Complete Guide on How to Squirt (2020)

What is squirting?

Squirting is a part of female ejaculation where there is an explosion of fluids from the vulvas. Squirting is not exactly pee but contains creatinine, uric acid, and urea, and it comes out of an organ that is down below the urethra. The term female ejaculation is often used instead of squirting. 

When you squirt, it comes out of the clitoral through G-spot stimulation. 

How does it feel like?

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It is similar to asking how an orgasm will feel like. Well, to answer this, different women will have a different experience. Some will tell you that it's different than an orgasm, while others will say that it's the same.  Some women even said that they feel like they want to pee when they actually feel like squirting. 

What is squirt?

Well, not everyone can squirt, and those who do will tell you different experiences. However, the question, whether it is pee or not, is a complicated question to answer. Some researches have been conducted on squirting, and the result found that squirt contains protein, which is similar to semen. 

Therefore, squirting can be addressed as female ejaculation. One theory that was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine said that squirting is nothing but urination, which created a storm among won who squirts, and they claimed that is feels nothing like that, and the water that comes out of it doesn't smell like pee. 

Squirting is considered as the ultimate expression of pleasure that women or girls can experience while having sex. Every woman is not naturally gifted with the ability to squirt whereas many can master the art through some practice.

It is nothing but a liquid that gets released by a woman whenever she is sexually stimulated or while experiencing orgasms.

Some people think that it is urine whereas some people think it  is something to do with cumming. Women who think that it is urine feel embarrassed to squirt even if they have enough urges to do so. However, the fact is that a small portion of the squirted juices is pee.

The other portion comprises of fluids that are rich in proteins. According to the scientists, it is produced by skene’s glands that are placed at the very end of a woman’s urethra whenever the sacred G-spot is stimulated. Skene's glands are also known as the female prostates.

Sometimes it is just overhyped especially by the cartoon sex and porn movie creators. They give so much importance to squirting in every scene and try to make it so visually appealing that women crave to experience that feeling.

While most of the women might feel better after squirting their love potions, some women have also complained that squirting diverts their attention from orgasms and they do not like it. Therefore, squirting and the pleasure associated with it can differ from woman to woman.

What is Squirting? - Female Ejaculation or Sex Squirt

That being said, we recommend that every woman must experience how it feels especially when it comes to impressing their partners. If squirting does not come naturally, , you must learn some techniques to master it.

Today, we will talk and discuss various methods that might assist you to squirt wholeheartedlySquirting does not have a single proven technique to learn. It might be a series of techniques or experimenting with different sensations that can help you squirt.

That being said, many studies suggest that certain parts of women’s genitals can prove to be crucial as stimulating them fastens the process. G-spot is one of those parts that might play the most crucial role ins squirts. So, let us discuss G-spot stimulation in detail first.

G-spot stimulation

G-spot is a special spot inside a vagina that is so sensitive that a mere touch to it can push a woman on the verge of a shuddering orgasm.

The same spot can also be used to make a woman squirt. Follow these steps to arouse a G-spot and if you are lucky enough, you might experience the first squirting experience of your life or at least you will explode violent streams of cum. Insert your index finger inside the vagina.

The G-spot can be located 1 to 3 inches deep in the vaginal cavity as it depends on the shape and size of a woman’s vaginal canal. A cool idea will be to hold your index finger in such a way that mimics the gesture we use to call someone near us.

If you feel a slight bump or a rough surface, that is your sacred G-spot. The G-spot gets softer when a woman is stimulated. However, if you are dry, you can use lube to lubricant your pussy's inner walls. Apply some lube on your fingers and run over the G-spot to stimulate it.

Important Note

You must cut your fingernails before teasing the G-spot because you do not want to cause any bruises on it. Now, use your fingers and flick the G-spot in an up-down motion or left-right motion whichever creates more sensations.

You can also draw circles around the G-spot by using the tip of your finger or you can use the same ‘come here’ gesture. If you do not have flexible or long fingers, you can also ask your partner to do the favour.

On the other hand, you can also use sex toys like dildos and vibrators to tease your G-spot. Many G-spot vibrators are available on the online sex toy stores and you can find an effective one at affordable prices.

Moreover, you can also stimulate your clitoris at the same time to multiply the sensations. Some women who have extra sensitive G-spot might require only a couple of minutes of stimulation to squirt. However, ladies who are not able to squirt naturally might require a bit more to squirt.

Tips on How to Make a Woman Squirt

Now, we will give some important tips to men who want to make their wife, girlfriend, or friend squirt. These tips can also be passed on by the women to their husband, boyfriend, or friend to make it happen.

Make the necessary preparations

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Before making a girl squirt, it is important to make the necessary preparations so that things don't get messy afterward. The first thing that you should do is to keep a big towel nearby so that you can reach it easily whenever she is about to squirt.

The towel would come in for your rescue if the squirting becomes uncontrolled or violent. You can also place the towel directly under your hips to avoid any last-minute panic. You must also carry a skin-friendly lube that would oil your fingers and the insides of her vagina.

Making a girl squirt is not an easy process and it may require time. As  the result, her vagina might get dry or rough from insides at times. Therefore, it is important to keep her oiled up so that she feels at ease during and after the squirting session.

You must also keep your fingernails small and blunt so that it does not hurt her when you penetrate your fingers inside.

Create a perfect ambiance

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It is also necessary to create a wonderful and pleasant ambiance so that your girl gets in the right mood. Also, it is not necessary to directly jump to the squirting session. You can also indulge in lots of foreplay before inserting fingers or sex toys in her vagina.


Kiss her, make her feel special, and make love to all her sensitive points to arouse her. The main motive of the foreplay should be arousing and you must take care that the foreplay doesn’t get too intense or else she might cum early.

This might further delay the gushing squirts hidden deep inside her. You can also keep kissing and touching her niggles and clit by lying alongside her while having easy access to her vagina.

Talk dirty 

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It is easy to arouse some ladies by talking dirty. Therefore, you can also adopt this trick to seduce and stimulate her. Make her so horny that she would want you to insert fingers inside her badly.

You can even watch a porn movie together while doing all these acts so the romantic mood spikes up from time to time. Make her wet and let her moan out of pure delight as it will increase the chances of squirting.

Proceed to the main act


Once she gets sufficiently aroused, it is time to insert fingers or sex toys in her. Do not hurry as you need to build the tension in her slowly.

Start by teasing and stimulating her clit. You can even kiss it or suck it to arouse her even more.

Flick her clitoris with your finger or trace circles around it with the help of your fingers. You can also use the vibrator to tease her clit but do not go too far or she might get too excited and explode multiple orgasms.

The act of indulging in multiple orgasms is altogether a different thing that we will discuss in detail on some other day.

Reach Inside the vaginal cavity

penetrate the vagina-min

Now that you have warmed her up nicely, she might be already quite wet and horny. Insert a finger inside and check if there is enough lubrication to stimulate her. If not, use lube to make her vaginal wall and canal wet. After that, start caressing the upper part of her vagina.

Insert a finger inside and after going a couple of inches deeper you will find a small bumpy area with some ridges that can be compared to the texture and feel of the upper wall of your mouth. That is the G-spot that you must tease to make her squirt.

Use the process that we had described above or use a sex toy to stimulate that part. Dildos that have a forward bend are ideal to tease the G-spot. You can also use your fingers to tease her but also keep a watch on how she reacts.

Positive & negative signs

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If she remains steady and calm, then it means that you are doing something wrong. If you are stimulating her enough you will see an expression of joy, excitement, anticipation, etc. on her face. Remember that she will squirt only when she is ecstatic. 

Also, you cannot rely on one type of stimulation if you want to make her squirt. If your girl is moaning and gasping with excitement, it means that you are moving on the right path. Before squirting, she will arch her back upwards and you will notice spasms coming from all sides.

Keep on teasing and stimulating her until she squirts. Once she starts squirting, you can stop all the arouses and let her enjoy the special moments. She will also cum simultaneously and therefore, she might moan loudly and her legs and lower body might shiver with sheer pleasure.

The same kind of experience can also be provided with a sex toy or intercourse. However, you must know when to pull out your penis or sex toy from her pussy at the right time to see her squirting and cumming at the same time.

Sex positions to try to squirt

If you are interested in squirting and don't know how to do it, you may try these sexual positions, which may help you squirt. Try them out. 

Doggy style

The doggy style position can help your partner reach the vaginal front easily, the spot where you have the G-spot. 

Manual missionary

Manual missionary is a technique where your partner will make you squirt without inserting his penis or a dildo. Lie down on the bed as if you are getting ready for the missionary position. Your partner will insert one or three fingers pointing upwards. This position can make you ejaculate. 

Butterfly position

Females will not have to do anything; rather, the male partner will do all the hard work. You need to lie down and rest your feet on your partner's shoulders. Rest, your partner will take care of everything. 

Tips for girls/women

Now that we have discussed the tips that a man can follow to make his partner squirt in detail, let us focus on self-pleasuring tips and techniques again. Firstly, let us look at some useful tips that can prove helpful especially for the beginners who haven’t experienced squirting before:

How to Make Myself Squirt

If you are under the impression that to make yourself squirt, you will always need a partner; then you're mistaken. You can squirt all alone too!

No Need to be Shy Aymore

Some girls and women feel very shy or embarrassed to squirt in front of their partners. They feel that it is not a good thing to show  to their partner. However, we would recommend such girls avoid being shy because it will affect your sex life to a great extent.

Don’t get stressed out

Also, girls/women must avoid the pressure of squirting and instead they can focus on enjoying all the little things that are involved in the squirting session. Also, if a girl is masturbating to make herself squirt, she must not think of squirting much.

Instead, she must focus on the pleasure part of these acts. Thinking too much is not recommended because it will restrict mind and body from enjoying the intense feelings and sensations that are related to orgasm.

Relax your body & senses 

It is very important to relax your body and mind before and during the squirting session. Thinking too much or getting tense will make your body stiff and stressed and this will restrict your ability to experience different kinds of sensations. If you are not relaxed, your vaginal muscles will remain contract. You need to relax your mind first and focus on squirting. 

Breathe normally and you can also have a hot shower or bath before a squirting session.

You can also play light music and use  scented candles to turn the ambiance into a romantic one. You can also use dim lights because  they help us to shed our inhibitions and we can concentrate on the sensations more.

Explore your erogenous zones

You can't squirt just like that. You need to prepare for that. So, begin by touching all your erogenous zones, such as nipples, lower stomach, inner thighs, ears, and neck. You can use a vibrator too to get into the mood. 

Rub your nub

This is the time when you will want to touch your clit. You can use whatever to do. You can buy a clit stimulation toy to play with the clit. 

Locate the G-spot

If you are already aroused, you should be able to locate your G-spot easily because when you are excited, the G-spot becomes pronounced. Insert a finger to find the G-spot. However, if you can't locate it, it's absolutely fine!

Keep going

Keep thrusting with your finger slowly, and if you feel like peeing before you squirt, congratulations, you have done it right! 

Practice, practice, practice

The more you will practice, the better it will become for you to squirt. If you fail a few times, it's perfectly normal. Keep trying. 

What if you can't do it? 

Well, some women will be able to squirt while others won't. You can still pleasure yourself by fingering, playing with a sex toy, and more. Remember, squirting can't be the only goal. Pleasure is the end goal for any kind of stimulation.

"Magical Methods" to Make You/Her Squirt

Now, let us look at some of the most effective and magical methods that can help you to squirt passionately:

#1 - Kegel training

Kegel training is important for making your pelvic floor strong. Therefore, it is also known as pelvic floor training. Kegel training is important for those who want to experience powerful orgasms and squirting because it trains the muscles that help you to ejaculate the fluids more intensely.

How to do Kegel Exercises and Why they Work

It also maximizes your pleasures. Moreover, Kegel exercises or training also help you to identify the difference between peeing and squirting. Before squirting, a woman experiences a strong urge to release the juices.

However, the feeling is so similar to peeing that she tries to suppress it. Kegel exercises will make your pelvic muscles and floor stronger and you will be able to differentiate between peeing and squirting. Now, let us see how to perform Kegel exercises:

  1. Firstly, you will  need to find the muscles of your pelvic floor because it is impossible to perform these exercises without identifying them.
  2. To identify these muscles, you  need to hold your pee in between. You will suddenly feel strange sensations in a part of your body and those are the muscles of your pelvic floor.
  3. We will tell you a very simple technique that will train your pelvic floor muscles. For that, you will first have to sit on the floor and stretch your legs forwards.
  4. After that, imagine that you have a marble in under your hips and tighten the pelvic muscles by imagining that you are going to lift that marble. Hold the muscles for few seconds and then release them.
  5. Repeat this exercise for at least 10 minutes to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Also, it is important to concentrate on the muscle parts you are training while performing this exercise.
  6. You should relax and breathe properly while doing this exercise. Also, do not put any strain on your abdomen, buttocks, or thighs while tightening the pelvis floor.
  7. Moreover, you can repeat this exercise for few times in a day to make your pelvic floor capable of shooting powerful squirts.

#2 - Secret massage technique 

There is also a secret massage technique that will require the assistance of your partner. In this massage technique, ancient acupressure therapy is used to stimulate some sensitive points of your body. There are some pressure points on a female body that can be stimulated to make her feel good.

The first two points are located on the foot an inch or a couple of inches below your third toe. The next two points are on the top of the crotch area which can be located a couple of inches on each side of the part that separates your crotch and the thighs.

The last two points are just a couple of centimeters above each of these points. All these four points are found on that part where your thighs and pelvis meet. These points are also known as mansion cottage and rushing door respectively.

After identifying these points, you need to stimulate them with your thumbs in an alternate way. Also, do not forget to massage those points on the feet after every couple of minutes. Maintain the pressure consistently and make your girl squirt violently.

These points can even be stimulated by your partner when he is pleasuring you orally.

There is another massage technique that focuses on different pressure points on a woman’s body. This massage is important because it prepares a girl’s body for a steamy squirt session by releasing all the stress and tension from the body.

Let us focus on the points first that are present on the posterior part of a woman's body. The neck and shoulders are the parts that are the most stressed due to regular work and different activities. The area below the shoulder blades must also be focussed on while giving a massage.

The lower back and the top part of the buttocks are also highly sensitive parts that can be used to stimulate her perfectly. The anterior part of a woman’s body also contains many points that need to be stimulated.

These parts include the areas below the collar bone, at the top part of her tits, at the bottom part of her boobs, below the rib cage, the V-part that is located on her pubic bone's top, and on each side of the part that separates the vagina and upper thighs that we had referred as mansion cottage and pelvis door.

A boyfriend or husband should massage all these points nicely to give her body an orgasmic massage. Massage oils like sandalwood oil, jojoba oil, etc. can be used for these massages. A couple of fragrant essential oil drops s can also be added to make these massages more relaxing and passionate.

We would recommend you to use a dilute version of grapeseed oil for giving a steamy massage to your girlfriend or wife. Massage for at least an hour and after that massage, you can indulge in erotic foreplay. After that, you can stimulate her G-spot and clit by using your fingers or vibrator.

A perfect massage will enhance the sensations and she will feel tingling emotions right from the start.

#3 - Other techniques (Edging)

Edging is another technique that can assist a woman in squirting. This method can be practiced alone or with a partner as per your convenience.

In this technique, a woman has to hold back intense urges even if she reaches closer to an orgasm. This can be done by going slow or focussing on the other parts of the body that are less sensitive whenever she reaches close to orgasm during masturbation or sex.

Edging - A Female Pleasure Technique

Once she can hold back orgasms a few times, the final step will be to focus on the G-spot. By mixing the technique of edging and G-spot stimulation, a woman can experience extremely erotic and irresistible sensations that will force her to squirt violently.

Final Verdict 

These were a few techniques and tips that can be used by the women who are keen on mastering the art of squirting. If you know other techniques, please let us know through the comments section. Practice the art of squirting and add a new dimension to your sex life!

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