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How to sell feet pics on OnlyFans and make an extra income of 200$ per day?

It is quite an interesting fact that over 90,000 people google “feet pics” a month and this shows that there is quite a high demand for feet pictures online. The foot fetish is indeed one of the most popular fetishes among people. As the market for fetishes is growing tremendously, there are many creators coming out with unique content and making thousands of dollars per month. Foot fetish is one such nice in which the creators do not even have to show their faces or take off their clothes to garner followers and earn money.

One such marketplace where you can post your feet pictures and earn good money is Onlyfans. Everyone is aware of the popularity Onlyfans has earned all over the world. This is a great platform on which you can market your feet pictures and its easy-to-use payment system means creators can cash out their earnings at any point.

How to Sell Feet Pictures on OnlyFans [2022 UPD] - 100% WORKING

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Can you make money selling feet pics?

Yes, of course, you can make a lot of money by selling hot and sexy pictures of your feet. Many people out there have a foot fetish and would love to buy your pictures if they would be appealing enough for them. 

It is pretty easy to start earning money selling feet pictures. You just need a phone, laptop, or a computer with a good internet connection. The best place to start with is Onlyfans. Just make your Onlyfans account and post your pictures of feet regularly on the platform. You can further market your content on other social media platforms as well like on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

Why choose Onlyfans for selling your feet pics?

Onlyfans is one of the best social media platforms that connect content creators with their fans. This is the best marketplace where you can sell your original content to a wide base population. This is the only place where you can show your content to people all around the world in the shortest time period. 

Another advantage of Onlyfans is that you do not even have to show your face in order to sell your feet pictures. You can share your explicit content on this platform and there are people who would pay you for watching your content.

Step by step guide for selling feet pics on Onlyfans?

  1. Open an Onlyfans Account and select your Name

Opening an Onlyfans account is the first and the most important thing to do to start selling feet pics. You would need your email id and a password to open an Onlyfans account along with some other important details. 

After opening an Onlyfans account, you would need to come up with an interesting name for it. The name should be something unique that best describes your content or your personality.

One more thing, you are not under any compulsion to reveal your real name for the Onlyfans account. It is an advantage if you do not want to reveal your identity to your family and friends. 

  1. Determine your subscription charges

In order to make money from your feet pictures, you need to request monetizing on Onylfans. Once you get the approval, you can set your subscription charges. 

Make sure you set the subscription charges low as a beginner. This would help you build a huge fanbase and an influential audience first. Start by setting your subscription charge as low as $10. Once the number of subscribers to your page increases, you can subsequently increase your subscription rate, and people will sure subscribe to it.

  1. Publish attractive feet pics

In order to increase engagement on your Onlyfans page, you should publish attractive feet pics regularly. Once you have become successful in attracting a number of fans to your Onlyfans account, make sure you always post unique and high-quality pictures of feet that your fans have never seen anything like. Now, they would pay any amount of money for your feet pics. 

Now that you have started posting some sexy feet pictures, your fans will always look forward to visiting your page and would also recommend their friends to visit your Onlyfans page.

  1. Promote your account on other social media accounts

Now, that you have achieved a fair number of followers and a good collection of unique foot pics, it is time for promoting your page and content all over the internet. 

Like Onlyfans, there are many other well-established social media channels that can help you increase your fanbase and potential customers for your pictures.

Instagram and Twitter

Instagram is a popular social media platform where you can attract a lot of organic followers to your Onlyfans page. If you do not want your friends and family to know about your work, you can create a fake Instagram account to market your content and Onlyfans page. 

Similar to Instagram, Twitter can also help you generate a massive audience and new followers for your content. Just make a Twitter account and share the link of your Onlyfans page in your bio.


You can also share the link to your Onlyfans page on your Reddit account to garner followers. Make sure you only use the Reddit section dedicated to intimate content to promote your content. In this way, you can avoid having your Reddit account suspended due to their policy violation.

Cross collaboration

If you want to build your account fast, you must consider collaborating with other Onlyfans creators from the same niche. Your collaboration with other Onlyfans creators can help you increase your following as your content will get excellent exposure. 


If you are running a website or writing blogs on the same niche, you add your Onlyfans link to them. In this way, the followers of your blog/sites can connect to your Onlyfans page also.

  1. Be consistent in delivery

Make sure you remain consistent in posting feet images as your audience is waiting for your pictures out there. Set a time to publish new pictures on your page and make sure you post on that time only regularly so that your followers can know when to expect your sexy feet pictures. Along with this, make sure your caption your pictures with correct taglines like “pretty feet”, “lick-able”, “foot fetish”, and more. 

  1. Make connections with your buyers

Making connections with your buyers and fans is the most important thing to increase your sales. Make sure you engage your account with your fans. You can ask post surveys or ask your followers some feet related questions. Make sure you keep your page alive and engaging all the time as a less engaging page might lose followers and subscriptions eventually.


  1. Provide exclusive and customized content for earning more money

Other than regular updates of your feet images, create something exclusive also for fans who make special requests. This way you can charge some extra money for your exclusive content. Other than this, you can also take personal requests from your followers and give them something customized for some extra tips.


What are the requirements before selling feets pics on Onlyfans?

Before start selling feet pictures on Onlyfans, you must know about some basic requirements.


  1. Good Camera

When it comes to high-quality pictures, everyone knows that they require a good camera. The quality of your camera will ensure clarity in your pictures. In order to get well-paying buyers for your feet pictures, you would need good quality images to attract them, hence, a decent quality camera is very important.

  1. A smartphone

A smartphone or a computer is very essential to run your online business of selling feet pictures. You cannot carry out any business online without a smartphone or a computer. So, invest in a good smartphone and install the Onlyfans app on it. To avoid any type of fraud, make sure you download the Onlyfans app from only secured platforms like Google Play Store or the iOS store. 

  1. Making an Onlyfans account

To start with, you need an Onlyfans account to display your content. Make sure you post unique and high-quality feet images on your page to attract more followers. The quality of photos you will upload will decide the reach of your brand. You would need an email id and password to create an account on the Onlyfans.

  1. Other dedicated social media accounts

Promoting your content on other media channels would help attract more fans quickly to your Onlyfans page. There are many popular and well-established social media channels where you can market your content like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. You can simply share your Onlyfans page link on these social media channels.

  1. Setting up Payment options

There are many payment options available based on different countries. You should select a payment option that is accepted and accessible in the country you are living in. Make sure you choose the right payment option otherwise, the sole purpose of monetizing the content would be lost.

What are the different types of Feet pics that can be sold on OnlyFans?

There are many different types of feet pictures that can be sold on Onlyfans. If we talk about traditional feet pictures, they would be more of beautiful or cute girls’ feet. However, now, there is a major part of the population that love to see pictures of well-groomed feet in designer heels. Other than this, full-body pictures with a major focus on the feet are also famous among people. Highlighting the arch, sole, or toes in your feet images can really do the trick. 

Do not worry, if you are a beginner, you can start by researching some famous foot models that are popular on Instagram and other social media platforms and take inspiration from their feet pictures. With time, you will learn to capture sexy and beautiful feet pictures.

Just make sure to keep it simple while taking feet pictures. Do not use too many filters on the images, let them be natural. Experiment with different niches and see what works the best for you.

Some popular foot fetish categories are as follows:

  • Slender feet
  • Pedicure
  • Dancer
  • Granny feet
  • Tattooed feet
  • Dirty feet
  • Male feet
  • Nail polish
  • Little feet
  • Socks
  • MILF feet
  • High heels
  • Soles
  • Lotion

What are the other Onlyfans alternatives for selling feet pics? 


If you are looking for the best and the safest site for selling feet pictures or videos, then Feetfinder is the right website. When it comes to the security of the users and the customers, you can blindly trust the PCI-level compliant security of the website. 

Other than the best level of security, this platform also provides anonymity so that you can sell your feet pictures without the risk of your friends and family knowing.


Instafeet is the best website where you can make money by selling your feet pictures. On Instafeet, there are many users that are making more than $200 a month by selling their feet pictures on the platform. The interested people will buy the copyrights of your feet pictures by paying you a certain amount of money. 

Another advantage with Instafeet is you can grow your money by increasing your followers.

Model Mayhem

The concept of Model Mayhem is quite similar to Instafeet where your can post your feet pictures directly on the platform and the customers would buy the copyrights of your images by paying your money. Among all the similarities, there is one thing that makes Model Mayhem different from Instafeet and that is they do not charge any fees for creating an account. In order to become a member of the website, you must submit a photoshoot application. This ensures no scams and third-party sellers on the website.


There are many creators out there who are making hundreds of dollars on Craiglist by selling feet pictures. This is another best website where you can make money selling your feet pics. On this platform, you can post an ad of your feet picture for free. It is one of the best websites in the US for selling feet pictures online and making a lot of money.

Etsy and eBay

Clicking a good picture is an art and if you want to sell your art in return for good money, then Etsy and eBay is the right place for you. These are two very similar websites where you can sell your feet pictures. You just have to create a new seller account on these platforms and afterward just start uploading your images of feet along with price tags on them

Modeling agencies

Well-established photographers are anytime preferred over the newbies in model agencies. Generally, the feet pictures modeling agencies want are less sexualized. These feet pictures are used in various magazines and e-commerce websites for footwear brands.

Who buys the feet pictures?

You will find a lot of people who enjoy foot pictures as they have this foot fetish. It is quite interesting to notice that a major part of the population who buy feet pictures online are men in the age group of 25 to 50. Along with that, there has been seen an increase in the sales of foot pictures among women, couples, and exhibitionists. Among many buyers, there are many people who use these feet pictures as part of their sex life to generate arousal. Then, there are people who just enjoy looking at other people’s feet.

How much money can you make selling feet pictures?  

Most beginners have this concern that how much money they can make selling feet pictures online. While this is an important aspect to think about before starting selling feet pics on Onlyfans, it should not become any type of hindrance to your passion for clicking and selling feet pictures.

The amount of money you make from selling feet pictures online can’t be determined. It completely depends on your talent and dedication. The quality and creativity in your feet images will decide upon your success in terms of fame and money. 

All said you can easily generate more money on Onlyfans through the following ways:

Monthly subscriptions

By offering monthly subscriptions to your followers, you can monetize your content on Onlyfans. You can set your monthly subscriptions in the range of $4.99 and $49 to start with. If your content is unique and of good quality, it will surely attract a lot of followers to subscribe to your page. 

Other than this, to attract more followers and sustain your previous subscribers, you can introduce exciting offers and discounts on subscription bundles for different periods. 

Affiliate marketing

Other than selling your feet pictures on Onlyfans, you can make some extra money by promoting other brands on your platform. Each time a sale is made through your affiliate link, you get a commission. 

Sell something exclusive

In order to offer something new and exciting to your followers, you can sometimes stream live videos on your platform. You can set an entry fee for your subscribers to watch the live streams and this way you can make some more money from your subscribers.

In the end, it is important to keep in mind that 20% of all your earnings including tips is deducted by Onlyfans and the rest you get in your account.

To get an idea of how much money you can make selling feet pictures online, go through this video.

How much one should charge for foot pictures and videos?

Setting the right price for your feet pictures is an important decision to make, otherwise, it can go all wrong. If you are a beginner, you can start by selling your feet picture at a low price say, $5. This way you can attract more people and start building a fan following. With time, as your follower increases, you can increase the price of your feet images.


As with all the above details, it won’t be that difficult for you to make money by selling feet pictures online. However, marketing your brand and establishing a name in the online market can be a task. Onlyfans gives you an excellent opportunity to earn some good money by selling your feet pictures and for that, you do not even have to reveal you are true identity. 

So, what are you waiting for? Click some sexy and beautiful feet pictures and sell them to people who know their worth.


Is it legal to sell feet pictures?

Yes, it is legal to sell feet pictures. If you are a beginner and thinking of selling feet pictures online, then do not worry, it is completely safe and legal globally, especially in the US, UK, Italy, Scotland, Australia, and Canada. However, if your country’s religious practices consider sharing personal images online on a platform like Onlyfans forbidden, then it is illegal. 

Do people really buy feet pictures?

Yes, people really buy feet pictures. There are many people out there who enjoy watching other people’s feet, some of them might also use them in their sex life to generate arousal. Other than this, there are many magazines, e-commerce websites, and footwear brands that buy foot pictures for advertisements. 


Is it difficult to sell feet pictures on Onlyfans?

It is not easy to make money online. You must be hardworking and dedicated to having a successful career in selling feet pictures on Onlyfans. There will be many obstacles like you have to be regular and more open about posting pictures on your Onlyfans page. On the Onlyfans platform, you won’t get a built-in audience so you need to start from scratch. 


Can anyone sell their feet pictures even if they don't have beautiful feet?

Anyone can sell their feet pictures even if they do not have beautiful and sexy feet. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and you do not know some might find your feet attractive. Even if your feet are unattractive, you can still sell their pictures as you do not know what someone else is looking for.

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