Interracial Match Review (2020)

Interracial Match

Founded in 2001, Interracial Match is the oldest interracial dating sites. It is the first online service of this type.

Due to its bizarre popularity throughout the world, it continues to attract a massive amount of audience every day.

Having more than 15 years of experience in connecting single people across opposite ends of the world, Interracial Match has been able to create success stories amongst its members and the dating community as a whole. It's a fanciful platform to meet singles from different parts of the world.

Whether it might be black women dating white men or white women looking for black men, Latino, Asian women, mixed - and even more. They provide you with the best options. The features they provide help you to find interracial romance, relationship or even marriage.

With hundreds of thousands of members choosing Interracial Match to discover their potential connections with the people who share the same values and commitment to interracial dating as you do.

Interracial Match has cemented itself as the best sites on the online dating scene. Interracial relationships are healthy ones to safeguard society, and that is why they bring out the best matches for you. We are reviewing Interracial Match today to inform you about its various flaws and perks.

Let's get started now.

What makes Interracial Match so accessible?

In today's fast-paced world, it becomes tough to date people the conventional way by assimilating to know one another's friends, family members, colleagues, interests, and so on.

In such a scenario, online dating websites make it much more comfortable and efficient for you to meet that particular person you might be looking for a while.

They are in the online dating industry from the last 18 years.

Interracial Match

Interracial Match has helped many black white singles across the world to find either their dating partner or love of their life. And over the years it has succeeded in impressing the audience. Interracial Match is a massive community whose members send thousands of messages to each other daily.

Due to its many unique features, Interracial Match is a different website as compared to other online dating websites.  They use the latest technological procedures to find an appropriate partner based on their customer's feedback.

Finding a match requires searches that can be customized based on partner preferences in terms of age, gender, and location. Interracial Match helps you to narrow down the search to find your special one quickly.

They also have a mobile app, and there is nothing easier to find the right person for you than using Interracial Match app on your mobile phone. There are two versions of the mobile application raised for two current platforms Android and iOS.

You can choose any of them depending on your smartphone. The app provides access to all the features of the leading site. It has a great design and user-friendly interface. You can use Interracial Match application on your handset to never miss any notification of the critical events.

They offer a lot of services and features that ensures your confidentiality and provides security to your personal information as well. They provide serious relationship at their site. The team also help their customers in meeting each other and discuss out their fundamental issues.

They have experts in this field who work hard to find the best matches for you that are genuine.


Estimated Visits Last Month: 26000+

Interracial Match is one of the best places for you if you want to find your perfect partner. They bring like-minded people together so that they can start their interracial dating.

They have been around for well over a decade now. They arrange and encourage many singles from over the world, who are looking for an interracial partner.

Interracial Match

They have already helped in cementing interracial relationships of many people, which is otherwise tough today due to less time and work restrictions. A considerable number of visitors depicts the amount and extent of the operation, which this website is practicing in time.

You can also expect all the features of most other dating services to be found on this site. Singles will enjoy the fact that Interracial Match is explicitly designed to members of different racial and ethnic backgrounds.

When you sign up and register on Interracial Match, you can enter the community which you want to attract; this may include Asians, Caucasians, Blacks, Hispanics, and many others. But as a free companion, you won't get access to many features.

If you want to initiate a conversation with another member, then you have to subscribe for a plan. As a complimentary user, the user can reply to chat or email messages but spending money to find your perfect Match is worth on Interracial Match.

Interracial Match aims to bring together people from different cultures and ethnicities. Whether they be African, black, white, Latinos, English, Caucasian, African-American, Asian, or American-Indian, they send you the perfect matches with whom you can connect.

The number of average visitors is enormous, and thus it helps the website in gaining additional popularity across the online dating sector. The registration process is straightforward, and you can complete it within 5 to 10 minutes. It requires a valid location with an email address.

You'll also have to fill in some necessary details such as your gender, partner preferences, age, and ethnicity. The site has a smooth and modern design with just the right amount of information to encourage you to sign up. The homepage of Interracial Match is very well organized.

You can see high-quality photos of the various men and women on the site. At the top corner, you will see signing up the column. In the middle, you will see a Unique Feature column that contains Interracial blogs, forums, chats, videos, and first date ideas.

You can also read some of the successful dating stories as well. The overall structure of the website is excellent. And it is easy for you to see what you are seeking. The positive reviews and suggestions from a large number of visitors on Interracial Match are liable enough to strengthen the entire user base.

Their site has been eventually feasible for a more significant number of users due to its user-friendly and reliable nature.

If we talk about the members, the majority are male-57%, and almost 50% of them lies in the age group of 35 to 49. Don't wait, discover romance with singles from all over the world through Interracial Match. The site is entertaining and exciting.


When the user joins Interracial Match early, a user become a standard companion. Interracial Match allows you to build a profile, count up to 26 pictures, and to seek for people by agrarian or by state.

You can also create a favourites tally and send endless winks. If we talk about complimentary membership, you won't get access to significant features.

If you want to initiate a conversation with another member, then you have to subscribe to a plan. As a free companion, he/she is only allowed only to reply to chat or email messages.

Interracial Match

The user can enhance premium enrolment and get access to all the features without any restriction. Inclusive of the essential functions they provide, after subscription you'll be able to initiate messages, chat with anyone, search people by leading options, including keywords, state, city, or postal code as well.

You'll also get a profile security option. To boost your standard enrolment to premium enrolment, you can visit My Profile beep after signing in and then click on Promote Now. Now let's talk about the charges of the premium enrolment:

For a one-month registration, it will cost the user up to $30 that is the most significant extravagant subscription choice every month but also the shortest-term promise. Then there is a second choice which is a three-month enrolment at $60 amount with each month require $20.

And the last choice is a six-month enrolment at $96 amount with each month need around $16, which is the reason for the three options, but this option is a long-term commitment as well. If you opt for the six-month subscription choice, the user will save up to 60% on the enrolment amount per month.

And you want to Know about the payment options

They accept payments via Credit Card - Visa, Mastercard or American Express, Visa or Mastercard Check Card, or via You can send a Personal Check or Money Order to them as well.

You can mail the money orders at Successful Match / Interracial, 10-8707 Dufferin St, Suite 160, Vaughan Ontario L4J 0A6, Canada. Please make sure to include the name of the website which is, your profile username, email address, and your phone number.

Try logging in regularly to see if your account has been updated or not. It may take a maximum of 15 days from the day you mail a money order. For more information, you can visit

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Overall Score


Site Statistics

  • Mobile-friendly site – Yes
  • Mobile App - Yes
  • Women – 40%
  • Men – 60%
  • Member age - Must be at least 18 years
  • Payment option - Credit card, PayPal
  • Messenger – Yes
  • Live Chat - Yes
  • Video Call - Yes
  • Photos - Yes
  • Watermark on photos – No
  • Support - Yes

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Competitors of

Interracial Match has been around and fully operational for more than 18 years. The site can rightfully compete with other leading international dating sites and come out as one of the most highly ranked.

But if we talk about Interracial dating, then are three different websites that can compete with Interracial Match., and, are some of the well-known websites that provide users to find their perfect Match.

Many of the features that are utilized on other niche dating sites are used on Interracial Match as well. But the various characteristics of Interracial Match vary from its competitors. You can hide part of the photos and videos collection from viewing by other users.

You have a high probability to search and find an attractive girl or guy that might be looking for. In this site, you will see Take Me Out feature as well, in this feature you can select to try out yourself with a brief article with a large, prominent picture and link to your account.

They have also newly added a Tinder-design let's tourney feature, where local members are demonstrating, and you allowed to choose the Like or Dislike button in their profile. You can also see if those companions have liked your pictures as well.

Built-in simple meeting proposal feature and the ability to quickly find a suitable interracial partner among a broad audience of users makes Interracial Match accessible and more reliable as compared to its alternative website.

We have named the reasons why Interracial Match is the best choice for most of the users. You can explore the characteristics of competitors, but the unique features that Interracial Match believe that you will choose an Interracial Match membership.


  • Availability of a large number of Asian men and women to meet right now.
  • Interracial Match has an active community that includes forums, blogs and videos.
  • It has a huge member base of 250,000 active members.
  • Facebook-style interaction, you make a profile, chat with other members, comment on their profiles and much more.
  • You can try out the website for free and use the many fresh and available unique features.
  • There is a high probability of getting a response from the person you like on Interracial Match.
  • It has extensive user support for finding a partner swiftly.
  • It also supports various languages.
  • Ease in terms of registration and start.
  • This online service works great on smartphones and tablets powered by iOS and Android.
  • Tinder-style "Let's Meet" advantages for generating local matches. You can either choose to Like or Dislike photos. You'll then see if those other members have also liked your photo.
  • Some features of the site are provided free of charge, for example, communication with girls via email. If you want to initiate a conversation with another member, then you have to subscribe to a plan, if you are a free member.
  • Ability to keep photos private.
  • Efficient matchmaking feature.
  • Great for use across the United States and the Philippines and it has a large number of individuals from these regions.


  • If you're not into interracial dating and don't find it up to your alley, you may want to pass on this 'niche' website and look elsewhere.
  • Not available in specific locations.
  • There's a possibility of being a victim of fraud or scam.
  • High cost.
  • Profile editing features are sluggish.
  • The subscription plan does not include the ability to make calls.
  • There is an availability of fake profiles on large scale.
  • No instant messaging is available at Interracial Match.
  • Risk of scams are high, so be aware.


Customer support and services are always speedy and excellent at Interracial Match. The team ensures you enjoy safe and hassle-free communications with other users.

If you have any problems, like deleting the account, blocking or unblocking profiles, password change, or regarding payment, then you can send your queries to, or you can call at 1-416-628-1072.

The system put in place for this operation is based on simplicity and ease of service, which is an essential requirement for any such website. For more information, visit the support page of the site, click below:

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Final Verdict 

Interracial Match is the largest dating website devoted to interracial dating and is excellent for those singles who would like to get to know people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. The website has a massive membership from across the world.

The site is straightforward to use and also requires fewer efforts to maintain a responsive approach towards whole profile management processes; thus, it has gained a significant position across the available audiences. Excellent service with superb features they provide.

You can create your profile, and without losing time, you can start searching for your happiness. After becoming a member of Interracial Match, you can send messages, upload your photos and videos, make a comment and much more. Everything is convenient and straightforward.

This is the first of its kind website to provide ethnicity-specific services in the field of online dating.

Parting Words

The review presents every positive as well as negative aspect that is associated with this website to provide a personal perspective of the facts that you never know where you can find your perfect Match. However, you will not be able to achieve results if you do not make attempts.

So, we wish good luck to all of you. If you liked this review, stay tuned, we'll be posting more soon.

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