International Cupid Review (2020)

International Cupid

InternationalCupid is right here to let you date men and women.

The amalgamation of technological advances with customized dating services makes your life glitzy and starry.

Oh yes, you are at the right place to establish connections with men and women who are ready to let the god of desire and erotic love bless you like never before.

You are not the only one to sulk without dating partners.?  There are so many people waiting to vent their feelings and wishes. Hold on and let your lovemaking senses prevail for some time. Come and let your desires sink into the deepest corners as love is prepared to make a comeback.

If you have ever wanted to swing into a world of fantasy and titillate your illusory tendencies, you do not need to wait for a fictional comeback as love and relationship come straight to you from this site. Have you ever wanted to let your desire find a way while looking for a friend or a partner?

If so, you have come to the right place. You may find dating local people boring and monotonous, although the reasons may differ. The reason could be naive or specific, such as bad prospects of local people when it comes to fun with a suitable match.

Alternatively, you may have a different thinking and perspective than the local people you meet. On the other hand, you might be the one to hop, skip, and jump from one location to another and opposed to the conventional idea of dating and finding real friends.

If you find yourself in a fix and are looking for someone who can understand your secret wishes, InternationalCupid is the right destination. Often, the dating partner that you need to find is in a distant place.

Your special friend stays in a place you do not know, and your heart burns to meet that extraordinary friend. Come to International Cupid, to browse through numerous profiles of men women who are not only attractive but also ready to mingle with people from different parts of the world.

If your perception matches with friend finders, you can find the person you want to meet on this site.

The site brings together singles from various locations across the world, catering to a gamut of tastes, and the intricate facilities of research and messaging can engage you for hours while talking to suitable dating partners around the world.

For long-lasting relationships, commitment, and hours of fun and entertainment, this is one of the best sites to explore.

What makes International Cupid so popular?

The member base of International Cupid is varied and different as it comprises different nationalities. A majority of the users belong to the United States and other European countries such as the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

However, you can get a high percentage of people from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. It is your turn to look for lovely and luscious girls from these countries who will try to make you feel heavenly with their oomph.

The attractive features of these girls and their enticing personalities will surely tempt you to a world that includes the yearning and craving for suitable matches that set the stage for online dating. Similarly, women can find their perfect soul mate through this site.

Sometimes life takes a different turn and even before you realise you are ready to expose your desolation wanting suitable people to inhabit your barren heart and mind, you are right there in InternationalCupid.

international cupid members

The age of its members vary within 35-54, and most of them are keen to join this site to establish a connection with foreigners.

Another reason for the popularity of the site is quick and easy registration or signup, and all you need is to fill out a simple form with your first name, gender, email, nominated password, and age. It is incredibly true that no email authentication is required to sign up on this site.

Apart from this, you do not need to upload your profile information or photograph immediately. However, it is a bit annoying when pop-up windows ask you to finish your profile when you are just ready to jump into action.

Additionally, you can also join this site through Facebook and use the photos of your profile to upload to the photo gallery of this site.

The daily logins of this site are around 1000, so you can expect to become involved in real dating with the propensity of finding more female users between the age group of 18 and 45. So, men, are you listening?

There is a striking balance between the number of male and female users on the site. There is no shortage of ways of igniting the spark of  longingness in your mind for a dating partner

Indeed, it is not one of those sites that will hook you up immediately, though sending hearts is the easiest way to arouse when you talk to men and women catering to your taste and mindset. If you are eager to go for messaging through this site, go for a premium membership.

Website Overview

Website Address:

Estimated visits last month: 4.16 million

Are you into catfishing, eager to arouse your sexual feelings, or want a casual dating partner?

Two people can regularly hang around for hours on this site to date and chat

international cupid lp

Who knows they might find themselves in a pool of fantasies where the profiles you come across on this site are full of details and users often spend a lot of time filling in the details they are keen to provide on the site.

Finding your perfect match could have never been so convenient without International Cupid.

Whether it is browsing photographs from the large base of members, quick sign-up process, or initiating communication with members within a few and flickering seconds, the site offers a wide range of matching options.

The more details added, the merrier is the experience when you connect with suitable partners through this dating site.

You will find ‘About the person I am seeking’ section, which lists the liking and preferences of profiles, and all of them come with an indicator that shows if you are the right fit for the other. The green dot indicates the right match, while the red dot is undoubtedly the red flag. ​

Even free users can view any profile without any limitations. If you are lucky enough to go through the process of verification, you can also become a proud holder of verified badge. In a bid to eliminate scam profiless from this site,

International Cupid has shortlisted the profiles that are rated as low quality and terminated them right away. International Cupid has 10,066 as global rank and category rank community and social at 53., These figures indicate the vast prominence of this dating site.

About 83.54% of this site is organic, and the traffic by countries range from 19.33% from the United States, 8.34% from Germany, 6.46% from France, 5.93% from the United Kingdom, and 5.46 % from Canada, which makes for another good reason to not peep into any other site.

The efforts of the site to ensure the safety of users and members entails that you should try to authenticate the photo even if you do not have enough time to fill in the rest of the details in the space mentioned there.

The good thing is that you can get the freedom to change the personal information and photograph later if you want.

The site deletes the account of those users who stay inactive for a long time. You can also delete the account if you wish to, as all you need is to visit the account settings and click on the Delete button.

Date Internationally with International Cupid

The mobile app of this site includes similar features as the site itself. Most of the primary features have iconic representations on the top portion of the screen, thereby allowing users to navigate through the mobile app with equal ease as they do with the site.

With default search results, you will come across a display of new profiles with photographs uploaded on the top. Apart from this, you will also find two action buttons on the top portion of each profile photograph when dealing with member search display.

Just like the website version, messaging in the mobile app applies to premium members. For usability and design of InternationalCupid, you can expect a blooming world here, showing you the way to date, and it seems as if this site was invented for users of different age groups.

The features, as you will notice, are arranged conveniently on the tabs that are situated on the top of the menu bar to facilitate quick and easy navigation.

For accessing other users, all you need is to locate the contact button on the profiles of members. It is right below on the profile photo in the place where the search results are displayed in the form of a grid.

With easy and effective methods of contacting other users, this dating site allows you to fasten the belts on your seats until you discover your dream partner.

The site started its services in 2004, and InternationalCupid is an integral part of Cupid Media Network that has the credibility to run over 30 renowned dating sites and fulfills its dedication of allowing singles to meet each other through this platform. 

The site is committed to helping people find the best matches as there are thousands of beautiful women on this site from various countries who are equally eager to meet men.

So, you can feel the adrenaline rushing as your dating story can begin from this platform that has been successfully bringing men and women together, many of which move to long-term commitments as well.

Are you ready to start your dating journey from this site and explore the profiles of men and women to take your life to the next high?

Pricing & Membership Fees

To start with, the pricing structure of this site is extremely convenient for users who are ready to become members.

For one month, people with gold membership need to pay 34.99 AUD per month, and three months subscription requires you to pay 23.33 AUD per month, which takes the total amount to 69.99 AUD.

For a year subscription of gold members, the rate per month is 11.67 AUD, and the total amount you need to pay is 139.99 AUD.

Similarly, for platinum membership of one month, you have to pay 39.98 AUD per month, 26.66 AUD per month, which makes it 79.99 AUD. For one year subscription of platinum members, the amount per month is 13.33 AUD, which takes the total to 159.99 AUD.

The payment gateways of this InternationalCupid are PayPal, Credit cards. Online Bank Transfer, Cash, and Bank transfer. You can renew the premium membership once it expires, and as soon as you want.

If you decide to cancel your membership, you can get a refund only when you have not used any of the paid features. Even if you choose to terminate the membership in the middle, you can continue using the same features of the site until your next cycle of billing.

There are free and fee-based services onin InternationalCupid with a wide range of features for each of them. While in the free services, you can only get basic matches and communicate with paying members only; the free-based services allow you to go for live chat with instant messenger.

Besides this, the paid services come with various other features that can help you avail more advanced options of chatting.

Site Statistics

  • Global Rank: 10,066
  • Category Rank by community and society: 53
  • Average visit duration: 00:09:44
  • Pages per visit: 11.17
  • Bounce rate: 24.16%
  • Traffic from referrals: 2.78%
  • Traffic from search: 18.99%
  • Organic search: 83.54%
  • Paid search: 16.46%
  • Social traffic: 9.58%
  • Display advertising: 0.28%

Website Performance Scores



Signing Up

7 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

8 / 10

Ease Of Use

8 / 10

Content Amount

7 / 10


10 / 10


8 / 10

Quality Of Members

9 / 10


10 / 10


8 / 10

Competitors of International Cupid

InternationalCupid is here to offer you the wonderful opportunity to meet singles through basic and advanced search filters available on the site. The category of filter available depends on the type of membership the site offers to users.

Besides the filters, users can also search directly through predetermined options as well.

With so many features and options for dating, the site includes everything to entice people allowing their dating desires to explode. Some of the popular categories present on this site are singles in my area, new and registered members, latest uploads of profile pictures, and the most popular users.

Apart from these categories, everyone can access basic search filters.

On the other hand, the advanced search options rely on marital status, education, likes, and dislikes. According to reports and reviews available, the filter options on this site are useful and facilitate users to choose from a variety of options.

With its dating prospects, International Cupid will also have competitors you need to judge. Ashley Madison, eharmony, and AdultFriendFinder are a few sites that give tough competition to InternationalCupid.

Ashley Madison

It is a bit different than the usual dating sites and ideal for married people keen to attach themselves to extramarital relationships. It is one of those few sites that encourage affairs instead of condemning them.

Even though this site exits for a long time, it can adapt to the shifting interests of people, and it caters to the preferences of a wide variety of audiences who are eager to engage in polygamous, open, and monogamous relationships.


This is a site that allows the user to find an apt and serious match.

It comes with an advanced compatibility system for facilitating the matching option between partners; the site sorts the match of every individual to a shorter list of prospective matches. On the whole, the essence of this site is to focus on long-term relationships.


This is one of the largest adult casual sites, with over 80 million members. Through the features and functions of this USA based site, users can find suitable sex partners. It is another popular site for people looking forward to dating.


  • More than 1,000,000 users around the globe.
  • Easy and streamlined registration process.
  • Highly safe and secure for users
  • Mobile app is also available for users
  • You can get a personal profile to fill
  • More than 2,500 members stay online every day
  • Premium members can send messages
  • Advanced search filters available.


  • App is not yet available on iOS
  • Communication options are restricted for users.

Customer Support & Other Services

The dating site InternationalCupid offers a flurry of dating options to the user and has a large base of members. While you can make the most of the free and paid memberships on this site, the customer support team of this site is equally useful.

Not only do the support team members reply to your queries about this site and subscription offers, but they also provide you with the complete details for the cancellation of memberships. The refund team is always prepared to handle the complaints and queries of users.

However, you cannot get a refund if you have never utilized the paid features of premium membership until the next cycle. If you need any help regarding the services, cancellation of a subscription, or account termination, you are free to ask for help through this link to get instant and faster assistance.


If you are single and prepared to date the people you prefer safely, the destination you need to choose is InternationalCupid. With little or no fake profiles on this site, dating online could not have been easier and well-navigated.

The site eliminates patterns and members that are suspicious and provide people with the freedom to mingle with people they prefer.

The messages of members speaking different languages can be immediately translated to the language you speak, and this is what facilitates communication between users on this site. No wonder, the user base of this site includes people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Whether it is the outbreak and bustle of your wish to date a person or to find a site where physical distance cannot limit your desires, you have to let the gust of wind enter your mind with the freshest approach to dating; and International Cupid makes that possible for you..

Parting words

Finally, it is good to state that International Cupid has everything you need to get from a premium dating site.

Whether it is the flurry of membership options for those who want to avail the paid system or free services or the quality of profiles here, this site demonstrates a professional approach at every stage.

So, if you are ready to take the squall of dating partners and meet new people through the profiles on this site, you will definitely enjoy the shower. With the cuffing season approaching, you can shack up with single and decent people on this site and feel cozy during the colder months.

If you are satisfied with the review we offered you on this site, you can come back for more updates.

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