Lovense Max Review (2020)

A man must be unapologetic while discovering his partner and satisfying himself.

The products that you use for that purpose impacts the experience you would have at the end of it.

With ample products in the market, it becomes quite confusing for the men to pick the one that is meant for them.

And that's why we present the ultra-sensitive Lovense Max which is capable of taking the orgasmic experience of the men to another level.

Masturbation is an act of deriving sexual pleasure without the presence of your partner.

But this can only be possible when you have a tool that is designed to get you immense pleasure and satisfaction after the usage. 

lovense max 2-min

Hence, Lovense Max  becomes the perfect pick for men to feel the edged orgasmic moment. When you are away from your partner or when you lack one in your life, sexual needs make your living even more difficult.

Choosing a perfect masturbator is never an easy task, but when you come across one; your life is all good. Your sexual need can be met by a tool which is designed particularly for that. The working of the tool is quite simple; it excites the penis to give you an orgasm.

The device has a natural look to it but at the same time, manages to look like a high-end piece of technology. Its usage is simple for a layman to understand; and undoubtedly, this product is claimed to be one of the best in the market for male masturbation.

Introducing - Max by Lovense

. With a simple control system, this tool can exponentially multiply your pleasure. The push, felt down there due to the vibration, gives the minutest of the orgasmic joy that anyone can treasure otherwise while making out.

If you want to get yourself a lusty treat, then here is the tool that can help you pacify your inner horniness. Lovense max is a tool that allows a person to reach to a point of orgasm which you might not even experience while having sex.

Another unsolicited benefit of the device is it helps men to work and increase their endurance towards sensuality.

What makes Lovense Max unique from other vibrators?

Any customer looking for a masturbator looks for a credible product. With an endless number of products in the market, a customer might run out of clues to pick the best one. But Lovense max is all that the customers need to make their masturbation an excellent experience.

Some of the features of this product make it stand apart in the market. All you need to do is just sit back and let the tool function. It does provoke men to cum early, but once they get used to it, it acts as a perfect tool that can be used during foreplay.

The outlook of the device is sleek and handy. It successfully meets  your expectations and gets you the heartfelt satisfaction that you've been craving for. 

There is nothing much that you got to do while using the device down there. It is the tool that takes over the mantle and gets you wholesomely satisfied. You need not force yourself to achieve orgasm as the tool takes you to it gradually.

In case of other devices, you need to stop it to delay the ejaculation whereas in this tool, one just needs to stop stroking.

It is undoubtedly the best pick for men who don't have a partner and need  to address their sexual needs.

If you are looking forward to enjoying a good time, then this is the must-have for you.

Masturbation is a must when you are away from your partner and still want to be sexually fulfilled.

But just a handjob cannot get you the satisfaction that your horny self seeks.

This tool can bring about a difference in your experience; and this is the reason why it is one of the most credible man’s masturbator picks available in the market.

The smooth vibration gets you the wildest feel without really making wild approaches.

The pulsing slowly increases, which ultimately brings you to the edge, ending up satisfying you completely. The tool costs reasonably well and hence, you can derive the wildest pleasure by putting the tool to the right use.

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Performance Score

Based on our viewing experience, we gave out the following ratings to Lovense Max:



Ease of Usability


User Experience



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Overall Score


10 / 10

9 / 10

8 / 10

9 / 10


 8 / 10

9 / 10

9 / 10

10 / 10

9 / 10


Features and Stats

The product is one of the most credible and preferable ones in the market due to some distinctive features. Let us throw some light on the specifications that this erotic product possesses:

  • Package inclusions: the package contains the product and the charger and is a complete tool kit for the men to have an ecstatic masturbating experience.  
  • Length: The length of the product is not enormous, and hence, it is a portable tool that can be carried in the handbags frequently.
  • Technology: It uses advanced technology which adds to the convenience of the users. With natural speed regulation and other control access, it is a technologically advanced product.
  • Cleaning: This is easy to clean
  • Battery backup: The device can be used five times after charging completely, which is a considerable battery backup.
  • The material of the tool is soothing for the gentle skin of the penis.
  • Control mechanism: the control mechanism is pretty straightforward for a layman to understand and put to use.
  • Other features: the vibrating tool is excellent to give a gentle feel on the penis and offer the utmost pleasure.

All About the virtual experience

The experience could be ecstatic in the case if the couples used it for the foreplay.

If not men can even use it to spice up their life and by having a heavenly orgasmic feel. The vibrating tool is designed to be soothing on the sensitive skin of the penis and can give a g-spot tapping feel by creating suction.

Thus, this is a must-buy for single men who are searching for an orgasmic pleasure and lack partners in their lives. The feel hence, treasured is worth everything as you can avail complete satisfaction which you might not even feel while having sex.

Women always should use a toy to make life in the bed more fun for a man. If a lady is not comfortable giving a blowjob to his man, then this tool comes quite handy to satisfy her partner otherwise. This can add the sheer eroticism in the act of foreplay without taking much effort of the lady on the bed.

Lovense Max is a product that is designed to give the right kind of pleasure to a man. If sensibly used by the ladies, then this can even serve as the best sex toy that a couple might require while being on the bed.

Max by Lovense - Unboxing / Step-by-Step Guide / Tutorial

Men always need something driving down there to be turned on, and this tool is nothing but an easy way for the ladies by virtue of which they can drive their man all crazy to make out.

The features of the product are all good for a man to derive pleasure conveniently. Not just this, but it also enhances the urge of making out in men. Some men even feel an increased potential of lasting longer on the bed by the regular usage of the product.

The product has also achieved acclamation by the users who were suffering from erectile dysfunction or performance anxiety. With endless benefits, this is a perfect sex tool for men with the help of which they cannot just derive pleasure but can even last longer on the bed.

The price of the product is quite reasonable, and the features of the products are many. Thus, it is a valuable product with a little investment at your disposal. Many reviews discuss the pricing of the product, but it is a fixed price product at a minimal rate.

There is no male vibrator available in the market that can ever come close to this product. According to the feedback of valuable customers, they have been using the toy for a long time now. They are satisfied with its working in such a way that they have gifted it to their girlfriends.


Few features keep Lovense Max ahead of all the others thriving in the market.

There are many advanced solutions for men to derive  pleasure by a masturbator, but nothing matches up to this product. It has been one of the superior products for men as they can afford this at a reasonable rate and make full use out of it.

Some of the significant differences offered by the Lovense max, as compared to all the other products in the competition, are- it is designed for the sole purpose of helping men to achieve an orgasm without the intervention of their partners or their hands for that matter.

But it is not only about the product; what’s more necessary is using the product in the right way. The Lovense max is easy to use without really exploring much about the tool. The price is reasonable, and the battery and charging time is pretty much ample for the usage.

  • The tool is designed to be smooth on the skin. It is satisfactorily sensual, and at the same time, it is softer on the surface.  
  • The tool can stimulate the penis pretty well to cause powerful orgasms.
  • The control of the device is easy. It can even be used by the men who hardly have an idea of such devices.
  • There is a user manual provided with the product, which contains simple instructions to follow, making it easier for people to use.
  • One of the remarkable features of the tool is it is not loud, thus maintaining privacy of the users.  
  • One of the remarkable features of the tool is it is not loud, thus maintaining privacy of the users.  
  • This device is additionally useful for people to manage stress which occurs when there is an unfulfilled sexual desire.
  • This tool has a handy design, and it fits in the handbags. Hence, it is portable.
  • If you have a sexually inactive life, then this tool is perfect for you as you can derive the utmost pleasure without having to be attached to any partner.
  • One of the pros of having this tool over having a sexual partner is- there's no sentiments attached in the act here.
  • This is an excellent toy for the partners to use to get the men excited and can be put to use during foreplay.
  • The toy can even produce stronger orgasms  by hitting the G-spot.
  • Accessing the control, regulating the vibration can help men experience different degrees of orgasms.
  • The tool can make men quite passionate and excites them to the utmost.
  • Usage of this device while making out can help them achieve an out of the world erotic sexual life
  • One can multitask while using the product.
  • Regulating the speed well can help the men experience the orgasm profoundly that otherwise, most of the men miss out in their lives
  • This is a handy tool for single men to take care of their sexual needs when they don’t have “no strings attached partners” around.
  • It strengthens the sexual potential of men with regular use.
  • If you have a fierce sexual appetite, then the vibration might feel weak to you.
  • The tool can be glitchy at times when it is not used correctly.
  • You might not get the pleasure of a vagina, but you can feel the sensual vibrations.  
  • This device might even be addictive if one does not use it consciously.
  • This mostly tempts men to masturbate more, but according to researchers, men must masturbate four times a week. I am making it clearer so that it doesn't lead to several health issues.
  • It might demotivate your sexual partners as he or she might feel inferior seeing you use tools to achieve orgasm. Ladies always want their men to be satisfied with the make outs. Hence, it might lead to a severe clash in your relationships.
  • Real sex plays a vital role in everyone’s lives. One cannot have enough of love and care only by using masturbators; which is prominently evident in the make outs.
  • If you are using this product in a relationship, then you require a mutual understanding.

Pricing - $119

With the latest and updated features, the incredible male masturbator is now available at a fantastic price: at $119. This is the amount payable for all the features in the complete package. There is a charger, and the tools are resistant for severe usage.

Thus, you can buy it as it guarantees no wear and tear for a longer time. Unlike any other company, this promises the users to avail the best features at minimal of the price.

Hence, if you have already decided to buy the products of Lovense Max, then you can be assured of the unmatched quality and the ecstatic pleasure derivable from the tool.

Customer Support

The product is designed in a way so that users will not seek customer support. But the manufacturers of Lovense Max have still provided a dedicated customer support service. 

lovense max interior 2-min
lovense max interior 1-min

The tool is durable and has a simple process of usage. But in case if someone is not able to use it well, he can reach out to customer support.

Offering amazing features at best deal is what the company swears by. It prioritizes the satisfaction of the customer to the utmost. This is why it has a firm team of support for the customer that can cater to the needs of the customer at any time of the requirement. 

The customer care team of Lovense is easy to reach out to. Not only this, but most of the answers to the commonly raised questions are there in the FAQ section. Hence, it is less likely for customers asking out for help.

But if they wish to, then there is a team that is solely organized to answer the queries and sort out the issues of the customers with the product and its usage.

Final Words

It is a fantastic product that can be put to use to treasure the utmost pleasure when you don’t have your partner around you. Masturbation is an inevitable need, and one must not fall short in providing himself with that satisfaction.

Lovense Max can bring immense sensuality to a man without getting rough down there. The penis is a sensitive male organ and being rough with it is never recommended.

You can derive the utmost orgasmic pleasure while masturbation only by using the right sex tool and Lovense max is just the one that is meant for that.

The easy functionality of the device is not the only pro that one can enjoy, but it has a distinctive list of features that set it apart.The company also has customer care to support the users through their journey of using Lovense Max.

Hence, if you are looking forward to buying a sex toy that can help you meet your sensual self, then here is it, It is a device that takes the title of one of the best male masturbators, provisioning the most delightful sexual experience to men. For all the men and couples, this is a must buy.

lovense max-min

The foreplays can be more tantalizing just with the right usage of the tool. Even the single men can fill the voids of sexual pleasure in their life with this tool and can avoid getting entangled emotionally.

The features of the product are suitable for men and also benefit them in enhancing their sexual potency. It is high time for people to enhance their sexual experience and get along with the tools based on advanced technology. You can never have enough of eroticism using this tool.

It is there to set the moods of men before making out. It can naturally drive the men to be more passionate; and can even help them last longer in the beds. Being a fantastic product for men in the market, it also has some benefits to offer to the couples to make their sexual lives more happening.

Parting words

Making love is a secret desire that everyone seeks. But not all of them are satisfied in their sexual lives. An unsatisfied person has to deal with various issues in his personal life which affects him mentally and emotionally.

These products appear as a logical solution for the men to enjoy their lives to the fullest and satisfy their desires by rightly using the product.

The product outshines other masturbators that are available in the market for men; and the reason behind that is it has a lot of distinctive features which entices the customer totally. The smooth approach to sensitive skin is one of the most considerable advantages of using the tool.

Without making a rough approach to the penis, one can derive the wildest of feelings while using this tool.

Nothing can be more satisfying for men than using this tool which is designed and empowered with the potential of getting an orgasmic feel to men every time they put it on. With Lovense Max, you can always be ready to satisfy your sexual needs if you are single.

For couples, it has even got benefits to enhance the foreplay and make the sexual lives more happening. This is a boon for couples bearing a long-distance relationship. Using it consciously can help you explore your best self.

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