Jiggle GIFs Review (2020)

Jiggle GIFs

Do you ever feel like being flirtatious and naughty with your partner but fail to do it virtually? Well, Jiggles GIF gives you the freedom to do so now.

In the middle of sexting when you feel like expressing your lust, the Jiggle GIFs come into the picture.

There is a variety of content, think and they have it on board!


  • All kinds of hot stuff are available including blowjobs, handjobs and a lot more is distributed among its 40+ categories.
  • The GIFs are free to watch and download. Now, express exactly what you feel in no time.


  • There is no customer support. To report any query or glitches, one has to contact them through mail.
  • The frame might get absurd while changing the view mode of the selected GIFs.

It is a friendly and helpful website for the people who love GIFs and like to keep their feelings natural.

Astounding scenes have been extracted from some of the best porn videos so you don’t have to worry while you wish to describe your mood.

Suppose you are sexting your partner and you want to get naughtier with every message you send. Hold up! No need to waste your time by typing long words to express your lust. Just get some hot and naughty GIFs from Jiggle GIFs because watching GIFs is always better than reading long messages.

You might be able to find a perfect GIF amongst the extensive collection of those nasty clips of the best porn videos. Browse through a treasure full of various categories, that might suit your taste.

On Jiggle GIFs, you will find everything starting from blowjobs, handjobs, BDSM videos to hard-core porn, lesbians and creampie. Every category has tons of GIFs which are enough to arouse your partner. All the GIFs are cut scenes from the best porn videos on the internet.

They are fetched from the most famous sites and collected here at Jiggle GIFs. You will find every kind of model you desire for. The website makes sure that users can have access to the perfect pick they want for a particular moment.

While browsing through the mine of wondrous GIFs, you can always add your best picks to favourites so that you can access them anytime with ease and speed. The GIFs are entirely free. Just open the GIF and right-click to save the GIF. It is that simple!

The GIFs have good quality scenes if they are clipped from a HD video. Once you open any GIF, at the bottom, you will see some of the related GIFs belonging to the same category or featuring the same model. This will help you get stocked with your favourite genre or model.

GIFs express a lot! More than an image but somewhat close to a video. But as you know, porn videos can be of larger sizes, and it could create an unnecessary delay when having fun, which is a huge turn-off. So, fasten your seatbelts and have a tour to the best dirty GIF featuring website, Jiggle GIFs.

Why is Jiggle GIFs the best destination to fetch GIFs?

In this age of internet and technology, everything is available online. The younger audience tends to seek everything on the internet. Not just them, but everyone is obsessed with it.  Be it a young lad or an old hag, there is no age to experience lust.

People have online fun with their partners, e-girls or even strangers, if they get lucky enough. There are times when you don't want to spoil the mood when you're almost hitting the spot. You wish to make your partner scream your name. You don't need a dirty text; you need a GIF.

Naughty GIFs always work at such times and the best GIFs can be found at Jiggle GIFs. With over 40k GIFs there are so many choices for you to pick the right GIF for the moment. Jiggle GIFs provide content featuring every age group.

For the younger generation, there are GIFs featuring teens, for adults, there are MILF GIFs, and for the horny senior audience, they have GIFs featuring matures. But there are no such rules to stay in your age limit. There are no limits when you have the desire to quench your thirst of lust, isn't that right?

I would suggest you check boobs, hard-core, anime and hentai. They have the best and the most GIFs in these categories. Do you think you can create some hot and spicy GIFs as a hobby? Then you can showcase your skills by uploading GIFs made by you.

Whenever a user opens a GIF, Jiggle GIFs will pop-up a message at the top of the webpage which will feature a profile of the person who uploads the GIF. Not just that, but it will also show the counter for the number of times it has been watched by the audience.

This feature will help you get recognition on the website, and you might become the saviour of millions of thirsty people .

Performance Score (out of 10)



Website Design

8 / 10

Content Updates

10 / 10

Quality Of Gifs

8 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


10 / 10

Value For Money

10 / 10

Exclusivity Of Gifs

8 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

7 / 10

Overall Score

88 / 100

Site Statistics

  • Total number of GIFs – 42k+
  • Categories – 40+
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 1920*1080 pixels
  • Download limit – N/A
  • Photo slideshows – No
  • DRM protection – No
  • Watermarks on GIFs – No
  • Maximum resolution of photos – 490*150 pixels

Website Overview

Website address: http://www.jigglegifs.com/

Estimated visits last month – 58.7k

When you try to think about the name "JiggleGIFs" what comes to your mind? Of course, a pair of big juicy tits jiggling in front of your face.

The name itself attracts a bunch of audiences. You can always count on the amount, quality and variation in the GIFs. 

The website completes its package with some extra things to offer you. It hosts some other sites that the audience can view prior or post enjoyment. Under their logo, you will see some extra features like cams, porn games and gay GIFs. Jiggle GIFs hosts these websites and work together.

There are gay GIFs on Jiggle GIFs, but who doesn't want some extra dip sauce to experience extra hot taste while enjoying the meal? If you are really into gay stuff and want to have fun in another way, then just go down to the bottom of the website.

There you will find a link to another website featuring gay porn games. Well, a little bit weird or kinky, you may say, but Jiggle GIFs knows how to satisfy the viewers. On the flip side, they don't provide support in the best way.

The only way to report things and to get your issues solved is by contacting them. For a website formed in 2007, it should be evident that it should have a support option to help their customers interact just in case.

The main page, after your visit, is full of a variety of GIFs. On top of those GIFs, you will see options to sort the GIFs accordingly. You will find the latest GIFs by default. But there are choices to sort by highest rated, most viewed, most commented and finally random.

This feature is beneficial to the viewers who are visiting for the first time. People get confused when they see something new for the first time. Jiggle GIFs has a perfect sense of empathy.

Competitors of Jiggle GIFs

You might be thinking if there are any competitors to a website that features porn GIFs. Neither did I have any idea about these sites at first. But it seems the internet is flooded with almost everything. Jiggle GIFs also has good competitors like a GIF porn tube, GIFfies, giftube etc.

These sites have their pluses and minuses. Some are better in providing better quality while some are better in offering the best content. For example, GIF porn tube has a better design for their website. The thumbnails of the GIFs show rating, views, and the time it was updated.

When you hover the arrow on the thumbnail, all the mentioned extra info goes away. This lets you view the thumbnail completely without an obstruction. GIF porn tube provides more features by hosting various websites to quench your thirst.

At the bottom of the page, they display all the categories and popular searches.


  • Jiggle GIFs has one of the hottest GIFs collected from the best porn videos of all time from the best porn websites. No need to search google every time just to get sexy GIFs. Get them from Jiggle GIFs.
  • There is an extensive collection of a variety of GIFs. Jiggle GIFs have covered almost every category that you may want to experience. Lesbian, cum-shots, anime, hentai and what not! Why don't you look for yourself by visiting Jiggle GIFs?
  • It has an enormous roster of hot and sizzling babes who have been featured in porn before. All of them are enough to make you hard and help you in every way. Surprise yourself by finding the model or pornstar you like the most.
  • Break while enjoying the moment is a big turn off. The related GIFs will allow you to save time while having fun and show you a list of GIFs which belong to the genre you are currently watching or they will feature the model whom you have been fapping to.
  • The GIFs are free to watch and download. You can download them on your PC or your phone. Downloading will allow you to share it to the one you are wondering about. So, surprise them with something that you will be serving the next time.
  • Who doesn't like fresh and new content? Jiggle GIFs update their GIF database every now and then. Viewers can always enjoy new GIFs sooner. Every time you open their website, they will never disappoint you with old stuff, that's for sure.
  • Searching, sorting, browsing and other navigation options are very user-friendly. There is a lot of ease and comfort while you are touring through the website. An additional option of jumping on to any page is quite helpful too.
  • All the GIFs are well distributed into categories. There are almost 40 categories in total, and all these GIFs can be accessed easily with the help of the unconditional distribution.
  • If you are into making GIFs and love clipping the best scenes from a porn video, then Jiggle GIFs is your destination. Anyone can upload their content on the website free of cost. So don’t hesitate to show your skills on the internet.
  • If you are into making GIFs and love clipping the best scenes from a porn video, then Jiggle GIFs is your destination. Anyone can upload their content on the website free of cost. So don’t hesitate to show your skills on the internet.
  • Viewers can rate the GIFs and add them to favourites for future use. This will save time and will allow you to enjoy your time as expected. You can also change the view mode- stretched or tiled.


  • Jiggle GIF is one of the websites providing adult GIFs. But unlike other sites, the site is not visually appealing. The format and display look too basic and unprofessional. So, the first impression might not be that great.
  • GIFs are made after clipping scenes from a porn video. For the GIF to be of the best quality, the porn video from which it has been clipped off should have good quality. Standard quality porn videos might lead to unfortunately bad quality GIFs.
  • There is no customer support, like other porn websites. To report or find solutions, you will have to contact them through an email. This leads to an unnecessary delay in communication.
  • There is no customer support, like other porn websites. To report or find solutions, you will have to contact them through an email. This leads to an unnecessary delay in communication.
  • There is no customer support, like other porn websites. To report or find solutions, you will have to contact them through an email. This leads to an unnecessary delay in communication.
  • There are some ads on either side of the webpage. It is a huge turn off if you click them by accident and you get redirected to somewhere else while you were doing your job.
  • When changing the view mode of the selected GIF, it may not fit as it is expected to be. Most of the times, the quality of the GIF drops substantially and gives a disappointing feeling.
  • There is no download option on the website. You have to manually download by right-clicking on the desired GIF and save it on your device. It is a lot of work to do, especially when you are in the mood to beat your meat.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Jiggle GIFs is entirely free of cost whether you are just watching the GIFs or downloading some of them. The rich content on the website is worth paying for, yet you will have free access. However, the visual quality of GIFs cannot be categorised into HD. Itis a little sad to look for GIFs in low quality.

This is, indeed, the perfect destination to let your stress out for free. They also provide a free upload of GIFs of your creation. You can show off your skills and experience by uploading for free. So, enjoy your visit here and search for the best GIFs to make your partner bite her lips.

Don't just keep it to yourself. Let your friends know about it or even your partner. Maybe you will be the one to get a surprise on your next encounter online.

Customer Support

There is not much available regarding customer support. The only way to contact them is by their email id. It is a little annoying because there is no surety of getting a reply from these people. There might be thousands of people contacting about various issues. So not all are entertained.

The viewers will be disappointed if they do not get a reply on something fundamental. But I don't think many people will face issues with Jiggle GIFs. The website is quite simple, keeping the complexity off. Everything is easy to browse and choose. There is no issue of payment as everything is free.

So, the problems faced due to online payments and frauds are eliminated. 

Final Verdict

So, to sum up, I would like to say that Jiggle GIFs is a website for porn or sex GIFs. Most of the adult stuff loving public prefer watching full-length videos, but GIFs are enjoyable at times. Like the time when you are sexting with someone and want to heat the moment.

These are the times when GIFs might come in handy. Well, Jiggle GIFs offers an ample amount of adult-rated GIFs for free.

These GIFs get replaced by fresh new ones every single day. To be honest, there is not much you can do on the site but to check out some sexy moments from porn videos turned into GIFs. Jiggle GIFs is quite simple and easy to use.

The time you visit their homepage, you will get a page full of latest and fresh GIFs. You can change it to the most viewed, most commented or by highest rated according to your mood. You can check out GIFs from over 40+ categories and download them for free.

So, get pumped up by the hottest GIFs available. What else do you desire?

Parting words

So, this was about Jiggle GIFs, and some of its features and limitations. It is a genuinely friendly website for people interested in GIFs. There are jaw-dropping scenes fetched from the best porn videos and provided just for the horny audience.

If you have already visited JiggleGIFs before, you can share your experience with us. I think I have almost covered the maximum amount of information. But if you are still hungry for more information, just contact them and mention your query in the email.

Contact us if you want a review of any other website related to adult content. We would be always glad to help you out! So, you need not to go anywhere if you can get jaw-dropping GIFs for free.

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