LifeSelector Review


If you are searching for a one-of-a-kind adult platform that offers users the chance to simulate their erotic experiences, LifeSelector would indeed prove to be a fascinating website.


  • Users can control the movement and actions of professional porn stars according to their sexual preferences. 
  • The scenes could be streamed in HD quality and are compatible with all screens. 


  • However, the services are not for free and could only be streamed on payment of registration fees. 
  • Moreover, the overall look of the website is not too impressive. 

This review shall provide an extensive overview of the features and customizations of the site and offer you a better understanding of its performance.

LifeSelector is an adult site with an interesting concept in itself. Here you will see the hottest pornstars of the industry performing according to your wish. Yes, you have heard it right! Riley Reid will be your mistress, and she will perform as per your orders! Can it get better? Certainly not! 

We all have played adult games on our smartphone and laptop, where we can control the movements or actions of the characters. LifeSelector works in the same way except for the fact that here the girls will perform it live for you!

You will be given a short description of the characters and the plot of the story. After that, the video will start in its usual way, but just when you hope to see some hot action the movie will pause, and they will ask you what do you expect or wish to happen.

After that, you can either ask the hot actress to give you a complete body massage, or you can order her to give you a blowjob.

The choice will be entirely yours, and the scenes will executed according to your directions. Some lesser naughty actions do not charge you anything, but as the game proceeds, you will have to spend some credits.

Credits can be purchased, and therefore you can see that it is not a completely free site. The good thing is that the registration does not cost you anything, and you can watch the initial few scenes without paying anything.

A Demo on How LifeSelector Works

Therefore, you get a fair idea about how this works before purchasing the credits.

There are tons of scenes archived in multiple categories, and each scene progresses differently as it depends on the choice you make. The developers of this site have attempted to make porn scenes interactive, and they allow you to be the director who calls all the shots!

There are some negatives points as well like  you don't get any bonus content here.

Moreover, the content is not divided properly into pages, and therefore, you have to keep scrolling down until you reach the bottom of the page. This can be frustrating for many users. Apart from these minor flaws, the site looks and functions perfectly to give you an erotic experience of your lifetime!

What makes LifeSelector unique and interesting?

The most appealing and interesting thing about this site is its concept.

No one would have ever imagined such an innovative concept and that too in porn movies. Moreover, it is not just the idea that fetches your attention, but the creators have taken special care about each and every detail to improve your overall experience on the site.

The site not only scores marks through its conceptualization but also wins your heart as the idea is implemented correctly. The video player of this site is also modified to provide you with a hassle-free experience. The site supports a large flash player that streams the scenes seamlessly.

Moreover, the flash player also has smart controls and fullscreen options. You can skip forward without any difficulty, and the playback option is also effective and smooth. The concept might not be original in itself but how it is implemented is entirely new, and therefore it entertains you thoroughly.

life selector banner-min

LifeSelector is tailor-made website for the individuals who always feel like interacting with the models when they see them performing or getting naked. Also, the scenes have been uploaded in high definition to provide you with an immersive experience.

This site has a lot of user-friendly features, and most of the scenes are exclusive. It is a perfect combination of interactive porn games and point of view (POV) videos. However, the level of interactive POV porn is very high here, and the twists of the plot are so exciting and kinky that you almost get the feeling that you are present right there!

On purchasing the credits, you get some bonus credits to spend. If you too are bored of watching the same old porn movies and want to experience a new and  real thing than LifeSelector is the site that you must try.

The user-friendly features and enthralling experience that this site provides make it one of the most exciting porn sites on the internet today!

Site Statistics 

  • Most popular pornstars (Female) – Riley Reid, Mia Malkova, Adriana Chechik
  • Most popular categories – Girlfriend experience (100+ scenes), Step fantasy (200+ scenes), POV (200+)
  • Total number of videos – 500 +
  • The average length of movies – 40 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 720 pixels
  • Download limit – No downloading option
  • Total number of photosets – 1K+
  • Are photo slideshows Available? – Yes 
  • Watermarks on Photos – No
  • Maximum resolution of photos – 720 pixels
  • DRM protection – NO

Performance Score (Out of 10)

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Website address

Average visits per month – 1.6 million

When we had a first look at this site, we found it interesting, but the overall design and layout made it look like a comic book website and probably this is what the creators of this site wanted, a porn magazine! The site is filled with bright coloured thumbnails placed amidst contrasting dark background. 

The overall look of the site is fresh, but we think that they could have made the layout better. We are saying this because the webpage 'Shows' keeps fetching new thumbnails continuously as you scroll down and it seems like a never-ending process.

life selector banner wide-min

It is as if the entire content of the site is displayed on this page itself and it leaves little for the imagination of the users. They could have divided the scenes into multiple pages to make the user experience better. This is certainly a significant drawback of this site as far as the layout is concerned.

The navigation of the site is smooth, and there are no pop-up ads to disturb you. The homepage starts with bright and big thumbnails that showcase the porn scenes candidly. Sometimes, they look too bright and seem to be in the face.

As you scroll down, you see the top-rated, recently added, and live shows sections. You can click on 'More shows' if you desire to explore a bit more of each section. The 'Models' page is much better and is not overly bright like the other pages, but it also has unnecessarily large thumbnails.

The models are sorted into interactive and live cam models, but when you click on the 'live cam models' filter, the site redirects you to a new website. This re-directed website is a website of LifeSelector itself which is dedicated to adult cams and live shows.

You can enjoy the webcams here, and you can also start a private chat by spending some credits. The site provides you free credits on registration, but they get used up quickly, and soon you will need to buy some more credits.

On this site, there is an option of 'Interactive Porn' which redirects you back on LifeSelector.

The web page 'Photos' has all the kinky photos sorted according to the scenes. You can unlock the photo sets by paying 75 credits but frankly speaking, the photos aren't as impressive as they should have been.

In the 'Pre-Order' page, you will find the option of choosing a girlfriend and planning a day with her. You can show your support to a particular story by paying few bucks, and you also get some credits in return.

How to Download A Story from LifeSelector

The users’ community of this site can show their support to a particular story and can decide which characters should play the lead role or side role. As a result, this page has some really intriguing options!

There is a separate section called 'Cams' which will once again redirect you towards the live shows page of LifeSelector .

The registration process is free and gets completed within seconds. Moreover, you don't have to provide your credit or debit card details to register, which is a great relief to the new visitors. The 'Buy Credits' section helps you to purchase credits in bulk.

After that, there is a login page, and following it, the social media channels of the sites are placed. There is nothing much towards the bottom section of the website. The customer support page in placed in the bottom strip of this site.

This section provides answers and solutions to all your general, technical, and billing issues and queries.


You can join the site without spending a penny. However, to progress further, you need to spend some credits, and before that, you need to purchase them. For a hundred credits, you will be required to pay $9.99, and you will get five credits for free.

For a thousand credits, you will need to pay $39.95, and you will get fifty credits for free. For two-thousand and five-thousand credits, you will have to pay $59.95 and $99.95 respectively, and after that, you get a hundred and two hundred and fifty credits for free respectively.

EPOCH handles the payment process and complaints.


  • The website design is good enough and simple to use. LifeSelector does not support flashy banners and pop-ups ads which make it even better.
  • The photo sets are good enough and vibrant . The thumbnails are a bit upsetting, but when enlarged they seem to be sexy.
  • The videos are available in HD quality. The maximum resolution is 720 pixels which might not be truly HD but still videos are quite clear and fun to watch.
  • The videos are available in HD quality. The maximum resolution is 720 pixels which might not be truly HD but still videos are quite clear and fun to watch.
  • The scenes can only be streamed, and there is no option for downloading them. This might seem to be a major drawback, but as the site will probably have different results each time you change your choice, the downloading option becomes rather useless.
  • LifeSelector is mobile-friendly, and you can use it on a wide range of mobile phones and tablets.
  • You can mark your favourite scenes. The basic search option is quite useful, and the site has got pretty decent filter options.
  • site has got pretty decent filter options.The category list is not huge, but the videos are properly archived in them to avoid any confusion.
  • The site gets updated with fresh content once or twice a week. Though the update rate is not great, you need to understand that this is because of the format and concept of the scenes.
  • The models here come from different backgrounds and countries. Their age is from 18 to 30, and therefore you will mostly find hot teens and sexy milfs here.
  • All the popular pornstars are featured on the shows of LifeSelector. Many amateur models make the model list of this site quite appealing.
  • The streaming quality functions perfectly and provides user-friendly options to the users.


  • The overall look of the site might not impress the users who prefer dark and gothic themes. The bright and colourful theme makes this site look childish at times, and thus this can be appalling for some users.
  • The site does not provide you with any bonus content. The live cams of this site also function with the help of credits which means that nothing is free on this site except registration.
  • The categories are limited, and the overall quantity of scenes is not huge. This might be a bit upsetting for porn lovers.
  • The categories are limited, and the overall quantity of scenes is not huge. This might be a bit upsetting for porn lovers.
  • The porn scenes are not archived properly in pages which can frustrate the users at times.
  • The porn scenes are not archived properly in pages which can frustrate the users at times.


The concept of LifeSelector is unique, and therefore, there are no real competitor as far as the content of the site is concerned. However, many sites feature interactive sex games that are either animated or realistic.

Some sites like Porn Games offer numerous sex games for free, and these games are interactive and sexy. Interactive Sex is another site that provides simulating virtual sex movies that are interactive as well. Also, there are some games in every category and they provide an erotic experience to the users.

There is another site called Gamcore that offers hundreds of simulating adult games. Despite all these sites, LifeSelector manages to stay on the top due to its unique features and exciting options.

life selector banner 2-min

Customer Support

Click on the 'Help' option at the bottom of your screen. Here you will find solutions to all your queries and complaints. The FAQ section of this page contains all the commonly asked questions and their answers related to billing and technical queries.

Also, there are separate sections dedicated to technical and bill queries/complaints, respectively. The answers and solutions to general queries and complaints can be found in 'General Questions'.

If you forget your password, you can click on the 'Forgotten Password' section, and you will be guided through the process of changing your password. Through the 'Idea/Feedback' section, you can convey your ideas and suggestions to the creators of this site.

Final verdict

The site is pretty impressive and has a large collection of stories or scenes. The option of controlling the story gives the users a real hard-on, and the POV style of video shooting manages to provide an immersive experience to the users.

The credits are reasonably priced and enable you to pay only when you find something sexy or interesting. The overall experience of the site is fantastic though the huge thumbnails and poor layout can bug you,  but they can be ignored if you want to enjoy the alluring features of this site.

The site does not update regularly and the collection itself is not huge. Moreover, there are no bonuses on this site except for the live cam site, which is not free anyways. 

Therefore, this site deserves to be on the top and we also support the idea vehemently, but before that we would recommend the users to register on the site and see some stories before purchasing the credits.

Parting words

The world of porn is getting innovative each day with new and innovative ideas. LifeSelector certainly offers one of the finest ideas to the porn lovers and that too at a minimal cost. Therefore, latch onto the site at once and redeem yourselves from the boredom!

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