Jobs for Stay at Home Dads

As the world grows to become more and more competitive each day, it has become imperative for at least one parent to stay home with their children to prepare them for the race of life, and with traditional gender roles being challenged in the 21st century, stay at home dads are becoming a common sight to see.

Stay at home dads are able to take care of their child’s every need by being a constant support system at home, but with the side hustle culture catching on, these fathers are recognising the merits of making some extra money to save for a rainy day.

In fact, millennials make about $10,972 on average each year through such side hustles, Gen Xers make $8791, and baby boomers make $5892 according to a survey by SunTrust Bank. For stay at home dads, side hustle money can come in handy in times of emergency or can contribute to the household income.

After all, no amount of money is ever enough when raising a child! On that note, here are some jobs that stay at home dads can take up from the comfort of their homes

20+ HIGH PAYING Jobs for Stay at Home Dads in 2022

1. Start An eCommerce Store

E-commerce stores are a great occupation for fathers who want to have their own business while staying at home. Age is no bar for starting your own ecommerce store on platforms like WixShopifySquarespace, and Square Online.

Each of these websites provides a unique opportunity to start your own e-commerce store at a fixed per year convenience fee averaging at around $70 a year at the lower end and $70 per month at the higher end.

Starting your own ecommerce store gives you the opportunity to be your own boss, but it will require an initial investment in hardware, software, and the business itself. Further, an e-commerce store is a constant and consistent commitment, unlike freelancing, from which you can take some time off when your child needs you. It may also take you a while to start turning profits, but an average e-commerce site starts making a revenue of $150,000 in three months.

A few ideas for your own ecommerce business that many people engage in as side hustles include

  • Starting a thrift store
  • Selling books or enamel pins
  • Selling smart products and accessories
  • Selling niche subscription boxes

2. Become an SEO Specialist

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the newest most valuable skill in the market and is one of the best options to make money as a stay at home dad. SEO has become an integral part of digital marketing and has also transformed into a great way to make money online.

As of 2021, SEO specialists, also known as Search Engine Evaluators, hold an earning potential between $113,518 and $131,590 per year, with an initial investment being only that of a course you may take up to master the skill. Salaries, however, vary depending on education, experience, and certifications, among others so it may take a little time for the money to start coming in.

Starting your own ecommerce store gives you the opportunity to be your own boss, but it will require an initial investment in hardware, software, and the business itself. Further, an e-commerce store is a constant and consistent commitment, unlike freelancing, from which you can take some time off when your child needs you. It may also take you a while to start turning profits, but an average e-commerce site starts making a revenue of $150,000 in three months.

Search Engine Specialists are in great demand since the pandemic has caused a great shift towards e-commerce and the post-pandemic trend towards hybrid functions causes SEO specialisation to retain much of its earning potential.

3. Data Entry

  • Data entry is a simple way to earn some money as a stay at home dad especially if the priority is flexibility and the goal is freelancing.
  •  Most businesses must process a large amount of information and data during their functions and they hire data entry freelancers to help the smooth and efficient functioning of their companies by entering data into a computer system or secure file system. Data entry jobs may entail some other clerical activities.
  • Data entry jobs require minimal initial investment and only require you to sign up with a company that hires freelancers. Data entry clerks are hired for hourly wages that range from $11 to $17 per hour according to PayScale.
  • Importantly, it is necessary to be aware of scam recruiters. Beware of a listing that demands an administrative or training fee or demands money for processing rebates, purchasing business kits, or promotes affiliate marketing.
  • Some companies that hire for freelance data entry jobs are-o AjilonHaynes & Co.iMpact Business GroupKForceLaSalle Network

4. Run a YouTube Channel

  • Running a YouTube channel is a commitment, but it is one that has a huge earning potential if the channel develops a decent following. Running a YouTube channel is an excellent idea for dads who have a creative streak and some basic video editing skills, which you can also learn online with free courses on YouTube itself!
  • There are a number of methods to monetize a YouTube channel including ad revenue, promoting affiliate links in the video description, brand deals, sponsorships, and offering memberships. Patreon has become a leading membership host for many content creators on YouTube that helps creators develop a recurring income stream by providing bonus content and having interactions with members.
  • Starting a YouTube channel does not require much initial investment if you have a good smartphone, however, investing $ 100 on a small LED light and a budget microphone could drastically improve the quality of the videos.
  • On average, a YouTube channel earns about $ 18 per 1000 ad views which equates to $3-$5 on 1000 video views from ad revenue. Revenue from other sources may differ widely.
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5. Sell an Online Course

  • If you think you are an expert in a subject or you want to put that degree you’ve long forgotten about, finally, to some good use, then selling an online course is an excellent idea if you are a stay at home dad. Selling an online course will entail building a curriculum, exploring a topic in-depth through various mediums including videos, text, and references, building a community of learners, and earning an income. All you need to learn is how to make an online course that sells.
  • There exist multiple online course platforms that have a pre-existing infrastructure already designed and can make it quick, easy, and profitable to run an online course. The apps take out the technical parts of selling the course and help you focus on the subject matter and students. Some of these apps are-
  • You can teach almost anything on these sites including cooking, coding, math, keeping a house clean, and training a dog. The sky's the limit for the things that people want to learn, and the more interesting your course, the higher the limit for your revenue with nary an initial investment!

6. Be a Social Media Manager

  • Businesses must handle a large portfolio of social media handles to stay relevant in the digital age, but most of them might prefer focussing on the business itself! It is hence that they hire social media managing freelancers to handle social media for them across multiple platforms.
  • A social media manager is tasked with crafting and creating content, writing captions, gaining followers, and managing a wide variety of social media accounts including responding to comments, replying to messages, and updating followers. 
  • An initial investment of about $ 50 on an online course on social media management can go a long way to push you in the right direction, and various sites estimate earnings of at least $ 50,000, though salaries vary depending on the type of company, region, manager’s experience, etc.

7. Try Your Hand At Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate marketing is a good way to earn money as a stay at home dad and entails promoting the products and services of a company while working on your own hours and with your own network. You get a commission every time someone purchases said product or service. Companies use affiliate marketing to drive sales and generate significant revenues.
  • Affiliate marketers must appeal to potential consumers or customers and persuade them of the value of the goods that they must invest in. If the consumer is convinced and purchases the goods, the affiliate marketer receives a portion of the revenue made by the company.
  • There is often a specific audience to whom affiliate marketers must cater and the pay scale increases with time and experience. There may be some initial investment that the company may ask the marketer to make and you may wish to invest in a course to learn more about affiliate marketing, but there are no other initial investments required to start marketing as an affiliate to a business.

8. Work as a Handyman

  • A stay at home dad may choose to moonlight as a handyman, especially if you have the skills and are only using them around the house at rare times. Took a carpentry class you really loved? Have an electrical engineering degree9. lying around? Your skills can be used to earn some money and give you an excuse to step away from the kids every now and then!
  • Repair companies tend to charge ridiculously high amounts of money for jobs and charging clients less than those amounts can help a stay at home dad pursue a long forgotten skill or passion. 
  • You can work as a plumber, an electrician, a carpenter, or a general repairs-person and help out your neighbours for some extra money.

9. Be a Travel Agent

  •  Being a travel agent can be a great job for a stay at home dad that he can pursue from the comfort of his desk. Of course, being a travel agent is fun too as you get to virtually travel around the world and constantly be on your toes helping clients book their travel arrangements.
  • Travel agents help clients book flights, hotels, cars, tours, and other activities from the comfort of their homes and the pay can be great if you work for higher end clients.
  •  It may take a while for the pay scale to improve and for you to master your research skills, and while the pay is not exorbitant, it ranges at a median of $ 38,700 a year.

10. Run a blog

11. Manage an Etsy Store

  • Etsy is an artisan market on the internet for handicraft goods, vintage items, craft supplies and much more. You can turn your passion or hobby into a revenue generating business on Etsy by running an Etsy store to sell your own creations. As a stay at home dad, Etsy will let you follow a long lost passion while giving you the freedom to work on your own time while keeping an eye on the kids. However, it is important for a busy stay at home dad to remember that he is completely responsible for all sales, inventory, and customer relations on Etsy- unless you decide to hire help which would only put a dent in your profits.
  • The smart way to go about Etsy is to take your time to select the right product to sell, post great photographs of it, tell a story and pin photos to pinterest, tag items with keywords to help people find your product, use Etsy selling tools and consider advertising and free shipping, perhaps just until you get a head start.
  •  Etsy sellers have the potential of making between $43,000 and $46,000 per year if they are reasonably successful and top earners go on to make even up to $65,000 per year
  • .

12. Become a Virtual Assistant

  • A virtual assistant is generally self-employed and does administrative, technical, and marketing work for a business or another person completely online and from anywhere with an internet connection. A virtual assistant job is good for a stay at home dad who has some flexibility in his home duties as virtual assistant jobs can be demanding at certain times.
  • Virtual assistants support business leaders by keeping their calendar, keeping track of their meetings and calls, checking up and updating their daily schedule, responding to emails, collecting information on sales targets before meetings, and even ordering eatables or business requirements for the office from which the business executives are working. They also do bookkeeping, billing and invoicing, content research, writing and blogging, customer support and research, data entry, social media marketing, and transcription according to the demands of the company.
  • Freelance virtual assistants can have varying salaries. Basic job descriptions can bring a virtual assistant a $8-$12 per hour earning, whereas more experienced virtual assistants handling a wider portfolio of work can make up to $15-$35 every hour with the average being about $18.89 per hour.
  • .Platforms like Elance, oDesk, Craigslist, and Zirtual can provide stay at home dads with virtual assistance opportunities.

13. Become a Pet Sitter

  • The world is busy and not everyone gets to stay at home to watch their little ones, and so, many pet parents are in dire need of a pet sitter when working or when on vacation. A stay at home dad can be the perfect pet sitter as the pet can be an interesting companion for the children while dad makes some extra money on the side.
  •  A number of people got themselves a pet to keep themselves engaged during the pandemic, but with markets opening up in recent months, pet sitters and pet walkers are in high demand across the globe.
  • You can either find gigs for yourself or log on to sites like Rover which help you find pet sitting jobs. Top walkers and sitters on Rover earn $1000 per month for taking care of and playing with pets and walking pets earns you $15-$20 per hour on the app.

14. Become a Customer Care Representative

  • If you have a degree in communications, or good communication skills, and you are a people person, you can be a customer care representative or a customer service rep from the comfort of your home.
  • All major companies hire customer service representatives to maintain customer relations and to understand feedback about their products and services, and with the pandemic, various call centers have shifted to virtual mode where you can take up these jobs from your home as you take care of your kids.
  • Virtual customer care reps assist customers with orders, billing services, tracking shipments, and answering other questions pertaining to the goods or services they have availed from the business.
  • There are generally no formal education requirements for being a customer care representative but most call centers prefer a high school degree. Being a native English speaker can go a long way with being a customer care representative and even though it may not be the most exciting thing a stay at home dad can do to earn some money, customer care representatives get paid more than $15 per hour of work they put in.

15. Become a Babysitter

  • A stay at home dad is already devoting large chunks of his time to children, so what are a few more kids added to the lot? Becoming a babysitter is a good choice for a stay at home dad looking to make a few extra bucks and parents in need will certainly be grateful for a seasoned hand taking care of their kids while they are busy.
  • There are no prior requirements or initial investments required for becoming a babysitter and the pay scale will vary according to the dad’s interactions with each client. Considering that the dad is already taking care of children at home, it may not be very tough to take up a baby-sitting job. What more, the kids will have someone to play with as well!

16. Retail Arbitrage Seller

  • Retail arbitrage means that you take advantage of a price difference between two or more markets to resell a product at a profit, sometimes for both, the seller and the customer. Most retail arbitrage sellers nowadays buy from a wholesaler and sell on platforms like Amazon to turn a profit.
  • A stay at home dad can become a retail arbitrage seller by conducting research on multiple markets and goods, buying products at cheap rates and in bulk, and reselling them and sell them on platforms like Amazon Seller which can be used to set up your business in a way that Amazon handles logistics while the seller monitors the inventory and the fees. Craigslist and Ebay are other sites that are popular with retail arbitrage sellers looking to turn a profit from goods bought wholesale.
  • Retail arbitrage has the potential to bring in some quick cash with little starting capital in quite an easy format, but risks include losing all your money, being in constant competition, and not selling all the products you invested in. Retail arbitrage selling can also be very time consuming which could be challenging for a stay at home dad who has other responsibilities to look to.
  • The pay scale for retail arbitrage sellers varies depending on various factors.

17. Resell Sneakers

  • The sneaker reselling market is huge in sneaker-head circles and buying and reselling limited edition sneakers can make for some quick turnaround cash for stay at home dads with a knack for marketing.
  • Hypebeast, Stock X, Highsnobiety, Sole Supremacy and the many other sites keeping track of sneaker fashion are a sure shot way of determining the trends of the market and understanding how to go about the trade. There are also many courses available online that teach how to make six figures on the sneaker reselling market.
  • Platforms like Ebay, Goat, and StockX are excellent for starting off and persevering in your sneaker reselling business, but some considerations to think of before diving in as a responsible stay at home dad are the rampant virus of fake shoes available out there, complicated marketing on personal levels and over social media, unfair advantage at the competitor’s end depending on connections in the community, sneaker violence, and people buying sneakers as an investment rather than footwear and hence being extremely wary about quality and other such factors.

18. Freelance Your Skills

  • There are many skills that a stay at home dad may have a knack for that others might pay money to use. One of these is writing. The content writing industry is ever growing and there may be little starter investment that a skilled writer may need to put in to start earning. Content writers can earn an average of $48,715 per year, with the rates going up if you are an intermediate or advanced writer with experience.
  • Content writers can sign up on platforms like UpWork, Fiverr, and Freelancer to be connected to companies that require content. They can bid and apply for freelancing jobs on these sites and can often earn through the sites themselves as well.
  • You can also invest in content writing courses to hone your skills on platforms like Udemy.
  • Other skills you can freelance are transcription, SEO marketing, graphic design, digital marketing, basic web design, blogging, and wordpress management. There is a varying earning potential for each of these and they can all be executed while fulfilling your fatherly responsibilities as a stay at home dad.

19. Teach English Online

  • Teaching English online is a good option for native English speaking stay at home dads who want to earn some quick money. English tutors are highly demanded across the globe. A stay at home dad can make good use of the flexibility lent by a teaching job to teach online while simultaneously taking good care of the children.
  • There is negligible initial investment in an English teaching online job and teachers can expect to earn up to $26 per hour on various platforms that host remote English teachers like-o MagicEarso Palfisho VIPKido QKidso Cambly
  • What is required is a secure and reliable internet connection, a Zoom or Skype account, and perhaps a competitive English certification that lends credibility to your English teaching skills. It is important to be friendly and patient while teaching children and being punctual goes a long way.

20. Testing out websites and apps

  • You don’t need to be a computer genius to test out websites and apps, and what more, you can get paid for it! Commenting on the functionality, usability, and design of a website or app by using it like a normal user would is a good way for a stay at home dad to make some quick money.
  • Taking a user test requires a computer, keyboard, and mouse, an internet connection, and sometimes a microphone and a webcam.
  • Testing websites and apps makes around $10 per test for the average tester but the job is very flexible and suits the needs of a stay at home dad. However, since there are many more potential testers than customers, it is advisable that you get a good testing rate and sign up on as many sites as you can.
  • Some sites that you can sign up on are-o User Testingo UTesto What Users Doo User Testo Enrollo UserFeel

21. Grow And Sell Plant Seedlings

  • Want a job which the kids can also help with? Growing and selling plant seedlings is an excellent opportunity for a stay at home dad to involve his kids in the money making process at home.
  • Many people love to have indoor potted plants like succulents that are prolific growers. These plants constantly produce young ones that can be replanted and sold at a slightly older age!
  • There are also many hacks online to grow plants out of fruit and vegetable seeds that you can grow and sell to neighbours and friends for some extra cash, while your kids have fun watering their little vegetable garden. You can grow anything from lemons to oranges to even melons and tomatoes in your backyard and make a small business out of it. Just put your faith in the power of the internet!

22. Participate in Focus Groups

  • Consumer focus groups are created by handpicking people to participate in a discussion to obtain consumer perceptions about an area of interest for a company so as to help with product management and marketing plans.
  • Consumer focus groups are a great way of making money without engaging in a long term commitment with an employer or with yourself as a self-employed business person. Focus groups pay to hear your opinion or knowledge on various topics and last only a few hours.
  • Consumer focus groups usually pay in cash and you can receive upwards of $100 for sitting in a conference room and sharing your opinions with a group of 6-8 people and a moderator, mostly verbally and seldom in written. Not only will a consumer focus group work very well for a stay at home dad with strong opinions, it will also give him a small break every now and then.
  • Consumer focus groups usually pay in cash and you can receive upwards of $100 for sitting in a conference room and sharing your opinions with a group of 6-8 people and a moderator, mostly verbally and seldom in written. Not only will a consumer focus group work very well for a stay at home dad with strong opinions, it will also give him a small break every now and then.
  •  You can look up the websites of companies with head offices close by to find out if they are organising consumer focus groups in the vicinity or use platforms like-o Adler Weiner Researcho Usability Scienceso NYU Research Studieso 20|20 Panel

23. Become a Proofreader

  • Proofreading jobs entail checking documents for mistakes and correcting them and are a great option for stay at home dads. These jobs require a great eye for detail and will require you to check everything from articles to CVs.
  • There is no investment in becoming a proofreader and you do not necessarily require a degree for this either. Of course, being a native English speaker will help with doing the job and there is software to assist as well.
  • You can use sites like UpWork, Fiverr, Flexjobs, and Scribendi to find proofreading jobs and do them from the comfort of your home and in your own time as long as you meet deadlines.
  •  Proofreading jobs can make you varying sums of money depending on experience, region, etc. but there are proofreaders working full time who earn up to $ 500,000 every year, so the sky's the limit!

24. Become a Transcriptionist

  • Transcriptionists write down or type out what is spoken in an audio or video and the most that is required to be a transcriptionist is being a fast typist. Transcriptionists are paid per audio minute and attention to detail is the biggest skill that one can have as a transcriptionist.
  • Stay at home dads need no formal training to be a transcriptionist and most are on-boarded based on a preliminary transcription evaluation. Though little investment is required to be a transcriptionist, it is advised to have a good pair of headphones or earphones, to work with a laptop, and to perhaps invest in a course if you want to really hone your skills and your commitment to the work.
  •  The average salary of a transcriptionist is $18.79 per audio hour and can vary depending on the client, the experience of the transcriptionist, the region, and the audio itself.


It is clear that stay at home dads can do almost anything while taking care of the kids and the house. There are hundreds of options that can keep dads occupied and also help them contribute financially to the household, all of which only take a little initiative and some hard work and dedication.

These jobs can also go a long way in killing monotony and boredom and freelancing in multiple roles can help them achieve this to an even greater extent.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

1. How do stay at home dads work?

Stay at home dads work while taking care of the house and the children. They generally prefer jobs that have work-from-anywhere or work-from-home portfolios which have become more common in post-pandemic times. Stay at home dads prefer jobs that are flexible and do not require enormous time commitments so that they can pay heed to the needs of their children.

2. What jobs can a man do from home?

A man can do varied jobs from home including freelancing, teaching a skill, teaching English, becoming a transcriptionist, translator, or proof reader, becoming a babysitter, dog sitter, or customer care representative, etc.

3. Best jobs for stay at home mums

Stay at home mums can do a number of jobs to keep themselves occupied including writing a blog or starting a YouTube channel, or both, writing content, transcribing, proofreading, becoming a babysitter, or engaging herself in an online business or craft on etsy or amazon.


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