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If you are into video-sex and searching for platforms which connect you to professional performing live on the cam shows, leave you your wish to Jerkmate.

The design of this platform is genuinely appealing and aesthetic, and its interface easy to use.

The review will open you up to more details on its performance.

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  • The website allows you to customize your profile according to your preferences.
  • Jerkmate allows its members to add and remove details from their profile whenever they want to. Therefore, once you have created a profile on Jerkmate, it can be customized as per your requirements.
  • The support system is impressive; the users can call, email or chat live to the executives.
  • Members get the email support, calling, and live chat options when it comes to the customer support services of Jerkmate.
  • You can watch both solo and couple shows on Jerkmate.
  • Users get options of 5 languages other than English for setting up the language of the site.
  • This cam site is designed to be aesthetic and comes with a user-friendly interface as well. The subtle and cool colours used in the design make it quite an eye-soothing site.
  • You can access its features via smartphone and tablets easily. The live streams can be watched in HD quality on mobile devices too.
  • Payment for the membership packages can be completed via credit cards or debit cards. Cards of American Express, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover, Visa, etc. can be used for completing the payment formalities. These things make the payment procedure of Jerkmate flexible.
  • The models are gorgeous and perform naughty moves passionately. This makes your experience a lot better on Jerkmate.


  • However, there are minimal options for free users.
  • The colour scheme for this site could seem unattractive or childish, mostly to men.
  • The options offered by Jerkmate to its free users are limited. Also, the members have to spend money for accessing bonus materials and live streams on this site.
  • Limited previews are displayed on the landing page of this site. Therefore, members don’t get an idea about the kind of shows and models they will get to see on the site unless they create an account.
  • Even though the appearance of the website is cool and pleasing to the eyes, however, some members might find it too meek and kiddish.
  • You have to be careful while accessing the premium features of the site if you don’t want to end up spending a lot more than you had planned for.
  • The free trial ends up too soon and this can be a bit disappointing to the newly registered members of the site.
  • The laid back and casual customer service can irritate its members easily.
  • The design of Jerkmate’s chat interface leaves a lot to be improved.
  • You do not get full HD i.e. 1080p resolution while watching a live stream as the streaming player supports a maximum resolution of 720p. This can be a little disheartening for those who prefer watching the live shows in full HD quality.

Webcams are very popular these days as guys look forward to watch hot girls performing live on the cam shows. Jerkmate is one such site that allows you to masturbate while watching nude girls masturbate themselves.

Moreover, you get to choose girls belonging to different races and ethnicities and according to their body type and features on Jerkmate. Thousands of girls will be waiting for you on Jerkmate, and therefore you will find this site irresistible.

However, you will have to create an account on this site before you look at its girls and features. This can be a bit upsetting for those who like to watch girls without registering but the site’s landing page provides a short and quick preview of the girls you are about to watch in the live shows. 

People especially youngsters love this site because all the models on this site are hot and attractive. Moreover, you will find a nice mix of amateur and professional models here, which means that you can choose the models as per your mood and preferences.

What makes Jerkmate special?

Jerkmate is not like the rest of the webcam sites, and you will notice it right from the start. The wide range of ethnicities, body type, hair colour, and other options it uses to sort the models tells us that this site has got a lot to offer.

The live streams on this site buffer in a seamless manner and you can enjoy the show without any disturbance. Each live stream has a detailed description of the assets of the model and the profile also describes the skills or expertise of the male or female models.

Most of the channels are available in HD quality, and you can also mingle with the models by chatting with them with the help of a chatbox. Also, you will see a list of similar models that might help you if you get bored with the model that is performing on that particular channel.

The site has thousands of live channels, and you can also choose a private show if you subscribe for a premium account on this site.

This webcam is specially dedicated to live masturbation cams, and therefore you will find a lot of girls and boys masturbating live on various channels.

A good thing about Jerkmate is that it asks your permission for sending notifications and mails on your email id during registration. Therefore, you can choose whether you want to see their promotional messages or not.

All these features make Jerkmate a perfect webcam for all the adult cam lovers.

Desktop interface

Desktop interface

Mobile interface

Mobile Interface

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Site Statistics 

  • Most popular webcam tags – Big tits, Anal Sex, Asian
  • Most popular features – Free registration, models from around the world, hundreds of online users
  • Professional models – Present
  • The age range of users – 18 to 40
  • Amateur girls – Present
  • Transgender models – Present
  • Mobile support – Yes
  • Private shows – Available
  • Photo slideshows – None
  • Are all the chats discreet – Yes
Cecilia Vega


Website address

Average visits per month – 24.3 million

The motto of this site is to empower you so that you never masturbate your pleasure yourselves alone. When you land on the landing page of the site, there are a lot of information about the site.

Jerkmate tells you that you don't have to masturbate by yourself when you have so many options on the internet, and we think that they are right. After that, you can choose whether you are looking for a man, a woman, a couple or a transsexual.

Once you choose this, you can select the ethnicities of the models and  further you can choose the hair colour. Now, you will have to choose the body type between skinny, fit, chubby, and BBW.

Once you select all these preferences, you will be directed to the account creation process, which is a fast and fairly simple one. You will have to select a username and password after providing your email id.

Also, you will have to provide your credit card details so that you don't have to enter the payment details when you opt for premium plans. A good thing about Jerkmate is that they don’t deduct anything from your account if you choose to be the free user.

Jerkmate - Find A Stranger to Jerk Off With!

Also, for your information Streamate and Jerkmate have the same features and design. Therefore, if you already have an account on Jerkmate, then there is no need to open an account on Streamate and vice versa.

Once you create an account, you are all set to enjoy the perks of this site. If you find a particular stream boring, then you can click on the next random stream. At the bottom of each live feed, you will see the name of the model.

If he or she is hot, then you can click on the name to check out their entire profile. There is a lot of information about the models on this site which is again a good thing.

If you want to switch to a premium account then you can either pay via credit or debit card and the option of PayPal is also available.

If you choose a premium account, then remember that the payment will be automatically deducted if you do not unsubscribe it before the expiry of the premium plan.

Moreover, you can create your profile with all the details, and Jerkmate allows you to show your private parts to their models which is a great thing for all those kinky girls and dudes out there! The sad thing is that you will have to pay for opening the live streams.

A minimum payment of 5$ will be enough to start chatting with the sexy models. Also, the video quality will be 720 pixels max, which is not true HD, but the player is good, and so the stream quality will still be satisfactory.


  • Jerkmate allows you to choose live masturbation streams and live sex cams of couples. Therefore, you can choose either to watch live sex or to watch masturbating guys or girls.
  • You can customize your profile according to your preferences. Moreover, you can modify your spending limit, rewards, and payment details as per your convenience.
  • The site offers complete support to the users. The users can call, email or chat live to the executives who will guide them if they have any queries or issues.
  • There are five other languages viz. Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and French apart from English when it comes to the language choices offered by Jerkmate.
  • The design of this webcam is appealing and aesthetic. Moreover, it is far more user-friendly and straightforward to use than most of the other webcams. Also, you can stream even on your mobile phones and tablets, and the quality of the stream will be as good as you see on a laptop or computer.
  • The colour scheme of the site is cool and does not hurt your eyes at all. Also, the super cool designs complement the colour scheme and make this site perfect. We hope that developers of the webcam sites take inspiration from Jerkmate.
  • Jerkmate allows payment through credit and debit cards of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Maestro, and Discover. This means that you have flexible payment options while switching to a premium account.
  • The models on this site are seductive and too hot to handle. Therefore, if you want to turn yourselves in a wild way, then you can register on this site.


  • Jerkmate does not provide many options to free users. As a result, if you have to open bonus materials and hot streams, then you will have to spend something.
  • This webcam provides few previews of the models on the landing page. Therefore, you don’t know what you should expect from this site until you create a free account.
  • The colour scheme for this site is attractive and cool. However, some men can find it too girly and childish.
  • If you are not careful about the paid features, then you can end up paying a lot more than you should.
  • The free trial does not last for long as it ends shortly after you start streaming the cam. This can be a bit upsetting, especially for the new users.
  • After registering on this site, sometimes the verification email can be found in the spam folder, especially if you are using the email services of Yahoo.
  • The customer service is lethargic at times which can frustrate the users.
  • The chat interface of Jerkmate can be a lot better.
  • The streaming quality of cams can be up to 720 pixels. Therefore, you might feel the quality a bit lagging, especially if you used to stream at 1080 HD quality.

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Registration is completely free on Jerkmate. Premium plans start from 14.95$ and for unlocking other features, you might have to pay more.


Many webcam sites provide a lot of features to the free users such as Chaturbate, LetsJerk, etc. These sites even provide the same quality when it comes to streaming. Moreover, some of the sites like Chaturbate and MFC have a much bigger database of models.

The one thing that sets Jerkmate apart is its user-friendly features. However, it does not provide freebies, and therefore, webcam lovers might be tempted to use other sites.


Jerkmate provides dedicated support services to the users. You can also choose to chat live with customer support executives of this site. For seeking live support, you can click on this link

You can also get the contact information on this site by visiting its customer support page.

Final Verdict

Jerkmate is quite an impressive webcam, but if you are looking for free cam sites, then you can avoid it completely. Also, if they are charging for a premium account, then they should also provide true HD video streaming quality.

Apart from these few minor flaws, the site is aesthetic, beautiful, and fully packed with features. Also, if you just want to get a feel of the site before purchasing any premium plan, then you don't have to worry as the account creation process is free.

Moreover, you can just masturbate on live cam and earn money by using this site. Therefore, this site is lucrative for anyone who does not mind to show their bodies and private parts.

When we look at the overall features of this site, then we would certainly recommend it to any adult cam lover. However, if you have already subscribed for a premium plan on Streamate then don’t waste your time here as the features are exactly similar.

Parting Words

Sometimes it gets hard to choose when there are a lot of adult cam sites. However, if you have never tried a premium adult cam site and wish to do so, then you can start your experience on Jerkmate!

Also, the site is secured through an HTTPS encryption and does not bother you with unnecessary adverts. Therefore, you will certainly enjoy a premium experience on Jerkmate in that aspect.

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