Complete Guide on How to Shave Your Pubic Area (2020)

Do you think forest removal is a good thing? It is, if the forest being referred here is your pubic area.

There was a time when people turned away their faces in disgust when it came to shaving their pubic area.

Gone are the days when you don't have to pay heed to what's down there. You must care about how you carry yourself.

This is why it becomes necessary to shave your pubic area; to maintain a good grooming lifestyle.

However, you need to take extra care because the pubic area is really sensitive. 

Seated Pose

A little mishap could cause irritation, burning or even bleeding, resulting in a lot of pain. This is why we are here with a complete guide on how to shave your pubic area.

The Question: Should I really shave down there?

It is a little vague question because having body hair is not a new concept. According to  Dermatology experts, pubic hair has a lot to do with your body defending itself. Pubic hairs act as a protective barrier against dust, bacteria and sweat.

These hairs exist where there are creases in the body such as your armpits or the areas which get a bit sweaty. They are there to protect your skin against the repetitive friction or some kind of irritation.

The human body has evolved to protect itself against the internal entities and the external agents such as STD causing microbes or molluscum contagiosum. However, if you shave your pubes, you are leaving that area vulnerable to a variety of infectious agents.

But, as long as you take care of yourself and your sensitive portions, you can come out clean because it helps to reduce some unwanted follicles in that area. 

How can you be sure that you are shaving it carefully or not?

You should consider this critical aspect - Do not dry-shave the area because it can get a lot of itchy and you might get skin rashes as well. Consider either body wash or lathing up yourself with a good soap, proven to be effective in pre-shaving activities.

The second important thing to remember is that you must not use dull blades on your private body parts. There is a whole other debate about people thinking sharp razors as a bad option, but we recommend you use sharp razors because these are a lot better than those dull blades.

The same philosophy applies to the knives as people would tell you to stay away from sharp knives, but you know a dull knife can prove to be a lot more dangerous because you have to push a bit harder than usual to get the job done.

We have talked to a lot of dermatological experts, and they always advise to trust blades which are manufactured by registered companies. This is important because every time you apply the razor to the skin, it creates some microscopic cracks.

This is why you should consider a new, easy to dispose razor with two blades, every time you shave your pubic area. The two-blade razor ensures safety for your skin. Further, you should not use the same blade twice and must dispose it after the first use; otherwise, it may cause bacterial infections.

Should You Shave Your Pubes?

Top Things to Know before Shaving Your Pubic Hair

The number one thing that you should know about this is to go slowly and try to be as gentle as possible. You simply do not have to blind shave as the area is quite sensitive and you need to see what you are doing. Stand in front of the mirror while shaving, otherwise, things may go wrong.

People tend to make mistakes when they are in a hurry and do not take their time.

If you get some kind of cut from the blade, we suggest you go and see a dermatologist instantly. It doesn't matter how much you get embarrassed about the wounded area, but it's in your best interest to prevent the harmful bacteria from infecting your body.

It is totally up to you in deciding whether you want to shave your pubic area regularly or not, but you need to practice the habit of safe shave routine.

Different Pubic Grooming Possibilities

Removal of the pubic hair is undoubtedly a personal choice. Some girls just trim their pubic hair while others usually visit a salon to get themselves a 'bikini wax'. Also, there may be others who prefer to shave off their pubic area every single day while others just want to leave their pubes alone.

 Removing pubic hair is not essential because it does not have any medical benefits. Let us take a good look at different pubic grooming possibilities:    


Some girls consider the habit of shaving pubic hair as "high maintenance". They cannot deal with the fact that their hair will grow back in a couple of days and make them feel a bit itchy and prickly at the same time

Despite what people say about shaving, it doesn't make the hairs grow any thicker, it is just a myth prevalent among people.

However, if you love to be hairless then you should invest in some great tools available in the market like better quality scissors, gel/shaving creams, electric razors or normal razors, and many other products. 

Cream Hair Removers

Even though the method has an entirely painless experience, every depilatory cream is not safe for your skin or the sensitive area surrounding your vulva.

The internet might not have all the information about the product, so it is essential to read the product label to ensure that it can be used on your vulva. You can follow the directions written on its label, to use the product and  to avoid any confusion.

However, if you notice any type of rash, swelling or redness, you should visit your doctor immediately as there might be a chance that you can be allergic to the corresponding hair remover.    


Waxing works by applying a thin layer of some kind of warm liquid wax over the hairs which you want to remove instantly. Once the wax becomes hard, you may place a thin cloth-like material to pull off over the region to remove the hairs quickly.

Waxing is a lot more different to other hair removal techniques as the hair gets removed up tightly from the root which tends to take a lot of time to grow back again.

If you are thinking about waxing to get your pubes done, then you should visit some salon or spa offering this service because you will not be able to do it alone as it is quite painful. 

If the wax gets hot, it could even burn your skin, and you should never shave before visiting a spa for waxing.    

Laser Hair Removal 

The process is a professional one as it involves an intense beam of light to destroy the hair follicles by penetrating through your skin. It removes your pubic hair efficiently. It is advisable to wear some protective eye wear during this treatment.

The results of laser hair removal can vary from person to person; while you may notice some temporary redness/swelling on some people, at the same time there might be no effects on other people after the treatment.

The procedure might take some time as it depends on the area from which you want your hairs to be removed.

If it is the pubic hair, then it might take less time. However, these treatments may get a bit costly because usually, you have to take up six or more sessions to complete the whole procedure; and sometimes it may not even work.

But, if you are sure about this procedure, you should consult a certified health care provider in dermatology / cosmetic surgery. Ensure the salon is registered, and the provider's certification is on display.   


This is the only hair removal method which happens to be a permanent method of removing your hair.

Using electrolysis, an electrode in the form of a needle is used to destroy the hair root. These treatments are a bit costly, and they usually occur once a week for a year to altogether remove every hair root.

Every session lasts for about 15 to 60 minutes, and its cost may depend on the location as well as a few other factors. If you are thinking of electrolysis as the hair removal method, then you should consult a dermatologist to have your queries answered.

Do look for some certified salons to get the job done successfully. It all depends on you which process you do want to go ahead with. Take out some time to think about it; whether you wish to consider a bit of a professional method to get your pubic area cleaned or want to go by it for yourself.

Many people choose the option of going by themselves when it comes to shaving their pubic area. Let us take a look at what process you'd need to follow before you start removing your hair. 

Preparing your Pubic area for the hair removal process

Do take this seriously that you are about to deal with some of the most sensitive portions on your body, so you have to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Would you be able to ensure it? Well, read this guide, folks!

  • Cleaning the necessary tools - You need to keep your grooming tools away from your regular machinery/ devices. It is a great thing if you're a multitasker, but your tools should never  multitask if you want to keep infections at bay.  Before you use any of your tools, you should soak them in a disinfectant for at least 10 minutes, or you might consider cleaning them with alcohol. But take some serious care as scissors and razors have a lot of sharp edges. 
  • Trim the excess hair - If this is your first time, then you must have some long thatch for sure. You should consider cutting the hair about an inch or a quarter. This will help you to undergo the process efficiently, and razor/trimmer clogging will not happen. By doing this, you will be able to get a closer look at your skin, thus figuring out a better view in completing the hair removal process.
  • Have a bath before the grooming starts - It doesn't matter whether you want to shave your pubic area completely or just want to give it a proper shape, you have to take the necessary precautions to avoid any skin infection. Try washing the area with soap and water, or you can take a shower as well. You can soak the area for five minutes which will make the skin to soften up also causing your hair to expand.
  • Exfoliating the area - You can use gentle scrubbing in properly exfoliating the pubic area. This will assist you to remove any type of sebum clogging or some dead skin cells around the hair follicles. Exfoliation helps the razors and other grooming tools to penetrate deeper thus giving you a smooth and even shave.  
  • Lathe / Lubrication - You need to keep your skin a bit moist if you want to shave your pubic area. An excellent way to do this is by applying some lubrication which will help to minimize the friction. By using some cream, you can avoid doing the area twice which you've just shaved.   
  • Shaving / Trimming in the hair direction - Going against the wind to do something should not be your motto when it comes to shaving your pubic area. You may feel skin burn or other types of irritation when you try to go against the grain. This is not a technique which you should follow; instead, try to be smooth, and you will get a great result if you go with the flow.
  • Taking your time is necessary -. Just try to be as slow as possible and ensure you see the entire area; as, one small mistake can land you in the ER, and you don't want to be that person for sure.

Tips & Tricks when Shaving "Down There"

Let's begin the Process

We will be discussing three critical sets of the processes and guide you with the dos and don'ts of every bit so that you can come out as a winner in the entire process. Let's go.

Comb - Scissor Cleanup

The Comb and scissor method is there to give a good shape to your pubes.

If you are a lover of fleece and prefer that look, then you can simply make a few snips, and this technique comes at no cost.

comb and scissors
  • You should use facial hair scissors, which comes with a protective rounded tip. Always start with the highest point of the region using a fine-toothed comb which can be held flat against your skin. The comb will act as a protective barrier between the sharp edges of a scissor and your skin.  
  • You need to trim only the hairs which come out of the comb. Start by working with a small section first and then try moving downwards. The priority should be the groin area and then the rest of it. Repeat this process after some days when the hair starts to grow back as per your liking.

Try buying a moustache comb with a handle, and it will surely work out the best. It can execute the necessary maneuvers you need around the region. As we said, it depends on you; if you like a longer kind of look, you can put the hair between two fingers and then cut them out. 

The Trimmer Easiness 

A trimmer can be used for close cropping of the pubic area with different clippers which come along with the trimmer.

You can adjust the cutting length as per your convenience.

Although these clippers are made for cutting larger hair, including cutting hair on the head, the precision and the safety that they provide, works out great for doing the pubes.

You should choose a body hair trimmer which is waterproof because it has to work in a wet environment when you cleanse the area.

However, you have to ensure that you take preventive steps against the drain clogging as it's a likely possibility. 

  • Do set your priorities towards the more extended hair setting. You should divide your trim session into different phases to achieve the look you want.  You can cover longer hair in the first phase and shorter in the subsequent phases.  
  • After you choose a waterproof trimmer and decide to use it in the shower, make sure you have applied the thinnest layer of cream/gel right before the process. Do not use lather while trimming and neither go for dry trims.
  • You should shave in the direction of hair growth to avoid any skin redness or rashes. However, you can go in the opposite direction in the second round to ensure proper cleanup. We recommend you put light touches on the pubic region because of the sensitivity factor.
  • If you are using the trimmer, then let us tell you that you will need to go through a redo every week or days as per your preference. You can follow the same process for each redo.

There are a lot of trimmers available for both male and female in the market designed specifically for your pubic area. Do check them out. We advise you to not go with the price or the design, instead, go for good features which will work best for you. 

The Practice of Razor

Lots of people prefer shaving their pubes with a razor as it is the trusted source of taking your wiry hairs off for a considerable time.

However, you have to ensure that you come out clean every time you go through a shave to avoid any infection and skin irritation.

  • Apply shaving cream or gel on the area for 5 to 10 minutes which will help the skin to soften up and expand the hair. You should choose some skin-friendly products and ensure you don't apply these products to your vaginal opening, penis or the anal opening. You should rinse your razor after every swipe.
  • If you are considering shaving the portion above the genital area or your brief/bikini line, then you should shave it in the direction of your hair growth to avoid any kind of discomfort.
  • If you are trying to shave your penis side, then try cutting slowly in the stroke towards the base. You should use shave in a similar style near the scrotum by pulling the skin taut and making delicate strokes downwards.
  • If you want to work around the vulva region, then you should safely work with the labial folds giving focus on one side at a time using a softer touch.
  • In case you just want to beautify the bushy tail, start by gently shaving your butt cheeks in the downward motion. However, if things get a little tricky, try placing a handheld mirror on the bathroom floor. With both legs and hips apart over the mirror, get yourself into a squat-like position. This will give an easy surface to shave one cheek gently and then focus on the other in the downward stroke.

Soak the sensitive parts with some bath oil. It will help to soften the skin in this pre-shaving activity. However, don't stay in the tub for long; else, you may aggravate the risk of pruning the skin. You should wash your hands before the shave to avoid any slippage.

  • You will experience an enhanced sensation.
  • It is culturally accepted, especially in the US. You tend to like being “au natural.”
  • A lot less sweat on your crotch.
  • It will look nicer and cleaner.
  • You can introduce yourself to a lot of choices in swimwear.
  • Effective oral sex activity.
  • Itching can get a bit rough in the area.
  • If you start to shave, then you have to be regular otherwise you might mess up things.
  • Rashes, allergic reactions, and much more.
  • Not a pleasing oral sex activity that you would want to be a part of.
  • Trimmers can be dangerous on those parts.

Your Decision - Bare or Not

In the end, it's your decision on what to do with your pubic hair. However, if you want to keep it all or shape them up as per your liking or want to go bare completely, the decision is all yours.   

If you leave your pubes in a particular place, it could be helpful enough to protect you from sexually transmitted infections. The process of hair removal could pose the risk of cuts or abrasions or some micro skin openings which can act as a portal for bacteria and viruses, thereby, leading to STIs.

Use precautionary steps while grooming your pubic area. Do keep a little attention to detail while maintaining your pubes in order to practice safe sex. Let's take a look at some of the names which the pubes' stylings have gotten over the time.   

  • Bikini / Edging - Removing the hair which peeks out of your briefs or bikinis for a smart beach look.
  • Landing Strip / Patches - Explore the style you carry while wearing your bikinis by shaping your pubic area into a nice line / rectangular form.
  • ​Lion's mane - This is specifically for men as they can get this style by shaving all the hairs from their balls and penis except the hair around their pubic patches. The corresponding styling helps to enhance your whole package size; if you know what I mean.
  • Brazilian styling - You can go completely bare by shaving off the entire pubic area.

Try out some of the above looks to know what goes best on you; after all, it's part of your body, and the decision would be all yours.

Some Preventive Tips to Keep the Area Free from Any Irritation / Rashes

So, the following process is to tell you about how you can keep your pubic area free from any type of infection after hair removal is done.

  • You should treat your skin with a considerable amount of TLC which will prevent the growth of ingrown hairs as well as the irritation.
  • As soon as you shave your pubic area, you will have exposed follicles and pores which could become inflamed. This is the reason why we advise you to soothe and moisturize the field by applying salicylic acid. When it gets dry, apply some scent-free oil or a good moisturizer at those follicles which will prevent the dreaded itch by restricting their exposure to the external  environment.
  • You should wear cotton skivvies for the next few days because cotton is a softer material as compared to those polyester / synthetic fibers. Try to avoid wearing tight clothing for some days.
  • If you see some razor burns or ingrown hairs on the area after a few days after the process, try applying some water and compressing the portion to see some open follicles/pores. Apply hydrocortisone cream and some antibiotics on the area to reduce the inflammation. This will help combat the probability of an infection.       
  • Apply the product consisting of salicylic acid to keep your skin bump-free when you get completely ready for your next shaving session.

Well, we hope that you have understood the correct way to shave your pubes while taking precautions. It is quite easy to cut the area if you are trying it out for the first time. Do ensure to apply some moisturizer or salicylic acid after you are done with the process.

It depends on your choice whether you want to go completely bare or just style the portion a little. Also, try selecting some good trimmers and razors for the best experience. So, here we have arrived at the end of our complete guide on how to shave your pubic area.

We will continue to keep providing some great tips which will help you get a great experience regardless of the subject.

If you want us to give some suggestions or recommendations about the above topic or anything else, feel free to send your queries to us, and we will consider your questions seriously.

We would like to thank you for giving your valuable time to read this guide. It's goodbye from us, and we will see you soon!

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