Lovense Nora Review (2020)

Long-distance relationships are quite stringent when it comes to making love. However, there is a solution for all the people to get satisfaction, even if you are far apart. 

Lovense Nora is here to satisfy your lusty desires in a very convenient manner. 

Sex is a vital part of life for every creature on earth, and you need to do it right to let all your demons fight. 

Sex toys are also known as teledildonics, which means a mixture of sexuality and technology. 

The toys will surely increase your urges and make you cum in the best possible way even if you don’t have a sex partner.

lovense nora

What do couples do in a long-distance relationship?

There are many untold stories that you might have come across when you hear about making love in a long-distance relationship. Having sex is one of the challenges that you might face. On the other side, Lovense Nora can be the right solution to all your urges.

Further, Lovense Nora outshines any other vibrator when it comes to choosing the best for you. Here you will know how Nora helps in delivering satisfaction and giving you the best duo and solo experience.

In the era of modern technology, Lovense has come forward with the most desirable product that suits all your needs and wants.

Introducing - Lovense Nora (Vibrator Rabbit BLUETOOTH)

You must have heard about a sex toy at least once in your lifetime. In case you haven’t heard about it, you will get familiar with it through the information that we will disclose in the upcoming paragraphs. The product has come into existence after a lot of research work. 

It has a rotating head, vibrating arm, and an optimized shaft for which you can control the speed of the product according to your desires.

For all the ladies out there, nothing can be more satisfying than a vibrator that has the power to get you an orgasm. The best tool to avoid you from cheating on your partner is now available at a reasonable price. You can buy the product from the official website of Lovense.

Apart from long-distance relationships, you can use the toy even when you are with your partner. You can have a duo experience if you want to.

Performance Score

Without any doubt, we recommend this incredible product to all the ladies out there. However, we must show you the exact performance score of the tool as per the review reports:



Ease of Usability


User Experience



Value for Money




Overall Score













As per the customer’s reviews, the product is suitable and compatible. You can also use it for mutual masturbation where you can teach your partner things that you like. It can act as a prop for you to demonstrate how your partner needs to perform during intercourse.

Other than this, Lovense allows virtual sex experience for you, which we will discuss later.

All About Virtual Sex Experience

Lovense’s Nora will allow you to have a whole new virtual sex experience. There are two ways in which you can have a fun time. Read about the two main ways below:

  • Interactive Cyber Sex: You can connect the sex toys at any distance. The App you use for the gadget on your mobile phone enables you to use it through the internet. As soon as you move your toy, your partner will feel it as well. You and your partner can use Nora and Max at the same time. It will add more spice to your boring life.
  • Remotely Control: This feature is full of naughtiness and fun. It will let your partner control your toy from any distance. Once you connect your device with the mobile app on your iPhone, Android, or any other smartphone, your partner can have access. Your partner can make you feel the love and affection by controlling the toy from anywhere. Get ready to take your virtual sex experience to the next level with the best software that Lovense gives you.

Lovense enables video chat facilities where you can use the product and, at the same time, see your partner when you are in a long-distance relationship. You are all set to enjoy online sex sessions.

Lovense Sex Toys - Long Distance Interaction

Other than the inbuilt software, you can use Facetime, Skype, or any other video calling app to enjoy while you play with your toy. Moving ahead, if you are not able to chat through video calling apps, Lovense has two other options for you.

  • The first option is to record and playback. In this, you can record the voice and moves of each session and play it whenever you wish to. There is a record option available in the app where you have to select it and save the moves for later. Give those moans and groans for adding more fun to your next session. However, this feature will not give the facility to record a whole video. Maybe this exclusive feature gets added to the list in the future.
  • The second option is to sync to music. Play your favourite track and let the device vibrate accordingly. It is an exclusive feature that you will not find in any other sex toy. Get ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy your songs differently. The vibrations of the device will go according to the music track, where your fast beats will make the wave stronger. Once you use this feature, you will feel the difference.

Features and Stats

Let us throw some light on the specifications that this erotic product possesses:

  • Length: The insertable length of the toy is 4.72” or 120 mm and the handle is 3.15” or 80 mm
  • Package inclusions: A Bluetooth Rabbit vibrator, user guide, and a USB charging cable to help you activate the tool whenever you want to.
  • Technology (6th generation up-gradation): It has 2017 updates with improved sensors that help to detect partner’s movements, and it comes in an updated packing
  • Cleaning: It comes with splash-proof technology, which indicates that it is easy to clean. Battery backup: Once you charge the device, you can use it for four hours continuously. Also, it has a 5-day Standby time.
  • Material: The product has high-quality silicone, body-safe material along with ABS plastic.
  • Control mechanism: Unlike older toys, this one comes with three control options, namely local control, long-distance control, and long-distance sex. Along with this, not only you but your partner can also control its functioning.
  • Compatibility: You can download the app of the product on any smartphone.
  • Other features: It has a rotating head whose speed you can optimize from slow to medium to fast. The vibrating arm has seven features, for instance, low, medium, high, wave, pulse, earthquake, fireworks.
lovense nora - right

You can best know the features only once you use the product. Therefore, we will recommend you to buy it or gift it to your partner to enjoy every intercourse.

Lovense Nora’s Solo Experience

Before starting the real fun, you must know where your G-spot is located. A G-spot is a place where you will feel the utmost sexual pleasure. If you cannot identify the area, let the rotating head of Nora do the job for you. You will feel the 360-degree rotation in such a way that you will get the real feel.

Usually, you will find this spot above 1 to 3 inches of the vaginal wall. It is a sensitive point that gives a different feeling when it comes in contact with Nora. A man or a toy needs to reach this point. Orgasm helps you get over stress, anxiety, tiredness and improves your skin and health.

For women who fail to identify this place will have some issues while getting orgasm. Nora is a product that will help you find the right spot to give you satisfaction. Once you insert Nora in your vagina, use the rotating feature to achieve an earth-shattering vaginal orgasm eventually.

The place is also known as the Grafenberg spot, which was introduced by Dr. Beverly Whipple.

Lovense Nora - Unboxing / Step-by-Step Guide / Tutorial

Furthermore, the total length of Nora is around 8 inches. The device can locate your point with the easy-going latest features. The rotation feature will increase your urges to have sex, and using this device is worth it. If you like multitasking, this is the most suitable product that you will ever find.

All the features that this product possesses are all because of the valuable feedback of the customers of Lovense.

A complete package for all your sexual desires is available at Lovense. Also, with the existing features, the product does not seem to be expensive. The pricing of the product has been discussed further in the review.

Unlike any other company that manufactures similar products does not give you so many features and uses at a very reasonable price. According to valuable customers, they have been using the toy for a long time now.

They are satisfied with the working of it in such a way that they have gifted it to their girl-friends.


When it comes to market demand, many companies start manufacturing similar products. After Lovense Nora, many companies have begun making identical sex toys. The sex toys are not only for women, but they come for men as well.

Once the competitors were aware of the product, they had the urge to make another product that customers would prefer. Unlike many other successful companies, Lovense also has numerous competitors.

Some of the eminent competitors are Lovehoney, EllaParadis, Harmony Store, Cherry banana, and Lover’s Lane. However, Lovense outshines all by offering the best price and features.

Pros of Using this Sex Toy

  • It has a natural skin-like feel that delivers complete satisfaction.
  • The multi sensations will get you an orgasm.
  • You and your partner can control the device from the mobile app.
  • The user manual will make it simple for you to use the product in the right manner.
  • The music feature of the toy is remarkable. You will be able to control the vibrations with your music.
  • Prevents you from cheating your partner due to sexual desires.
  • The use of sex toys can relieve mental pressure and improve your health in many ways.
  • Sex toys are handy and can fit in your clutches or handbags. It enables you to carry them wherever you wish to take them.
  • If you are sexually inactive and you fear attachment, this is the right choice for you. You can get attached to a device that will not hurt your emotions.
  • You can use the product during a girl’s night out. If you think why boys should have all the fun, you are in the right place. Get your sex toy and do not depend on any man to satisfy you sexually.
  • The rotating head will help you find your G-spot.
  • Use different speeds and modes of the product for the best experience of your lifetime.
  • It increases the urges to have sex most erotically and passionately.
  • A couple-control feature adds to the best feelings and fun to your life.
  • Multitasking is possible if you use the product.
  • Speed controls are quite efficient, where you will get to experience the orgasm you have been missing in your life lately.
  • Single girls can get a high level of satisfaction when they have no one to take care of their sexual desires.

Cons of Using this Sex Toy

  • The price According to some customers, the vibrations may seem weak to comparatively higher.
  • The chat app might seem to be glitchy, and there can be connection issues. The device gets disconnected frequently.
  • You will not get the pleasure of a longer and harder penis due to the shorter insertable length.
  • Addiction to sex toys might be toxic. You may lose personal feelings and emotions for your partner.
  • According to the researchers or health experts, masturbating for more than three times a week might cause some severe health issues. Therefore, they do not recommend people to perform such activities more often.
  • It may be demotivating for your partner as he might feel he is not capable enough to satisfy your sexual desires. It may give rise to conflicts and cause problems in your love life.
  • No matter what, real sex has its importance in one’s life. The care and affection that you get will surely lack when you use Nora.
  • A mutual understanding is a must when it comes to using the product in a relationship.

Review of Bluetooth Sex Toy - Lovense Nora


With the latest and updated features, Nora is available at a highly discounted price. Currently, you can buy this incredible vibrator at $99. This price includes everything you can expect from a vibrator. You will get updated packing and 6th generation features.

Unlike any other company, Lovense promises to give you the best at a very reasonable price. Once you make up your mind to buy the product, you will get a USB charging cable, warranty card, and a user guide along with it.

To obtain the product right away, you simply have to visit the official website:

Customer Support

Customer service plays a vital role in the success of a business. Lovense has the best and the most dedicated team where the members will be more than happy to guide you, help you, and handle your complaints.

There are easy ways through which you can get in touch with the customer care team of Lovense. To contact the team, you need to visit the Lovense contact us page and enter the details in the columns.

You can go to the FAQ’s section;

If you wish to read the most common questions asked by the customers, then this part will have direct answers to your questions. It is the most convenient way to get the information that you are looking for if you do not contact the team members directly.

lovense nora 2

Final Words

Lovense Nora takes home the title of the best rabbit vibrator. You can buy the marvellous tech product without any doubt or second thoughts. For all the ladies out there, we highly recommend you to have Nora with you.

You deserve to get the satisfaction you want from a partner, but if you wish to add more fun to your monotonous life, you will need Lovense Nora for sure. The product is quite eminent amongst couples as it adds to their sexual life. The product comes in best use when you and your partner are far apart.

Your long-distance sexual experience will be far better with Nora if you opt to purchase it now.

It is time to have a whole new masturbating experience so, go ahead and order your toy now. Connect it to your mobile phone and give access to your partner as well. Add some rainbow to your life to get maximum satisfaction at an affordable price.

For further details and efficient use, do read the user guide that comes along with Nora.

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