Ladyboy Gold Review (2020)

Ladyboy Gold

Ladyboy Gold is one of our personal favourites, and we have been left awestruck by the vast collection of transsexual porn videos that live on the site.

The trannies on the site engage in all sorts of solo action as well as some crazy-ass sex positions, displaying their well-hung dicks and cleavages in equal measure, taking turns before the camera to turn you on.

A single membership helps you being a  part of a wildly popular network of Asian transsexual porn sites..

Sex and attraction are one of the most personal things for a person ever. Everybody has their preferences, which often do not conform to the societal norms of what’s right or wrong, and transcends the boundaries that the world has imposed on them.

Whenever you travel to Asia as an average, everyday tourist or even as a sexual tourist hoping to find some time for bang-bang action, you cannot afford to miss out on scoring some ladyboys as well.

Over the years, people have become a bit more forthcoming in terms of what their preferences are and what are the things that turn them on the most. A lot of porn enthusiasts are lusting after sexy transsexuals who are not only beautiful but are well hung at the same time, giving you the best of both worlds. 

It is tempting to explore your sexual side in Asia, whenever you visit, but that is not always possible for everyone.

For everyone who can’t afford travelling to these exotic places to explore this fantastic side of tourism, you have the transsexual porn site, Ladyboy Gold which delivers a similar experience and leaves you asking for more with every video that you watch on the site.

The overall network of sites under the umbrella of Ladyboy Gold is updated every single day, and therefore, the site has new and fresh content when you log onto it.

This is probably one of the reasons that we consider buying a subscription to this site as striking absolute gold since you won’t find the kind of content that you do here, on any other place in this particular niche.

The other sites on the network consist of different themes, and they all vary in terms of what they offer, but one thing is constant, which is transsexual porn. The overall network is made up of 11 sites, the major names amongst them being – Ladyboys Fucked Bareback, Ladyboy Vice, TS Raw, Ladyboy Obsessions and Ladyboy Glamour.

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There are two types of ladyboys, one who have dicks and on the other hand, the ones who are guys with boobs. Ladyboy Gold brings you the hottest collection of both these types and no matter whoever they are among the two, the videos and photos of them getting fucked are sure to turn you on as no other site can.

The videos on the site are pretty high in terms of quality, which are available in HD quality streaming.

They can be downloaded onto your system or even be viewed online via their streaming media player. Users of the site can expect a vast collection of some hardcore, sexually stimulating scenes, most of which consists of bareback sex videos.

The site makes use of dark themes and backgrounds, which makes the scene thumbnails pop out and stand apart from the videos on other similar sites. This way, you can identify which amongst the many, is that particular scene which you like the most, and then go onto the stream or download them for later use.

Claiming to be amongst the Internet’s best transsexual porn destination, Ladyboy Gold promises to have “the hottest, original ladyboy videos and photo sets in the world.”

The site surely delivers on its promise and with a host of features aimed at enhancing the browsing experience of its users, has been able to make a name for itself in a highly competitive space.

Why is Ladyboy Gold better than other similar sites?

Ladyboy Gold is one of the biggest online transsexual porn networks in the world today. Rather than being a single site that houses content, they have distributed their content across a network of 11 sites that are under their umbrella and focus on various aspects of transsexual porn.

You can browse through the content of each site all at once under a single roof or browse the videos and photo sets on the individual portals as well.

Asian ladyboys are one of the hottest you can find in the current porn landscape, and the models on the site are naturals, sometimes amateur performers who range from the conventional 18 to 35-year-olds to even the older ones, so you have a lot of choices served to you on a platter.

Their body types range from thin, small-titted amateur dick girls to more petite, curvy and big-titted trannies.

The collection of videos is robust, as we mentioned above, and most videos are available in full HD viewing quality, with about 150 of them being available in 4K quality as well. They even have a collection of videos under a separate section of ultra-HD quality content.

They don’t have a fancy name, but their band of sites such as Ladyboys Fucked Bareback, Ladyboy Dildo, Ladyboy Wank and Ladyboy Vice, capture different sides and aspects which make tranny porn one of the most exciting trends to have emerged from the industry in a long, long time.

They have about 2, 093 videos and 2, 680 photo sets in their roster, which is quite significant in terms of sheer size and quantity.

It is further enhanced by the fact that these sites are updated six days a week with new, exciting content, which is a rarity in current times because a lot of their competitors either don’t publish content at such frequency or even if they do, it’s mostly dated, republished content.

The social media channels of the corporate brand of femboy sites under the Ladyboy roof boasts of 30,000-plus fans, likes and subscribers across the various social presences that they have.

There is a great mix of trans girls and ladyboys, which creates a decent amount of balance with regards to what you want to watch. This means that you can effortlessly switch between the content, depending on your mood, which is a great thing in our opinion.

From the beginning, you get a counter which displays the number of scenes, models, bonus content as well as the photo galleries, thereby helping you keep count of what’s happening on the site on a day-to-day basis.

The use of thumbnails and a dark theme add a great deal of aura and curiosity to the site, which is excellent in terms of psychologically influencing the users to click and discover content that turns them on, with an element of surprise.

The website boasts of a roster of 917 models who perform all sorts of scenes and positions, be it barebacking, ladyboys giving blowjobs, facials or even solo masturbation scenes.

There are a lot of bonuses available as well, which makes Ladyboy Gold one of the hottest and most robust tranny porn networks to have been around on the Internet in a long while.

Site Statistics

  • Most popular bonus sites – Ladyboy Vice, Ladyboy Glamour, Ladyboys Fucked Bareback, TS Raw
  • Bonus sites – 11
  • Total number of videos – 2,903 videos
  • The average length of videos – 10 to 20 minutes at max.
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 3840x2160; 1920x1080p
  • Download limit – No
  • Total number of photosets – 2,680 photo sets
  • Photo slideshows – No
  • Watermarks on Photos – No
  • Maximum resolution of photos – 1600x1200
  • DRM protection – No

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

8 / 10

Live Stream Quality

9 / 10

Quality Of Private Shows

9 / 10

Number Of Models

9 / 10

Streaming Options

9 / 10

User-Friendly Features

9 / 10


8 / 10

Value For Money

8 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10

Overall Score

85 / 100

Website Overview 

Website address:

Ladyboy Gold is one of the most prominent transsexual porn destinations globally on the Internet today.

Founded in 2007, the site has been around for close to 15 years now. The site is different from other crappy tranny portals in the genre.

The standard in terms of quality is pretty good, and there is a robust collection of 2,903 videos that can be viewed in full-HD and ultra-HD quality. 

There are about 150 videos in their group which belong to the 4K streaming quality, which can be played via the media player on the site as well as downloaded on your system in the form of zip files.

There are 2,903 scenes here, which focus on several positions and kinks, such as barebacking, blowjobs, threesomes, sex toys, cosplay, cumshots, teen sex, post-op ladyboys, handjobs and other hardcore action.

The videos tend to have a maximum run-time of about 15-20 minutes at most, which is pretty good since when you’re watching these videos, they don’t feel either too stretched or too short, and hence, ensure that you get maximum orgasms watching these stunning scenes.

Other than this, they also have tons of bonus videos and other similar stuff, which adds up to the overall browsing experience.

Almost all scenes have been shot in POV mode, with great lighting and decent production value. The videos, though, tend to be a bit shaky or blurred at times, which makes it a little irritating to watch.

The frequency of uploads is one of its most significant plus points, which ensures that at least 2-3 new videos are uploaded on the site, six days a week. It is, however, a bit of a catch-22 situation, since some of its sister sites, such as Ladyboy Glamour, have stopped uploading new content for a long time.

It also has a beautiful collection of photos, with 2,680 photos that are further distributed amongst 100 photosets. These photos are high-resolution in quality and are similar to what you are shown when you go around the site, during the site tour.

These photos and videos are available for both online and offline consumption and can be streamed directly via the media player or downloaded as a zip file. The download speed thus is pretty fast and doesn’t lag a lot.

There are multiple viewing options for the latest videos. Still, the same cannot be said about the older videos, which are available in WMV file formats, and are not up to the quality of the latest HD videos.

The model index consists of over 500 trans models, and the users can add the models and videos to their list of favourites as well. Furthermore, all the scenes and photos can be rated and liked, alongside commenting.

Navigation on Ladyboy Gold is a bit cluttered and can be made a bit more exciting and intuitive to ensure that the entire browsing experience on the site is seamless, smooth and makes finding relevant information easier for the users.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Ladyboy Gold provides two types of membership plans currently -

  • $29.94 for one month (billed at a monthly payment of $29.94)
  • $79.95 for three months (billed at $26.65 per month for three months)

There are a lot of deals and discount offers going around from time to time on buying a subscription to this popular porn site, and you must keep looking for them so that whenever a chance comes, you can treat yourself with a subscription at the minimum possible cost.

The payment options include – credit cards, check and mobile/online payments.


  • A mega-site featuring 11 other similar sites in the transsexual porn category
  • The site focuses on exclusively covering various aspects of tranny porn with different positions, kinks and scenarios across all its other sister sites
  • A collection of 2,903 videos that can be streamed or downloaded to your computer
  • Zip file downloads available
  • The videos and scenes are available in full-HD and ultra-HD picture quality
  • About 150 videos on the site are 4K in terms of picture/viewing quality
  • The download speed is quite fast for the videos
  • The model index helps you find the best ladyboy or T-girl whom you can enjoy watching
  • A roster of 917 models on the site, make it one of the largest amongst all other in the Asian transsexual porn category
  • Contains a combination of hardcore barebacking, solo masturbation, threesome, facials, cumshots and lesbian sex scenes
  • Contains a combination of hardcore barebacking, solo masturbation, threesome, facials, cumshots and lesbian sex scenes
  • Fast download speed
  • A robust collection of 2,600-plus photos, distributed across 100+ photo sets
  • Add videos and photos to favourites
  • Tags, keywords and filters help in quickly finding relevant content
  • The use of dark theme helps the video thumbnails pop and stand out
  • Users can rate and track their favourite pornstars and videos
  • A total of 1 to 3 fresh new updates on the site, six days of the week
  • Basic search option available
  • Exclusive library of content
  • Their pricing plans are pretty affordable
  • A lot of bonus content available, for example – ladyboy wallpapers and calendars


  • Some of the older videos are SD in terms of viewing quality
  • Some sites in the network have stopped publishing any new content, with a few of them even having last uploaded anything new about five years ago
  • POV focused action means that the camera can shake multiple times and some footage might be blurred
  • The design of the site is a bit cluttered
  • A lot of broken or dead links
  • No way to contact the support team, in case of any problems or grievances encountered while browsing through the site
  • No live cam sessions available
  • The UI and design of the website isn’t very appealing in our opinion
  • No option to login via any of your existing social media profiles
  • No commenting option available

Competitors of Ladyboy Gold

The transsexual porn category is a pretty competitive one, and Ladyboy Gold competes with the likes of TGirls Japan, MyTrannyCams, Nikki’s Ladyboys, Shemale Japan and PI Ladyboy among others.

Customer Support 

The customer support team at Ladyboy Gold is quite proactive and tends to cater to its users’ needs to ensure that they have a smooth, frictionless browsing experience on the site sans any issues. They can be contacted at the following link-

Final Verdict

The Ladyboy Gold mega-site consists of a database of some of the hottest Asian shemale porn scenes and photos on the Internet at the moment. The site has a lot of features alongside viewing options which make it one of the preferred options in its niche.

Although the link to the site seems to be broken at the moment, we believe the website should be back with a bang in no time.

Parting words

We discussed some of the pros and cons of this wildly popular shemale porn destination, Ladyboy Gold, in this review. We hope that you like the review and are eager to hear your comments and feedback about the same, so we can keep improving and serve you better.

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