Best Lesbian Dating Apps in India in 2022

Looking for the best Lesbian Dating APPS in india?

You are at the right place.

Love is in the air, and it's everywhere! The High Court of India has made things clear that pursuing a homosexual relationship is not a criminal offence anymore.

The long-standing unity of the LGBTQ community has finally become successful to create this change to mark history.

People who belong to this community can now ask for rights to marry or to have mainstream and a “normal” relationship. So what is holding you back from finding the perfect soulmate?

Is it your thoughts about how to find proper options or suggestions about who matches your vibe?

Don’t worry dating apps are here to cover for you. There are many dating apps in India that are custom-made for lesbian preferences.

Do you want to visit one of such apps? Then here are the right options for you.

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Top 20 Best Lesbian Dating APPS/Sites in India [FREE/Paid] (Upd 2022)

1. Her

Best Overall  

Do you want to get introduced to more lesbian fellows without feeling the peer pressure to date or hook up with any of them?

After all, love happens when it is supposed to happen; and this app believes this too.

The site has been created by a queer woman herself which makes it an apt place to find out the rainbow love.


  • The app initially started its journey to connect queer women, but now it is open to all lesbians, queer and bisexual people. 
  •  The app goes a mile ahead to facilitate multiple connections within users.
  • It is a completely safe space where people can find others of their kind.
  • Also, the app lets one find 2SLGBTQ+ events happening near you. The app also lets you enjoy a social environment where you can find a lot of content to stay updated about the world.


  • 8 Million registered people make the site quite reliable to trust 
  • Truly for the queer and LGBT community
  • Offers search options as per preferred country which means you can go international
  • Chatting options available 


  • Highly female-centric

2. Lex

Best Overall in Quality 

Lex is another lovely place to flock around if you are finding the right partner for you.

This text-centred social application runs with the main motto to connect all queer people.

The app features a huge community to get connected with.


  • The app aims to showcase the profiles of people in an interesting way.   
  • Apart from just uploading photos, the app focuses on showcasing personality traits, choices, interests etc. which speeds up the match finding process.
  • The app urges you to text first before you share your selfies.
  • The site strictly prohibits any kind of ableism, fatphobia, transphobia, racism etc. The app has drawn its inspiration from the women-led erotica magazine On Our Backs.


  • The app works as a social platform to connect lovers and friends 
  • It is available for both iOS and Android purpose
  • The app offers a zero-tolerance policy for any offensive stances 


  • The app lacks stellar graphics

3. Zoe

Best Overall in Ppularity 

Zoe is simply a perfect app for those women who are looking for their lady love.

The application is actually a formidable option when you are looking for some lesbian peoples’ hub to find out your lover.

The app is a well-rounded application that works great for both pro and free versions.


  • The application offers some incredible features including easy signup, quick browsing, fun chatting etc. Comes with a “likes you” feature which lets you see people who are interested in you. 
  • There are brilliant search filters to streamline the search option. The app also offers easier ways to see the personality and questionnaire to see compatible matches with a person.


  • All profiles added in the app are highly verified 
  • Easy to customize app features
  • The free version lets you chat with people 


  • Some of the features are limited to free versions only

4. Fem

Fem is definitely one of the most lucrative options you can ever have when you are looking for the perfect lesbian dating app in India.

Love is nicely spread by this platform as it offers you locate all the like-mided lesbian people around you.


  • Being one of the great dating apps around the block Fem lets you discover a diverse taste of dating. 
  • The app lets you easily like the girl you like just by clicking one angle button.
  • The app also offers an option to find out your potential partner from a group chat corner.
  • It is even easier to see those people present in the group just by clicking their pictures. 


  • Easy free unlimited chatting option available 
  • Comes with a social chat room to find out people near you
  • Secure and private chatting option with people you like


  • The app exposes a lot of unwanted information about the location you are living in 

5. Surge

Surge is definitely an app that is one of its kind due to its unique bunch of features and approaches.

The app is currently one of the faster-growing lesbian dating apps in India which features more than 3000 signups on a regular basis.


  • This one is a solely gay dating app that lets men meet with each other find out the partner they are longing for so long. 
  • The app lets you share your videos and photos quite securely with the person you are interacting with as it takes care of top-notch security.
  • The app also lets its users post or share about various charitable causes or the nonprofits they tend to support.
  • Surge aims to create a surge of value-driven conversation among its users.


  • Perfect point for gay men to meet at 
  • Great for both casual and serious dating
  • Available for both Android and iOS 


  • Not appropriate for searching too much casual encounters or erotic adventures

6. Just She

Finding your lesbian love interest is not that tricky when you have Just She with you.

Just She lets you find out the perfect “She” by arranging a nice dating and chatting assortment.

The app is solely created by lesbian ladies to gift the community with some love.

For serious dating, this one is undoubtedly a perfect and viable option.


  • Filled with advanced features, this app lets you search your partner using a highly advanced option. 
  • Whether you want your soulmate living in India or on an international scale you can easily find the one by advanced search options.
  • You can easily add the members you like to your list of favourites.
  • The app lets you enjoy an easy view of all those profiles who have liked you.


  • The app strictly prohibits any kind of obscene content 
  • Just She is dedicated to keeping all data highly confidential
  • Perfect for all purposes such as casual dating, serious relationship and travel companionship


  • The subscription pricing is quite high 

7. Hinge

Are you bored of casual dating and looking for some thread to pursue a serious one?

Then Hinge will give you some hints.

This site strives to help people who are looking out for the love of their life.

The site uses a Nobel-prize willing algorithm to help you with finding dates. 


  • The team of Hinge dedicatedly look for behavioural analysis and matchmaking studies to find the perfect date for you. 
  • The app strives to bring together genuine people There are also options to showcase a profile with criterions such as political choices.


  • Showcases a biased-free diverse user base 
  • Tends to showcase lesser ignorant people
  • Smoothly works


  • You need to pay an amount to unlock the unlimited match option

8. Scissr

If you haven’t yet found the person who gives butterflies in your stomach, then don’t worry buddy you are about to explore the right place.

Scissr is currently one of the coolest apps to browse to find out your amore in India.


  • The site is great at offering you a highly curated location-based search which is simply great to find out the love in the city. 
  • The app takes care of showing you the site results quite nicely.
  • There is an easily scrollable format that makes the experience fuss-free.
  • You can wishlist all your favorite profiles on the go and check them out later.


  • Easy chatting option 
  • Comes completely for free
  • Perfect for both hookups and long-term commitments 


  • Without a valid Facebook handle one cannot register to this app 

9. Kinko

Are you looking for some kinky vibes apart from just regular boring dating?

Then Kinko is the perfect place for lesbians to fulfil their kink.

Women who are interested in multiple kinks can join the community to get some fun.


  • The app tends to stay highly respectful to the users while at the same time fulfilling their kink. 
  • By listing your kink you can actually find out the person who is interested in it.
  • The app welcomes all the kinksters who find a bit more amazement in the fetish lifestyle.


  • The app is perfect for people who are looking for some kinky hookups 
  • The community highly prohibits any kind of insult
  • The app offers enhanced security for all information 


  • Not an appropriate option if you are looking for serious relationships

10. OKCupid

If you are quite familiar with dating app updates then you surely have heard the name of OKCupid.

The app helps the Cupid’s bow to touch you and your partner to create a lovable communion.


  • Even though OkCupid is mostly for binary dating preferences, the app has gained popularity for inviting non-binary people too. 
  • Especially people in India are recently finding interest in this app due to its unique functionalities.
  • The site offers you to personalize your search for lesbian people by letting you hide from straight ones.
  • The app offers a percentage of matches available on the basis of the things you admit to.


  • Comes with a trendy and easy-to-navigate interface 
  • The space is orientation and gender-inclusive
  • Comes with a heap of options based on personalized searches


  • Some of the best features come with higher costs

11. Lesly

It's quite tougher to find the woman of your dreams, especially when you are a woman.

But Lesly knows how to make it less hectic.

The Tinder-like application makes it easier for you to find the woman you can sip a cup of coffee with, or maybe have some more fun for the rest of your life.


  • The app lets you showcase yourself by sharing photos to the community. 
  • The app on the other hand takes care of top-notch safety by scanning everyone’s profile.


  • Comes with a very clear interface 
  • User-friendly
  • Robust support team


  • Not so popular in small towns of India

12. PinkCupid

Are you looking for the perfect pink Cupid’s bow to hit you hard?

Then this app is here to play Cupid between you and your potential lady love.

Made for lesbian people, this app is a perfect choice for any person who is looking for some serious dating experience.

Available in both free and paid options this app offers some great features to drool over.


  • The application offers some incredible features including easy signup, quick browsing, fun chatting etc. Comes with a “likes you” feature which lets you see people who are interested in you. 
  • There are brilliant search filters to streamline the search option. The app also offers easier ways to see the personality and questionnaire to see compatible matches with a person.


  • Easy to search options
  • Robust customer support
  • Comes as quite a cheaper dating app for all .


  • The popularity of the site is slightly low

13. Thrust

A widely populated country like India faces problems related to cyber security, online dating fraud etc on a regular basis.

Keeping that concern in mind, Thrust tends to be one of the trusted sites which can offer you complete safety while finding your date.


  • The site tends to flaunt a design that is inclusive of users of all sexual orientations and gender identities.
  •  It offers complete secure messaging without connecting you socially. The site prohibits data sharing of users.


  • Perfect for you if you are longing to date a black girl 
  • The site prohibits any racism
  • The site is highly safe for privacy protection


  • Lack an eye-catchy social media community 

14. Qutie

For lesbian cuties Quite can actually be the dating app of dreams.

For a serious relationship, you can trust upon this app.

This app is highly focused on helping people of the LGBTQ community to find love.


  • Qutie is filled with all those features which are simply dedicated enough to give you the experiences you want before dating. 
  • The site is dedicated to connecting the threads of love among the people of the queer community.
  • The app offers a helpful enough video messaging option that lets you meet the person virtually before you step into a relationship. Not only for dating but also for finding new friends this application is an ultimate charm


  • The application is quite easier to use with its responsive interface 
  • Comes with robust security features for the queer community
  • Easy-to-chat options 


  • The users are in limited numbers compared to other queer dating sites

15. Tinder

Last but not the least, Tinder is still a great place for lesbians to meet.

Even though Tinder is highly used by binary people in India, non-binary ones can actually use it effortlessly.

There are a huge number of options available on this dating site from which all you need to do is swipe right.


  • The site unlocks millions of users to choose from who are waiting for you to match with them. 
  • The site is very simple to use, as all you need to do is swipe as per your preferences to match.
  • The profiles you get to see showcase photos, preferences, interests etc. Tinder offers a quick chat option that lets you make your talks continue to set up a date.


  • The app is popular in small towns of India 
  • comes with 37 gender options and 9 orientation option
  • Offers safety features to protect users from homophobia


  • The maximum suggestion of straight people

Final Words

While India is still in its digestion level about the rainbow love and still does not treats it as a “normal” love, the infectious love is spreading rapidly.

It is now tough to bind any of us from making the choices we want. Hence, why would you hold yourself back from finding the right partner?

After all, your heart needs to be cared for by someone at the end of the day who values you and loves you.

Let all the worries go down the drain and feel free to love and be loved. Browse through the dating apps mentioned here and find out the person who is waiting for you for so long. Let the wait come to an end, let the love begin; let life breathe again!

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