Indian Babe Shanaya Review (2020)

Indian Babe Shanaya

Indian porn mostly  consist of homemade sex tapes which are honestly not a cup of tea for everyone.

This is where Shanaya, a sultry Indian model jumps into satisfying your desire. She is never shy to show her naked  body to her patrons. 

This website was launched in 2017, featuring this diva who provides content that includes stripping right up to soft-core and hard-core porn with Asian men.


  • A wide plethora of full high-definition videos for you to watch
  • It lets you download and stream content simultaneously.


  • It does not update content very frequently.
  • No bonus sites along with your subscription here.

Gone are the days when Indian porn content was only about homemade sex tapes, now you have Shanaya, the sultry Indian babe who doesn’t shy away from showing her naked body in front of the camera, and you.

You don’t find a lot of Indian girls daring to become a pornstar, but when we jumped into Indian Babe Shanaya, we became curious. There is still hope that other than Americans and the rest of the foreign country stunners, we can soon expect to see Indian girls taking part in mainstream porn.

Talking about Indian Babe Shanaya, the porn website was launched in July 2017. Not an old site, but quite popular when it comes to Indian porn. This vivacious diva doesn’t mind stripping in front of the whole world and has both softcore and hardcore sex with various Asian men.

You are promised HD and 100% original content that can be downloaded and streamed online.

Indian Babe Shanaya is a personal adult site, and the star of the site, as you can already imagine, is none other than the girl with massive jugs “Shanaya.” Although the website is new, they have already uploaded quite a lot of porn content and a myriad of photosets.

However, Shanaya doesn’t appear in every video, and the updates have been quite slow as well. If we happen to ask you about the sexiest Indian girl, who do you think it would be? Fans of this adult site believe that the award goes to Shanaya.

And if you want our opinion on this, we have to admit that the fans are not wrong. The stunningly gorgeous lady has an incredibly hot body. Her tiny waist and  massive breasts make her an absolute favourite among people who often visit Indian Babe Shanaya.

And the adult site leaves no stone unturned to convert visitors into fans. Looking at the popularity of Indian Babe Shanaya, we decided to analyze everything. Starting from how the website looks like, is it easy to navigate, how about its features, prices, and more.

This detailed review will allow you to decide whether it is your cup of tea or not. All-in-all, Shanaya is a beautiful young girl from India who is 18+. And she seems passionate about making a career in the porn industry. We are all set to review the 5’5’’ girl Shanaya, well, are you?

What makes Indian Babe Shanaya popular?

Indian Babe Shanaya has an Indian porn site that revolves around the sensational Shanaya. She has got a fantastic body and loves to pose in front of the camera. The stunner doesn’t reveal a lot about herself, and we would like to know so much more about her, just like other favourite famous pornstars.

Although there is a small introduction about Shanaya and you can find that on her Live Cam page. The site currently has over 170 videos; oddly enough, the show stopper doesn’t feature in all of the videos. But don’t worry, Shanaya appears in most of the videos, if not all.

You will see her in various Kamasutra positions, an array of naked photos, and much more. Indian Babe Shanaya has a lot of softcore videos, and many of the videos will feature her posing differently for the photographer. We think the total number of photos is somewhat around 66 of them.

indian babe shanaya poster

Expect to see a lot of high-resolution images and videos. While you can easily watch them in slideshows, if you want to watch her later, you can download the photos in zip files. The index page has all the categories that you wish to see.

You will see different Kamasutra poses, where a guy slowly massages a boy and take you through 17 different positions with music and beautiful narration. You won’t be seeing a lot of banging scenes, though, but lots of boobs and tantric sex acts.

The movies are short and crisp, and some are just a minute long, while others are three minutes long. But, do browse through all the contents, because there are more than five minutes long videos too.

The Kama Sutra, and Shakti Sutra categories have more flesh showing pictures and videos, which we recommend. Movies are not raunchier like you will get to see in other adult films. The movies are available in HD in 1920x1080p. And for streaming, there is a 1080p resolution available.

Professional pictures with proper lighting shot the photographs, and the quality of images is excellent too.

Website Overview

Website Address:

Estimated last month’s visit: Not available

Website Design

Indian Babe Shanaya has an attractive website layout. It looks neat and sleek.

It seems like professionally built, and on top, you will see the running slideshows of Shanaya. She appears naked in some of the photos, while in others, she is in a bathtub flaunting her assets, below that are the sliders are the latest porn video, then comes her porn photos.

Every category is segregated nicely, and it will take hardly a second to load different pages.


Navigating Indian Babe Shanaya has been the best part of this website. We found no glitch while browsing through the different pages of Indian Babe Shanaya. We tried one of the videos, and within just a millisecond, we were right there on the video page.

Model Info

Indian Babe Shanaya is all about the stunner Shanaya. The lady of the hour is an Indian girl who is quite popular in the Indian porn industry.

The girl with black hair and seductive eyes has good enough looks to melt anyone’s heart. Other than her, you will also get to see some other models too, but the site mostly features Shanaya.


Most of the scenes of Indian Babe Shanaya are alluring and comprise of scenes where she strips in front of the camera; she can also be seen taking a shower or enjoying a pleasant and relaxing time in the bathtub. The videos are available in HD format in 1920x1080; 4670k resolution.


Regarding the pictures, currently, there are over 66 galleries. And each picture set will contain around 150 photos. In some images, you will get to watch Shanaya all naked, while in the others, she will be posing clothed.

The picture quality of each photo is fantastic, and the resolution available is 1280x960.


Feature-wise there is a not to talk about. You need to join Indian Babe Shanaya to enjoy the videos, as well as photos. All the scenes and picture sets are 100% original and exclusive. Indian Babe Shanaya lets you stream all the content, or download them easily.

And the website promises to protect your privacy by not sharing your information with other members or any third-party companies. Right on the top, there are three tabs, they are home, videos, webcam, and Instant Access.

The best part about Indian Babe Shanaya is that she comes live quite often. Click on the “Live Cam” option, and if the performer is online, it will show her status as online.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Indian Babe Shanaya is a paid adult site, and there are four plans to choose from. Fortunately, the site has mini clips for the videos, that will let you have a better idea about how the rest of the content is going to be like. To watch all the exotic and erotic side of Shanaya, pick from one of the following plans:

  • One day full access: $6.95
  • 30 days full access: $29.95
  • 90 days full access: $49.95
  • 365 days full access: $99.95

No matter what plan you pick out of these four, you will get to enjoy unlimited downloads. Pick a plan and find something new to watch every day! How would it feel to have endless content of Shanaya right at your fingertips? After all, Indian Babe Shanaya has more than 170 videos to watch, right.

We don’t think you will be able to finish them all in just one day. The videos take time though to upload, therefore, have patience and give it a couple of seconds. Otherwise, you are going to see an error message on your computer or mobile screen.

To save the videos, there is just one format available at your disposal, and that is MP4. However, the video will be full HD, and the quality is awe-inspiring. Although we did see 4k videos highlighted on the website, we didn’t come across any.

The site is slow when it comes to new uploads. In the last month, Indian Babe Shanaya uploaded only one content. Hmm, now that worries us. Soon after its launch, Indian Babe Shanaya uploaded a dozen of content in a week.

Sometimes up to 4 new videos in a day, but gradually the pace of uploading content slowed down. One thing that is worth taking note of is that the site doesn’t have anything extra to offer. There are no network site bonuses or anything else.

One thing that may keep you hooked is that they have a live cam option, and Shanaya is quite active on the live cam shows. She comes online quite frequently.

Site Statistics

  • Most Popular Models: You will get to see Shanaya in most of the content.
  • Model: The model is 18+ with a tiny waist and big boobs.
  • Average Length of videos: 5 minutes
  • Buffer: 1-2 minutes
  • Bandwidth: Many
  • Image Quality: 1920x1080; 4670k
  • File size: shouldn’t be more than 500 MB
  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Video DRM: No

Website Performance Scores



Image Quality

7 / 10


5 / 10


3 / 10

Content Amount

5 / 10


8 / 10


10 / 10

Download/ Streaming

10 / 10


7 / 10

Bonus Material

0 / 10

Overall Score

65 / 100

Competitors of Indian Babe Shanaya

Looking at the number of content Indian Babe Shanaya produced so far, we are sure that Indian Babe Shanaya is already facing a lot of challenges. The biggest competitor, of course, being Sunny Leone.

Fans of Sunny would never have imagined that this famous pornstar is an Indian, all thanks to Big Boss, India, for launching her and making everyone aware that this bombshell is an Indian beauty.

Along with Sunny Leone, there are few other players in the industry that have a good number of explicit materials, and they are popular as well.

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone has a website in her name, and she is not only famous among Indians, but every porn lover visits her site regularly to get a piece of her. The website Sunny Leone is no less than a tropical vacation destination.

The incredibly gorgeous Canadian born Indian lady has made many men have a good night's sleep. The platform offers bonus sites, videos, and pictures are all exclusive, and there are many full HD videos available for every one of us.

Priya Rai Official

One visit to Priya Rai Official site, and you will know why she is a heartthrob of so many men. Her website is loaded with Priya Rai. From lesbian scenes to hardcore fuck, Priya has tried and tasted everything! The glamorous Indian MILF has a face to die for and a busty body.

Her content is available in full HD. Become a member of Priya Rai Official to enjoy bonus sites. This veteran pornstar took retirement from the industry in 2013, but now she has launched her label under the name Priya Rai Official.

My Sexy Lily

Another Canadian born Indian Lily is also quite famous in the Indian porn niche. She loves to give tantric massages, and My Sexy Lily has many full HD videos. All of the content is exclusive, and just like Indian Babe Shanaya, you can enjoy live chat with Lily too.

The site currently has around 168 scenes and about 60 photosets. Although the site doesn’t offer any bonus sites, the live cam option is good and will keep you thoroughly entertained.


  • Indian Babe Shanaya is all about Indian beauty, where Shanaya, the lead model flaunts her body artistically in front of the camera, and everyone.
  • There are many full HD videos to watch.
  • Shanaya can be seen performing a tantric massage, having sex, and many solo acts.
  • There are over 66+ photo sets, and each set has 150 photos.
  • Indian Babe Shanaya lets you download and stream unlimited content.
  • Indian Babe Shanaya also has a live cam option available.
  • The site has a user-friendly interface.
  • Indian Babe Shanaya can be operated on your mobile phone.
  • Indian Babe Shanaya produces only authentic and exclusive content.
  • Small movie samples are available, and there are different payment options available too.
  • The star of the website, Shanaya, is extremely good looking, and really hot.
  • Indian Babe Shanaya has 24x7 customer support.
  • Indian Babe Shanaya has an introduction page under the live cam tab.


  • Indian Babe Shanaya doesn’t upload content frequently.
  • There are no bonus sites available.

Customer Support & Other Site Details

How often does it happen that you have ended up contacting the customer support of an adult site to get a quick reply to an issue about your payment, or buffering issue, or any other bug issue?

This is the reason why Indian Babe Shanaya has ensured to provide 24x7 customer assistance so that its members never panic when something goes wrong. No matter when you need them, you can contact them without any hesitation. The site is transparent about its claims and promises.

There is a support page tab at the bottom. Click on that to write an email to Indian Babe Shanaya.

Other than that, there are different ways to contact Indian Babe Shanaya. The lady of the hour has a large online presence.

Her Instagram profile has an array of her hot pictures that you shouldn’t miss out at any cost.


Even though Indian Babe Shanaya is a new adult site under the Indian porn category, they have done a fair job. They have more than 140 videos so far, and many sexy pictures of Shanaya. There is a live webcam show available for every member. And Shanaya loves to come online for her fans.

She is quite active in her live shows, and we bet you will enjoy watching her stripping in front of the camera. People from all over the country love to watch Shanaya, and the website is doing a great job of converting visitors into members.

We can’t wait to see Shanaya becoming as popular as Sunny Leone. And the simple to navigate website will make you fall in love with Indian Babe Shanaya. Become a paid member now to enjoy all  her explicit videos and pictures.

Just in case if you are thinking of watching some hardcore action, you might feel disappointed with Indian Babe Shanaya, and it would be better to pick another Indian porn site. Other than that, Indian Babe Shanaya allowed us to have a good experience, and we recommend this site for sure.

Parting words

That’s all, there is nothing much left to talk about Indian Babe Shanaya, and we hope this review has cleared the air. Go on now, and try one of their memberships. Until then, be our guest and take a tour of Indian Babe Shanaya.

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