Jab Comix Review (2020)

Jab Comix

Jab Comix is one of the oldest Hentai and comic porn websites established way back in the nineties.

Since then, this website has amassed a staggering number of faithful visitors, as it's footfall runs in millions.

If you are looking to find animated versions of any genre of erotic content or any parodies of mainstream cartoons, you will find it here at Jab Comix.


  • Content is original and exclusive, and the library is exhaustive when it comes to providing a staggering amount of animated erotic content.
  • You can also read several comics that have an awesome storyline and detailed illustration.


  • Paid website, although free content is available here which is advertisement ridden.
  • Membership prices are too steep.

Jab Comix is one of the most original and established websites which has established a huge number of audiences.

With the growing popularity of animated erotica, this website is surely worth a recommendation. Thanks to its huge library.

Jabcomix is one of the oldest hentai and adult cartoon sites. Established in 1992, this website has amassed quite a fan base with a huge number of visits from across the world. ​

The website boasts many adult comics starting from famous cartoon series to exclusive comics, which features gay porn, hardcore sex, lesbian porn, and almost every genre, thus fulfilling the many desires of various individuals who want to have a good time.

The site is filled with a number of series and cartoons, which can be termed as good jack-off material for many users worldwide.

Hentai has been the other side of the coin in the adult industry and JabComix has been the giant in the hentai industry providing adult content that is sure to provide the user a good time. Parodies of famous cartoons such as Ben 10 and Naruto are also available.

More than 1000+ sketches and parodical images are available with cartoons releasing every otherday. The site is the ultimate source of entertainment for individuals who have untold fantasizes about cartoon characters.

A study has shown that JabComix is one of the most visited websites and the fact is of no surprise given the variety of content provided by the website.

What makes JabComix Popular?

The site boasts many talented artists who provide the best parodies of the most famous cartoons that have ever aired.

The website was established in the year of 1992 and is one of the oldest websites providing the best hentai and adult series that has captivated every individual who has ever fantasized about a certain character appearing in such cartoon series. The website is a treasure trove of hentai.

Moreover, the series that has been released exclusively on the website provides a good amount of story that has been used to build up the tension between the characters before hitting the climax. Every genre of hentai such as hardcore, gay-porn, incest, lesbians, three-sum is available on the website.

Moreover, a good number of stories are provided along with the comics to ensure the fact that the users are hooked to the comic till the very end.

The website has been successful in coming up with new and busty characters every week, thus providing enough material to the users and paying customers to give shape to their fantasies and enjoy such comics in the best possible way.

The main reason for the popularity of the website is due to the reason for new content and the versatility of the constants that are being uploaded almost every week.

Website Overview

Website Address: https://www.jabcomix.com/main/

Estimated Visits Last Month: 234K

If you are looking for a way to fulfill your fantasies on the sexy cartoon characters, JAbcomix is the place where you can find a huge number of contents on every cartoon that has ever aired.

The time for imagination and fantasizing is over as the hot and sexy cartoon characters have made their debut in the adult comics. 


Jabcomix is the place where you can fulfill those fantasies as Jabcomix has covered adult parodies of all the famous cartoons such as Ben 10, Naruto, Highschool Dxd, One Piece, and many other, where one can fulfill their untold desires.

The parodies on these cartoons are just the tip of the iceberg for the website as there are a huge number of other exclusive cartoons that are being created and published every day.

The website has also attracted a huge fan base as they have provided the content that has been successful in fulfilling the cringes of the users. You don't need to be specific in your search in order to find the parody of your dreams. You only need to enter the website and filter what you need.

The website provides you with a boatload of choices in every genre. Moreover, it has been seen that most of the hentai start with their climax, which is a mood spoiler for the viewers, but these comics do not start with random sex and no back story.

Every comic or series that has been uploaded on the website not only provides fuel to the fantasies of the viewers but also provides these users with a good amount of story, which creates the tension between the characters thus entering the climax and satisfying the viewer in the process.

In other words, it can be said that the website provides the users with content that have a lot of foreplay and sex, which create the mood of the users. Not only this website satisfies the users but also provides him/her with a good time all together.

The number of choices that are available to the users is huge and the addition of good stories prior to sex is the icing on the cake. Fetish, teens, milfs and busty females are the main characters in every comic series that have been released in the websites.

A wide variety of episodes are available where the bodies of the characters appearing are such comics is more than enough to make you horny. Hot fairies, busty mermaids and hot males are the common characters who take part in foreplays and fantasies, which can make you cum in just a few moments.

The character’s designs are made just to satisfy the viewers and give them exactly what they want. Apart from the sex, the stories where the characters make out with one another and the erotic conversation between them, the episodes where the beautiful wife cheats with the hot employee or where the sexy assistant pleases her boss to quickly climb the ladder of success are few of the many stories.

Fantasies, where characters become intimate in the face of daunting situations such as an earthquake or the library of the school or at the workplace, are some of the stories, which not only adds pleasure of the viewer but also provides a certain level of challenge where the fear of getting caught is quite common.

These are the description of some series, where stories and daunting acts are used as a tool to spice things up and give the viewer an experience, which we may never forget.

The best series that has been uploaded by the website is Project Eutopie, where 12 men and 12 women are left on an island as a part of a secret experiment. This experiment ends after 10 months, where each of the surviving participants will be awarded a huge sum of money.

The best thing about the series is that there are no rules and what happens on the island stays on the island. As one can imagine, there are many times where the innocent girl hooks up with the strong male for protection and the characters in the series is just too good for the viewers.

Busty school teachers, well-seasoned female athletes, sexy fashion models, are some of the kidnapped individuals who have to stay amidst a convicted criminal, a psychopath, gang leaders, frustrated employees, and many others.

A viewer can expect sex in every episode of the series and the story behind the same is just as satisfying as the sex itself.

This is one of the many series that are present in the website and all the series are equally fascinating thus proving the viewers with enough means to deal with their frustration and have a satisfying time.

Coming down to the design of the website, one can say that the website has been a witness to a long line of developments, with changes in designs every now and often. The current design of the website can be termed as compact and unique.

The page posts of a drawn aesthetic, which boasts of nice artworks and contrast regarding the website itself.

The backdrop of the website also looks satisfied. However, the bright wallpapers spoil the fun but that can be termed as a minor setback as the viewers are not going to stay on the website and browse through all the boring stuff written about the website and their success stories.

The main interest on the website is the content that has been provided and are the main source of attraction. There are a certain number of ads that keep popping up while browsing through the website but adverts are the ways of increasing the revenue of the website.

Moreover, the background animation and sketches are quite enticing and the user interface that is experienced by the users while browsing through the content is created in accordance with the content. It can be said that the website can be easily browsed through the phone or from the computer.

Owing to the rise of mobile computing, it has been seen that most of the users who browse the contents of this site uses a cell phone and the site has been made in such a way that it can be easily browsed both though the smartphones as well as through the personal computers.

However, the problems of adverts are quite persistent and in some cases it is quite annoying as one cannot fully enjoy the content because of ads keep popping up from time to time. However, in JAbcomix there is a solution to all your problems and the website promises no ads to a subscribed user.

There are all types of play available to a user, which allows him to be a recurring member or a one-time member according to one's need. It can be said that once you are hooked on this website there is no going back and recurring memberships are the only way to fuel your desires.

Though there is a one-time membership option as well, only a few users make use of the same as the content itself is very addictive and acts as a whole new world of fantasy relieving the users from their everyday frustration and worries.  

The site offers a limited number of comics and series to a new visitor and there is a huge number of adds, which keep popping.

Subscribing to the services of the website will ensure the removal of these annoying ads, but the removal of these ads is just the beginning as many other features add up to the services of membership on the website.

A member of the website will have access to all the exclusive content released by the website and these content also include Project Utopia, which does not only promise enjoyment from the daunting sex scenes but the same also provides the user with something to read.

The website comes up with new episodes and series every week and if you are a member of this website, enjoying them will only require your phone or computer with a good internet connection and as far as satisfaction is concerned, Jabcomix has your back as there are several genres, which are also accompanied by great stories, that will not only give the users something to jack off to, but the same will also provide a time full of pent-up sexual tension and enjoyment, thus relieving the viewer from his everyday pains and worries. 

JAbcomix is a great place for an individual who has a fetish for hentai and cartoon parodies. The user interface is just top-notch as it supports both smartphones and computer systems.

The best thing about Jabcomix is that no one leaves this site unsatisfied as the website harbours content for every age group and every fantasy, thus helping a user to stay happy by ensuring their satisfaction in the best possible way.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Jabcomix has a huge fan base and the website guarantees that a user with a fetish for senpai will never leave the site unsatisfied.

Though the website is quite famous, there is a price for their exclusive content and the price has been divided according to the amount of time for which a user would like to enjoy the premium services of the website. The pricing of the membership has been provided below.

  • Monthly Gold Membership: $25.95 recurring (every 30 days)
  • Monthly Membership: $15.95 recurring (every 30 days)
  • 3-Month Regular membership: $40.95 (every 90 days)
  • 3-Month Regular no recurring Membership: $40.95
  • 6-Month Regular Membership: $75.95(every 180 days). This has been termed as the best deal.
  • One-month Membership Non-recurring: $19.45, one-time fees that will be charged and a reminder will be provided after 30 days of use.

Every membership is a recurring one except for the one-time membership that is available for $19.45. All the exclusive content is available to the user once they become a member of the website, with zero ad interruption.

However, there are some exclusive stories, the best ones, which are only available to the gold members of the website. The membership can be canceled at any time but the bill is not refundable and there is a certain set of privacy policies, which is used to protect the payment information of the viewers.

Both debit cards and credit cards are accepted, hence giving the user many options to pay their bills and enjoy the content that is being uploaded on the website.

Site Performance (Score Out of 10)



Website Design

8 / 10

Content Updates

7 / 10

Image / Video Quality

9 / 10


6 / 10

Content Amount

8 / 10

Download / Streaming

9 / 10


6 / 10


8 / 10


7 / 10

Enter your text here...

8 / 10

Value For Money

6 / 10

Overall Performance

9.02 / 10

Site Statistics

  • 1000+ series, new characters and episodes are uploaded every week.
  • The quality of the pics is good and has a resolution of 1800*1080.
  • Slide Shows are available.
  • No downloads possible, but the pictures can be saved.
  • Downloading pictures and unlocking exclusive content require membership.
  • Oldest picture size 540*404 and latest picture resolution is 1080*1800
  • The website is compatible with both smartphones and Personal Computers.

Competitors of Jab Comix

Jabcomix has been one of the oldest websites for hentai and cartoon parodies, but the website faces huge competition from 18comix, Shantai and Mangazuki.


  • The content is original.
  • There are a huge number of genres available to the viewer.
  • Stories are worth reading and the sex in these stories is quite unpredictable.
  • Compatible for all platforms.
  • Lots of stuff other than the porn itself. The stories are enticing and the sexual tension is created gradually in some cases thus making the user horny.
  • Sketches offer a huge detail on the characters.
  • Sketches are available in high definition.
  • A 24*7 chat box is present along with a community for conversions and comments on every series.
  • Design is compact and unique.


  • The membership price is quite high.
  • Too many ads without membership.
  • Some exclusive contents are only available to the gold members.
  • Series cannot be downloaded.
  • The bright background is somewhat a mood spoiler.

Customer Support

Jab Comix provides decent support to the members of the website and they have been quite successful in addressing issues such as:

  • Verification of Email ID
  • Forgotten user credentials
  • Payment problems
  • Management of membership


Jabcomix is one of the first websites to create and publish hentai on the famous cartoon characters.

The website has been successful in gathering the required target audience with original content and a compact website. The support system is pretty decent but there are a few issues on the website so just sit back and have the time of your life with Jabcomix.

Parting Words

Are you frustrated with your daily life? Have a cringe for cartoon characters? Don't worry at all because Jabcomix come up with new content every week. If you are a new member then you already have a lot of constants that will satisfy your needs.

Moreover, if you want a peek at the best of the website, the chat box is always there with a number of recommendations just for you.

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