Lovense Lush 2 Review (2020)

Sex toys are meant for providing unlimited pleasure to the users irrespective of the gender these sex toys would cater to.

Many women have given up the idea of using a dildo and have started using vibrators because it provides more sensations, and it can be used in numerous kinky ways.

One of the best sex toys for women was Lovense lush since it allowed men to control the vibrator for teasing their wife or girlfriend.

However, Lovense has brought the new lush i.e. lush 2 that promises to be much more exciting and feature-packed than its predecessor.

The most amazing feature of this vibrator is that it can be controlled by your partners, husbands, boyfriends (girlfriends in case of lesbians), and almost anyone who has the permission of getting naughty with you over the internet.

lovsense lush

Yes, this vibrator can be operated by a person living even on the remotest island of the world with the help of internet. For that, both the user and her partner need to download an app and then the partner needs to send connect requests to the user.

Once, the request is accepted the device is good to go and you can explore the endless possibilities with this kinky sex toy. However, this is not the only feature lush 2 has in store for the ladies.

It is designed in such a way that it is even ideal for foreplay, solo fun, and the couples can even use it discreetly in public space without any hint unless the sensations get too overwhelming for the user. Let us look at the other features of this vibrator in detail:

Powerful sensations

  • Lovense Lush 2 is certainly one of the best egg vibrators in the world because it can send the most powerful sensations to the users.
  • It has seven levels of intensity that can be switched through sweet stimulations in your vagina. Even the mobile app has been integrated with these levels for providing a greater control to your partner.
  • You can start with the low, medium, and high vibrations and you can switch afterwards to the pulse and wave modes for feeling even more intense vibrations.
  • The fireworks and earthquake mode sends powerful sensations and pulsating vibrations that might be too much for the ladies who are using it for the first time.

Internet connectivity

  • The original lush vibrator allowed the users to connect the remote with the Bluetooth functionality only. However, now the vibrator can be connected over the internet and can be controlled without using a remote control.
  • A smartphone app has been provided for those who want to tease their partners who are residing in different parts of the world. Moreover, the option of Bluetooth is available very much if you and your sex partner are living together.

Meticulous design

  • Lush 2 has been designed meticulously to enable the women to use it discreetly. The vibrator has a super-thin antenna that is 4.8 inches in length. It can be hidden under the majority of outfits and therefore, using it in public spaces should not cause any issues or problems.
  • Moreover, the antenna hugs your pelvic bone tightly for keeping the vibrator in place. The special design and ability to control the vibrations through remote enables the couples to use it in creative ways.
  • For example, you can wear this vibrator while you are traveling with your partner on a bus, trains or any other public mode of transport. Furthermore, the remote can be handed over to your partner who can now seduce and tease you while you are traveling.
  • Do not worry as the vibrations are perfectly sound-free and they cannot be noticed by your fellow passengers. Likewise, you can use this sex toy in endless ways and in different locations without drawing anyone's attention.
  • This will not only be a great experience for you and your partner but your ability to stop your moaning while enjoying all kinds of sensations will be thoroughly tested!

Stimulates the G-Spot 

  • G-spot is perhaps the most sensitive part of a woman's body. Guys can make any woman squirt and cum if they can stimulate their G-spot.
  • This toy has been designed in such a way that the bulb of the vibrator reaches the G-spot perfectly. This bulb is 1.5 inches in width and 3 inches long which makes it capable of reaching and stimulating your G-spot nicely.
  • If you are thinking about using it in public spaces, you need to be careful especially if you have the habit of squirting when your G-spot gets stimulated.

Teases your clitoris

  • Lovense Lush 2 not only stimulates your G-spot but will also tease your clit. When it vibrates, the antenna vibrates enough to tease and arouse you completely by rubbing against your clitoris.
  • As the result, some women use it for stimulating their clit without inserting the bulb end inside. Therefore, we can say that women can experience both clitoral and G-spot orgasms if they are using this vibrator.

Saving powerful patterns  

  • Lovense Lush 2 allows the users to create powerful patterns using different vibration intensities that are available within the device.
  • Not only that, if some patterns drive you crazy with erotic sensations, you can also even save those patterns for using them in the future.

Blend Music and Vibrations 

  • One of the features that sets this vibrator apart from the other vibrators is its unique ability to blend music and vibrations together.
  • This feature allows you to tune your vibrator with your favourite music or song and the vibrator will react when the volume of the song will increase or if the music gets faster.
  • You can even sync the vibrator to a romantic music or a sexy dance number that turns you on. This feature works perfectly for those women who love to experience unpredictable vibrations and patterns.

Voice commands

  • Apart from music synchronization, this vibrator also obeys your voice commands. This means that you can use voice commands for increasing or decreasing the intensity of the vibrations.
  • Today sex toys provide multiple ways through which you can control it without using your hands. Moreover, users can also set the voice commands of their partner on the device to make their foreplay session even more sensuous and intimate.

Other features 

  • Several other features make Lovense lush 2 the perfect material for building an intimate relationship with your partner. The Lovense app can be used forto sending messages to your partner while they might be teasing you with vibrations.
  • Moreover, women can express their reactions or feedback about a particular pattern or intensity level through such text messages.
  • Not just that, but this app is programmed in such a way that it can be controlled by multiple people via their respective apps. Therefore, ladies can get multiple partners if that is going to satisfy them.
  • Getting input from multiple partners makes lush 2 even more enjoyable and it creates unpredictable patterns that overlap a lot of time that can be too overwhelming sometimes.
  • For that, your partners need to download the app for the device that you are using and send a connection request to you. They can use this app only when their request is accepted.

Lovense Lush 2 Demo - Unboxing, Sound Test & App Test

Pricing & Membership Fees

Lovense Lush 2 is priced at $119. Yes, it is a bit costly but you won’t get any other vibrator that can offer so many advanced features and options in this price range.

Therefore, we will recommend this sex toy to people who want to experience amazing features like long-distance control, hands-free experience, texting over the app, etc. However, do not purchase it from any local store or third-party websites as many fake models are being sold in the market.

You should purchase Lovense lush 2 only from its official website. For purchasing this sex toy now, visit -

What makes Lovense lush 2 better than its predecessor Lovense Lush vibrator?

Lovense Lush 2 is better than the original lush in many ways. Surely, the lush vibrator was a huge success as it managed to impress ladies who were living in different parts of the world. However, Lush 2 is better in many aspects.

Firstly, Lush two offers a better connecting range that is required for connecting the toy with the app over Bluetooth. Moreover, the feature of controlling this vibrator from remote parts of the world wasn't available earlier and adds to its novelty. Also, Lush 2 has a bigger and more powerful motor than Lush.

Therefore, we can say that Lush 2 is designed to provide a better experience to its users.

How to use it?

Lovense arrives at your door in a discreet package. Therefore, no one will realize what have you ordered. After opening the box, you will find another white box which will contain the vibrator and the remote.

You will also find a user manual and setup guide inside this box that you must read before using the vibrator. A USB charging cable is also provided which you will be needed for charging the vibrator.

A minimum of 2 hours of charging will be required for complete charge when you will charge it for the first time. The time taken for the subsequent charging sessions will be much lesser. An indicator light is provided which glows when Lush 2 is charging.

Also, it will stop glowing once the battery is full. A fully charged vibrator can give a non-stop performance for 2 to 3 hours. Some women do not allow the battery to reach its full potential because they do not require it for longer sessions. However, it would be better to charge the vibrator fully.

How does it work?

Lovense 2 works ingeniously to provide you with intense orgasmic pleasures. It has a thin antenna that vibrates to tease your clit. However, the vibrations are not that powerful as the main job of the antenna is to grab the signals from remote.

Therefore, you don’t have to insert the antenna inside your vagina. Insert the bulb deep inside your vagina as per your comfort level. Note: You can even hold the bulb on your clitoris because the vibrations are powerful enough to set your clit on fire (not in literal sense)!

Once you have inserted the bulb end, turn the power button on by holding it for a few seconds. The indicator light will start blinking which means that the vibrator is turned on.

This button has to be used for controlling the vibration intensities as well. For example, if you want to experience a low vibration, if you press this button once and if you press the button seven times, the seventh mode i.e. earthquake mode will be activated.

How to maintain Lush 2?

It is recommended to clean the vibrator every time for maintaining its overall condition and effectiveness. Cleaning also ensures that the vibrator and your private parts will remain safe from bacterial infections.

Mix mild detergent or soap with warm water to clean the vibrator. You can also use a water-based sex toy cleaner for cleaning it. Do not use silicone-based or oil-based cleaners as they can react with the vibrator as it is also made of silicone.

Also, do not forget to keep Lush 2 in the same box in which it was delivered after you use it every time.

Lovense Lush 2 Review

Benefits of Using Lovense Lush 2

  • This vibrator has a curved design which will help it to reach the G-spot perfectly.
  • It is made from premium quality silicone that gives it a soft and comfortable feel when it is inserted inside the vagina.
  • It is perfect for spicing up your relationship or boring sex life.
  • Lush 2 can be used discreetly due to its unique design and noiseless operation.
  • You can also suggest an intensity level for your partner in case he is not turning you on efficiently using the messaging option that is provided in the Lovense app.

Final verdict 

These were some of the key highlights, features, and benefits of using Lovense Lush 2 Vibrating Sex Toy. Use it to please yourselves or if you want toto get teased and stimulated by your partner!

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