Lovoo Website Review (2020)


The Dating app “Lovoo” allows its users to meet people with whom they can chat, date, flirt, etc.

The users you meet on Lovoo are the ones who are somewhat equal to how you are as a person.

Lovoo became one of the fastest-growing social media apps since the day it was launched in the year of 2011.

Lovoo has about 70 million users that are spanned worldwide. Lovoo allows its users to meet people who share the same interests with them.

The count of the users keep increasing every day. Plus, the users whom you meet are closer to your location.

Though it was launched in the year of 2011, it was acquired by The Meet Group Inc, in the year of 2017 for $70 million cash. After the acquisition of Loovo by The Meet Group, they launched a new flagship product, which was launched recently and is called the "Lovoo Live Video."

This product allows the members to live to watch the video streams of other users of the app. The members who have the feature of "Lovoo Live Video" can earn diamonds, and then they can exchange these diamonds for Lovoo Credits or cash.

Why is Lovoo popular among users?

The reason why Lovoo is popular among everyone is that it helps individuals to grow their network of friends. The majority of the users of Lovoo are below the age of 35, making it popular among millennials.

Lovoo has 70 million members; all of these members are spread across European countries like Italy, France, and Germany. These three countries constituent the 30 million members of the Lovoo's database. Lovoo has a lot of members from the United States too.

But in the USA, Lovoo is not used for dating, but people use it to meet like-minded people who are living in their vicinity.

But in comparison to other websites and social dating apps. Lovoo's member activity is high, and a lot of users known for participating in the Lovoo live; the reason why Lovoo live is popular among the millennials is because of the Lovoo credits and cash.

Making contacts is very easy on Lovoo; the app uses a roulette type match. The app allows the users to send the heart for free, and the user can add members to their favorite lists. The other member will get a notification that the other receiver is interested in them.

A lot of members get free ice breakers' messages daily. If the user has a paid membership, then they will be able to send the icebreaker messages as much as they want too. The paid member can also see whether someone has put them in their favorites list or not.

There is a discover feature on the page where the member can do the random search and can do the search age-wise.

The user can also do research based on gender, age-range, and location. There is a play feature too, in which the app allows the user to go through roulette type matching, in this, the members are displayed, and the user will have to click on the heart if they life and X if they don't like.


Web address: https://www.lovoo.com

Estimated visits on Lovoo app: 187.16K

Total visits on Lovoo in this month was around 187.16K, which increased by 2.02% as you read. The average visit per duration is 00:02:00.

The estimated page per visit is 3.38, and the bounce rate is 45.52%. The ratio of distribution between male and female members is 40 % and 60%.

The age distribution is 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55+. The users can sign up for Lovoo using their email or facebook accounts. 


It is mandatory to use a profile picture, and the new users who are signing up should fill a form that has their basic information. The registration process for Lovoo is rapid and straightforward. For an individual, it will take about 5 minutes to fill the form.

If the user decides to sign up using their email, they will have to fill a form. This form will ask the user to fill out their personal information like their name,  city, birthday, and gender. Once it's done, they will have to answer the captcha, which is to check if the user isn't a bot.

If Lovoo suspects that something is wrong or the IP address isn't matchable, then they will do an SMS verification. Even if the user exits the site and does a re-registration, even then also, the website will redirect the user to the SMS verification page, and this will continue for the next 30 days.

If the user doesn't verify their profile via SMS, then Lovoo will ask for email verification. The best part about Lovoo is that it doesn't ask the user to.

The best part about Lovoo is that it allows the user to browse the features of the website even if the user hasn't filled out the form completely, without even the user putting on their profile photo. But, Lovoo will not prioritize the incomplete profile and show the members is they search for different users.

Another reason why Lovoo is loved so much is that on the mobile app, there are two different features available known as /radar and Lovoo live. Because of these features, the app becomes highlight interactive, and the radar shows the users about who is in their approximate location.

Lovoo App Review

Because of all these features, the app tends to be used more by the members of the Lovoo. The design and the durability of the app are immaculate, and doesn't have any complications making the user experience a lot better.

The design is in such a way as the app developers used minimal colors like grey and purple. In Lovoo, the profiles of the members don't appear as separate pages.

The profile member doesn't appear on various pages, so when the user clicks on the member page or the discover page, the profiles will appear as a pop-up window on the website; on the contrary, on the mobile app, the profiles are going to take up half the screen.

The profile on the Loovo are featured but will have a limited information about the member you are viewing. The website only shows the location, name, age, and whether the member is online or not. An “about me” section is also present which shows the self-written paragraph about the member.

This information is available on the right side of the profile photo when all this is used on the web, and the user can see the member's photo gallery once they scroll down through the pop-up profile window. On the contrary, the profile information on the mobile is placed under the profile picture.

There are two tabs on the profile, one profile is for the photo information, and the other tab will show the photo gallery of the members. The members can view the tabs if they have complete their data and have uploaded about three photographs in their album.

Costs and Prices

The price of the membership depends upon the duration which the member is choosing. The price for one month is 9.99 $ price for three months is 8.33 $ per month, the price for six months is 5.83$ per month, and the price for 12 months is 5.83$ per month.

The calculation of Lovoo credits is 300 credits equals to 0.01 $ / Credit 3.49 $, 550 credits equals to 0.01 $ / Credit 5.49 $, 2500 is 0.01 $ / Credit 17.00 $ and 8000 credits is 0.00 $ / Credit 33.60 $. If we compare Lovoo to other providers, Lovoo's cost is average, and it's not too low or too high.

The payment can be made through credit card or PayPal. Let's break this down, Lovoo provides one view of membership that can be availed in 4 various s durations like one month, 3, 6 and the 12-month duration.

Lovoo also provides credits that can be used for sending gifts, and then these credits can also be availed when the user wants them too.

The best part about love is that the user can credit points by answering the surveys and the tasks that are ongoing on the app; these tasks include verifying their email by uploading their pictures. If the user logs in daily, then they get five additional credits.

Lovoo also allows the user to earn money or credits from the app in the exchange of the diamonds which the user has made or the ones which have been received as a gift. Lovoo makes it easy for all its users to block offensive users and report them to the admin.

In the mobile app, the report button sits on the top-right of every user profile.

Performance Score



Signing Up

9 / 10

Making Contact

8.5 / 10

Profile Quality

5 / 10

Value For Price

8 / 10


8 / 10

Quality Of Members

7 / 10

Ease Of Use

8 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

8 / 10


8 / 10

Overall Rating

8 / 10

Site statistics

  • They're about 80 million registered users on Lovoo app
  • The number of daily active users is about 19 million
  • The average number of daily users that are added on Lovoo is 47,000
  • The number of languages in which Lovoo is available is 15
  • The registration is free
  • The registration is free
  • The payment on Lovoo can be made through paypal or credit card.


Competitors of Lovoo are meet me, Tinder, hi% icon, Badoo, taste buds, LINK, Fling Dating, Bumble, etc. etc. these applications also offer the same kind of services which Lovoo does, but have different variations.

In meetme, just like Lovoo, the users can meet, chat, and introduce themselves to new people. Tinder is another app that allows the single people in the user’s vicinity to meet and date online.

Tinder is one of the most used apps in the world, and it has successfully matched about 20 billion couples since the day it was launched. Badoo is another app that is a mixture of dating and social media. The app is created in such a way that users can meet their potential romantic interests.

Tastebuds is a unique application that allows the users to meet others through music. The users can discover and meet people in the city who have the same taste and make new friends. The link allows users to get in touch with different people and make friends.

Fling dating, fling dating allows the users to meet new people for dating. Fling has a dedicated team of agents known as fraud agents who keep the users safe. Bumble allows users to meet people, find friends, and date. In this app, the women make their first moves.

Zoosk enable users to reach their potential partners online, and this app is helpful for the ones who have a hard time finding partners. Match.com allows the users to do online dating, find relationships and some users have also got married because of match.com


  • Various features
  • Has easy communication options
  • Is an average priced website
  • Has a good subscription policy
  • Is different from other dating websites


  • There are occasional bugs in the application
  • If the users don't upload their pictures, they won't be able to see photos of others
  • If the users don't upload their pictures, they won't be able to see photos of others
  • Some people find it to be expensive

Customer Support

One of the best parts about Lovoo is that it is easier for the users to block other users whom they find offensive, the users can also report them to the admin. If the user is using the app, the “Report” button is on the top right of the user profile.

The user can cancel their premium membership anytime they wish too. Also, the user will be able to use the benefits of the membership until the next billing cycle.

Lovoo has very strict terms of use and privacy policies for its members, they also have a very strict verification process when the user is trying to sign up for the account. But unfortunately,

Lovoo doesn't have a provision for the profile validation or the background check when the user is signing up for the account. But on the other hand, they terminate the account if they find any suspicious activity. For more details visit their support page here https://support.lovoo.com/hc/en-us


Lovoo is a great application for the ones who are trying to look for love. In Lovoo, the users can easily find a match with whom they can start dating. The application is very competeent when it comes to bringing like-minded people together. Every month 4,200 matches are made on Lovoo.

This is the reason why it is one of the best apps for socializing and dating. The app gets innovated continuously and adapts to the market by providing the features of the update. People have also gone into serious relationships and have gotten married, all thanks to Loovo.

It is very easy to find a partner in this application as it gives a great experience. There are some downsides of the application, too, like if the user isn't is a VIP member, then you can get bombarded with advertisements and limited features.

The fees is a little bit high in comparison to other online dating applications.

Parting words

If you are trying to find love and are trying to come across like-minded people then Lovoo is a great option for you. You can easily find matches and people who are the same as you and have the same liking and disliking.

With an achievement of matching 4200 couples every month, Lovoo is going places! So what are you waiting for sign up now!

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