive interface. It may be easy to use, but it does not provide that much information and accessibility as other websites do.
  • How many times have you shared your favorite pron video with the tagline “this made me cum faster than Dicaprio in Wolf of Wall Street”? That’s right, never. Then what is the motive of giving a social media sharing option right below the videos that you are watching?
  • The video quality is not too good. You can expect only the average quality videos on the website. And this is also something that I do not like at all. Well, if you ask an Avenger fan to watch the movie in SD quality, he would consider not watching it at all because it will be only half as enjoyable as it will be at 4K quality. Similar is the thing with porn, and you will always need a good quality video and by good, I mean it has to be of HD quality to the least.
  • Luxuretv does not have a distinct category for the pornstars. I mean you are not respecting the main players of the industry, come on dude! These are those sexy babes who are ready to flaunt their pussy and tits in front of thousands of sex-hungry dudes of all ages, and you are not even categorizing them as per their names. That is not fair.

Final Verdict

Well, I guess the verdict is clear. Luxuretv is not the site for an everyday porn fan. I know this site has a unique selling point, but not every porn lover would like to watch dog fucking a teenage girl. That is why this website works best for a niche segment of porn fandom. ​

These are the guys who thrive on the unethical and unnatural sexual intercourse.

parting words

This is all that I have got on Luxuretv. You may like the website after the first look.

But when you check around and find about this stupid kind of porn, then you will be discouraged to move further. I have been writing such honest and generalized reviews for a lot of other porn sites, so stay tuned to learn more about the best porn websites on the web.

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