Kiiroo Onyx 2 Review (2020)

Are you tired of stroking yourself on your own while masturbating?

Do you want something that can help you enjoy the masturbation way more than you expect? Then, Kiiroo Onyx 2 is for you.

Yes, this is something that will take your masturbation fantasies beyond your expectations where you don't have to stroke manually, and it will also take care of everything that should be done. You only have to enjoy the feeling and pleasure.

I will let you know everything about the Kiiroo Onyx 2 that can help you understand how to use it, and what it is.

The way it sounds, I am sure you guys must be keen to know more about it. Well, this article is all about the review of Kiiroo Onyx 2.

I will discuss the features, specifications, how to use it, the pros and cons along with the competitors.

Kiiroo Onyx 2-FleshLight

What is Kiiroo Onyx 2?

Well, Kiiroo Onyx 2 is a male masturbator that is unique and takes all the manual stimulation.

It is responsible for massaging the penis in such a way that you can feel the pleasure. Indeed, this is something that can make you experience your masturbation past your desire where you don't need to stroke physically, and it will deal with everything that ought to finish.

You simply need to appreciate the inclination and the joy of masturbation.

How does the Kiiroo Onyx 2 work?

To use this, you just have to insert your penis and press the start button. This toy is a single machine that has both the mechanical goodies as well as the flesh light super skin sleeve which is supposed to stimulate the penis and will give you pleasure.

It has utilized a system where a machine should work and deal with the penis as well. This implies it is mindful of kneading the penis so that you can feel the joy and energy. Genuinely, this is something that can make you experience your masturbation past your longing where you don't have to stroke physically, and it will manage everything that should be done. You need to value the tendency and the pleasure of masturbation.

There are singular rings that the engine controls to commend the delicate, insignificantly finished sleeve. The sleeve inside is produced using Super skin material, precisely the same mix utilized in Fleshlight toys.

I don't have the foggiest idea of how they figured out collaboration with Fleshlight as Kiiroo. They've figured out how to manufacture a considerable amount of intensity into such a lightweight gadget. Fleshlight and Kiiroo have set the bar very high to the extent programmed male perverts go.

Kiiroo Onyx 2 Visual Manual

What’s so good about Kiiroo Onyx 2?

The Kiiroo Onyx 2 is substantially more dominant than other toys.The additional extravagant accessories of the Onyx 2 is that it's perfect with computer-generated reality and even without a VR headset can be matched up to pornography recordings just as the movement of its female partner.

There are right now even a couple of obscene games that are encoded to work with the Onyx 2, so I'd state it's a genuinely huge jump progressing in the intelligent sex division.

To exploit the Bluetooth abilities, download the Feel Connect application from either the Google Play store, Android or Apple application store. There are two principle modes you can use with this gadget, Bluetooth mode, and Manual mode.

Bluetooth Mode 

At the point when you turn on the Onyx 2, the light on the facade of the toy appears blue, which implies that the Onyx 2 is in Bluetooth mode. This is the mode you'll utilize in case you're attempting to associate with an accomplice or to combine your Onyx with the intuitive substance.

Manual Mode

If you press the catch on the facade of the Onyx while the toy turned on, the light will turn purple showing that it's in Manual mode. You can now control the speed of the strokes by stroking up or down on the couch cushion (it goes quickly at the most noteworthy setting).

You can likewise press the button again, and it will accelerate, and the example of the strokes will turn out to be progressively arbitrary (this is my main event when I'm going to wrap up). The touch controls make controlling the speed of the toy extremely simple.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. 1
    Turn on the gadget.
  2. 2
    Sync to your Bluetooth gadget whenever wanted. You can control the machine.
  3. 3
    Choose to match up with an accomplice or discover and download a pornography video that turns you on.
  4. 4
    Use ointment. I can't stress how significant this progression is on the off chance, that you need to have an excellent encounter.
  5. 5
    Stick your part inside and have at it. Regardless of whether you've picked a VR motion picture, or you're doing it physically, it will be enjoyable to perceive to what extent you can go. Likely not long with this thing will easily stop.
  6. 6
    Clean up – both yourself and the Kiiroo.

Sex Toy Performance Scores

Based on our experience, we gave out the following ratings to the Kiiroo Onyx 2.




9 / 10

Ease of Usability

9.5 / 10


8 / 10

User experience

9 / 10


9.5 / 10


8 / 10

Value for money

9.5 / 10


8.5 / 10


10 / 10


9 / 10

Overall Score

90 / 100

Statistics of Kiiroo Onyx 2

  • Website:
  • Materials: Body safe
  • Technology: Thrusting
  • Connectivity: Wireless (Bluetooth)
  • Power: USB rechargeable
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Safety and Security: Yes
  • Compatibility: FeelMe Compatible

Key Features of Kiiroo Onyx 2

The best part about the Onyx 2 is its touch control feature which can be utilized to change settings in a breeze.

There's even another voice-enacted venture in progress so that there would be no compelling reason to contact the pervert. Yet, it will be for a later update as the representative of Kiiroo said.

Another essential component that the Kiiroo Onyx 2 incorporates is the calmest, generally ground-breaking and most solid engine at any point introduced in a pervert.

If somebody needs to up their masturbation game and take a stab at messing around with their preferred 3D anime character or pornography on-screen character, at that point, he should exploit the video highlight of this gadget that synchronizes with the activity of the motion picture or game.

We need to discuss the way that this gadget is very substantial regardless of whether it's as yet lighter than a portion of its immediate rivals. The structure of the gadget is cautiously and exceptionally versatile. One couldn't want anything more than to keep it with them to utilize it at any place.

This new form is hotter and bolder than the original of Onyx, on account of Kiiroo. This isn't your average toy. It is superior to any other male device.

  • It is portable and lightweight.
  • It is Ultra-quiet.
  • Real-time movement.
  • Video feature and strong compatibility.
  • It has Ultra speed control system.
  • It is extra soft.
  • It is easy to use and comfortable

Competitors of Kiiro Onyx 2

There are many male masturbators available on the market that can give you pleasure and joy of satisfaction. The Lovense is a competitor for Kiiroo Onyx 2. Both are two leading companies in the market for male masturbating gadgets.

Enlivened by the disappointments of his long separation relationship, the organizer explored different avenues regarding sex tech, since 2010. In 2013, he propelled the Lovense brand with the world's first two-way intuitive long separation sex toys.

About the Kiiroo Onyx Technology

 The first thing you need to do is to charge your gadget. It takes four hours to six hours to charge. Next, they let you know to download the applications. There is the "Feel VR" and the "Vibe Connect" applications. Feel Connect lets you adjust to your Onyx sex toy along with the different sex toys.

So, if you have an accomplice that also has a Kiiroo sex toy, at that point you can make them cooperate. That implies you're going to encounter relative speeds along with the vibrations so you can understand harmony with one another.

Feel VR, is an application that enables you to see pornography recordings that are associated with this toy.

So, when you're viewing such a video, rather than merely envisioning that you're genuinely inserting it in her, it's going to feel that you are. If the lady on-screen backs off, you're going to see that as well.

What Comes in The Box?

The Kiiroo Onyx 2 accompanies the entirety of the accompanying things inside the crate:

  • The Kiiroo Onyx 2 (clearly)
  • A little bundle of water-based lube
  • A USB charging link
  • A guidance manual
  • A guarantee enlistment card
  • A preliminary for FeelMe (sensible pornography which can match up to the Onyx 2)


  • Automatic wanking
  • Agreeable Fleshskin by Fleshlight sleeve
  • Heaps of various fulfilling settings choices
  • VR and Bluetooth network choices
  • Easy to utilize
  • Can interface with the Pearl 2 for cooperated play


  • Higher than the regular sticker price
  • The size of the toy is quite big
  • The hour-long battery may appear to be short for a few

Specifications and Design

As the name suggests, the Kiiroo Onyx 2 is the second cycle of the Onyx male pervert. It's been called everything, from a sensual caress machine to mechanized sex to anything in the middle of that. In the least difficult term’s potential, it's a mechanical vibrator with a Fleshlight sleeve.

The support team of the Kiiroo Onyx 2 operates very well. They fix issues like how the sleeve fits in the gadget, battery life, and made many other touch-ups. As per clients, the first Onyx had some issues which were fixed in Onyx2 variant of the toy.

The outside of the Onyx 2 is built out of ABS and POM plastics, so the gadget has a lightweight and large, close to a kilogram, best case scenario. Its size measurements are 3.5''x 3.1'' x 10.3'', making it a humbly huge size, yet at the same time, sufficiently simple to get your hands around serenely.

Kiiroo Onyx 2 Review - The Hands-Free Male Masturbator

The semi-adjusted edges of the case make for a casual hand-feel. To the extent insertable length is concerned we're working with 16.5cm or about 6.5'' of room inside the gadget. Size shouldn't be a concern, except if you're more than 7 inches.

The Onyx 2 is fueled by a lithium battery with around 1 hour of absolute utilization time (relies upon which settings you decide) for every 4-6 hours of charge time. The proportion of the charge to utilize isn't terrific. Specifications that are liked by our experts

Sensible sleeve

Material that has been used in the inward sleeve is exceptionally decent. With some oil, it truly gives that very much needed sensible feel.

Speed's sliding size

I like that the Kiiroo Onyx gives you a chance to control the speed as per your desire with its sliding scale. It makes for a progressively adaptable encounter, and the capacity to exactly achieve the speed that one needs.

Exciting inner development

The interior robotization is one of a kind, and it's delightful. It cannot be concluded whether it's pretty much reasonable than a portion of different styles, however, maybe it's simply unique. Much the same as getting a sensual caress from various ladies.

Specification that are NOT Liked by our experts

  • The sound of the toy: To begin, it's unquestionably not good with regards to the commotion levels, however, a large portion of these automated penis massage machines may appear pleasing to some.
  • Controls of the toys can be troublesome: One of the best features of the gadget is to control it through your cell phone.
  • VR recordings cost cash: One needs to pay money for every individual motion picture. This is a downside of the gadget.
  • VR recordings have the opportunity to get better: Virtual Reality recordings are stunning, although there is a scope for improvement.
  • No variance in size: These sleeves are only available in one size, which is okay for me. However, I don't know if it will be useful for all. You'd need to attempt it to watch, in case you're on the exceptionally enormous or tiny side of the range of the penis size.


The price of Kiiroo Onyx 2 varies from $210 - $220 on different websites. It is available on Amazon as well as on the official website of Kiiroo. Kiiroo is offering this at the lowest price so that you can buy it from there. You might have an option to apply a coupon and avail 15% discount on it.


I'd say the Onyx degenerate is unquestionably outstanding amongst other penis massage machines available nowadays. Moreover, all the additional innovation is very energizing – at any rate from the outset.

It has the force, it has the practical material that is skin-like for the sleeve, and it has various settings – including augmented reality and accomplice synchronizing – for additional joy. 

In case, you're willing to put a touch of money into a deep-rooted delight accomplice or if you are looking for something in a male masturbator where you don't have to put much effort, and you want to enjoy the feeling of pleasure, joy, and satisfaction.

Then, Kiiroo Onyx 2 would be the best for you. However, trying and exploring new things isn't a bad thing, right? So, why to think much, go and get Kiiroo Onyx 2. You can get it online at the best price. Hurry Up!!

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