Jav HD Review (2020)

Jav HD

If you happen to be a lover of Hentai and Japanese porn, we have a fascinating site for you.

Jav HD is a porn platform amassing contents from over 15 websites, giving you access to uncensored libraries of hardcore Japanese porn.


  • It contains more than 3000 porn movies available on Full HD and HD quality.
  • The website's channel and user engagement is incredible and offers fresh uploads daily.


  • However, most of the content which is available on the site is not exclusive.
  • You cannot post any comments related to the video or find you cannot find any bio information related to porn stars.

For more on the customizations of the website, do check out this review.

Jav HD happens to be a Japanese porn network with massive content covering more than 15 websites. You get to access an uncensored library of hardcore Japanese porn in the best quality that you can ever have.

There is undoubtedly a reason that Japanese girls are considered the most objectively beautiful women because they have the softest as well as fairest skin, sexy eyes, hottest body figure and tightest pussies.

This is the exact purpose that  Jav HD serves ; bringing you a whole range of babes who can get the heat out of you in front of your screens. However, if you are someone who doesn’t know about this site, then you are surely missing some delightful stuff in your life.

Today, we will be reviewing Jav HD and will be giving you a detailed insight at what this particular porn site has in store for you. Let us begin.

What makes Jav HD different from other porn sites around the world?

Well, the answer to this question lies in the fact that it has Japanese (Asian) babes out there! Also, another fact that Japanese porn is currently the most popular porn niches around the whole adult industry.

When you open Jav HD, you will get to notice that the network is innocent, just like their babes. However, the site description comes out weak in describing the verbiage about the content that it offers.

Still, their content is powerful and exclusive when it comes to expressing the eroticism that they have got.  

Jav HD Review

Founded in March 2011, Jav HD is quickly becoming the centre of attraction using its approach for showcasing their niche and sub-niches.  If you ever had a love of hardcore, naughty and tasteful porn, then you should be their guest. 

Stunning Asian females power the site with their lovely smiles and hottest bodies where you can dip yourself into the cool pool of Japanese porn. You will get familiar with their genitalia acts with their swollen clitoris and drawn up testicles which will leave you awestruck in the very moment.

You will get a whole multitude of porn especially made as per your moods; putting you in the driving seat to get your dick ready for the massive jerk out.

At Jav HD, you can expect a whole range of porn comprising of schoolgirl uniforms, bathing suits, lingerie as well as total nudity to build a proper regime of assorted porn out there.

The site gives a lot of importance to its members by bringing you mixed up content every day, including hardcore, passionate and even girl on girl action.

There can be no better thing as to watch some of ravishing sexual babes giving a go at each other in pure HD quality content, giving you every level of detail on your wider screens.    

First Impression

JAV HD is a bundle of porn sites that mainly feature Japanese pornstars. Here, you will find steamy blowjob scenes, erotic masturbation clips, gangbang videos, anal sex clips, sexy stripteases, and a lot more.

The adult actresses of this site like to get dominated by men in all ways. They do not mind getting tied up to the bed and receiving a hard pounding in all their three loves is their favorite pastime.

Also, here you will find a lot of scenes where one woman is banged in a room by multiple guys.

You will also enjoy its exotic massage sex scenes and threesomes where the models get a banging of a lifetime. All in all, it has a massive collection of erotic and hardcore HD porn scenes.

Jav HD Review

Site Statistics

  • Most popular porn stars – Yui Hatano (690 scenes), Erika (690), Hibiki (526), Aika (412), Mao Hamasaki (402), Shizuku (399), Akira (405), and a lot more.
  • Most popular niche categories – Big tits (163 scenes), Blowjob (592 scenes), Amateur (111 scenes)
  • Total number of porn movies – 3300+
  • The average length of videos – 30 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 1920 * 1080 pixels (1080p Full HD)
  • Download limit – No
  • Total number of photosets – 58000+
  • Photo slideshows – Yes
  • Watermarks on Photos – No
  • Maximum resolution of photos – 1920 * 1080 pixels
  • DRM protection – No

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Exclusivity of Videos


User Interface


Overall Score


Meet the Number 1 Hostess in Japan


Website Address: www.javhd.com

I am pretty sure that you have come across many Japanese porn sites across the internet, which promise to be the best.

However, the problem starts to arise when you get to see a lot of censorship over pussies and cocks as well as poor quality of porn because of the porn regulation made by the Japanese government.

Jav HD Review

But the good thing is Jav HD offers only the uncensored content, and these regulations are not at all applicable on it because the site is typically made for the western public. The content is shot exclusively in Japan and made to publish on the site, and these contents come from different sources as well.

Jav HD is a huge porn network that features 15+ subsites with each of them surrounding a different theme as well as different content. If you are thinking that going on through these 15+ sites can elapse a lot of time, we have covered something special for you. 

You can check out the most featured porn site of the network – ‘Schoolgirls HD’, covering more than 150+ scenes about sexy Asian teens dressed up in a neat school uniform and where they get banged by their favourite teachers as well as classmates.

If you indeed are a lover of crispy Asian porn, don’t forget to enjoy them on ‘Hey MILF’ where young dudes fuck some of the hottest MILFs. For people who like kinky stuff with a lot of moaning and screaming, you can visit ‘AV Anal’, the most intense anal sex website out there around the whole internet.

You can certainly enjoy these 16 sites offered by Jav HD once you become one of its members. You can expect everything except low-quality videos because they purely offer their content in Full HD resolution that you cannot have any complaints about.

Also, with 15 to 45 minutes long videos, you can expect the greatest fucking scenes alongside solo videos as well as the gang bang. The site updates a lot  of media often, and you get to see daily content with the biggest model index featuring over 900+ babes.        

Besides this, the site performs great when it comes to providing a fabulous user experience. The member area looks neat, well- organized and up to date. The mobile version as well looks to be performing well with plenty of browsing options available for both the mobile as well as the desktop version. 

JAV HD’s exceptional browsing tools

JAV HD offers numerous filters and tags which the members can use to streamline their browsing. It provides a basic search engine with the help of which you can search for porn movies according to their titles and niches.

It also provides a separate section from where you can download videos with subtitles. Moreover, you can also keep a track of your preferred porn scenes by putting them in your list of favorite porn scenes.

JAV HD also provides a model index which has plenty of details about the models. Members cannot comment below the videos but they can rate them to show that they have liked or disliked a particular video

This site allows the users to sort the content with the help of categories as well. Therefore, you will find this site convenient for exploring sex scenes of different types of niches.


R18 is a popular JAV site that has over 243K videos. It’s collection also comprises over 4000 VR scenes and hentai porn.

Moreover, it has a huge collection of both hardcore and softcore porn scenes. Also, you will find adult videos of both professional and amateur girls and guys here.

The best thing about this site is that it offers over 100K of free sample videos.

However, for downloading the HD quality scenes you will have to pay some charges. The downloading charges are different for different scenes and their streaming fees differ as well.

You can also rent a video or movie if you find it interesting. Therefore, it is a quite pricey site as you do not get to download all the videos by buying a premium plan. 

Jav HD Review

The daily updates and exclusive porn scenes make it one of the better JAV sites but it doesn’t offer bonus sites as JAV HD does. Also, JAV HD provides access to all the scenes with a single membership plan.

As a result, it proves to be an economical option for porn lovers who are into Japanese adult content. JAV Whores is another option for guys and girls who are into Japanese porn. It also provides uncensored videos as JAV HD does and has porn movies of other Asian girls as well.

The best thing about this site is that it offers all its content for free. Therefore, you do not have to waste a single coin to watch Japanese porn on this site. The quality of the scenes is also good but you cannot expect a free porn site to provide HD porn scenes as JAV HD does.

Also, the scenes that are uploaded on this site are retrieved from other sources and therefore, you will not find exclusive porn scenes on this site. However, most users won’t mind this as they are getting to enjoy Japanese adult videos for free on this adult portal.

VJAV is another free porn site that only focuses on Japanese sex clips. It also has a huge collection of adult scenes and photos. Moreover, you can explore the content of this site via a mobile handset as well as this site is mobile-friendly.

However, since it is a free site, you will have to bear the pop-up ads that appear quite often while browsing video galleries and watching videos. You will also find gay and trans videos here but their numbers are quite negligible.

Sadly, you do not get the option of downloading a favorite scene and this is another major drawback of this site.

If you are looking for a JAV site that allows its users to download full-length scenes for free then you can check out JAV Junkies.

It is a great option for those who are not keen on purchasing membership plans to watch and download porn content. However, you will have to adjust to several of its flaws as well.

For example, the navigation of this website is not smooth enough for providing a hassle-free experience to the users. Also, there is a continuous bombarding of pop-up ads that can easily frustrate you.

Therefore, we recommend JAV HD to our users if they want to enjoy a hassle-free and premium porn watching experience.

Jav HD Review


  • With more than 3000 porn movies available at 15+ websites, each of them having different themes and content, there can be no better place than the Jav HD. It brings you close to the massive exclusive content in the style as you like it.
  • The content is available on Full HD and HD quality, making you drizzle off in the large screen setting displaying you with every bit of detail.
  • The channel and user engagement are fabulous, giving you daily updates with an eyeful of sex movies that you cannot just resist.
  • You can expect a whole range of genitalia acts and vivid oral sex with some of the finest Asian pussies going in and about the spectacular action.
  • Jav HD gives you a lot of mix up content so that you cannot get bored. Stuff like hardcore, big tits, passionate fuck, lesbian and MILFs, all are available there like a charm.
  • Log in to watch your favourite babes like Yui Hatano, Aika, Mao Hamasaki, Asahi Mizuno, and a lot of other babes going on with their sensual hot bodies and asses which you cannot just hold off.
  • The model index of Jav HD is quite large covering about 900 babes; showing their impression of variety that they offer to their viewers.
  • With the help of their videos averaging about 15 to 45 minutes long, surround yourself with the best fucking that you ever will see. There are many solo videos with however lesser time duration as well as the gang bang, kissing and cumshots.
  • Talking about the features, each model has a unique style profile created on the site where you will find every video featuring her as along with their short description written there.
  • The Jav HD offers some exceptional value for your money, and you can avail its premium package at the lowest of the prices. Unlike any other porn sites out there, Jav HD accepts credit card payments. 
  • Jav HD utilizes some of the highest impressive cloud servers that send in the data quickly so that you always play your videos smoothly and successfully. With such high speeds, your downloads would also be turbo fast.
  • By being its premium member, you get everything at the right place. The member area is well- organized as well as up to date with all the premium content stuffed in there.
  • By being its premium member, you get everything at the right place. The member area is well- organized as well as up to date with all the premium content stuffed in there.
  • You get plenty of browsing tools as well as visualization options to help you go through the entire content quite easily.
  • You get plenty of browsing tools as well as visualization options to help you go through the entire content quite easily.
  • Besides browsing the regular materials, you get a list of categories with many already asserted tags to every video to make a good search result system yielding your desired results.
  • The platform also features a rating system which is typically based on like / dislike buttons and content recommendations.
  • You can even add your favourite videos which will be added to your personalized sections so that you get quick access to them every time, thereby, saving you a lot of time.
  • Jav HD also offers some amazing online support assistance to give you a vivid experience. You can ask about all queries or complaints you are facing through the online chat system, raising a ticket or calling on their toll- free numbers. The professionals are quite eager to solve your queries, and their assistance is available 24 x 7 every day.


  • Most of the content is not available exclusively. You will probably see some scenes which are new and exclusive to the site but are taken from somewhere else.
  • Although the site offers you with a lot of different ways to explore, the pagination given by their team only lets you skip back or ahead a few pages at a time.
  • Besides rating feature, you cannot post any comments related to the video or anything else.
  • With every model having a profile, you cannot find any bio information related to them. It is just the videos featuring the model along with the description.

What the Japanese think of Japanese Porn?


Jav HD has become a lot more competitive since its recent upgrade. They are now offering good content at fairly good prices. By availing their membership, you get a free pass to unlimited streaming and downloading options.

Let us quickly take a look at some of their prices for membership packages.

You get a three days trial pack for just $1. The monthly premium charges hold on to $39.99 every month covering all the 16 sites on the network. There is an option of three-month premium package which will cost you only $29.99 per month. 

Now, time for the six-month pack which has offers of purchasing a six- month pack where you will get another six- months free. This package will cost you $155.88, which is quite a bit expensive seeing what the top sites are offering.

However, being one of its kind, the prices are totally fine and do not fall on the higher side. We will surely recommend the yearly plan for unlimited and some of the highest quality of porn. 

For more information, you can refer to this link: https://javhd.com/en/join.    


  • Jav HD seems to be offering a 24 x 7 online support assistance to its members. You can call on (+1) 855 276 2339 if you have any query or complaints related to any service that they offer.
  • Their toll-free number is +1 855 276 2399, and their service seems to be user- friendly, fast and a lot more secure. Also, they keep your information highly confidential to make you feel safe as well as give you non-stop viewing experience.
  • They have a dedicated team of professionals providing you with the quickest of the responses while handling your queries. You can avail their professional online customer support by going through this link: https://www.jvbill.com/. You can chat, submit a ticket or even call on their toll-free number.

Our Opinion

Estimated monthly visitors – 462K+

We recommend this porn network to those who get excited by seeing exotic Japanese beauties getting hammered in their pussies in different ways.

Also, it is better than other JAV sites because it mostly features uncensored sex clips.

Moreover, the site gets revamped with fresh scenes regularly. The user interface is nice, clean, and easy to understand and operate.

Therefore, you will not face any issues while accessing the 'member's area' and other important pages of this site.

The collection of porn movies is massive on JAV HD as it has already crossed 2.7K scenes. Most of the videos can be downloaded in either MP4 or HD format.

Jav HD Review

Moreover, the option of downloading the scenes in lower quality is also provided to the users. As a result, you can choose a resolution depending on viewing preference and device on which you are intending to watch the scenes.

Also, Japanese porn movies have always focused on certain niches more. The viewers of Japanese porn love to watch porn scenes of these niches and this reflects in the keywords they use while searching their preferred porn videos.

For instance, you will find plenty of porn clips where the lady in the office, school, police, nurse, and other uniform is getting tortured in a bus, train, hospital, and other public places. The gangbang scenes, groping videos, highly seductive massage videos, squirting clips, etc. are also preferred by JAV porn lovers.

All these niches are well covered by JAV HD. Therefore, you do not have to subscribe to any other network or site once you purchase a premium membership of this adult network. The adult videos are also accompanied by photo sets that you can view online or download in ZIP format.

Around 40 adult photos are provided with every scene and these photos are uploaded in high-resolution formats. Therefore, you will have a great time while browsing through these pictures.

Final Verdict

Really up for some uncensored Japanese porno? Well, JAV HD is the network that happens to offer you a sizable collection that keeps you in the mood to enjoy different kinds of kinks and fetishes, consisting of anal, schoolgirls, MILFs and a lot of more astoundingly hot babes.

You cannot go wrong in choosing their premium membership because Jav HD offers you with all the realms of pleasuring sex that you may ever need. It has got everything to take advantage of in real HD quality.

Sail your way to an ocean of seductive hot Asian babes and the most quality fucking that you have never seen before.  

Parting Words

We would surely recommend Jav HD to you if you are a fan of some high- quality porn and variety of sites embedded together. Please do tell us whether you like Jav HD and if it fulfilled your hunger by leaving your comments.

Furthermore, if you want us to review some more porn sites for you, send us your queries, and we will take care of every query that we receive. It’s the goodbye from us, and we will see you again. 

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