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Hustler Review


Are you a porn enthusiast who wants to explore a world beyond mundane videos? Hustler is a one-of-a-kind platform which provides a myriad of options, starting from webcam to magazines to DVDs, models and sites.


  • The website's collection is exceptional, and its assortment stands unbeaten in terms of variety and diversity.
  • Moreover, Hustler can also brag about the range of porn stars that it features, both professional and amateur.


  • However, many complain that streaming of the videos on the site sometimes takes way too long.
  • Also, the limited trial period is concise, which could pain-free users.

The rest of the review will give you a more thorough knowledge about the site.

Hustler is a pretty popular name among porn lovers. The brand was initially started in 1974 by Larry Flint, basically in the form of a porn magazine. After its release, the brand’s popularity has only escalated.

This is probably the only brand that provides a myriad of options, starting from webcam to magazines to DVDs, models and sites. Due to its rapidly increasing popularity, Hustler was compelled to maintain a certain standard.

It puts together 16 sites in total and on top of that, you will also find a bunch of extra photos and video content. Hustler offers around 10,000 videos, so there is going to be no limit to your pleasure.

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Why is Hustler so popular?

Hustler is a popular porn site because of its wide range of good quality videos, reasonable prices and user-friendly design. The site keeps updating regularly, and the videos can be filtered by categories such as amateur, Asian, lesbian, Latina, group sex and many more.

On top of that, it features some of the top-rated models, and they all look simply amazing. It gives you access to a range of filthy niche network of videos and photos that you might be craving for. Hustler is a one-stop if you are looking for some hardcore sex.

Currently, there are more than 12,000 videos available and every other day, two to three new videos are added. Moreover, it also makes your browsing experience super smooth as it has a user-friendly interface. Hustler is the hub of your naughty expectations.

Site Statistics

  • Most popular porn stars (Female) – Sasha Grey, Julia Ann, Nicole Aniston, Jasmine Black
  • Top niche sites – BarelyLegal, HottieMoms, BossyMILFs, HustlersCollegeGirls
  • Total number of videos -  12.3K+
  • The average length of videos -  20 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos –  1920*1080
  • Download limit – No
  • Total number of photosets –  15K+
  • Photo slideshows –  Yes
  • DRM protection –  No
  • Watermarks on photos – Yes
  • Maximum resolution of photos

Performance Score (Out of 10)

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Content Updates


Quality of Videos










Value for Money


Exclusivity of Videos


User-Interface & Layout


Overall Score



Website address: https://hustler.com/

Estimated visits last month- 14 million

Ever since Hustler was established in 1974, it has successfully secured its place among some of the top-notch hardcore porn websites. It remains immensely successful among porn lovers for its wide range of options to select from.

Even though Hustler started in the form of a magazine, now it caters to all the requirements of people like videos, DVDs, live sex shows and whatnot. You can have access to over 16+ sites and can also browse the entire library.

Moreover, Hustler also features some of the greatest porn stars like Mia Khalifa, Mia Malkova, Krystal Steal, which makes your porn experience even better. Galleries are kept up to date, and the new video is added after every two to three days.

Another reason behind its huge popularity is that it serves its viewers with great quality videos.

Most of them are in MP4 and Window media HD formats which looks quite good. Moreover, the scenes can also be viewed in the Flash video player that effectively adjusts to your connection speed and runs smoothly.

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You can also filter the videos by different categories like amateur, anal, masturbation, group sex, foot fetish and many more. Hustler also offers more than 150K videos that are clicked by high skilled professional photographers, giving your kinky experiences a boost.

The photos come in high resolution and can also be viewed in slideshows, or you can also download them for free.

Moreover, the videos have a cinematic appeal because of the excellent camera work, sound and lighting. Another distinctive feature of Hustler videos that makes them extra special is the fact that they are often loaded with humour and silliness. There are a bunch of parody scenes to select from.

At present, you can choose from about 4,300 babes who are not your regular hardcore sex stars. All these features make Hustler an ideal choice among porn lovers.


Hustler often faces tough competition from some of the other leading porn brands like ZTOD, Wicked, BabesNetwork, Mofos, and many more. ZTOD, just like Hustler, is a big studio with an elaborate library.

They also offer high-quality videos and feature some of the finest porn stars, thus giving head-on competition to Hustler. Wicked is almost as popular as Hustler, and they are best known for working with contract porn stars. They are often the most beautiful ones.

They also have a large collection of DVD scenes, catering to your fantasies. BabesNetwork is another porn site that will take care of your wildest fantasies. The price is also very reasonable, making it one of the toughest competitors of Hustler.


  • Hustler stays unbeaten when it comes to the collection. It has an array of collection, from videos to webcams and a separate gallery consisting of photos. Moreover, a new video is added after every two to three days. Since it started as a magazine, you can lay your hands on the Hustler magazine issues since 2007. It also offers a variety of category to select from like Latina, lesbian, masturbation, blow job and lot more.
  • Hustler can easily brag about the range of porn stars that it features. From professional to amateur, it offers you tons of options. These actors are pretty good at their job and will give you quite an experience.
  • The design of the website is extremely professional and user-friendly, making it an absolute favourite among people. The HD videos/DVD section offers you a pull-down menu to browse through a wide range of categories. Separate photo and video sections are available along with top niche site sections like HottieMoms, Hometowngirls and many more. The video pages are also hyperlinked, which makes browsing simpler and easier.
  • Hustler is particularly known for its high-quality videos. They are available in MP4 formats with around 3200 bitrate speed. If you want, you can also download the videos and photos for free. The experience is never going to be disappointing.
  • The Hustler price is extremely reasonable. They offer lots of discounts to its customers. If you decide to sign up, which you must, you will only have to pay $17 for your first month. Moreover, there are trial offers available too, which only requires you to pay $1.99 for two days.
  • Most of the contents are exclusive, although some of them are available in magazines etc.
  • Hustler is best known for its weekly updates. The library already overflows with tons of videos and photos, and on top of that, they upload up to three new videos and photo sets every week. It does know how to stand up to your expectations.
  • Hustler offers an array of sites to choose from so you can easily suit your taste. The videos cover stepfamily taboos, MILFs, gangbang, girl-on-girl and much more.
  • Hustler is available on various social media platforms so you can easily follow them.
  • The site also allows you to leave feedback in the form of ratings and comments on the videos.


  • Many people claim that the streaming of the videos sometimes takes way too long. Sometimes when you try to skip, the video restarts. Often the video pauses abruptly, and you can only hear the background sound starting all over again. This could be quite disappointing.
  • The limited trial period is very short. It only allows you to stream about five videos, but you can have access to unlimited photos.
  • The quality of the videos gradually starts to drop when you dig deeper. They are not available in HD version anymore. Some of the files are available in a “super” version for download, but when you open the stats page, you realise that they are in SD version.
  • There is no pagination improvement. As a result of which, it only allows you to skip three pages at a time.
  • Hustler also does not allow you to leave your comments on the scenes.
  • The trial membership charge is an exorbitant price amounting to almost $40. Hence, most people like to avoid it.
  • Tons of ads often clutter the pages, especially in the member’s area. Some of these pertaining to Hustler itself while others are of other sites.
  • The size information is often missing from the downloadable files.
  • Sometimes the content is not exclusive. Although Hustler HD has its sections of videos, they could also be found on other websites. Moreover, once you click on the niche collection, you are abruptly directed out of the site’s core collection, which could be very annoying for people.
  • Hustler does not offer any ZIP for the picture gallery.
  • Sometimes the model index displays a lesser value of numbers than the original figure.


Hustler offers lots of discounts and offers to its customers, making it one of the most affordable porn websites. They offer a trial pack which comes at a price of $1.99 for two days. If you avail the membership option, you will have access to over 16 bonus sites. 

On top of that, they also offer a 20% discount on the membership subscription price. Hustler offers two different sets of trial packs. There is one for 90 days, which costs around $59.85, and another one is for 365 days/one year, which comes for $119.40.

You can make payment via Paypal, VISA, Diner, Discover, Mastercard and many more.


Hustler is forever ready to cater to your needs and requirements. Whether it is query related to billing information or any other service, it will provide you with apt solutions. Therefore, you can put all your worries to rest and trust the Hustler team.

For more information about their customer support, you can leave a mail on support@hustler.com

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Final Verdict

Hustler has gained its reputation for its large collection of videos and photos and is a one-stop destination for people who like to indulge in fulfilling their deepest fantasies. It has secured its place among some of the top-notch porn websites and is giving a tough competition to others.

It is particularly known for its HD videos that make your experience even better. Hustler videos also star some of the best professional as well as amateur porn stars who are not just eye-candy but are also extremely good at their job. Therefore, it ensures that you have a wholesome porn experience.

Moreover, Hustler is also counted among some of the best hardcore porn websites. Therefore, your kinks will have great kick-start here. The subscription amount is also very reasonable, making it a big hit among people. All these features make Hustler the daddy of porn websites. 

Parting words

These were some of the perks and flaws of Hustler, one of the biggest porn websites in today’s date.

We truly hope that you will like some of its features and for further information, you can also refer to some of the customer reviews, available at different sites and platforms. Hustler is your ultimate choice if you want to have some extraordinary and powerful porn experiences.

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