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For all the BDSM enthusiasts out there, provides a fabulous platform to enjoy and access some high-quality BDSM and alternate sexuality porn from a huge assortment of content.


  • The site has a library of around 13,719 videos and similar content to boast of, without placing a limit on the number of downloads.
  • The website frequently updates, with fresh new content being uploaded on the website twice or thrice a week.


  • However, the site does not have an advanced search engine, making access difficult.
  • Moreover, many channels on the site have stopped updating their content.

The review proceeds to give you a more elaborate insight into the tenets of the website.

Did you get turned on when seeing the famous Hollywood film, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’? Are you someone who enjoys watching partners punish, cage and indulge in bondage sex with each other, with one being the submissive and the other the ‘dominant’?

If yes, then should be the best place that you should go to access some high-quality BDSM and alternate sexuality porn.

Having been in business for over 20 years now, catering to the kinks and sexual fantasies of aroused humans, is the ideal destination for those who vouch for the sexual quotient of the BDSM and other associated alternate sexual categories. contains a huge library of porn catering to various porn fetishes and fantasies, most prominent being gay and transsexual porn fetishes. There are over 12,064 videos on the portal, which run for over an hour’s length in runtime and mostly score big in terms of production value and budget.

Most of these videos are in HD, and that adds another dimension to these super-sexy porn films available at

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There are tags and keywords to use to search for content, or if you are pretty specific towards the kind of content you wish to see, you can choose from the multiple categories and watch them till you blow your mind.

Moreover, they also have other content such as Behind-the-scenes videos, interviews and outtakes, which is a sign of the commitment of the Kink community towards consensual sex and for those who want to watch more than just plain porn and get into the nitty-gritty.

They also offer over 12 bonus channels and sites with over 1,925 scenes from portals such as DDF Network, Pornstar Premium and Fetish Network.

Their offering would appeal a lot to the purists of the BDSM category and those who believe in celebrating alternative sexualities at a scale unimaginable before, which is also what the community aims to do.

What makes so popular? has been in the pornography industry for over 20 years now. It is a robust site with a massive collection of 12,000+ videos, which can be streamed in full-HD as well as are available for download.

The site has a network of over a dozen more websites in its kitty, with DDF Network, Pornstar Premium and Fetish Network being a part of this universe or community dedicated to BDSM content.

To add to that, there is no download limit, and the entire database of content is exclusive. The channels cover everything such as solo, straight, lesbian as well straight sex scenes;  so you can choose whichever suits your kink to the max.

The average upload/ update frequency is amazing too, with some 5 to 7 videos and other content being posted each day.

And for those who aren’t satisfied with just 15-30 minutes of some sexy, heart-stopping action in between the sheets, or on the floor, can rejoice, since these videos on usually run for around 40 minutes or even for an hour sometimes.

The videos are available for streaming at 720p resolution and are surely going to make you ask for more. Also, it offers the ability to access and watch private shows on live sex cams as well.


Currently, keeping in mind the Halloween special discounts, one can get access for 30 days by paying $21.99.

Meanwhile subscribing for 90 days is going to cost interested individuals $49.48 for every three months.

Billing for six months currently will cost $75.87 whereas for a year, and you will be billed $98.99.


Website address: (

Having had an existence of over 20 years, tends to celebrate the unusual, psychological BDSM practices such as foot worship, fendom, name-calling, transsexual porn, crude slaps, spitting and ass-licking among others.

If you are someone who would enjoy watching all of these above things being done by people to each other, should be where you must go. Their network of sites and content is pretty massive, with 50+ channels that cumulatively house 13, 719 updates in total.

The folks here at have carefully curated the best sites on the Internet to access some kinky, mind-boggling action.

The production company also provides a modern spin to classic torture and bondage sex devices and toys and often depicts sexual fantasies of the medieval era with a classic modern spin, filmed on camera for your pleasure.

The average upload frequency is 2 to 3 uploads per week, which is pretty good for the fact that it is a pretty old website in terms of when it was started.

The sets and backdrops can range from medieval-era dungeons to a room full of extravagant antiquities, with wardrobes and toys used, adding up to the sexual quotient.

It allows you to search for your favourite porn movie or star using tags, which come in handy when you are trying to find something very specific to cater to your carnal fetishes.

It also allows users to track and add all your favourite scenes, channels or even categories under the ‘My Kink’ section.

Even more interesting is the fact that you can follow all these famous pornstars and directors of the porn films here on to receive updates on new content.

Videos can be downloaded in full-HD 720p or 480p resolutions. 

A few drawbacks, however, might disappoint those who are looking for something particular.

A few sites in the network might not serve fresh content, as is the case with sites such as Men in Pain, Captive Mail and a bunch of others, who have stopped updating with new content.

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The advanced search option isn’t too attractive either but can be tweaked a bit to add up to the experience.

The active forum where people could discuss their kinks, fantasies and BDSM stories apart from asking questions on the same was shut down recently due to a new US law. The interactivity of the content is thus, not so high in terms of if you want something more than just watching porn films over and over.

Nonetheless, if the content is all that you care about and your mind is running wild with the possibilities of BDSM categories available here, you definitely can give a shot!

Site Statistics 

  • Most popular bonus sites – Hardcore Gangbangs, Divine Bitches, Whipped Ass
  • Bonus sites – Cumulatively 60+
  • Total number of videos – 13, 719
  • The average length of videos – 40 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 1280x720; 5000k
  • Download limit – No
  • Total number of photosets – N/A
  • Photo slideshows – N/A
  • Watermarks on Photos – N/A
  • Maximum resolution of photos –N/A
  • DRM protection – No

Performance Score (Out of 10)

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User-Interface & Layout


Overall Score



  • It is one of the oldest and most popular sites for some finger-licking good hardcore sex, and BDSM purists and fetishists would love it
  • No limit on the number of downloads
  • A cumulative library of 13,719 videos
  • Has almost every other fetish/BDSM fantasy available, be it fendom, crude slaps, ass licking, face-sitting, gang bangs among others
  • On an average, fresh new content is being uploaded on the website twice or thrice a week, which is great for a website that’s over 20 years old
  • A total of 13,715 videos to stream with smooth playback and the ability to watch them or download in full-HD or MP4 format
  • If you love watching unconventional butt slapping, gang bangs and other such fantasies like name-calling and spitting, this is the place to be
  • Track and add your favourite scenes, categories and videos to receive new updates on their content
  • You can also follow the directors and actors or pornstars to get access to some amazing behind the scenes content
  • Modern-day twist to a host of medieval era fantasies and torture/BDSM techniques
  • Amazing production value, with utmost attention to detail and the wardrobes, antiquities and props together enhance the entertainment value a few notches above
  •’s channels page has several channels that have a selection of videos from different porn sites, including Fetish Network, DDF Network and lots of other such sites
  • Decent, bright lighting and good camerawork on the videos
  • Searching becomes easy due to the tags and keywords which help you find relevant content tailored for you
  • The average length of a video on Blowpass is anywhere around 40 minutes and ensures that you have a great time and also because more is more!
  • The website works well on mobile and ensures that you get the same experience across devices with minimum fuss
  • An online store where you can buy a variety of sex toys, BDSM gear and lubes and the videos also contain links to these products so you can buy these products in an easily accessible manner
  • A growing and dedicated community of fetishists, BDSM enthusiasts and purists alike
  • Great user-friendly and intuitive layout of the website
  • They have also recently expanded into VR content, amplifying the porn-watching culture even further


  • The site does not have an advanced search engine as yet. In the absence of a good search option, it makes it a bit difficult to access the videos at times.
  • Some channels such as Men in Pain, Captive Male and several others have stopped updating content completely
  • It seems like photos that are available here are taken as vidcaps from the videos, and the site doesn’t have exclusive photos in a separate manner
  • Being a bit more intuitive in terms of the design and layout can enable people to find content even more efficiently and reduce clutter
  • Only 17 sites in the recent past have been updated with new content, with some such as Men in Pain and Captive Male having been last updated/commissioned over eight months to even two years ago
  • The pricing structure might be a bit costly for a few people, and they might not find much sense in shelling out vast sums of money to buy a porn subscription
  • The once-active forum for people to ask questions, discuss the content and share their BDSM stories has been shut down in recent times, thus robbing the site of an element of interactivity.


Competing neck-to-neck with other sites such as,, and, which at most times offer content in associated niches such as, it faces some stiff competition for eyeballs.

In comparison to the above websites, however, all content on has a vast library of BDSM sex videos along with having fantastic production value.

Although it has a few issues regarding the advanced search capabilities, and the images available often come across as just vidcaps from the videos themselves, the overall experience of the website can be really good for fetishists, BDSM lovers and kinky men and women alike.

Its focus on making the creators independent in terms of what content they bring to the table makes it one of the super cool taboo communities out there.


Their support and customer response teams are available on the go and ensure that each user’s questions and issues are resolved most efficiently.

To connect with them if you have been encountering any issues or have some suggestions for the content, you can get in touch with them on the following link –

Final Verdict

Kink is one of the most comprehensive websites on the Web for BDSM and deep-throat, taboo porn, for over 20 years now.

Coupled with the content, it focuses on fostering a healthy community of fetishists and BDSM enthusiasts, which gives it major green signals for the in-depth content available on their website.

That said, some aspects such as the advanced search option, uploading of separate, and much more robust collection of adult images can help consolidate itself as the #1 resource for such content, towering much above the rest.

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It makes up for this flaw in the way that it allows you to search relevant content through making use of tags and keywords. The videos have great playback capabilities, and the streaming takes place without a lot of fuss.

We would give a thumbs up to the community for not only fostering a porn watching experience but also fostering a highly-engaged community of enthusiasts at a single place.

Parting words

Discussed above were some of the most prominent advantages and disadvantages of It is a great resource for purists and BDSM enthusiasts, having a lot of features that amplify the way how you watch these videos.

You can contact our customer support team who would try their best to get any issues you might encounter, resolved in a matter of time. Till then, you can trust with your carnal fantasies with closed eyes.

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