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LDS Planet

LDSplanet is specially designed for those people who are single and want to get a companion.

You can find a companion for any purpose; such are friendship, relationship, casual companion, or even hookups. 


  • This is one of the most popular dating websites throughout the world. There are thousands of divorced women and men are there on the site. 
  • No matter what age group you belong to. You are always welcome to LDSplanet. 


  • The website layout does not seem to be modern. If you are not a straight guy, then this platform is not made for you. 
  • You are not going to find gay, lesbian or any other combination on this website. 

From this article, you will get to know more about the LDSplanet website. Further, you will have a clarification about the features of this website. 

LDS stands for Latter Day Saint movement which was started by a religious group in the eighteenth century. This group originated from Christianity under the leadership of Joseph Smith. The followers of this movement are called Mormons. Therefore, LDSPlanet is a dating site dedicated to the Mormons.

Single male and female Mormons can use this dating site to find love, friendship, companionship, online friendship, etc. The parent company of this site is IAC which also owns reputed dating sites like,, OurTime, etc.

LDSPlanet focuses on providing an exceptional dating experience to the Mormon groups and communities.

This site offers many unique features that make it easy for the users to find a perfect date, friend, or companion according to their interests and preferences.

It allows new users to register without paying anything but the other features like messaging, enhanced search, chatting through mail messages, etc. require a premium membership for which you will have to subscribe to a premium plan.

This site is preferable for single, widowed, and divorced individuals and supports short term, long term, and committed relationships like marriage.

The premium features of the site are quite affordable, and although it does not provide a long list of dating features and options, some useful features allow members to connect with other members easily.

LDSPlanet is packed with features such as editing profile, adding photos, attempting personality-related questions and quizzes, etc. Therefore, the users get a fair idea about the overall features and usability of the site before purchasing a premium package.

However, the site also has some limitations. It is dedicated to a specific community, and although it allows people from different backgrounds and ethnicities to register, such people won't find many suitable matches on this site.

Moreover, the site only allows registrations from residents of the United States and Canada.

As a result, you need to be aware of all the benefits and drawbacks of the site before registering. We will give you a complete overview of the site later, which will help you to decide whether this site is suitable for you or not.

Which are the features of LDSPlanet that make it a perfect dating site for singles?

Dating, finding friends, seeking love, etc. are innate urges of human beings, and therefore, it does not change with time or conditions. LDSPlanet understands this and allows even divorced and widowed singles to find suitable matches according to their needs and requirements.

The site is also perfect for single men and women of the Mormon group. LDSPlanet is committed to providing a safe dating platform for singles. Therefore they try to highlight only real and quality members by filtering them through the personality tests and questionnaires.

It is a paid dating site, but you get to register and use many features for free. For example, you get to add three interests to your profile for free and reacting to personality-related quizzes and questionnaires is also free.

Moreover, the premium plans are quite affordable, and multiple payment options are provided to the users. You can also cancel your subscription whenever you find a compatible partner or soul mate. The site offers both standard and advanced search options to the users.

You can also check which users have checked your profile, and the online users can be searched directly. The site is suitable for online dating and also encourages people to meet and strengthen their bond.

What is LDS Planet?

The users need to create a detailed profile in which they will have to mention whether they were married, have children, relationship status, etc. Also, you need to specify your height, body type, and other personal details so that they sort the matches according to your profile.

You can also search the profiles by their user names or any other keyword. For example, you can type 'love for pets' if you are a pet lover or you can type 'traveller' to explore other members who are interested in travelling. Also, you can check the members who share their birthdates with you.

The feature of swiping profiles is also provided, and you have got plenty of options because thousands of profiles get registered on this site every month.

All these features make LDSPlanet a perfect site for the Mormon singles, divorced, and widowed individuals. Now, let us understand some of the core features and benefits of using this site.

Site Statistics 

  • Most popular features – Message Ideas, Instant messenger, Flirt
  • The average number of users at a time – 5K
  • The average monthly visitors on the site – 224.50K
  • Fake profiles – yes
  • Transgender profiles - No
  • Bisexual profiles – No
  • Is the site safe - Yes
  • Dating niche – Dating service for singles of Mormon group

Performance Score (Out of 10)

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Website address -

Estimated visits per month – 224.50K

The landing page of the site is nothing but the registration page, and you have nothing else to view without registering on the free site.

They ask a few questions to you before starting which covers your birth date, height, body type, and a few other questions like your postal code, religious beliefs, etc.

After that, you will have to select a user name and a password, and then the site will ask you to enter and confirm your email id. 

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Then, you will be asked to activate your account using the link which they send on your email address. Once you complete the registration process, you can start using all the free features of the site.

One thing which we have to clear at this point is that this site is meant only for the Mormons of the LSD movement who have similar beliefs and religious values. Even Christians of other communities and beliefs might not find this site suitable for them.

It has a large database of users, and most of the profiles are real. However, the site does not ask the users to upload any identification proof or id, which means that there is no way to check the authenticity of the data they provide.

Therefore, users have to be a bit careful and discreet while choosing friends or dates. The good thing is that the site hosts a fair number of modern dating features such as you can like a profile, Flirt, and chat live with the members who manage to impress you.

LDS Online Dating Sites

You can also create Message Ideas that consist of a tiny description of yourself which might prove to be an ice-breaker in most cases. We recommend you to be witty and humorous while choosing the Message Ideas for your profile.

LDSPlanet also enables you to upload profile pictures and photos from your Facebook profile which helps the other users to confirm your identity. If you want to use this site secretly, then you will have to provide a dummy user name instead of your real name.

If you want to communicate with other members of this site, then you will have to subscribe to a premium plan. The premium plans are not at all expensive, but the additional free for fresh updates will not appeal to many users. The overall look and feel of the site are soothing to the eye and great. 

The layout and navigation are also quite satisfactory, and they help to enhance your overall experience on this dating portal. It has a solid matchmaking algorithm, and does provide a good number of profiles that match your interests and personalities.

The live chat features allow you to connect with online members quickly. Connecting with other users is quite easy as you have to click on the box located on the right-hand side to start chatting. The site offers different types of search options to the users.

They provide a bunch of profiles at the start, and you can choose whether to filter them based on their interests or profile picture by either selecting 'Yes' or 'No'. This profile swapping feature provides a convenient way to connect with profiles that are compatible with your interests and hobbies.

There is an option to start flirting with the online users directly, and the site also provides useful information like who liked your profile, who viewed your profile, the people who flirted with you or like your photos, etc. This enables you to connect with your new friends and interests in a smooth way.

The site allows you to connect with individuals who follow similar religions and have same faiths. Therefore, LDSPlanet is a great dating site for individuals who are interested in meeting and befriending people who have similar religious faiths and beliefs.

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Registration is free, and the one-month premium plan is offered at $16.99 by LDSPlanet. The six-month plan is offered at just $53.94, which means that you spend only $8.99 per month. The quarterly plan is offered at $36.97. The fresh update orders will cost you $3.99 as a one-time processing charge.


  • The site has a huge community of Mormon singles. There are thousands of divorcees and widowedindividuals of the community as well. Therefore, this site is dedicated to a special community of Christian religion and works great for them.
  • The site provides both basic and advanced search options to the members. This enables users to search for their potential matches quickly. The keyword search option provides an interesting way to mingle with like-minded individuals.
  • You can set up your account and view the profile of other members without paying anything.
  • The site is secured through an HTTPS security encryption which means that your data and details are safe on this site.
  • The sign-up procedure is quick and does not ask you too many questions.
  • The personality-related questions test your personality and religious beliefs to filter the members accordingly. The overall design of the site is impressive, and the interface is simple and easy-to-use.
  • The Message Ideas help the reserved and shy individuals to start conversing with other members.
  • The Message Ideas help the reserved and shy individuals to start conversing with other members.
  • The free membership offers a lot of features to the users. The multiple-choice personality-related questions can be answered for free, and profile pictures or photos can also be uploaded without spending a penny.
  • LDSPlanet allows free users to edit their profile, set message ideas, and react to personality quizzes as well.
  • LDSPlanet allows free users to edit their profile, set message ideas, and react to personality quizzes as well.
  • The premium members can chat with other members instantly via an instant message option. They can also mail messages and receive them.
  • The payment for the premium plans can be either made via credit cards or PayPal.
  • The payment for the premium plans can be either made via credit cards or PayPal.
  • The site sorts profile based on their activity, joining date, and distance. Online members can be viewed directly, as well.
  • LDSPlanet enables its members to filter profiles by their age range, photos, body type, preference, number of children, location, relationship status, etc. Therefore, it becomes easy to search for like-minded people on this site.
  • The site also sends you reminders whenever someone likes your profile or pictures or sends messages to you.


  • The site also sends you reminders whenever someone likes your profile or pictures or sends messages to you.
  • The upgrades require additional processing fees even after being a premium member.
  • The site does not look modern as it is designed in a simple way.
  • LDSPlanet only entertains straight people. Therefore, gay, lesbian, and transgender individuals will not find this site useful.
  • The site has a limited member base since it accepts residents of only two countries viz. USA and Canada.
  • You can connect with other members-only after purchasing a premium plan.
  • LDSPlanet does not ask for any identification proofs from the users. Therefore, the site might have many fake profiles registered on it. Also, many users might upload fake photos as there is no photo-verification procedure as well. Therefore, users need to be smart and careful while using this site.
  • This site is not suitable for people who are looking for casual relationships and sex.
  • LDSPlanet needs to have a better and appealing website design and layout to impress the new visitors.


Many sites offer dating opportunities to Christian men and women, but there are only a few dating sites meant for Mormon singles.

Among them, LDSPlanet is certainly one of the leading dating sites.

However, it does not provide a modern-looking website, nor does it have advanced tools and features.

Moreover, sites like Elite Singles, Christian Singles,, etc. have a far better matchmaking algorithm, and they also provide a better user-interface. 

lds searc-min

Also, these sites have a much larger database of users as compared to LDSPlanet. Therefore, LDSPlanet has to consider these drawbacks if it wants to be a leading dating site.


The support section of this site provides numerous FAQs that help the users to find solutions to their queries and issues.

The site also enables the users to contact the customer support executives directly. For that, a user has to select a category, enter an email address, phone number, and after that, the user can ask a question or describe the issue.

For more information on customer support services, please visit this link -

Final Verdict

This is a site that only Mormon singles can use to connect with individuals who have similar interests and partner preferences. The site works exceptionally well, and the premium plans are also affordable.

However, people who are interested in casual flings and hook-ups can ignore this site completely. Therefore, we would recommend this site to all the Mormon singles who are looking to date someone from their community.

Parting Words

This is an excellent website but only for selected individuals. Moreover, if you are looking for a premium website with a comprehensive range of features, then you can opt for some other matchmaking service.

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