Indian Hidden Cams Review (2020)

Indian Hidden Cams

If you are an aficionado of Indian porn as well as amateur home-made erotic action, Indian Hidden Cams is just the right website for you.

It is a premium Indian porn website, which is pretty unique as it is.

It brings you a flurry of hard-core amateur spicy action straight from the land of spicy curries.


  • Indian Hidden cams provide authentic Indian home-grown amateur erotic content with a wide collection of hidden cam or homemade sex tapes.
  • Multiple download formats are available for download. There is no download limit as well.


  • No picture gallery or photo-sets available for you to watch or download.
  • No categorical tags to access and filter out content.


  • If you are a true fan of Indian porn content andhidden cam tapes, this website is just the right place for you.
  • It is a premium website, which is very rare when it comes to Indian porn content.
  • You get to stream and download from a wide plethora of content available here.

Do you enjoy watching Indian porn, or should we rather say, are you into behind closed doors action?

If yes, then Indian Hidden Cams is going to leave you awestruck. Indian Hidden Cams is a premium Indian porn website, which means the site is unfortunately not free, but don’t worry, Indian Hidden Cams is affordable. The site has videos of naughty girls doing all kinky stuff.

You will get to see girls in hardcore banging action as if like no one is watching them, but guess what, they are being filmed! Indian Hidden Cams was launched in June 2008, and they have a one-day limited access membership, where you can explore the site and get an idea about its mature content.

Indians are always known for their spicy food, but what about their sex life? Is it as spicy as their food, well this is what we are going to find out here in our Indian Hidden Cams review!

Even though the internet is overloaded with a galore of hardcore porn websites, but it is always interesting to see and know about different porn sites of different parts of this world. India has a whopping 1.13 billion population, and rest assured, there is a huge possibility that someone or the other might be filming some hot Indian babes.

Luckily, Indian Hidden Cams gives a chance to find out how these sexy Indian babes behave behind the camera. What we liked about Indian Hidden Cams is that there are men and women from all over the country. You will see sex tapes of not just one particular region of India, but every part of it.

The fun part about this site is that the videos will be filmed in hidden-cam-style, but every video looks realistic. There are a few scenes with solo female performers, and others have couples in hardcore banging action.

Some of the scenes also have girls looking straight into the camera, which means not every video content of Indian Hidden Cams is filmed secretly. Indian Hidden Cams is an exciting gateway for everyone who is into Indian porn, and the site offers the right amount of exclusive content.

The site does come across as something that can be considered as a voyeur one, but only half of the videos can be categorized as the voyeur category. Rest of it has homemade sex tapes. Nevertheless, the content Indian Hidden Cams offers is great, and there are more than 4000 clips to enjoy.

The site uploads content very frequently, and, on some days, Indian Hidden Cams uploads three videos a day.

What makes Indian Hidden Cams popular?

What we liked about Indian Hidden Cams is its content. There are more than 4000 videos to get your hands dirty. The videos are of different lengths, and some are as small as 4 minutes long. But all the videos have been shot in the right environment, and none of the videos are hazy or blurry.

There are a few videos, which are as long as 40 minutes. But you can expect to see 10 to 15 minutes of average video length. Even though Indian Hidden Cams doesn’t offer any HD video quality porn content, we are happy with the quality as we could see the action scenes.

Once you become a member of the site, you are free to download unlimited content. Indian Hidden Cams doesn’t have any streaming option yet, but hopefully, they will add this function soon. You can download the videos in different formats.

Whatever is compatible with your device, you can go ahead with it. So, you have 3GP, WMV, AVI, MP4, and MPEG. Indian Hidden Cams is the best place to get an inside look into the bedrooms of different Indian couples.

Indian Hidden Cams doesn’t have any authentic pornstars as amateur couples upload all the videos. The site also contains leaked sex tapes submitted by either the boyfriends or girlfriends. The website features only 18+ performers, so don’t worry about seeing any underaged person.

You will get to see girls with smoking hot bodies, nicely shaped bobbies, and big buttocks. The site also features voluptuous aunties. Whatever you wish to see in an Indian porn site, Indian Hidden Cams has it all.

Not just this, some of the babes will appear in traditional dresses, makeup and jewellery, and you will get to see them undressing for their partner. Indian Hidden Cams also gives you a chance to see some of the biggest sex scandals of India.

If you are into honest and genuine moaning and orgasm, then Indian Hidden Cams is the ideal platform for you. The site is entirely video-focused, so don’t expect to see pictures. Most of the Indian porn sites usually offer just one downloading format, so having being offered four of them, is a good deal.

Nope, Indian Hidden Cams doesn’t give you access to any of the bonus sites, but you won’t feel the need to go to any other Indian porn sites at all because the site has a massive collection of amateur porn content with daily updates.

Quite honestly, Indian Hidden Cams offers everything that any men would want to see. The site looks great. It is simple and easy to navigate, which is a bonus. The thumbnails are clear, and right on the homepage, you will be bombarded with more than 1000 clips.

Every thumbnail has slutty Indian babes wanting you to watch them in hardcore banging scenes. Each video that you will find here is 100% exclusive. The best reason why Indian Hidden Cams has become so popular is because of its regular updates.

There are tons of Indian porn content to watch, and all of them are free to download once you register on their site. We don’t have any complaints with the few short clips, because there are full-length good quality videos.

Website Overview

Website Address:

Estimated Last Month visit: Not available

Once we landed on Indian Hidden Cams, we were given an introduction about what to expect from the site. ​

The description of the site is crisp and on point. Before hitting the “Enter Site” option, we explored the introduction page.

After scrolling down a bit, we got to see many thumbnails. Each thumbnail has a proper introduction.

Along with the description, there will be more information, such as the released day and date. Once we entered the site, things went crazy.

We were surprised to see hardcore scenes as soon as we entered. The site has kept everything simple.

You can click on any thumbnail to start watching it. The navigation is easy, and the site has a green background.

All the images of Indian Hidden Cams are crystal and clear. Right on the main page, you will see hundreds of videos.

The photos were of slutty Indian babes enjoying friendly and casual sex, and some were hidden cam videos.

The site gave us a taste of almost everything. There were masturbation scenes, fucking, and sucking scenes, and more. Here at Indian Hidden Cams, you are bound to see tons of unique clips. And the best part is that all content is 100% exclusive.

It is quite simple and straightforward to get started with Indian Hidden Cams. Just visit the site, and you will realize how easy it is to navigate the website. Right on the home page, you will get an option to upload your video as well.

And that’s why the site uploads fresh content daily because the submission ratio is high. If you are someone like us, luckily, the site offers a one-day trial membership to explore the site from scratch.

The homepage will provide you with a massive selection of all the trending, as well as the latest Indian porn videos. But, if you would like to watch the clip and download some of the videos, then a membership account is a must.

Don’t worry, it will hardly take a few seconds to register with Indian Hidden Cams, and you will be done. All you need is a valid email ID, and don’t forget your password. Once you register, Indian Hidden Cams will send you a verification link, click on that to verify your account.

Even though Indian Hidden Cams doesn’t provide you with many pictures, but the site offers plenty of diverse porn content. Customer support is available for 24 x 7, and the site uploads content daily. If you are into voyeurism, then Indian Hidden Cams is the right place for you.

The site doesn’t have any download limits; you can download as many videos as you want and save them on your mobile phone to watch later. The content of Indian Hidden Cams is better than most of the Indian porn sites’ content.

Even though homemade and voyeur nature clips have existed since time immemorial, Indian Hidden Cams has taken it to the next level. You will be bombarded with a lot of content because the collection is simply enormous.

Pricing & Membership Fees

As we said, Indian Hidden Cams is not a free website, and we recommend a one-day membership. Explore the site, go through all of its content, and see if the videos match with your taste buds.

  • 1 day: $4.95
  • 30-days: $24.95
  • 90-days: $49.95
  • 365days: $99.95

Site Performance Scores (out of 10)



Image Quality

9 / 10


8 / 10


10 / 10

Content Amount

10 / 10


8 / 10


5 / 10

Download/ Streaming

10 / 10


7 / 10

Bonus Material

4 / 10

Overall Scores

76 / 100

Site Statistics

  • Most Popular Models: There are no models as such as these are all homemade videos
  • Models: Only Indian in between 18 to 40 years
  • Model Appearance: Amateurs performers only
  • Body Type: slim, fair, brown, tall, and a few short in height
  • Total number of videos: 4500+
  • Average Length of videos: 10 to 15 minutes
  • Bandwidth: Many
  • Image Quality: Mostly SD, some are available in High definition
  • File size: 300-500 MB
  • Buffer: 2 seconds
  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Video DRM: No

Competitors of Indian Hidden Cams

Looking at the rising popularity of Indian porn, it is evident that there will be a mammoth of Indian porn sites. Most of these Indian porn sites have amateur porn content only, and therefore, the performers are not real pornstars. The performers in these videos are regular people like us.

So, just like Indian Hidden Cams, we have many other amateur Indian porn websites, which are giving a fierce competition to Indian Hidden Cams.

Fuck My Indian GF

The site is very old and has a massive collection of amateur porn content. The good news is, the site provides photo galleries of slutty and hot babes. There are more than 9000 porn videos ready to be downloaded and streamed.

Once you become a member of Fuck My Indian GF, you can download unlimited videos and pictures. The video quality of each video is good, and there are many good-looking Indian girls also.

The Indian Porn

This one is a premium Indian porn website, where you need to register to start exploring their content. The site also offers a good number of adult films and photos to explore. All the videos are exclusive, and all the videos have 100% Indian babes only.

The videos are homemade, so don’t worry about exclusivity. The site offers more than 1000 porn videos. The photo galleries contain amazing photos, and that’s why they are one of the competitors of Indian Hidden Cams.

Desi Papa

Desi Papa is also quite old, and yet again a premium site.

The site has over 3000 videos to watch and enjoy, and even this site doesn’t have any download limit. All you need to do to start exploring the content of Desi Papa is to become their member, choose a membership account, and you are good to go.

Desi Papa has performers who age in between 18 to 40 years. Some of the videos also have MILFs and mature ladies in it.

These are the top competitors of Indian Hidden Cams, and we recommend you to visit these sites. Check them out and know why they are giving a fierce competition.


  • Indian Hidden Cams offers only 100% authentic Indian porn content only.
  • The site has hidden cams content or homemade sex taps.
  • Even though the site offers homemade content, the videos are not hazy or blurry.
  • Most of the videos have blowjobs and hardcore action.
  • Indian Hidden Cams offers a massive amount of explicit video collection.
  • Most of the videos are of the right length
  • There are multiple download formats available, such as AVI, MP4, 3GP, WMV, and more.
  • There are no download limits for the members.
  • The site looks sleek and easy to navigate
  • On the home page of Indian Hidden Cams, you will find almost everything.
  • The registration process is easy.
  • The one-day trial membership option is available.


  • No picture gallery is available.
  • No category to choose from.

Customer Support

Indian Hidden Cams has a reliable support team. If you have any query or stuck into some kind of problem, then all you need to do is send them an email, or else, you can click on their support page and choose the right tab to continue. Once you raise an issue, you will be given a unique ticket.

The ticket will provide you with complete details about your query progress. Feel free to contact Indian Hidden Cams because they are available 24 x 7. No matter when you need to get in touch with them, the Indian Hidden Cams support team is always there for you.


If you love to watch Indian porn, then you should try Indian Hidden Cams once. The site looks good, and you will face no difficulty in navigating the site. Everything is right there on the home page. Being a premium site, you will have to pay for their membership accounts to get started with their content.

Indian Hidden Cams offers the right amount of video content, but no picture galleries. Each video has a description and the upload date. Indian Hidden Cams uploads content daily, and, on some days, they upload around three videos. Even members can upload their content as well.

The site offers multiple downloading formats, and you can download unlimited videos! You can even save the videos on your mobile phone to watch later.

We liked the video quality as well, as they are shot under proper lighting. Indian Hidden Cams will give you the real taste of Indian porn, and you will never get bored with Indian Hidden Cams because there are many videos to browse through.

For those who love hidden camera action, Indian Hidden Cams is your paradise. The site is very popular, and they have lots of membership plans to choose from as well. However, we will suggest going with the one-day trial membership to be sure about the site.

Parting words

After reading our review on Indian Hidden Cams, we hope that you will be able to make a better decision now. If you want, you can go to their website right away to explore what they have and if the claims are valid. Do come back for more reviews, though.

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