Top 10 Japanese Cam Girls (2020) – Reviews & Comparisons

You might have seen a myriad of Asian cam sites, but how many of them let you interact exclusively with Japanese girls?

The good news is that there are popular Japanese cam sites, where you will easily find more than 1000 online cam models willing to chat with guests and regular members.

The list that we have prepared today is of the top 10 Japanese cam girls who rank very high on their respective webcam sites.

Yes, it took us some time to prepare this list because there were too many good-looking Japanese cam girls available. But the time we spent over the research is worth it.

We want our readers to watch only the best nude and erotic live shows of the best Japanese cam girls. 

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We have reviewed these cam models based on certain parameters, for example, looks, attitude, personality, their cost for private shows, and availability. Looks: Our list will introduce only the best of the best Japanese cam girls who are definitely worth your time.

The ladies we have listed are extremely charming. Most of them wear soft makeup and dress well. Attitude and personality: It doesn’t feel good to come in contact with someone rude. We spent a good amount of time while exploring their webcam shows.

Some of the hot chicks did have personality issues, and that’s why we didn’t include them. So, the models that we are going to talk about here are pleasant, they have nice personalities, and all of them are good to their guests.

Cost for private shows: Most of the webcam performers offer free live shows; however, they are available for paid chat shows, such as private shows. You can expect to pay somewhere around $1.99 to $8.99 per minute for the private shows.

Please note that each of the models has a different rate when it comes to private shows. Availability and schedule: The webcam models we have listed here do come for live shows regularly. If not daily, they broadcast their live feed at least every alternate day. Most of the models can be saved as favorites.

Once you save someone as your favorite, you will get a notification whenever they come online. We also recommend checking out the models’ profiles to know about their schedules in detail.

1. WAKABAchuu

WAKABAchuu is a Japanese webcam performer, and she is registered with Sakura Live, a leading Japanese webcam site. WAKABAchuu has not revealed her real name.

She is around 24 years old and she speaks Japanese. Once you visit her profile, you will get to see some of her free photos and a short bio page. To see her full bio, one has to become a member of Sakura Live.

The registration process is easy. WAKABAchuu is available for both private and free public chat.

About her appearance, she looks nice and always wears beautiful attire to look her best. She uses a full HD camera to broadcast her live show. She is gentle and very friendly.

You can find her online frequently, but not regularly.


WAKABAchuu comes online from Monday to Thursday. She doesn’t have any fixed timings.

WAKABAchuu charges around $2.99 per minute for private shows. However, she sometimes does increase her charges.

  • WAKABAchuu is a gorgeous young girl.
  • She uses an HD webcam.
  • She has a nice figure.
  • WAKABAchuu comes online frequently.
  • She accepts private chat.
  • WAKABAchuu is an extremely soft-spoken girl, and we could gauge that from her free public shows.
  • She communicates well with her audience, and she is available for nude shows, but only in private chat mode.
  • She always uses HD cameras to broadcast her show.
  • She performs nude only on private shows.
  • Sometimes she might charge you a bit more than $2.99. Her private chat price is not fixed.

2. NICOxandxx

Another good-looking Japanese webcam model on Sakura Live is NICOxandxx. She is hot, she knows what she has to do to engage her audience, and yes, she is ready for private shows as well.

NICOxandxx is a 26 years old Japanese webcam model. She has an enormous fan following, and she comes online only on Saturdays and Sundays.

She is a working professional and unfortunately, she hasn’t revealed much about her full-time job.

Her fans are increasing day-by-day mainly because of her charm and beauty.

She is classy, yet extremely adorable. A good mixture of beauty and brains if you want to mark her as your favorite, go ahead and become a member of Sakura Live.


Every Saturday and Sunday.

NICOxandxx usually prefers public chat shows; however, if you want to join her for a private show, you will have to pay her $3.99 per minute.

  • NICOxandxx can speak English and Japanese.
  • She prefers public chat shows.
  • She comes online on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • NICOxandxx is an adorable lady who uses an HD camera to broadcast her performances.
  • She is gentle and lovable.
  • She mostly refuses private chats.
  • She comes online only two days a week.

3. MIUmro

If you can’t wait to watch a nude performance of an adorable Japanese webcam model, visit MIUmro. She comes online daily.

MIUmro is just 20 years old, and she is already very popular among her fans, that’s why she broadcasts her live feed daily.

She has uploaded some beautifully shot photos of herself, and can speak fluent Japanese.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t speak English. Her bra size is 86 cm, waist size is 59 cm, and her height is 86 cm. This Japanese webcam model is a student.


Sunday to Monday.

Private chat shows cost $1.99-$3.99 per minute.

  • Extremely adorable.
  • Soft-spoken and humorous.
  • Full model index page available even for guests.
  • MIUmro comes online daily, which means you will get to chat with her from Monday to Sunday.
  • She uses an HD camera to broadcast her live feed and she is very humorous.
  • You can chat with her online or send her an email.
  • She takes time to perform nude shows.
  • MIUmro can, unfortunately, speak only Japanese.

4. Maaya

Maaya is a registered Japanese webcam model at Madam house of webcam, a leading Japanese webcam site. Maaya is fun-loving, she likes to make friends, and she is very picky when it comes to private chat.

Maaya loves to watch movies, participate in Karaoke, and cooking. How do we know all that? She has mentioned it on her bio page! If you would like to know more, visit her profile.

Maaya may not show her face all the time when she comes online, and she doesn’t have any photo archives. You can save her as your favorite, but only after becoming a member of the Japanese cam site.

She is 160cm tall.


No fixed timings.

$0.99-$2.99 per minute.

  • Maaya loves going for private shows.
  • She is 37 years old.
  • Maaya is fun-loving and has a charming personality.
  • The model uses an HD webcam.
  • She can speak English, but not fluently.
  • She is very attractive.
  • We don’t really know about her schedule.
  • There are no photo archives available.

5. Lori

Lori is a 47 years old Japanese webcam model, who comes online daily. She usually prefers coming for live shows late at night.

She prefers public shows, and this model is highly professional when it comes to performing live shows. Lori is divorced, and she can speak fluent English. She enjoys movies, karaoke and watching TV.  

She is very outgoing and social.


Monday to Sunday- late at night.

Free public shows. No private shows offered.

  • Lori is 47 years old.
  • She is kind and energetic.
  • Lori loves to make new friends.
  • All of her chat shows are free because she prefers public shows.
  • You can easily become friends with her. She is very social.
  • This webcam model is not available for private shows.
  • She doesn’t do nude shows.

6. Sato

Another mature lady who has a massive fan following is Satu.

She is available only at Madam house of webcam. The good thing about this performer is that she performs free live shows for guests and her followers.

Sato is married, and she can speak English, although not fluently.

This Japanese webcam model is 160cm tall and you can see her showing her face always. She doesn’t do sex shows. She loves music, movies, and she is a kind person. Sato loves making friends too.


Monday to Friday (at night).

Only public shows: Free.

  • Sato always shows her face on the webcam.
  • The model loves making new friends.
  • She comes online from Monday to Friday.
  • Satu is an extremely hot Japanese webcam model.
  • Her public chat shows are free.
  • We couldn’t find any photo archive of the model.
  • She doesn’t prefer private chat shows.

7. KyotoCream

If you would love to watch a hot Japanese chick in some wild sex shows, KyotoCream is your babe. This 23-year-old webcam model is one of the most popular Japanese webcam models.

Kyoto has shared that she has a weakness for men with fit bodies.

The model loves puppies and kittens too. She is available for public chat shows, and she performs nude shows on public chat rooms itself.

However, if you would like her to do something for you, you will have to pay her tokens.


She is available from Sunday to Saturday. All Tuesdays off.

  • Nude pics: 888 tokens
  • Exclusive one-hour Lovense control: 4999 tokens
  • Deepthroat: 606 tokens
  • Anal: 1234 tokens
  • KyotoCream performs extreme sex shows.
  • She comes online daily.
  • The webcam model is very professional.
  • She is always ready to perform nude shows.
  • She performs sex and nude shows, and has a proper model index page.
  • For some of the services, she ends up charging way too much money.
  • KyotoCream private shows are very expensive.

8. Pineapple512

When good girls go bad, things become even fiercer. Meet Pineapple512. She is the perfect combination of a dash of cuteness with overloaded sex appeal.

Pineapple512 has not mentioned her real name, but when we visited her profile, we got to know that she is 22 years old.

She is into men only and her kinky attributes are anal, masturbation, dress up, pussy play, slave, and much more. You will find her online daily.


Monday to Sunday.

Private shows: Minimum $2.99 per minute.

  • Pineapple512 has massive tits.
  • She is young and always online.
  • She loves to masturbate.
  • Pineapple512 is a hardcore webcam sex model. She performs erotic shows.
  • The model comes online daily.
  • Pineapple512 is quite popular and she ignores guests and mostly mutes them.
  • Her private shows are a bit expensive.


Sakura is a registered webcam model on MyFreeCams. You can find her online every day. She is a real stunner and weighs only 50 kg. She is single and always ready to perform for her ardent fans.


She is new to MyFreeCams and her charges are not affordable.


Private chat shows: $5.99 minimum.

  • Sakura comes online daily and uses an HD web camera.
  • She has been voted as a four-star model on MFC.
  • Sakura is 24 years old, and is interested in both men and women.
  • This Japanese webcam model enjoys private shows.
  • She is into sex shows.
  • Sakura is not an affordable webcam model.
  • The model mutes all the guests.

10. aMIYABIa

aMIYABia is a 20 years old passionate webcam model. She comes online daily, and takes a day off for herself on every Tuesday. Her profile page has alluring photos.

AMIYABia is only a student and she loves to interact with new people and show her naughty side to everyone. AMIYABia is available for private shows only if you are good to her.


Sunday to Monday (Tuesdays off).

  • Public chat shows are free.
  • Private chat shows cost minimum $1.99 per minute.
  • AMIYABia is into sex shows, and she comes online regularly.
  • The model has a bio page.
  • AMIYABia has photo archives too.
  • AMIYABia is a naughty girl and performs extremely seductive nude shows.
  • She is very friendly and greets guests well.
  • One major drawback of this model is that she can only speak Japanese.
  • Sometimes she may charge a bit more than $1.99 per minute for her private shows. The rates are not fixed.

Parting words

Go ahead and explore all of these Japanese beauties. If you would like to save them as your favorites, don’t forget to become a member of the respective webcam sites.

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