LobsterTube.com Review (2020)


Lobstertube.com does not collect content from any random website. Only the most popular sites are allowed to be on this platform.

If you are someone who is addicted to porn, then this is the perfect platform for you.

Lobstertube.com provides numerous hot porn clips that are enough for you to get aroused.

You can find millions of new clips with diversified qualities and length.

There are tons of different categories starting from BDSM, BBW, amateur and much more.

If you are wandering for some free jerk off materials, then lobstertube.com should be your first stoppage. You can say that it is a hub of porn videos. It is similar to other porn sites by its looks. It shows thumbnails and previews for the audiences.

One of the most exciting features of Lobstertube.com is it shows the videos of a variety of porn sites throughout the world. It collects the videos from other websites and showcases into their web platform. The entire website is free for audiences.

You can stream every content based on your favourite categories. However, Lobstertube.com does not have their own contents. If you click on a particular content, you will be redirected to the host website of the video. Here we are reviewing Lobstertube.com.

You will get to know about its features and some spicy things about this website.

What makes Lobstertube.com different?

Lobstertube.com has plenty of adult videos that are enough for you to have some fun. The website layout is quite easy to handle. It is similar to other tube channels with thumbnails and preview facilities. There are numerous categories present on this website.

If you want to have some fun with contents such as fantasies and desire, then this is a perfect website for you. Apart from this, Lobstertube.com also have categories like group sex, BBW, BDSM, anal, cum in mouth, blowjob and much more.

If you are a masturbating player, then hold on. You are going to get addicted to this website. Most importantly, this website is entirely free. There is no registration process or any hidden policies for charges present on the site.

You can filter the content based on a to z, popularity, recent upload and length. You can also find out your favourite content based on the hosting website. You can also sort out your preferred contents quickly. Hence searching and filtering process is easier on this website. 

Most of the adult website contains viruses and spyware on their site. You get pleasure by watching the contents. On the other hand, you also feel scared of virus attacks. Lobstertubes.com does not have any kinds of viruses on their website.

The website is swift for navigation and won't let you disappointed in terms of its user-friendliness.

Performance Score out of 10

It is one of the highest-rated websites among other adult websites. Users also recommend this website, and according to them, Lobstertube.com is very user-friendly. Here is the performance score of Lobstertube.com out of 10.



Ease of Use

9 / 10

Search filtering facility

10 / 10

Variety in contents

9 / 10

Web design

9 / 10


8 / 10

Sorting options

9 / 10


8 / 10


9 / 10

Trust Rating

10 / 10

Quality of materials

8 / 10

Overall Score

89 / 100

Site statistics

  • Number of Contents: 35 Million+
  • Number of categories: 100+
  • Sorting type: Popularity, Time of upload, Alphabetical
  • Filtering Options: Resolution Quality, Website, Categories
  • Content-type: Video clip
  • Content Source: Third party websites
  • Alexa ranking: 13,264


Website: http://www.lobstertube.com

Lobstertube.com is often called as the Google of the porn world. It has more than a million contents which can drive you crazy to masturbate.

Lobstertube.com collects various categories of porn videos from the popular websites of the world.

When you click to particular content, then you will be directly forwarded to the hosting website.

lobstertube 02

Therefore, you can get access to several sites from a single platform. According to the users, it is a very user-friendly website with large thumbnails and previewing facilities. Coming to the home page, the site seems to be impressive. The home page itself can make you excited with too many videos

You can sort out videos based on various categories. You can find a drop-down button where you can choose different categories. You can also select a particular website that you prefer. Sometimes you should not trust the preview images at all.

This is because sometimes the preview images are often irrelevant on this website. The website claims that there are more than 35 million videos on this platform. If you take an example of a category such as sunbath clips, under this category, you can access more than 4000 videos.

Then you can estimate how many contents would be there on the entire website. If you are not a straight guy then no issues as well. There are contents for shemale, transgender, gay, and lesbian. You can enjoy any content from any region or country.

The hosting websites linked with Lobstertube.com may attach various advertisements to the content. But Lobstertube.com does not contain any ads on its platform. That is why you can trust Lobstertube.com completely.

There are plenty of hosting websites such as Pornhub.com, Dr tuber, Viki Porn and much more, linked with Lobstertube.com website. Quality is one of the most significant issues regarding this website. Not all videos have the same attributes in terms of resolutions.

However, some videos have low quality, whereas some are having high quality. It is difficult to prejudge the quality of the videos. Lobstertube.com is perfect for you if you want some niche content. You do not have access to upload the videos on this platform.

However, there are no videos on this website technically. You may find viruses and popups on other websites. But Lobstertube.com provides you genuine content and movies without any bullshit attached.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Till now, you have understood the features of Lobstertube.com. However, you will be surprised to know that in spite of lots of categories, Lobstertube.com is complexly free of cost. You can enjoy unlimited porn videos from thousands of categories. The streaming is completely free on this platform.


  • There are more than 1000 categories on this platform where you can enjoy sex videos. This website collects videos from different popular porn websites throughout the world and showcases it on their website. Therefore, it becomes easier to access various websites for jerk off materials.
  • The feature of Lobstertube.com sounds complicated. However, it is not at all complicated to use. You can have access to hundreds of websites at a time easily.
  • Sorting and filtering feature on this website is pretty awesome. If you want to sort out your favourite content, then you can do it easily. You can filter based on HD videos, recent, popularity, and even websites.
  • If you are not a straight guy in terms of sexual behaviour, then no worries. After you open the homepage of the website, you can find checkboxes present as Straight, Lesbian, Gay and shemale. After clicking your desired checkbox, you can move forward with your suitable content.
  • Most of the porn websites interrupt you by providing advertisements. Many users complain about popups and unnecessary notifications. Lobstertube.com is completely free of advertisements.
  • In maximum websites, you need to fill out a form for registration, to stream online videos. There is no such process of registration to see the contents. You can stream online hot videos easily without any long processes.
  • As per user experiences adult websites usually content virus and spyware. In the case of Lobstertube.com, the entire website is  virus-free. As it is mentioned earlier that you would be redirected to another website to stream the videos, the hosting site is also free of viruses. Lobstertube.com redirects to specific websites only. You can rely on Lobstertube.com with 100 percent trust.
  • Whether you are a mobile phone user or a desktop user that doesn't matter, Lobstertube.Com is supported on mobile phones as well as desktops with their distinct websites.


  • Lobstertube.com is not a creator website. If you are a creator, then you cannot upload your content to it. You need to upload your content on the sites that are hosted by Lobstertube.com. Lobstertube.com entirely depends on third party websites.
  • If you like a thumbnail of a video obviously you will click into it. Soon you will be redirected to another website that is not familiar to you. You may not know the features of the site and the buttons. You might face difficulties to operate a completely new website.
  • There are so many contents of different porn stars. But you won't get to know about the porn star present in the movie or the clip. There is no porn star page currently on Lobstertube.com.
  • Few sources are not so great. If you want to trust in the previews and thumbnails, then you are going to regret it. Sometimes Lobstertube.com previews any content on the thumbnails. However, when you open the content, you find something different. You cannot trust entirely on the thumbnails on this platform.

Customer Support

The support team for Lobstertube.com is solid. They solve every matter of the users thoroughly without fail. Most of the other websites do not take care of these small things. But Lobstertube.com always ensures the user's safety.

If you face any kinds of harassments, illegal activities, or if you feel something that is not right, you can contact on the following Email ID

Email ID: [email protected]

You might have various questions on any topic regarding the website. You can feel free to ask these questions in email ID given below

Email ID: [email protected]

If you are an operator of an adult website and you want to feature your platform into Lobstertube.com, then you can go to the following links below.

Link: https://www.adultwebmasternet.com/

Final verdict 

Lobstertube.com contains a vast number of hot sex videos. Technically there are no porn videos on the website. This is because Lobstertube.com entirely depends upon third party websites. There are more than 100 popular websites on this platform.

Users can choose their preferable sites for their preferred content. In a single platform, you can get access to several adult websites. The adult websites linked with Lobstertube.com are only popular websites of the world. These websites are 100 percent genuine.

In many adult websites, you may find some ugly popup notifications. You also get various types of advertisements in the middle of your activities. Lobstertube.com ensures smooth navigation without any interruptions. The speed of the website is fast, that never makes you feel annoyed.

Coming to the layout of the website, it is pretty attractive. You can make a pre-judgment regarding the performance of the website by layout design only. The thumbnails present on the website are big enough. It makes the layout and the homepage of the website impressive and refreshing.

In several cases, thumbnails preview the wrong contents. When you go for the preview, it shows a particular clip image. But when you click on the thumbnail, then you get to find some different content. This is annoying for some users.

Lobstertube.com always redirects you to the virus-free websites. The contents of the sites can make you fucking excited and drive you crazy. There are more than 1000 categories. You can choose based on your preferences. If you are a content creator, then this is not the right place for you.

You can head to any other website that is liked to Lobstertube.com. If you upload to those websites, then you can find your content featuring on Lobstertube.com. Overall navigation and uses of the Lobstertube.com are quite more natural than other websites.

It is user-friendly in terms of sorting and filtering. You can filter the contents based on websites, popularity, recent uploads, Quality of the content and much more. The entire site is 100 percent safe, virus-free and reliable.

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