Lesbea Review (2020)


If you are searching for a site offering a unique blend; a variety of different lesbian porn videos with accessible professionals, Lesbea offers what our heart craves.


  • Users are provided access to a good collection of very realistic lesbian porn videos in 1080p or full HD formats, along with high-definition images.
  • There are more than 550 videos on the site at this moment, all of which are available in high definition. 


  • However, the site does not have an option to search for the videos using advanced filters.
  • Moreover, if you do not have a fetish for lesbian porn, this site might not be the one for you.

More about the performance of this website is elaborate in this review.

If you think that the name Lesbea has something to do with lesbians, then you are correct. Lesbea is a popular lesbian porn site that was launched in the year 2011. The site provides a combination and variety of different lesbian porn videos with popular models captured in the videos.

The site has a huge collection of videos provided in HD and full HD resolution. Downloads are permitted, and the membership allows access to bonus sites with amazing content.

What makes Lesbea popular?

Lesbea is a niche porn site that produces and updates lesbian porn videos on the site. What makes Lesbea popular is the fact that the site has a vast variety of models who are engaged in lesbian erotic porn.

The dedication and focus of the site towards lesbian porn have ensured that each video is different and better than the previous one.

Also, one of the highlights of videos at Lesbea is that the videos show a minimum use of sex toys and the models mostly make use of their body parts to satisfy each other.


Website link – https://www.lesbea.com/

Estimated Visits – 271.63K

Lesbea is a lesbian erotica porn site which belongs to the Sexy Hub Network and is one of the popular and amazing sites of the network.

Lesbea provides exclusive lesbian porn content to their members that involve women in one-on-one action with one another.

The women at Lesbea.com are diverse in all terms.

You will find a variety of women in terms of their ethnicities, ranging from white women to Asian women. 

lesbea banner-min

This diversity is also in terms of the appearances of these women. It is so because you will find all kinds of models on Lesbea, ranging from thin to curvy, tall or petite, blondes, redheads and brunettes.

Lastly, the women also differ in terms of age groups and fall in the groups of 18-23 years of age or 30-40 years. The videos also come in a lot of categories.

You can find women seducing each other or indulging in hardcore sex. Threesome videos can also be found on the site. The use of toys is shown minimally in the videos on the site, which is unusual for lesbian porn videos.

The videos on the site play for an average time of 20-30 minutes but there are also a lot of full movies and videos available on the site. The content at Lesbea is available in both picture and video formats.

The videos are exclusively made for the site and can be downloaded by the members without any limit on daily downloads. The videos are of 1080p resolution, and this applies to all of the videos.

There are no bad quality videos on Lesbea.com including the oldest videos on the site. There are more than 500 videos on the site currently. Each of these videos belong to different categories and varieties.

This means that there will never be a lack of content to watch on this site and whenever a user gets bored of watching lesbian porn, they can easily switch to any of the bonus sites of the network to watch something different.

The scenes in the videos are shot in different locations and setups. For example, you can find videos that have been shot in the bedroom or the bathroom or even the couch or  bathtub.

The site has been created in a user-friendly and straightforward manner. Navigating through the site is easy, and one can find several browsing tools that enrich the experience of navigation.

Firstly, the site works very smoothly on both desktop screens as well as mobile phones.

lesbea logo

Secondly, the site is available singularly as well as on the other sites of the network. Hence, you can hop between the different sites to go on their platforms.

Also, a search bar is available, which can be used to find different videos on the site. Tags can also be used to watch relevant porn. Lastly, the members can write and read different comments and reviews on each video.

The video pages also have lengthy descriptions of each video which can be read to understand the plot of each video. The updates of videos and pictures on the site are done frequently.

The updates are provided twice a week which includes both pictures and videos that are exclusive on the site. There are a few big plus points about Lesbea.com.

The site is paid, and the services are available to members only, but the membership of the site can be used to access other sites of the Sexy Hub network. These bonus sites of the network are not new.

Instead, these sites have been on the internet for the past many years and are very popular for making great quality videos, for example, Dane Jones and Mom XXX.com.

In addition to this, active members can gain access to a whole library of videos and pictures, where there are approximately 70,000 videos. The cost of gaining access to all the sites is only $1 for an entire month.

The  negative part about the site is that the advanced filters are missing through which one might be able to find videos of their choice on the site.

Plus, while signing up and paying for the membership, some pre-checked cross-sales are hidden in the costs which must be checked before actually paying for the membership. Also, at times, some of the videos get rotated, and it takes a little effort to find the actual, recent content on the site.

Site Statistics

  • More than 500 videos
  • More than 500 sets of pictures with 100 pictures in each set
  • HD and Full HD porn is available for all videos
  • Average playtime for each video is 20-30 minutes
  • The resolution for pictures is 3000*2000
  • Both streaming and downloading for videos and pictures is allowed
lesbea logo

Performance Score (Out of 10)



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Overall Score



Lesbea.com is a paid site. There is a trial period available for the site which can be availed at $1 for a period of 2 days.

This renews on its own and rebills at the price of $39.99. The membership plans at the site are available for durations of 1 month, three months and yearly.

The one month costs $29.99, but discounts on the amount can often be found. 

The three-month plan is available at $59.99, and the yearly plan is available at $109.99. 

lesbea porn 1-min

Each of the plans renew on their post the expiry of the membership period. Hence, if you do not wish to continue using the site, make sure to cancel your subscription on time. The best part about the membership at Lesbea is the range of bonus sites that you get access to. 

These sites are highly popular and have a plethora of great quality content which makes the membership worthwhile.

Available payment options

  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Mastercard
  • VISA

Competitors of Lesbea

There are a few other sites dedicated to making lesbian porn and are competitors of Lesbea.com. These sites include Sweetheart Video, Hot and Mean, and Girlfriends Films.

Despite the competitors, Lesbea receives a great response from its viewers because the site has some great content, and all of the videos are of high quality. 

Review on different aspects


When it comes to the women of the site, there are a total of 275 models available. You will mostly see white women, but there are some black women too. The age group of these women is 18 to 25 years. And most of the models are from the US. 

In terms of model appearance, everyone looks fantastic and beautiful! 


There are both softcore and hardcore actions available. You can download all the action scenes in MP4 format, and you can download unlimited porn movies.  


The site uploads new content every twice per week. So far, there are 486 videos along with 517 photosets. You can watch and download HD and Full HD content as per your wish.

There are small resolutions available as well. For videos, you can download in MP4 format; however, for photo sets, you can download in JPG and ZIP formats. The streaming speed is 8.8MB/sec. 

Category/Niche: Lesbian softcore and hardcore. 

Imagine watching hot girls playing with each, caring, and kissing each other passionately. Well, that's what you will get to see in Lesbea. Smoking hot girls with smoking hot bodies crossing boundaries and eating each other like there's no tomorrow. 

Lesbea stands for lesbian eroticism, which means all the porn scenes that you are going to watch will be full of passion and eroticism. You can expect tons of tribbing, cunnilingus, fingering, and of course, kissing. 

Is it user-friendly?

The site has excellent Ul and UX. The moment you land on the site, the platform will warn you about the content, which is a great thing. Tap on the "Enter" option because we know you will be 18 years and above. In terms of user-friendly, we haven't seen any site as user-friendly as this. 

The homepage has all the information that you need. You just need to click on the scene that you wish to watch, and you will be navigated to that page quickly.


  • Lesbea is a one-stop porn site for lesbian porn videos. Viewers can find a good collection of lesbian porn videos as well as pictures on the site.
  • The videos are mostly natural that unlike most lesbian porn videos, the videos at Lesbea do not include many sex toys. The models seduce and arouse each other using their body parts instead of vibrators or other toys.
  • All the videos at Lesbea have been created in 1080p or full HD formats. These videos include those who were uploaded long back when the site was launched. Hence, the members at Lesbea get access to a whole collection of high quality, HD porn.
  • The collection of videos and pictures at Lesbea is huge. There are more than 550 videos on the site currently, all of which are in high definition. Along with the videos, there are more than 590 sets of pictures on the website with 60 images in each set.
  • Lesbea is a paid site which means non-members do not have access to the videos on the site. But, the membership of Lesbea is beneficial because it also allows access to the bonus site of the network that it belongs to. Being a part of the Sexy Hub Network, membership at Lesbea provides an extended membership to sites such as Dane Jones, Mom XXX, Massage Rooms and Girlfriendsxxx. The best part about this membership is that the bonus sites are not new or unpopular. Rather, they are highly popular and have a great quality of content provided to be watched by the viewers.
  • The site of Lesbea has a great layout and navigation. All the important tools for searching and watching the videos across sites are easily accessible.
  • Tags and search bar can be used by the members to watch videos of their choice.
  • Each webpage of a video at Lesbea is accompanied by a detailed description of the scenes in the video.
  • The users of Lesbea can rate the videos watched by them and also leave a review in the comments section.
  • Each video is accompanied by a set of high-resolution images from the video. These images capture details greatly, and their quality is also amazing.
  • All of the videos and images are available for downloads in different formats, which can be chosen by the users according to their preference.
  • The site is accessible through both desktop and mobile browsers. The quality of the videos is not compromised when watched on a mobile phone.
  • The videos and pictures are updated regularly on the site. The updates happen at least twice a week which means that the members never lose out on new content. Along with the updates on Lesbea, there is a lot of content available on the bonus sites as well, which can be viewed by the members.
  • There is a huge variety in terms models who perform in the videos at Lesbea. They all have different features and no matter what features attract you, blonde or brunette, tall or petite, curvy or slim, you will find a model of your choice on the site.
  • The sites are responsive over both mobile and laptops. There is no lag in the navigation and streaming process. Even the downloading speed is high.
  • The site offers new and exclusive content in the videos, which is worth buying the membership for.
  • Full-length videos are available on the site and can be accessed by the members.


  • The site does not have an option to search for the videos using advanced filters. The basic search engine is available to find videos using different keywords, but a dedicated set of advanced filters is missing.
  • There are a few pre-checked cross sales on the site that appear in the process of signing up and paying for a membership at the site. The members have to be cautious about them and ensure that they deselect any of the services that they are unwilling to pay for and subscribe to.
  • The site is niche-based, which means that anyone who is not interested in lesbian porn would not find much to watch on the site.
  • The photos in the galleries at Lesbea are not standalone photoshoots. They are mostly captured from within each video.


Lesbea is a part of the Sexy Hub network. Hence, any queries or issues being faced with the site can be reported to the customer support executives at Sexy Hub.

The site has provided a support page that allows the users to contact through skype calls and even a live chat option. The site has also provided a contact number which is toll-free and can be called upon by the users to receive support.

Apart from these options, the site also has the option of choosing from billing queries and technical issues, wherein multiple questions regarding the commonly faced issues have been answered already.

The users can refer to these solutions and see if they work for their issues, or else contact the site using the other support options. Such customer support is available for the members at all times, throughout the week.



For $15 a month, I think that's a pretty good deal. There are tons of high definition content available. And I am happy with the hot lesbian scenes. However, if the price could have been a little cheaper, I would have given full five stars. 


The site is simply genius. It is incredibly user-friendly and loads fast as well. I am amazed by the quality of the scenes.


We reviewed the services at Lesbea.com. Lesbea is a dedicated site that only produces lesbian porn in high quality and high definition videos, which are available for the members of the site to stream or download.

There are some great features of the site, it has a huge collection of videos available, along with many pictures which can be downloaded in the highest quality without any download limits.

Also, the membership to the site extends to five bonus sites that are highly popular and produce exclusive and amazing content. 

lesbea porn 2-min

Lesbea along with the bonus sites are updated very regularly, which means you will receive complete value for money and never run out of porn to watch. The models in videos at Lesbea are diverse and you can always find a model that matches your taste and preference.

The scenes are well shot and provide immense pleasure and satisfaction. Also, the use of sex toys is minimal in the videos, which means that you can watch actual contact and action between the girls.

Both young girls and MILFs can be found in the exclusive videos at Lesbea. The only downsides of the site are that there aren’t features to apply advanced filters on the site to search for particular videos.

The general search bar does a good job, though at finding videos. Also, you must ensure that you do not agree to pay for any pre-checked services on the site while paying for your membership.

Cancel your membership when not in use because it does renew on its own after expiry. All in all, we recommend you to try Lesbea.com if you are interested in lesbian porn videos.

The site has many more positives than negatives and provides very high-quality content to be watched. Its membership is worth the cost because of the bonus sites provided with the paid subscription.

Parting Words

We hope that the review for Lesbea.com was useful for you and provided you  much more clarity about the site and its features. We strive to bring you honest reviews of different porn sites.

So, stay with us and keep reading other reviews to know more about other porn sites.

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