Latinamericancupid Review (2020)


You might have come across several porn websites and shared intimate moments when watching them.

Don't you feel exhausted by the same old routine?  

Are you enjoying your reality to the fullest, or are you still sailing in the mid-sea without a sail?  

Are you in need for partners to share sensual moments with, and bring some excitement back into your mundane routines?

Well, there are various dating websites on the internet. However, most of the dating websites would show partners who are rarely compatible with you. 

But ask any person with experience, and they tell you the universally accepted truth- you could blindly trust Latin men or women for some of the craziest sexual experiences in your life.

But how do you find Latino and Latina people interested in the same? You do not need to search here and there; shall fulfill your deepest desires. Here you can find some sensual men and women with super- appreciable bodies.

Latinamericancupidis is an online dating website that provides you a wide range of partners based on your preferences. No matter which country you belong to, you shall get the desired partners to chat with. If your conversation goes well,  you could even approach them for dates and hookups.

However, for using this platform, users can chat with their preferable partners by paying some token amount to the website as a fee.

Here we are going to review Latinamericancupid and its various features. Furthermore, you will get to know some fantastic privileges of using this website.

What makes Latinamericancupid different from other websites? 

There are too many dating websites on the internet, each focusing on a particular forte. Similarly, Latinamericancupid markets itself as a genuine dating platform meant for making new friends with whom you could even hit it off. Most people on this website end up having memorable hookups.

There are also many long-lasting relationship stories mediated by this platform. You can find some romantic stories along with photographs on the website itself.

This website is primarily meant for Latino and Latina who are single and like-minded. You can chat with them from anywhere around the world, and have fun with them if you are tired of daily cliches.

The majority of the members using this website are primarily from Latin-speaking countries like  Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, and Argentina. You can filter your searches based on countries, proper location, and gender.

The features of the website provide a unique, safe, and fun dating experience to its members, which is full of customizations on preferences.

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Website statistics

  • Total number of members: 7,00,000
  • Male member percentage: 80%
  • Female member percentage: 20%
  • App install: 1,00,000+
  • App available on Play Store: Yes
  • App available on iOS play store: No


Website Link -

Latinamericancupid is an online dating website for connecting with Latino and Latina single people from all over the world and having highlightable moments with them.  

One of the best things about this website is that your identity is verified through certified documents, which ensures security to a great extent on the website.

Moreover, any person below 18 years of age cannot access this website.

This website is controlled by Cupid Media, which has several dating websites under its wing.

Cupid Media is mainly known for its country and gender-specific dating websites.

Even though this website hosts members of  Latin language-speaking countries, the members speak only in English. By doing so, Latinamericancupid has targeted many English-speaking countries and gathered members through this strategy.

It is noticed that the majority of the members of the dating websites wish to go beyond friendships and search wholeheartedly for partners for hookups. But on entering  Latinamericancupid, you will find some fantastic stories of long-lasted relationships that the website made possible.

The site has also brought to light a very intriguing observation-  Many Latin people use this platform to seek Latin partners from other countries for marriage. This website bridges the gap between people who wish to marry partners who are part of a culture similar to theirs.

Men dominate the website, and only 20% of the members are female. But if you are a heterosexual male user, you do not have to worry about the number of straight women you could connect with.

The website will ensure that you have the opportunity of getting in touch with women of your specifications.

The registration process is straightforward and does not have any complexity. You can join this website via, or you can sign-up with your email ID. The registration process is a two-step process and takes a maximum of 5 minutes.

You need to provide all the necessary documents and details. After completion, you will be redirected to your profile automatically.

You need to put a dashing profile picture for other users to appreciate. Or you could skip the process if you wish. Joining latinamericancupid is truly a trouble-free process. You do not even have to complete the email verification.

Once you are on the website, there are various ways by which you can make contact with new people. Latinamericancupid provides you precise search results by your preferences. You can access the name of every member on their profile page, along with their photos.

In this platform, you can even see the last-seen of a particular profile, which can help you check whether the account is active or inactive.  You can show interest in another person by clicking on the heart sign below any profile picture. However, the messaging facility is reserved for paid users.

If you do not like to chat with certain people, do not worry. Latinamericancupid shall also help filter out your preferable messages and conversations. Unwanted messages will be flushed out of your chat boxes.

The overall experience of Latinamericancupid is pretty straightforward and user-friendly. Even if you are a first-time user, you are not going to have any issues regarding navigation. The languages that are used are simple. The entire website is comparatively simpler to handle than other websites

Pricing & Membership Fee

The whole site is a combination of free and paid services. Regarding membership and pricing schemes of the site, there are two types of membership. One is the gold membership, and the other is platinum membership. In gold membership, you can enjoy the following facilities given below-

  • Communication with all the members
  • Live chat with instant messenger
  • Sending and receiving messages
  • No ads
  • Hiding your profile and browsing anonymously

The Platinum membership allows you to enjoy all the facilities of gold membership and more. Here are the additional facilities in platinum membership.

  • Ranking yourself among other members
  • Twice profile space
  • VIP profile highlighting
  • Exclusive search features
  • Advanced matching algorithms
  • Message translation

If you wish to avail of gold membership, there are specific pricing plans. For a 1-month gold plan, you need to pay $29.98USD. Another plan is for 3-month, $59.99USD. If you bifurcate the amount of the 2-month plan, then you would have to pay around USD 20.00.

If you wish to be a long-term user, there is a 12-month plan, which is $119.98. If you bifurcate the amount of 12 months, it comes around $10.00, which would be much cheaper.

If you want some extra features, you can opt for a platinum membership. For a month of platinum membership, it costs around $34.99. For the 3-month plan, it costs around $69.98. If you bifurcate, it comes around $23.33 per month.

If you wish to avail platinum membership for the long-term, you would need to pay $149.99. It happens to approximately 12.50 USD a month.

The pricing plans could be quite complicated for this website. However, according to the users, it is quite cheaper compared to other dating websites.


  • All members present in Latinamericancupid are like-minded. You can feel free to ask anything to them. Even you could even directly approach them for hookups. There are no boundaries and limitations for contacting partners in a bold manner.
  • The website has excellent customizations. You can search for your partners based on location. The site will show you partners with their profile pictures and their names. You could even filter your search based on gender, places, and age.
  • Most adult websites contain viruses along with spyware, which may affect your devices severely. However, if you are on the Latinamericancupid website, you can be pretty sure that your safety, as well as privacy, is not being compromised.
  • The website layout is quite easy to understand, and the language used is understandable and straightforward. Even though the website focuses on Latin countries, the primary language used is English. Also, if you are a first-time user, you won't be facing any problem in navigation.
  • Along with the profile picture and the name, you can also see the age of the particular person.  It is, of course, an undeniable fact that you need to be above 18 years of age for creating an account in However, apart from this, there are rarely any limitations that deny your membership.
  • When you visit adult websites, you are often troubled continuously by ads and popups.  However, if you are a gold or platinum member on this platform, you will not face any interruption from advertisements. You can browse the website smoothly.
  • You do not have to worry one bit about legal issues. All the members are only allowed to create profiles if and only if they verify their documents. The website has adequate checks against any illegal activity.
  • The website also emphasizes document verification for age proof, which ensures that there are fewer fake profiles on the site.
  • The customer support team stands prompt and ever ready to help the users in every possible way. If you are having any problems regarding any issues on the website, then you can feel free to contact the customer support team.
  • There is a mobile application on Latinamericancupid on Google play. This makes it convenient for Android users.


  • There are rarely any privileges that you can avail without registering to the website. Without registration, you will find pop ups and ad notifications that will significantly deter you from using the platform. These interruptions could be frustrating for you while you are focusing on any activity on the website.
  • If you are an iOS user, you shall not be able to find any application for this service in the apple store.
  • The sex ratio of users on this website is 4:1 (male: female);  80 percent male and 20 percent female on this platform. Male dominance in the user base could have a detrimental impact on the equity of partners.
  • According to many users, the prices for membership are too high. Moreover, the entire pricing system for Latinamericancupid is complicated and challenging to comprehend.

Support and contacts

The customer support team of this website is very prompt on this website. If you are having any issue, you can call on any of the given numbers. Before calling, you need to keep the website username and your email ID ready with you.

  • For the US and Canada, there is a toll-free number- 1 800 787 0838
  • For the UK there is a toll-free number- 0800 056 9427
  • For Australian customers, the toll-free number is- (07) 5571 1181
  • For other international users: +61 7 5571 1181

You can also use the fax, just in case.

  • +61 7 3103 4000

You need to call on weekdays between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm, based on Australian Queensland timing.

You can also write a letter on the address given below- Cupid Media Pty Ltd, PO Box 9304 Gold Coast MC QLD 9726 Australia

The office address is:

Level 5 2502 / 5 Lawson street Southport OLD 4215 Australia


Benaughty provides your partners based precisely on your location. There are numerous benefits to using this website if you are looking for an urgent sexual exploit. This website is also perfect for introverts who are not comfortable enough to ask directly for a hookup.

Benaughty aims to create a safe platform where two singles meet up to go out for dates or to have sexual encounters. There are many such stories of long-lasting relationships that have started on this website. It is also cheaper than


Tinder is one of the most popular dating websites on the globe. On this platform, you can search your partners based on your location from any part of the world, which is quite similar to However, the global coverage of tinder is far better than other websites.

It is insanely, user-friendly, and fast. Tinder app is available both on google play store as well as on iOS play store.


It is one of the most amazing free online dating platforms.  On this platform, you can approach anyone for a date and go forth for even hookups. You need to create a profile like most other dating websites, and you need to search around the locality.

You are even able to chat with other people and watch videos on his or her profile. You can also play games with them, and you share food, emojis, and voice messages.


‚ÄčHappn is a relatively new popular dating platform, that uses the GPS of the phone to navigate your location and find suitable partners and potential matches for you. It reads your physical location and shows it to other users.

Every time your mobile detects any proper person near you, he or she will be added to your feed p. You can use this platform anywhere, including s coffee shops, markets, and other public places.

Final verdict

Latinamecicancupid is one of the better dating platforms on the internet. If you have any fantasies of having a Latin girlfriend or boyfriend, this might be the ideal place for you to fulfill your fantasies.

Latinamecicancupid allows you to create an account on their platform, where all you need to do is to provide your necessary information and documents on this platform, and you are all set. Your profile needs to look dashing so than it attracts partners easily.

The entire website is filled with like-minded people so that you could make a move without hesitation. The platform has also seen success stories of partners going on to make long-lasting relationships.

The overall experience of this website is pretty amazing. There are no viruses and spyware on You can enjoy navigating this website with complete assurance of security and privacy.

Parting words

These are the considerable advantages of using Latinamericancupid, in spite of its few ill features. Nevertheless, by providing a reliable private conversation space for casual sexual exploits members of the Latin community, Latinamericancupid stands unique in the assortment of dating websites.

It is an inspiring site for match-making services, and we would sincerely like to hear your opinion! Feel free to connect with us anytime for a site review, or for specific questions you'd like us to address.

Explore your sensuality to the fullest, and when in need of a reliable dating space with Latinos and Latinas, what better than Latinamericancupid!

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