Local Hookup Review (2020)

Local Hookup

A point to consider is dating platforms is a profitable venture in modern times.

The chances are that you might stumble upon fake accounts that are looking to make money out of you as far as possible.

Considering the other side of the coin, trustworthy websites are aware of the beauty of casual relationships and do what is their grasp to make you happy.

Just you have to explore the possibility of decent services. The only point of consideration is that you have to hook up with someone genuine.

There are various protocols in place that go on to make your task easier and at the same time, keeping your personal details intact.

No better way to spend your evenings than hooking up with someone. It is an ideal bet for someone who is not into serious stuff and on the lookout for a causal relationship. To deal with such instances, there are plenty of online dating platforms, but none of them is deemed to be that effective.

Now is the time to be exploring an avenue of hookups, termed as Local Hook up. It has been existent in the market for a fair amount of time and let us get into the details of what it has to offer.

What makes Local Hookup popular?

It is an adult site where a subscriber has a host of tools to take advantage of. Just you need to avail a premiership account, and you can have a fuck buddy. You can locate a user as per your mentality and preferences. The process of registration is simple and is not going to take a lot of time.

You just have to zero in your basic personal details, and you are ready to go. The moment it is done, you need to choose a plan, and you are ready to connect with your hookup partner. This process is fast and can be undertaken by members of all age groups.

The dating platform ceases to be navigable, ensuring that the management of your profile becomes an easy task. As per specific qualities, the members can be ranked, and with a host of security features, members are connected.

The profile of every member is displayed simply as it makes it easy and not a drab affair. As a member, you do have an opportunity to check out the profile of another member.

If you enjoy a casual fling or a steamy session that boils down to kissing, be it sensual touching devoid of sex then eventually it could lead to a sexual encounter between both of you.

In the midst of all this, the term hooks up might sound unclear. It could also mean that you are familiar with someone for business or other purposes.

Website Overview

Website: www.localhookup.com

Estimated visits last month- 1.5 million

As far as the registration is concerned, there is a lot of confusion among the users. The website offers to develop profiles for free.

But you have to keep a few things at the back of your mind before tuning up. 

local hookup

Though this platform offers to formulate a free account but might ask you for a paid membership to continue. To some extent, it is free. This seems to be a common point about hook up points, so there is nothing to be amazed by this.

To search for anything on the website is fair and simple. You can go on to choose whom you like with search tools or even by their appearance catering to specific needs. On every other casual dating site, it goes on to work. But do keep in mind that you should fall into the trap of fake accounts.

Chatting on this platform is easy and fun. To chat with a woman, you need to have an upgraded account. The moment you do that you will find a pink box appearing, indulge in sexting and prepare for a hookup.

Something that annoys the user is that once they are registered, they do go on to receive adult messages. It is difficult to figure among the tests, whether it is fake or real, but concerns emerge once people go on to complain about such things.

So you have to be careful with the first message that you go on receive and find out whether it is sent out by real women or not.

The number of girls who are part of this site is enormous. For sure, you are going to find someone catering to your taste. The experience of a user might not be positive as per their imagination. Some users have gone on to claim that they have stumbled upon a lot of fake accounts.

Local Hookup - Free Flirt Chat Dating Site for SIngles!

A golden rule is more a beautiful girl is, a higher possibility of it being a fake account. Be it any man or woman, and there are some rules as far as chatting is concerned. To strike a conversation with women, you have to possess an upgraded account.

If you are planning to chat with a lady there has to be a pink box beside her profile — no point to send across annoying messages as it could piss others on the platform. So before replying to any query on the site, figure out whether it is genuine or not.

It is better to opt for the gold membership on this site. For starters, it provides you access to all the profiles that are part of the site as you can go on to send or receive messages in any way as per your wishes.

It is even possible to upload your photos or even if you can go on to share the photos of others your life. Apart from this, there is a VIP membership where you can gain access to kinky videos. Here you can go on to watch videos of explicit characters.

To search for other members on this site, you can search them by age, location or even by their online status. It is even possible to search for members by calls or sending out messages. You can also incorporate certain features in your profile that makes it easier for other users to search for you.

For every member, there is a ranking tag attached that is provided by the feedback of other members.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Though the site offers free membership but to use the additional features you need to have a premium account. Though the prices are known to vary, you have to keep certain points in mind. For a three day trial, you have to shell out $. 2.97, which amounts to $ 29.95 for a single month.

For three months, it leads to $ 74. 85 and for six months stands at $ 119.70. This pricing is rated to be average among the entire hook up sites.

The website goes on to accept only credit card payments as they are recurring. Once the period is over, money is automatically deducted from your account. If you are planning to make a transaction, only the master and visa card are accepted.

Before the trial membership expires, you have to get in touch with the customer care department and cancel it before 48 hours. Failure to do so at your end might generate being billed. But once again, there is nothing against the law that the company does.

Site Statistics

  • The average number of visitors at a time- 5125
  • Free registration
  • Various levels of sexual orientation
  • Swinging community

Website Performance Scores



Profile Quality

10 / 10

Customer Service

9 / 10

Safety and Anti-Scam

8 / 10

Money Value

9 / 10

Ease of Use

9 / 10

Members Area

9 / 10

Overall Score

9.2 / 10

Competitors of Local Hookup

The main competitor of Local hook up is an adult finder. Be it for regular hookups or casual encounters. This site is rated to be among the best. Anything and everything related to sex you can find out on this site. On average, the site goes on to attract 25 million visitors every year.

Along with this, another competitor site is a lonely wife hook up. Here there is a profile which displays all the data you are on the lookout for. Then based on your needs, you can go on to choose a model of your choice.


  • The identity of all the members is kept safe with reliant safety measures in place
  • Coupled with the fact that the safety feature of this site has a lot of admirers
  • A user-friendly and easy to navigate the site
  • Numerous members are using this platform.


  • It is really difficult to access the so-called free version of the website
  • You might even find it difficult to cancel the three day trial period before it goes on to auto-renew
  • Possibility of fake profiles
  • For other services, constant upselling claims.
  • Provision of forums does not occur
  • The matching dates are done in a manual way that contributes to the problem

Customer Support & Other Details

When you compare it to conventional dating platforms, their privacy policy is not clearly illustrated. This is a website that ensures utmost privacy, along with security. Be it any information uploaded on the platform you can take solace from the fact it would not be accessed.

The protection mechanisms in the form of firewall are reliable and ensure your profile is protected from any scam. When tight security measures are in, one can take solace from the fact that swindlers are restricted entry on to your profile. This site ensures that confidentiality is at a maximum level.

The site relies on up to date technological practices to ensure privacy, secrecy is maintained at the highest standard. With firewalls and data encryption mechanisms in place, no form of filtration is expected to occur. Also, to enhance this function, there is an encrypted system in place.

Once you go on to register on this platform, you do not have to give your real name or address. This means there is no accurate recording of the entities. Besides, the customer care department works round the clock to ensure that all the queries are addressed properly.

final verdict

This website is an ideal resort for anyone who is on the crisp of casual relationships. The main advantages of this site are an enormous database, quick and reliable means of communication coupled with fast registration. But do keep in mind every positive has a negative attached to it.

Free registration is more of a myth, and the reality presents a different picture altogether. The moment you are planning to register, the website would direct you on to the payment page asking you to choose the type of membership you are looking for.

No way can you omit this step, which means that no way the free registration that they are claiming is true. In terms of prices, it is above average, so a lot of time along with money goes down the drain. Another pointer that you have to keep in mind is scamming is not something new on this site.

Once you are talking to a woman, be careful of the fact that you are talking to a stranger, so you have to behave properly. Keep away from sharing your personal information that can be confidential and land you in trouble. This website caters an element of fun and does not put you in distress.

parting words

This site provides a perfect opportunity to venture into this domain if you are considering a casual hook up. If you are planning to pay for the service, ensure that it is a quality one that you are availing. Take note of the fact that scammers are a part of the site, and there is no point in losing sleep over it.

Be it any man or a woman once you are communicating with each other, do it mildly. No point in sharing your personal information with anyone as you might not be aware of when it could backfire. All the members are expected to have a great time on this site.

No doubt people who are frequent visitors to a dating site want to keep their identity a secret. Local hook up ensures that it is one step above where none of your details is out in the open. They incorporate the latest encryption system so that your identity is kept a secret.

It would be fair to say all other privacy issues are dealt amicably.

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