Complete Guide on How to Turn a Girl On (2020)

The blunt truth is that we men try to seduce as many good-looking girls as we can. Some of us are so desperate that we do not look at aesthetics anymore.

However, the way to reach a woman's heart  is not as easy and it is harder to reach her bed because she might not allow you to have sex with her even if she is in love with you.

The complexity of a woman’s mind cannot be described in words and therefore if you want to seduce her straight away then the best thing would be to turn her on.

If you are trying to impress a girl who studies in your college or lives near you then you should read this article because today, we are going to reveal all those tricks and secrets that would not only get her attracted to you but will also make her think about you as a potential sexual partner.

Women like to mingle with guys who give them attention, compliments, gifts, and everything they can (you know what we mean). 

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On the other hand, qualities like good looks, manners, punctuality, flirting, humor, chivalry, compassion, also matter.  Thinking of different women might differ from each other, but most of them get attracted to these qualities. They also like to mingle with guys who smell nice.

Considering the kind of expectations they have from men, we should always think of nothing else than turning them on.

First Step: How to Get a Girl's Attention

Firstly, let us talk about the things you must do to get their attention first:

Girls are attention seekers 

If you are studying in a college or working somewhere and have a crush on a girl, then you must first try to get their attention. If you are already on talking terms with them then it is good because you don't have to put in a lot of effort.

You can just crack some hilarious and awkward jokes to make them think about you all the time.

However, if you do talk to her much, then also it is not that hard because girls love it when they get attention from strangers or any other random guy who works in the same office or goes to the same college. Firstly, you must make eye contact whenever she passes by you.

You can even pass a smile occasionally to see if she responds. However, do not go too far too soon because she can think that you are stalking her. After establishing good eye contact for a couple of days or a week, you must stop by her one day and exchange greetings.

A simple “Hi” or ”Hello would do, but a smarter thing would be to greet her happy weekend on a Friday evening or afternoon so that she thinks about you for the next two days. Once you start exchanging formal greetings, it is time to take your conversation a bit further.

Do not take too much time or she might think that you are boring.

Shower compliments

Once you know her enough, start complimenting her about her dressing sense, intelligence, or any random thing, like her new dress, for example.

If she blushes, then it could means that she likes you. If she responds by smiling or returns the favor by complimenting you, then it means that she might be interested in you. Try to read their face and expressions because it is going to help you in seducing them in the future.

Do not go for bold compliments like you look hot or you can become a great swimsuit model. Even if you are thinking of praising her looks or personality, you should always follow it up with a query just to sound genuine. For example, you can ask, ”Hey, you are looking great nowadays.

Have you started working out?” Most girls would appreciate your compliments if they find honesty or curiousness in it. herefore, the first step towards turning her on would be to shower her with compliments. However, do not go too fast.

Give away three compliments in a week and make her wait for your next sugary praises.

Special tip: If you look directly into her eyes while giving a compliment, it might turn her on even more.

Do Not be Girlish 

This is where most of  the guys fail. To know a girl better, we start acting girly in front of them. However, we fail to notice that it proves to be a major turn off to most of the girls. As a result, if you try to act too sweet and childish with the girls, they will immediately friend zone you.

The thing that blows their mind is masculinity. Be it mature women or young girls, masculinity or being tough will take you a lot ahead (even till their bedroom) in life. Being manly does not mean that you have to be buff like a bodybuilder.

You can be a thin guy but if you use your masculine voice well, it will certainly create a good impression on your crush.

Help them with things that would showcase your strength or power such as lifting heavy luggage, offering help whenever they fall or trip, etc., that would make them think naughty things about you.

Second Step: How to Flirt

Women/girls never like men who take years to flirt with them. Therefore, without wasting much time, you must start flirting with them. This can be right a week after meeting them or a couple of weeks later, depending on her nature and your chemistry.

Let me make it clear that flirting does not mean saying good things to her. Flirting means saying things that are out of the box. Women like humorous and unpredictable guys, and you  need to combine both these qualities to turn on them quickly.

Try to say things that will show her that you want to get close to her. For example, you can say that you want to meet her mom and thank her for making such a beautiful human being. This is not just a compliment but a slightly flirty way to make her feel good.

You can also give funny yet flirty compliments like, y”You should stop wearing such cute dresses because I’m not able to focus on my studies. However, do not forget to add that funny tone to your voice while saying that because it will help you in case, she is not yet ready to flirt with you.

Men must start flirting with their crushes before getting friend-zoned. This is because when you flirt as a friend with them, they take it as a joke unless you start flirting directly which might not be a cool option if your girl is of reserved or shy type.

The safest way to flirt is through social media sites like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. where you can use different things like GIFs, images, emoticons, etc. to convey your message.

Psychological Flirting Techniques - Tips to Flirt Better

Therefore, if you want to adopt a safe way, then you can start flirting with them through these mediums and if she responds positively, you can take your flirting forward in real life. Also, keep in mind that flirting should always be from both sides.

Therefore, if a girl or woman does not respond to your flirting or sends just a smile or laughter, then it means that she is not too happy about it. In such cases, you must stop flirting immediately and you can think about some other techniques to turn them on.

Tricky situations provide the best opportunities to flirt, and this can only be understood by pro-level flirts.

For example, if you are traveling with  a girl on a bus or train and there are plenty of people around you, then you can use this opportunity to pass a bold compliment or you can even flirt with her.

This is because she will not be able to react freely to your compliments or flirting and this might turn her on. For example, if the climate is too humid and everybody is sweating, then you can say Everyone on the bus/train is sweating but you are looking good even in this state.

Such cheesy comments do not help but situations like this force the girls to think differently, and this might provide just the kind of momentum that you required to further tease and seduce her. Some boys/men send adult messages to girls/women through social networking sites.

That is allowed only when you share such a kind of rapport with her. If not, she might get angry or block you and all your efforts would be wasted. As  the result, it is necessary to be smart and decent even while flirting because women like naughty men, not perverts.

Final Step: How to Turn Her On

And finally, the last step has arrived. Be sure to read each advise and to put it into use to get your girl aroused.

Be confident & speak your mind

It is important to be confident while interacting with girls because they feel attracted to men who are confident and well-behaved. It is not necessary to boast about yourself to show your confidence as it can be shown subtly as well.

Do not overthink while speaking, make eye-contact whenever you speak with her, and do not show any kind of weakness in your behavior and character. It will build a positive image of yours in your crush's mind and she might consider you as a good candidate for having a relationship with.

Some men tend to agree  on everything said by their crush just to ensure that they do not get offended or hurt. However, this is not a good thing as it destroys any sparks that might be building between you.

Sexual tension builds only when there are strong opinions at both ends and therefore, do not hesitate to express your opinions and suggestions on things that are not acceptable to you.

Also, when you agree  on everything that your crush has  says, she will take it as your weakness or might even think you are boring or stupid. Therefore, to build a powerful image of yours, speak your mind, and she will surely get impressed by that.

Arguments often build a kind of spark or connection that might lead to passionate bonding or friendship. Sometimes, it also becomes the basis of a strong relationship. Everyone knows that positives and negatives attract, and this applies to emotions and feelings as well.

Women and even men get drawn towards those who are opposed to them. The aura of a strong personality always impresses a woman and therefore, do not be a weakling before her and nod your head to her every statement and opinion.

Stop giving attention all at Once 

Sometimes, giving too much attention can also work against your seduction. Therefore, you must also try to ignore and avoid her at times. This should especially come at a time when she thinks that you are expecting a lot from her.

Giving her the required attention and taking it all away at once will raise a hundred doubts and queries in her mind. She will think about the reasons for the sudden change of behaviour. Sometimes, just stop making eye-contact with her and she will feel awkward and curious about it.

If your crush starts behaving well and gives extra attention to you, it means that your tricks are working. You can also stop talking with her for a few days and you can see the spell it casts on her.

She will try hard to break the ice between you and in the process, you might get successful in getting closer to her both physically and emotionally.

Cancel Plans with Her 

This might sound hilarious to you but cancelling plans that you both have made together might work in your favour.

Everyone knows that a woman likes to get chased by men but sometimes the reverse trick also works perfectly. You can cancel your dinner or movie dates and this can make her think twice about you. our crush will think that you have better options than her and this can make her insecure.

Every initiative or move taken by you will work after making her insecure. You can just drop the plan by saying that you have got urgent work like an office meeting or something that would make her suspect something fishy.

If she becomes nicer and sweeter after dropping a plan, you can just cancel one more to make her more anxious. However, do not stretch this trick too far or it might even harm your relationship.

Make Her jealous

Most of the girls love those guys who succeed in making them jealous by being friendly with other  girls. It is an ultimate trick that can work especially if you manage to show her that you are getting close to another girl.

If you manage to become friendly with her close friend it might even make her more jealous, and she might chase  you. Guys usually play these tricks to get extra attention from girls but it also turns them on as they realize that you can do well without them.

As a result, your crush will start craving for your company again and then you can make smart moves to get in bed with her.

I think we have spoken enough about how your behaviour should be and what are the things that you  need to avoid while you are interacting with a girl. Now, let us focus on the other aspects (mostly physical and aesthetic aspects) that will turn a woman on.

Dress Neatly 

It is not a secret that women like to get closer and date a man who dresses neatly. You don't need to wear fancy or branded clothes to make a woman fall for you. A simple dress that suits your personality would be enough to seduce your crush.

Apart from dressing well, you must also take care of your hairstyle, beard, nails, shoes, and other things that reflect your hygiene.

You have to groom yourself nicely so that people will get attracted to you. You must also ensure that you smell nice and look fit, as these things matter when you are trying to increase the proximity with her. Start working out and wear a nice cologne or deodorant whenever you meet her.

Work on your connection (start talking dirty)

Women like to think and talk dirty and though most women won’t admit that, it is completely true.

Therefore, once you start flirting with her, it is time to start behaving and talking dirty with her. However, all these things should seem like it is completely natural so that your crush does not think wrongly of you.

Once again, you can take the assistance of social networking sites for initiating your dirty conversations. For example, you can send one of those messages that ask your friends to choose a number and depending on that, you can ask them to talk dirty with you.

Regardless of what your crush chooses, you can always edit the list at the last moment and this might work very well for you. For starters, you can ask them about their dirty little secret or favourite sex position.

Remember that, there must be enough of a connection between you two before this because you have taken special efforts for that. Therefore, your crush will not mind sharing her dirty secrets with you.

Some girls like guys to persuade them to answer these naughty questions and therefore, you should not give up easily. If your girl does not like to talk dirty, you can make naughty statements that are as effective as talking dirty.

For example, tell your crush that you want to have a girl who looks just like her. See how she reacts to this statement, if she responds by blushing or smiling, consider it as a green signal and try to make your relationship stronger.

Again, you can say such things in a flirty or funny tone to not sound like a pervert.

How to Talk Dirty with Your Partner

Start Touching Her 

Touching is important if you want to build a physical relationship with your crush. However, do not be a pervert and touch her whenever you get the opportunity. You must touch your girl in a natural way.

She must not feel insecure if you touch her and therefore, your hands should not tremble while touching.

Moreover, you must also watch your hand while touching because it will create a negative vibe. Let her feel comfortable with your touches and do not hesitate in getting bold if she reacts positively to your touches.

For example, if she giggles or blushes when you touch her, it means that you can proceed further. Once she starts feeling comfortable with you, proceed further and try to kiss her. Plan your kiss as it should not look as if you are molesting or taking advantage.

Get close to her lips and ask softly that is it ok if you go further. If she accepts, kiss her but ensure that your breath is fresh on your kissing date.

Close All the Distances 

Once you have seduced her enough, it is time to make the final move. Talk about sex as much as you can so that she starts having dirty thoughts about you. Ask her if you can spend a weekend with her. Girls know what this means.

If she agrees it means that you can make all the necessary plans so that you can spend quality time together. However, do not forget to seek her permission before making love to her because a true gentleman always does that.

Final verdict 

These are the things that can work for you, especially if you want to build physical intimacy with a girl/woman. We hope that you liked our ideas and expert opinions. However, if you have better ideas you can always share them with us so that those ideas can help our other readers as well.

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