KoreanCupid Review


Korean Cupid offers you an opportunity of a lifetime- to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing Korean style of love and romance; it provides a niche service in Korean love-making.


  • It is a safe dating website, which ensures a strict modality for privacy, user experience and payment.
  • Registration is easy; you can complete your registration and browse matches within minutes.


  • However, the features are limited for free users; you cannot use the site extensively unless make paid upgrades.
  • Moreover, the site contains a lot of fake profiles and obscure members at the site, which could ruin its effectiveness.

The rest of the review provides you with a more elaborate description of its features.

Making yourself familiar with the Korean groove and style of love and romance is indeed mesmerizing. If you have fetishes about love and love-making, KoreanCupid is the perfect dating site for you. It gives you a chance to get in touch with beautiful Asian dates.

Their Korean aura, appearance, style and appeal is idiosyncratic. It is much more than mere socialization. You can show your romantic side and delve into the world of amulet love with a dash of inseparability. Coming from all walks of life, some members are even non-Asians.

They sign up for Korean Cupid as the beauty of Korean girls and that unmatched cuteness of Korean boys enamour all and sundry. The site helps you make the best use its embedded features. You have to pay for being in or sustaining your love.

It gives you some precious moments at no cost whatsoever. This niche dating site provides a multitude of advantages over other websites. In addition to the desktop version, you also have a handy mobile app that makes conversation smoother and more fluid.

The members can create and use their accounts and manage their profiles with proper initiative. 

You can find male singles, especially from western nations, who are interested in dating Korean females. They love Korea and its ethnic speciality. Who’d not prefer the concerned diversity in love? You have fantastic figures coming down from countries like the United States, China and the Philippines.

The essence remains the same for all as they are waiting for Cupid’s arrow to strike them.

Sensationalism is a compelling tool in the online dating business, and you cannot deny a solid base of 5, 00,000 plus members from various countries.

The glamour, eye-catching material and lure of Asian women make them a hot favourite almost everywhere. South Korean women are exquisite and dainty, and their ravishing yet innocent aura makes them famous internationally.

What Makes KoreanCupid so Popular?

The popularity and all-pervading charm of KoreanCupid are too strong to be missed or ignored. You’d love the feel of making amorous relations with people from another country.

There’s this exotic factor that overwhelms users.

You can sit before the system and love sway you. You can also hold your phone, turn on the KoreanCupid app, and exchange a few sweet words with your potential match.

This is how you hold on to a friend, a date, or the love of your life.

Chatting with another member in this silent and secure environment, where you can interact with another person in peace is auxiliary

koreancupid sbannr-min

It is not like any other usual dating site, and it also claims that it can connect you with innumerable singles from Korea and the rest of the world. The distinct and lucid interface of the site is perfect, and you can read testimonials from the old members too.

It’s amazing to know how they have found the right Korean partners through KoreanCupid. They feel blessed to find their soulmates from this wonderful nation. If you are ready to go into a relationship, this site could be your platform.

There’s no adulteration, no vulgarity or profanity, and no obscurity surrounding a date. It gives you a lot of fond memories that light up the rest of your life or perk you up when you’re down.

At KoreanCupid, the style of chatting and dating is somewhat cliché, and you would love the platitude of love on the go. 

Some things work best in their old school groove. The readymade 1, 50,000 members from the USA alone and the rest 5, 00,000 from various parts of the world are there in the queue, waiting to embark on a journey you’ve always dreamt of. 


Website: https://www.koreancupid.com/

Estimated Visits Last Month: 5,00,000 members

A wide variety of stunning and  lovely features makes KoreanCupid a cut above the rest. There’s a wow factor embedded to the site. The perfection in matchmaking can take you to the heart of a relationship. You don’t need to search relentlessly.

The options are wonderful enough to take you to your desired face. Ever since its inception in 2004, world-renowned Cupid Media Network made sure to spread the site across over 50 plus cities.

As the most popular Korean dating site, it has some of the best Korean women signing up for their propensity to meet someone special and perfect. The site mechanism is strong, and you can mingle well with someone you like, and unveil your desires.

They say that Korean women are extremely romantic, open-minded and gregarious. KoreanCupid proves it. You also have countless flamboyant and intelligent ladies from other podiums joining in.

If you are looking in Korea and are looking for a local love interest, you can refer to KoreanCupid as it provides a great platform to show your amiability and adjustability. You’ll get reciprocation from the other side as well. Happy males and females are ready to sign in and try to find soul mates.

You can share your Cupid stories. The fun never ceases at KoreanCupid. It gives you wings, taking you to the pinnacle of hope, thrill, amour, anxiety, love and those millions of butterflies in the stomach during this phase.

A Review on KoreanCupid.Com

People flock to KoreanCupid from all over the world to experience no-nonsense dating. The site allows both Asians and non-Asians to explore the beauty and magic of Korean maidens. You can make your presence felt both with and without payment.

Your dream of meeting pretty, lovely and dynamic ladies don’t have to drill your pocket. You can turn to the site’s layout to get all the details of the lady you chose to start your love story with. They cherish love in all its flavours, and you have a license to go kinky as well. Korean girls love that way.

The best part is you can use both sober and explicit material, in terms of words, images and videos to express yourself. The site prioritizes on your privacy.

Things become tough when you look for specifications and particular traits in females. KoreanCupid is the place where you find singles willing to date and fall in love at the same time. KoreanCupid is that perfect mingling pitch to help you stitch the bond of love, and change the quality of your life.

Those precious moments make you feel unique and comfortable. The experience you get from the site can help you in building your conjugal life if you so desire. The site has been in the limelight for many years. The registration process is straightforward.

Like any other dating site, you need to create a profile and supplement it with a good profile picture. Do remember to update your bio and stuff as that’s what people will read at the outset. There’s a gallery as well, where you can check out Korean cherubs and unlock the gates to your fantasy.

There are innumerable choices at KoreanCupid. The well-dressed, elegant, enticing and ethereal Korean damsels are waiting to show what they’re capable of! There are strict specifications regarding whom to embrace and whom to keep in the queue.

Navigating the site for best understanding is a prudent step as it gives you valid inputs. The platform of KoreanCupid is pretty rich, enabling you to harvest feelings, desires, emotions and romance with utmost sincerity and honesty. Do remember to specify your age, location, and wants.

The girls on the site are love merchants as they dwell in your dreams and know how to captivate you with their words and poise. 

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You can take a complete tour of KoreanCupid with a full membership package. The site guides you through setting up an account. You learn how to create a basic profile and search for suitable matches. You learn the art of messaging as a paid member. You can even seek things for free at the site.

Just put some attention to a few details and look for the prices in particular. You can access messages from other quarters and send messages to females in the meantime. You have two levels of premium KoreanCupid membership, the Gold level and Platinum Level.

You can get the best of each level with perfect ammunition for date and amorous adventures and entertainment. You have the 12 months package catering to both platinum and gold. The cost of platinum is around $12.50 per month. For gold, it is USD 10.00 per month. 

A 3 months platinum package costs $23.33 per month. The same is USD 20.00 per month at the Gold level. For one month, the cost of the platinum level is $34.99, and for gold, it’s $29.98. You can know the payment details at https://www.vidaselect.com/korean-cupid-review/.

Site Statistics

  • Most Popular Models: Sexyjustina, Curvy, Candibabe, MyDarling
  • Models: 500 + network models,
  • Model Appearance: Asians, Americans, and the Blonde Class
  • Body Types: curvy and sexy
  • Body Types: curvy and sexy
  • Average Length of Videos: 30 minutes
  • Format#1: MP4 (.mp4), 10000k+, 1920x1080 (dl or steam)
  • Bandwidth: Multiple Bandwidths available
  • Image Quantity: 320+ galleries with 200 images for each
  • Live Cam: Yes (not free)
  • Live Cam: Yes (not free)
  • Buffer: 1 – 5 seconds
  • Download Limit: None
  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Video DRM: No

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design






Video Quantity




Update features


General Features






Image Quality


Overall Score


Competitors of KoreanCupids.com 

Korean Cupid shares the nucleus with a gamut of competitors having a similar setup, target customers, and market movement and statistics.

The matchmaking experience is beyond customary expectations or level of dating sites of the same ilk. 

The design and layout of sites like JapanCupid, AsianDating and Korean Friend Finder are also compelling.

There are many other competitors in the market having a similar outline like KoreanCupid.

The theme of love in all those sites is exotic and exudes a timeless show of love.

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  • Cupid Media owns and operates KoreanCupid, which ensures a strict modality for privacy, safety, user experience and payment. It is one of the largest and the most trusted players in the online dating arena.
  • You can complete your registration and browse matches within a couple of minutes.
  • You have detailed and advanced search options. This helps in narrowing down your search.
  • You can make extensive use of the site for attracting your chosen folks. There are more females than males, which is an impetus in itself. Are you ready to go?


  • You cannot use the site extensively unless you pay for upgrades. You can only send messages to females, but the rest of the services will be unavailable.
  • There are select provisions at the site for screening. Despite that, you have a cluster of fake profiles and obscure members at the site. You also need to be on your toes to avoid scammers and fraudulent businesses. They are always ready to lure you into chatting and dupe you.


You get the best assistance from KoreanCupid customer support team. You can contact the team members at any point in time. They work 24/7 and keep moderating the site for its your betterment. You can always contact them if you suspect something irregular or fishy.

They take prompt action after verifying your complaint. The team is still ready to help and support if you abide by their rules and regulations. You can also contact them through chat if you have a specific concern or query.


There’s no denying that KoreanCupid has its share of flaws and hiccups. But its seamless operations, procedures, authenticity, appeal and alluring interface are also undeniable. The beautiful females have no reservations in dating you.

They are outdoorsy and smart and know how to give you the best time of your life. The ease of dating dwarfs its pricing issues. The podium is ideal for helping you stay safe while making a romantic approach or initiation. It instead helps you to initiate.

If you want to meet a woman, you need to do several things to convince her to take that stride. It’s much like a leap of faith and KoreanCupid guides you in this regard. Identifying your female partner is pivotal at some point in time.

Is KoreanCupid.Com for You?

It is essential to know her closely as you prepare to venture into a relationship. Intimacy can always take shape gradually. KoreanCupid has gorgeous and mischievous women, who can cast a spell on you overnight with their tantalizing words and antics.

You may soon find yourself in bed with a bombshell. Safe sex holds the key, and the site administers this part very well. Remember, romance can also come in disguise.

There could be imposters and frauds, masquerading as ravishing women. They are more lethal and dangerous than venom and can spoil or destroy your social, professional and personal image. Authentication does matter as it helps you to feel safe.

You can then repay it by nurturing your feelings even more. Dating, as you know, is an expensive venture and not a cakewalk and many presume it to be. You should be cautious right from the word Go.

The dream is fine and fondly, basking in the thoughts of porcelain skin, and chubby, pink lips are so fulfilling, but it should not beguile you or push you to the edge. You don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket while dating. Be more careful while using your bank account to funnel your love interest.

There are many fake lovers on every site, and KoreanCupid is not an exception in this regard.

Parting Words 

The podium is perfect for building some togetherness and love. We’ve seen scores of chicks going gaga over K-Pop stars over the last few years. While we find the music a tedious rehash of Japanese Visual Kei, the boys sure do a better job of looking like girls!

They are just imitating their Korean girls, who have become the cynosure of many dating sites and males all over the world due to their ‘willingness’ to participate in these catch n match games. Who doesn’t want to date one of those bedazzling Korean dancers and make some sweet love?

The videos are a wild rage on the internet, and everyone wants a share of the pie. We wonder what Aerosmith would’ve come up with if they had access to these beauties and if the world was this open and well-connected!

There’s no compulsion or unnecessary push in KoreanCupid. It comes with strong anti-spam protection services. Making apt use of the provision on the website can make your date in style with the perfect selection.

We found that site interface pretty informal and to make language comprehensible to the other, use the inbuilt translation features. There’s this special pleasure to woo and date someone who speaks another language. The struggle is real yet savoury. The rewards are more fulfilling.

Love is the food of life, and KoreanCupid has ample fields to cultivate food. Be wise and smart ploughman with the right axe and attitude, and you’re sure to make your dream come true. It’s just like the sets of a K-pop song, where the beautiful dancers make everything more radiant.

Choose your genre/woman and make your own music/love story. Korea is love.

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