Literotica Review (2020)


There might be hardly anyone in this world who would not have read stories on Literotica.

It comforted us in the cold nights when porn videos weren't readily available, and the internet had just started to create an impact on young minds.

People born in the late '90s and early 2000s would not be so familiar with it, but the 90's kids surely know its worth.

It is nothing but a site where you would find sex stories written tastefully.

The unique thing about Literotica is the broad categories of porn it focuses on which can even defeat some adult video platforms.

Most of these sex stories are fictional, whereas some users have uploaded their own stories by seasoning it with their imagination to make it spicy for the readers.

You will regularly find many new stories on this site if you navigate carefully through its categories. It is a free site and therefore, you could read dozens of stories in a day without worrying about any bills.

Still, for a whole lot of people, especially those who like to imagine scenes instead of watching prefer reading sex stories, Literotica is usually the first option of such sex-starved minds. It has not dozens or hundreds but thousands of enticing stories archived properly in multiple porn niches.

Stories are long and build up slowly but steadily making you restless to know what happens in the end. Thousands of words are nicely woven to create a great story that would not only ignite your urges but would also flare up your imagination.

The plot and the background are so well written that you feel that it is almost real. You lose yourself in the stories and feel as if you have been given a window to peep through the characters and scenes.

It has some issues in its layout and design. However, it won't hurt you much as you can copy-paste the entire story into a third-party app or website to make it more readable.

What are the noteworthy features of Literotica?

The most noteworthy aspect of this site is its name itself. Literotica means a perfect combination of literature and erotica that will drive you insane with lustful dreams and will bestow the imagination of a pervert upon you.

Many sites offer archives of lustful stories, but only a few among them provide a diverse range as this site does. Moreover, the stories on the other websites do not grow on you as they are short, badly-written or all over the place.

However, the stories of Literotica are written by experts who know how to tease you. They captivate your imagination and take you to the world of fantasies where everything seems to be real even without seeing it.

We do agree that you must have a powerful imagination to be overwhelmed by merely reading descriptions of sex scenes. We watch so much porn these days that even the hottest porn videos do not arouse us sometimes.

Literotica is the best option for such people. We would suggest these people to stop watching porn for a couple of days and read these stories instead. We are pretty confident that you would ooze more precum than you do while watching sex clips.

Not only that, if you watch the porn movies after a couple of days of reading, you will notice that you enjoy the scenes better. This is because sex stories let you imagine things that make your senses more receptive to finer exchanges of love between the characters.

Also, sex stories are more direct and ruthless than porn videos. This is because there are no physical limits attached to the scenes, and the writer can make a scene as much raw and kinky as he/she can imagine.

They don't have to be real, and you know fantasy can be much more potent than reality, at least in the world of porn.

Literotica is an excellent place for individuals who have perverted minds. Here you will find multiple stories under the taboo niche. These stories give expression to our dirtiest desires in the most real and honest way.

It has hundreds of stories in the taboo category, and anal porn lovers will find plenty of stories in the 'anal' category. Similarly, it provides many other groups such as BDSM, gay-sex, lesbian stories, stories focussed on particular fetishes, fantasy stories and much more.

People who prefer softcore porn will love to read romantic stories that focus on the romance and intimate relationships between partners. Then there is a category meant for audio stories where a narrator will narrate the explicit scenes of the story in his or her sexy voice.

Literotica - with over 250,000 Free Adult Sex Stories!

It provides plenty of other categories too, which we will describe in detail later. If you love to watch Netflix or Amazon original series, then you will also enjoy the chain stories that are divided into numerous parts.

Each part reflects on a particular side of the characters and is filled with erotic descriptions of sexual encounters between various aspects. Therefore, people who like to follow a basic storyline will love to read such kind of stories.

Apart from the stories, Literotica also focuses on adult images, adult poetry, videos and much more. If you like to go through adult cartoons and erotic illustrations, then it has plenty of stuff to entertain you. It has also recently launched its live cam site which requires you to create an account.

However, you will not require an account for reading stories, viewing adult pictures, cartoons, and many other features can be accessed without signing up. The makers of Literotica also provide free cartoons, sexy videos, pictures, and much more daily to satiate your raging hormones.

Moreover, Literotica allows you to comment and give your feedback in the comments section as a guest (an anonymous user), and you can also say after logging in. Therefore, there are little restrictions on the user, which is perhaps its more alluring feature.

Site Statistics

  • Most popular features – Stories, adult comics, live chat
  • Is it ad-free? - No
  • The average monthly visitors – 42.70 million
  • Bonus features– Forums, audio stories, free daily videos
  • Bonus sites – yes
  • Is it a safe site – Yes but be careful of the ads
  • Popular categories – Anal sex stories, Taboo sex stories, BDSM stories
  • Member index – Yes
  • Updates - Daily

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

6 / 10

Ease Of Use

8 / 10


8 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

9 / 10


10 / 10

Search And Filter Options

9 / 10


10 / 10 (Free)

Value For Time

10 / 10


8 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

7 / 10

Overall Score

85 / 100

Website Overview

Website address –

Average visits per month – 42.70 million

Millions of users from different parts of the globe visit Literotica every day to fulfil their kinky desires.

However, some people might not be happy with their overall appearance and layout.

The font used in the stories is also very basic, and there is nothing stylish about it.

However, if you are an ardent reader of storybooks, you know that the most eye-pleasing fonts are the basic and plain ones, especially when you have to read long stories.

literotica lp

The same thing can be said about the website design as well. Sites that offer erotic stories usually keep their design and layout basic. That being said, we do feel that this version of Literotica has become far too ancient.

It needs some modification or else the users might start using third party applications for reading purposes.

The landing page contains different sections. The first section is nothing but a short introduction which follows with the bulletins that are nothing but notifications of ongoing competitions and contests organized by the site.

Below that you will find the 'site index' which has different options like stories & pictures, live cams, story contest, etc.for reading the stories, you will have to click on the 'stories & pictures' section, and similarly, you can explore different content by clicking on their respective names. 

There are so many options on the homepage that a new user can quickly get confused. Also, all the materials viz. stories, comics, pictures, etc. are displayed on your left-hand side. The right side contains nothing but website domain name prints.

This can be a bit frustrating and can prove to be a turn off for many people. Being a free site, you might come across some adverts but do not worry as they won't disturb you. It allows you to explore the stories alphabetically.

Hot Audio Sex Story~

Moreover, the users can submit their own stories by using the 'send your stories' page. However, for that, you will have to sign-up first. Their team will review whether your account is worth reading before publishing it.

They do not follow a strict reviewing policy, and therefore most of the stories might get published. Also, people who want to read random sex stories can use the option of story spinner that presents a new random story every time you use it.

There is a small 'H' stamp on the right side of some of the stories. It means that it is a hot story according to the members or writers of Literotica. Therefore, it makes sense for you to read only the stories that have 'H' stamp on them.

The 'About Us' section gives us a short description of its history. You can also access its forum through the About Us page which you will find at the bottom. There are multiple discussion boards in the forum which allows you to interact with other members of the portal.

The 'FAQs', 'Contact Us' page, and some other options can be accessed through this page only. As a result, we can say that a new user will require some time to get acquainted with its overall design and navigation.


All the features of Literotica are free. 


  • Anyone can register on this site for free.
  • It contains adult images, videos, cartoons, illustrations, live cams, and many other types of adult content to entertain you.
  • Despite being a free site, it offers support options for addressing your issues and complaints.
  • The stories are seductive, engaging, and well-written.
  • To search members, you can use the entire member list or the 'search member' option. The 'search member' option allows you to search for a user based on his/her username. 
  • The list of new members is provided under the 'New Members' section. Similarly, you can use the 'search stories' option for finding an account as per your preferred keyword.
  • Literotica provides a separate category for new stories. Here, you will find all the latest stories.
  • It has a 'feedback portal' which displays the opinions or suggestions of the members about a particular story or series. For that, the user has to mention the submission title to specify the name of the story.
  • Moreover, the category of the story and the name of the author is also mentioned below the story.
  • Usually, the best and descriptive feedback are featured in the feedback portal.
  • The stories are neatly classified in their respective categories.
  • Users can access its features in multiple languages like German, Italian, Spanish, etc.
  • Stories of multiple languages can be found on this site. Many stories are written in Asian languages as well.
  • Literotica has also launched its android app which provides a better interface for reading and other purposes. This app is lightweight and can be downloaded in seconds from their official portal.
  • It organizes monthly contests to recognize new writers and ace authors.
  • You can explore this site through your mobile browser smoothly.
  • Budding writers get complete support of editors to polish their stories.
  • The 'bulletin-board' allows you to interact with writers and fellow members.


  • The navigation of Literotica is confusing as each page is linked to many other pages. This can deteriorate the experience of a new user.
  • The website looks quite dull and old fashioned. It has probably not been updated since it was launched. Also, the fonts are too small, and if you zoom-in, the page gets too big.
  • Also, all the content is placed on the left side. Therefore, we can say that its layout is also quite outdated.
  • The mobile app of Literotica is currently not available on the Google Play Store or iOS.
  • Some stories have been collected from external sources. Therefore, it cannot claim to have exclusive sex stories.

Competition of Literotica

Multiple porn websites on the internet have sections for sex stories, and some sites are entirely dedicated to adult stories. One of these sites is Lush Stories that is wholly focussed on erotic tales.

It might not have as many stories as Literotica has, but most of its stories are original and exciting enough to capture your imagination. If you are looking for a site that has hundreds of sex stories and thousands of sex clips, then you can check

It is a free site where you will find sex stories on multiple fetishes. Stories Online is another portal that has over 40K sex stories. It also has a fantastic community that allows you to connect with other members and story writers.

You can read some sample stories as a guest user, but for exploring its entire catalogue of stories, you will have to register first. However, there is no need to worry as registration is entirely free! Readers who are interested in BDSM stories can indulge in the accounts offered by BDSM Library.

It provides multiple search options and other features, such as blogs and videos. However, its layout and design are quite outdated, and you will have to purchase the videos for watching them.

These sites are on par on Literotica on most of the fronts, but Literotica is far ahead than them concerning variety and quality of stories.

Customer support 

The FAQs can be searched via a primary search tool. The FAQs are mostly based on how to use the features of Literotica. You can convey your issue or complain through the 'Contact Us' page. For that, you will have to fill in a form and mention your email id and details of the issue.

The customer support executives will then contact you via email for further discussion. Click on this link - to learn more about its FAQS, and you can use this webpage - to submit your feedback or complaints. 

Final verdict 

Literotica is one of the best sources when it comes to erotic and passionate sex stories. Its website needs to be revamped. However, it does not have any other flaws apart from this. Therefore, you can latch on this platform for reading some spicy sex stories.

Parting words

Open website of Literotica, grab some tissues and get ready for an erotic ride to the world of adult stories.

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