List of Adult Tube Themes – Adult WordPress Themes (2020)

If you are eager to make an adult site and you're looking for the best adult themes that fit your site correctly, then you have landed on the correct page.

It is effortless and cheap to make an adult site today with using the best designs and themes, and you can have your website starting at just $40.

Adult tube sites are readily available on the internet, and you can access and purchase them online at ease. These are emerging as it is a very profitable industry. 

Firstly, let us look at the types  of adult websites  that exist in the market:

Adult Tube Themes
  • Porn Sites

    Porn sites are the most popular kind of websites, and they usually provide video content for Porn.

  • Adult Forum

    Forums are a platform to discuss ideas and opinions, so an adult forum is where you share pictures, videos, and messages related to sex.

  • Dating Sites

    Dating sites are where you meet new people whom you want to know more and share a bond with temporarily or permanently.

So before you choose a theme, it is essential to know the features of a competent adult tube theme.

Features of a Good Adult Tube Theme


Whenever you are looking to purchase something, the key factor we look for is the pricing. The pricing for an adult tube ranges from about 40 to 100$. The more the features, the more the price. You must first look for themes that fit your budget and then sort them.

Has Active Support Team

An active support team is a must as it helps you follow up with whatever doubts and issues you are facing with the theme. The support team is needed throughout because, in the world of networks, you never realize when the connection is down or when you will have to face technical issues.

Handles Massive Traffic and Loads Fast

Creating an adult page would surely mean heavy traffic for you; you must have a good idea of how much traffic you can expect and handle at once. Speeds are also a significant factor as the faster your website, the more your customer base. So these two factors must be cross-checked with your themes.

Has Responsive Design

In the modern world, fancy things are preferred, get yourself a theme that attracts users. Themes are readily available to users, but having an issue with a responsive design is essential.

With Infinite Customization

You must always look for a theme that permits you to do infinite customizations. Trends keep changing, and we have to adapt to them, so knowing that your adult item will allow customizations are significant.


Your theme should rank well and permit you to play ads for monetization in the right context, announcements will be your primary source of income, and you must ensure that you get to display them right.

Has Hundreds of Fonts and Elements Available

For maximum optimization, you need to ensure that your website gives you access to numerous fonts, as well as the element.s  these will help you attract viewers.

How to Install a WordPress Theme

Today I gave you a comprehensive list of Adult Tube Themes - both WordPress and non-Wordpress.

If you have followed my adult tube method of making money online then you know how easy it is to make money online through porn tube websites.

I have already shared with you the ultimate guide on step-by-step instruction to create and profit form your first adult tube website: How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites

In the above guide the theme that I have used is Detube. After trying many adult tube themes I finally settled for Detube, because it was simple, clean, and did everything that a adult tube website should do.

Note: Detube theme has been discontinued by the developer, although you can still find and download the theme from here: Detube theme review for adult tubes

Adult Tube Themes

I have been a strong supporter of using WordPress CMS for your adult websites as it offers some great functionalities and powers millions of websites online. So this list of adult tube themes will cover WordPress themes.

Let me tell you the points that you need to consider before choosing a theme for your porn website or especially adult tube site.

  1. 1
    Simple and clean
  2. 2
    Navigation should be easy and content should be easily findable
  3. 3
    Small in size and fast loading: Google is giving a lot of preference to faster websites over slow websites
  4. 4
    Mobile friendly: If your theme is not mobile friendly then you should forget about getting google rankings at least on mobile
  5. 5
    SEO friendly: Convincing, mobile friendly, fast loading, meta tags and other things

If you are an adult webmaster and are looking for a great looking and fast loading adult theme for your adult porn website then you need to this List of Adult tube themes - Adult WordPress Themes that I have compiled for you.

(NOTE: Check our RESOURCES page to learn all the tools and websites i use to make more than $5,000 per month. Majority of them are free and you can achieve the same results if you follow my advice)


1. Richflicks/Richtube 

Download link:

Pricing: It is priced at $70

It is one of the most suggested sites across the internet, and it has proven itself worthy to its users to be one of the best WordPress themes.

It has a perfect design that attracts users, and they provide excellent support to their users.

It is very straightforward to use and can help you make good money. It has been designed in such a way that the users will have no distractions while watching content.


  • Ads appear right on the side of the screen, allowing monetization
  • You can use it for a lifetime and get unlimited access

2. TubeAce

Download link:

Pricing: It is priced at $80

This is a fully-featured adult website theme as it is made for the sole purpose of letting users make adult content. 

Tubeace is considered to be one of the best adult tube wordpress theme on the internet . They claim that their plugin can import videos from almost all popular porn tube sites.

A good theme to try if you are thinking of going into adult tube category.

They are fully loaded with substantial features, so in case you want specific changes, you are free to ask them to design your website in a way you expect it to be.

They are very responsive and give lifetime support and unlimited access. 


  • Automatic video imports
  • Adult traffic trading script integration
  • Porn Star lists
  • Keyword imports

3. XTheme

Download link:

Pricing: Priced at just $30 (you should consider this as one of your options)

One of the most prominent players in the market, Xtheme, might not have the best design to satisfy viewers, but the features are spot on.

If you have ever visited, one of the biggest adult tube theme on the internet then you can easily figure out that XTheme is a replica of

In terms of looks it is not that professional, but it is packed with relevant features. Member area, Video tagging, Video sorting filters are used in the theme. Price of Xtheme adult theme is $30 for single site license.

You get all the best features at a rate that's quite lower than the actual market standards.


  • Forums
  • Video tagging
  • Member area
  • Content sorting features

4. TubeBoss

Download Link:

Pricing: It is priced at $40

This is one of the most user-friendly themes made for adult content, and One could simply say its the best for porn sites because the features they offer for viewing videos is merely great.

TubeBoss is a simple and elegant theme. It packs enough functionality that an adult tube theme should have.

When users open the homepage, they are greeted with the most relevant information of the videos that are featured on the homepage - video duration, comments, likes , views and user ratings.

The theme will cost you $39 for single site license.

Your video uploads show the duration, likes, comments as well as ratings by default whether the video is HD or not. 


  • Members section and performers section
  • Responsiveness
  • Photo Gallery

5. Red corner by 7theme

Download link:

Pricing: This is a much more excellent site, and it ranges at $70.

This is a theme that is designed explicitly for strip clubs, adult nightclubs, and topless bars.

The most exciting feature is the profile creation where you can display your strippers, their name, age, size, cups—services, body mass, and so on. 


  • Responsiveness
  • Content sorting feature
  • Advertising location
Red Corner

6. Laurania by 7theme

Download link:

Pricing: Costs about 70$

No doubt, this is one of the most explicit themes available. It fulfills the desires of the sex and erotic niche. This theme is fully customizable, and you can use this to your advantage.

You can make changes repetitively on the website if you are unhappy with it.


  • It comes with a Woocommerce shop plugin that helps you sell your products online.
  • Automatically upgrades

7. Roxanne by 7theme

Download link:

Pricing: They are priced at $70

It is designed for call girls, working girls, sex workers, escorts, and mistresses. It is a highly technical app that provides unlimited features for use.

You will never get tired of exploring the brilliant features it offers. 


  • Galleries and slideshows to display services.
  • More than 600 settings
  • Multi-language translations available

8. Hot by 7theme

Download link:

Pricing: It is priced at $70

It is made for brothels, escort services, and service providers in the sex niche. It is Comparable to RedCorner as the same developer makes them. Posts for girls can be customized as per your need.

You can create profiles for them as well. It is the top brothel theme in the market which is trusted by over 800 clients


  • Members section and performers section
  • Responsiveness
  • Photo gallery

9. EasyTube by My Tube Press

Download link:

Pricing: It is priced at $40

This is the one theme for users who want to upload and share their videos directly from the front end. You Colour options available along with website personalization.

These help you in designing your article rightly. They also are 100% responsive to all queries and always ready to extend support.


  • Custom logo
  • Favicon
  • Automatic upgrades
  • BuddyPress compatible

10. RosaTube by XWPThemes

Download link:

Pricing: Priced at $36

Another perfect theme to make porn content, it is easily detectable on search engines.

This means it ensures site popularity and increased traffic, and that is a significant feature needed for everyone when it comes to website creation. It is also a fully responsive theme and will sort all your queries.


  • Post pagination
  • Advertising locations

11. YameTube By XWPThemes

Download link:

Pricing: It is priced at just $40 for unlimited access

Yametube is an SEO friendly theme that offers you maximum theme options, massive advertising places, and unlimited designs.

It lists your website at a comparatively higher rank due to the SEO friendly nature it provides possesses.

It is known for its speed, so if you want something very fast with good speed to make your users happy, this is the go-to for you.


  • Automatic video imports
  • Adult traffic trading script integration
  • Pornstar lists

How to Make a WordPress Website - For Beginners


Detube wordpress Adult tube theme

I have written many articles on Detube on this website as it is the theme of my choice for my adult tube websites.Although being stopped by the owner you can still download it form Detube theme review for adult tubes

check articles related to detube here:

Bestia wordpress Adult tube theme

Another adult wordpress theme that claims to be one of the best porn tube theme for adult webmasters. The theme developers claims that the theme supports TubeAce, videoSwiper, pulse importer, Yarbot, WPtubeplugin for importing all the videos in your website.

This adult theme really packs a lot of functionalities that others lack. Segmenting by categories, performers, as well as support of photo gallery. Bestia WordPress theme will cost you $39 for a single site license with lifetime updates

Katastrof adult wordpress theme for tube adult sites

One of the good looking adult tube themes among the rest, Katastrof adult tube theme is one of the professional ones. It has a lot of features, and the sorting and categorization of videos is impressive. Sections like "Videos being Watched now", Most Viewed, etc. are used in a great way.

It is one theme which will easily help you drive your pageviews/visitors to a new high. The cost of this theme is $30 for single site license with lifetime update

Popcorn adult wordpress theme for adult tube websites

Another professional looking Adult Tube WordPress theme, that packs all the advanced features that porn tube must have. Sorting options for newest, rating, most viewed and most discussed. You can also check the videos using the categories and Porn Stars.

The homepage also has "videos being watched right now" and the latest updates. The theme will cost you $39 for single site license with lifetime updates.

Dolce adult theme

This theme will look like a magazine blog with big featured images on the homepage. In terms of Adult theme where multiple videos must be shown on the homepage, Dolce adult tube theme only shows few videos with big thumbnails. Star rating of each video is also shown.

I would not recommend this theme for adult tube website use.

Adult Video Press WordPress Video theme

This theme is used widely for making adult related websites. It uses videoSwiper to mass embed the videos on your website. You can easily create a redTube or pornHub of your own. The website homepage looks beautiful with a lot of filtering options.

The cost of Adult video press is $19 for unlimited license.

I hope you like this article on List of Adult tube themes - Adult WordPress Themes.

7 Tips for Adult Web Designs

  • Web Animation: Web animations are a must for any website to excel, the more creative and good looking web animations you have, the more you attract users.
  • Apply vibrant colors: Colors are significant. They give a good vibe to the users, and it is also pleasing to the eye.
  • Make Creative Typography: Your content tells a lot about you, having great typography which pleases the viewers is essential to maintain viewer base.
  • Use Storytelling: Many people have worked their way out by storytelling; storytelling can get into one’s emotions and influence them.
  • Put Charming Illustrations: The most important for a porn site to work out is the level of horny content it can present, the more seductive your content, the more your website will flourish.
  • Employ Asymmetric Layouts: Asymmetric layouts helps in the better viewing experience, and the users feel more comfortable viewing this way.
  • Ensure Mobile Layout: A majority of your viewers may come from mobile users. Therefore you must ensure that you have a mobile design and give the mobile users an equally enjoyable experience as the more prominent device users.

The final verdict

Choosing the right adult tube to make yourself a porn website must be hard; it requires a lot of factors to be considered as well as a lot of investment in time. This blog will surely solve all your queries and help you choose the best theme that fits your budget to develop a seductive website.

You will also come across a lot of free themes, but I suggest that you don’t go for them as they limit your website optimization. Though the paid themes are a significant investment, you are to gain from that in the longer run.

There are no limitations to your creativity in making the website as well as the WordPress themes that you will use. So make the best out of it.

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  1. What i say:
    If you are not a web developer, or you got 0 knowledge of php code, just keep away from nulled/cracked themes that they are out there. Most of them contain hidden lines of code, that in most cases will suspend or crash your server.
    In other case if you can read/write code go on and build yours from 0 or modify your favorite theme.
    But inspect it line by line.

    Detube = dead end and a lot of errors on code ( not compatible with chrome, and a lot of new mods )
    Tubeace = need a lot of work, and i accept with my friend here
    Bestia = awesome, but out there there is a nulled version that is not the same, so watch out
    Xtheme = if you like to have a clone look of xvideos go on
    For the other themes i accept with the description


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