Complete Guide on How to Seduce a Man (2020)

Seducing a man who is already in demand by a dozen other competitors is definitely going to be a battlefield.

Unless you are a master flirt, and you are unaware of the correct way of seduction, things are going to be pretty tough for you.

The best way to know what a man really wants is to ask him directly, however, since you are already here, we don’t really want you to feel shy while talking with any other man.

That’s going to be a little embarrassing, isn’t it?

So, we are going to share with you a detailed guide that will help you in seducing the man that you want to. 


Pardon us if we are too blunt at times because seducing a man who is desirable is no less than a rollercoaster ride. Whatever tips and information you will find here are not made-up. They are legit, tried, and tested.

Just to let you know, our end goal is to make you achieve the results, let’s not waste any more time and get straight into the point.

First things first, Have the right mindset

Here’s the thing, having a clear mindset will help you clear the first phase of seduction. You will get to learn all the dos and the don’ts, but if you don’t have a clear mindset, nothing will work for you.

Think of a situation where you met some friends, and there was this new person who has introduced to you. Because he or she was new, the person was trying desperately to fit in, cracking excessive jokes, laughing hard, and so on. How did you feel?

Or even thinking about it now, how does it make you feel? We bet, it was nowhere near being comfortable and you definitely felt a bit awkward and wanted to get rid of that person. Well, similar circumstances can arise if you are not sure about your attitude.

Being funny is a natural thing; some people don’t even try; they are naturally good at it. You might have come across people with gifted charisma as well. If you try hard, you will appear like a desperate person, and that’s something you don’t want to do!

You should never come across as someone clingy, desperate, or needy.

If you have someone in your group who is a natural seducer, try to learn their moves. What is it that makes them so attractive, how do they seduce anyone they want. Seducing is both about art and technique. You can either be a good seducer or be bad at it.

Ask Yourself, why do you want to seduce him?

After you are clear about your mindset, the next vital question to ask yourself is, why do you want to seduce a man? Do you want to seduce a man for a casual hookup? Do you want to seduce him because you are sexually attracted to him? Do you want to seduce him for driving him crazy about you?

Do you want to seduce him because you have found your perfect man in him? The reason for attracting someone can be endless.

Many people fail to seduce the perfect man because they carry a significant burden on their shoulders, and that is the ulterior goal, which is trying to attract someone because they just want to feel good about it.

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See, seducing a man just for your ulterior motive is fine; however, you must be clear about it. If you have any second thoughts, you must not proceed.

If you are thinking of seducing a man just for fun and for proving others that you are desirable, or you just want to have a one-night stand and forget about it, think again because it will create many problems. You will be continuously reminded about your motives, and that will create pressure.

The pressure never helps in achieving goals. This leads to the next point.

You won’t be at the moment

Focusing only on achieving the goal will lead to an enormous amount of pressure. And the more pressure you will feel, the harder it will become for you to seduce someone. No matter why you are trying to attract someone, if you are focused on that, you will fail at it miserably.

Women, in general, tend to focus on goals, and they plan accordingly. This is where you might go wrong. Don’t compare seducing a man to achieving a career goal. These two things are different.

If you think that you will only focus on the goal and won’t enjoy the moment, it is only going to destroy what you wish to accomplish. Before you even start your journey of seducing someone, tell yourself that no matter what the results are, you are going to enjoy the process.

Don’t become too rigid in accomplishing it, because if you are too stiff, you will show signs of clinginess, needy, and desperation. Don’t create any fantasy or cook up a story. Don’t be clingy. Don’t focus on whether you are following the right steps or not.

Promise yourself that you won’t read his mind, analyze his behavior, and you will make all the necessary efforts for the other person to notice you. Try to live the moment, this will only make the person you are trying to seduce feel more comfortable.

If you have been doing it already, then good job. However, if you think you have habits that you need to change, you must start working on them.

Confidence is the Key

Once you let go of all your fears and unnecessary burdens, you have to boost up your confidence level. Before seducing someone, you must work on yourself. If you don’t feel confident about yourself, it will clearly reflect on your overall behavior. Never underestimate yourself.

Every individual is born beautiful, and this might come out as a surprise, but men are actually more interested in your qualities than beauty. Beauty is just an added advantage. There are so many good-looking women, but how many of them walk on the street with confidence that makes the difference.


You need to work on yourself, ladies, if you want to look good in front of that particular person. Life happens, everyone has their fair share of ups and downs, but you can’t let it stop you from moving on.

Each of you is born with God-gifted qualities, each of you is unique, think about what makes you so lovable among your peers, why do people come up to you when they need help? Men love women who have the right attitude.

Beauty with no brains never attracts men more than a fling, but if you genuinely want to seduce someone who has personality, he will look for similar traits in you too, just for initiating a conversation.

Keep your options open

Here’s the ugly truth. If the person you are trying to seduce is desirable to you, he is desirable to many others as well. Which means if things don’t work out between you two, he has ample amount of options. This might sound a bit upfront, but that’s true.

If you are serious about that person, then you need to figure out why you deserve him? Probably, the person you are seeking is not interested in a long-term commitment. What if he does feel attracted to you, but once you try to get more serious, he starts to avoid you?

So, rather than being completely fixated on one particular person, keep your mind and options, both open. It could be a little difficult for those who are looking for a serious relationship with someone, but you have to understand and be prepared for the harsh realities as well.

Keeping your options open doesn’t mean that you are dishonest to the person who is trying to be with you. Even if you are approaching someone, when you start taking things lightly, you become self-aware about your present condition.

Let’s say, for example, the guy that you have successfully seduced turns out to be a complete douchebag, would you still like to be with him? We don’t think so; that’s why you must keep an open mind when you start approaching someone.

If this doesn’t work out, you already know that you were prepared for it, which means a lesser heart attack! If a man wants to be serious with you or wishes to commit, he will also try to be with you and make efforts, if he doesn’t, please move on.

Are you hot enough?

Don’t jump into negative conclusions right away. If a guy is desirable, it clearly means that there are plenty of women trying to get noticed by him. Let us be blunt here, the more options your desirable person has, the pickier he is going to become when it comes to selecting the right person.

Now, don’t go by the ladies’ magazines, or the YouTube videos where girls talk about what men find hot.

How can a woman be so sure about what men consider to be sexy? So, we did a little bit of research and actually checked out all the popular magazines where women talk about how to seduce a man, or the crucial question “what makes you hot,” well, we are going to tell you here’s what we think!

It’s all rubbish. In fact, they are all very funny. The magazines or the videos that you have seen won’t help you learn anything about hotness, but they are marketing their products, which they want to sell.

They don’t give you the slightest idea about what makes a woman hot for men; all the ads are concerned about their products. Something that won’t help you at all. If you honestly want to know what men feel about women’s hotness, go and talk to a man.

Anyone at all, just speak to them, and you will be amazed by their answers. We are not saying that a subtle makeup or clean hair won’t do the trick, but that’s just half the battle. The whole battle is waiting in front of you. So, what you need to do is be the hottest version of yourself.

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Eat right, do regular exercise, and stay healthy. That’s what makes a woman smokin’ hot. Men are attracted to women with a fabulous physique. It's biological, women tend to feel attracted to men who have a good reputation and well-settled; however, men look for fertility in a woman.

A woman with a good physique signifies that she is fertile and she can give birth to a healthy baby. Even if the man is not interested in having a long-and committed relationship, he would prefer hanging around with a woman who has a good physique.

Again, it is subjective because some men do feel attracted to women who have an average physique but a great personality.

Now, some women are naturally hot, while others need to do a little bit of hard work, but instead of crying and whining about how your physique is; you need to work on your overall look. Never compare yourself to another woman; be the best version of yourself.

For example, have the hottest hair, wear the sexiest attire, be the best version of your body, and, wear the hottest makeup if you want to. Learn to be happy about yourself and keep improving.

Carry the right vibe

Everyone has some sort of vibe; vibe more or less correlates with the type of personality you have. So, you might come across someone who has a creepy vibe, while your best friend has a friendly vibe, so what you need to focus on is what type of vibe do you prefer?

Generally speaking, when it comes to seducing someone, it’s going to be your sexy vibe that will appeal to the man. If you would like to improve your sexy vibe, then stay away from emotional dramas. Mental drama does nothing good to you but spoils your thoughts and mood.

Now, most women worry about things, and we can’t deny that. They worry about their looks, emotions; they have vivid mood swings and whatnot. Men are not that complex as women when it comes to how each of their brains works.

If you always worry about your attractiveness, what everyone is going to think about you; these things will only decrease your sex appeal. And please, get over the statement “fake it till you make it.” It doesn’t work for too long. It can work for a few days, but anything that starts on a fake note ends badly. ​

So, what you should do is get over all the insecurities, get rid of those unnecessary stress, don’t overthink, get rid of the negative thoughts. Keep improving yourself, and don’t be harsh. Give yourself time and see what you can do to enhance your sex appeal.

You have to choose between positivity and negativity. Let’s break it down for you. If you want to be unattractive, then go ahead and embrace negativity, criticize, complain, fight, worry, bully, and everything you can do to turn someone against you.

Men feel attracted towards the good vibe

Have you ever noticed a man looking at you and smiling when you show them your brighter side? Don’t you think that is a massive signal that someone is already getting impressed? Most of the men, if not all, tend to move towards positive things.

Good vibes to be precise, something that makes them happy and feel right about everything. If you want to seduce someone, you can’t really fake your vibe, and if you are doing it already, please, stop it. You won’t be able to keep it for a long time.

Someone who is flooded with negative thoughts is going to burst out sooner or later. Many women start their relationship on a good note, they show their happiness and the brighter side, they remain carefree, and so on, but as the relationship matures, they somehow forget about how they used to be?

Why is that so? Be the real version of you. You don’t have to feel that your happiness is dependent on someone. It is good that both of you are happy, but if you are worried about keeping him happy, and not really thinking about yourself, eventually one day, you will break down.

Rather than focusing 24x7 on what your partner feels about you concentrating on your mental health well-being will be better By letting negative thoughts in, you are not only jeopardizing your relationship with the man but also hurting yourself.

teasing kisses

Imagine the surprise you man will receive, once he sees a totally different side of you. He will start wondering if you were faking it till now, or why did he even get into such a relationship. Some women may feel offensive and might even think that we are targeting them, but that’s not the case.

All we want to tell you is that you must learn to feel independent. Be you, be carefree just the way you were initially, you don’t have to change yourself.

One thing that most women fail to understand is that while trying to seduce someone and wanting to keep them with you, you end up focusing more on what they want and not really on creating a desire among them. Why only you have to keep seducing them again and again?

The harder you will try getting closer, the more you will try to fit into his world, the more desperate and needy you will appear, which will work against you. If you want him this way, it means that you are seeking something out of him, you need him because you lack something. Stay away from all that.

Don’t forget that men feel attracted to good vibes, if you give him that vibe, he will come back to you for more, and if he finds you sexy, fun, and open minded, he will surely feel attracted towards you.

Some men feel attracted to tomboys, while others feel attracted to ladies with more feminine characteristics. If you think that the man you want to seduce likes feminine women more, it is time for you to embrace your femininity.

Work on your eye contact

Let’s say there is a man at your office who often looks at you, and you are kind of interested in him too. Rather than staring at him for the whole 30 seconds, just look and then move your eyes. If he is interested in you, you will know from his body language.

Also, when you just look and don’t really make a deep eye-contact, it creates curiosity. Apart from working on your personality, embrace your femininity, and also learn how to make eye contact.

A seductress knows when to ignore and When to Engage

Ladies, if you want to seduce someone, learn how to ignore them too. We know you want to be around them as much as you can because after all, it’s the man of your dreams, but if you are around him too much, he might not really like that idea. So, you have to learn about raising anticipation.

You have already worked on your happy vibes; so try to give that person some space too. Don’t jump into thoughts like, what if he doesn’t miss you much, he might lose interest, or probably he might start developing feelings for someone else?

Relax, if a man is not interested in you, you will get to know that, so rather than being too pushy, which will give him the right opportunity to walk away, let him be. Let him ask you how have you been, where were you, and why he hasn’t seen you.

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Also, once you are with the person, don’t be blunt and express your feelings straightforward. A lot of people are open and honest about your feelings and desires. It works well with someone who is already spending a lot of time with you.

However, if you have just started dating someone, this might not be the best idea. A seductress knows when she should draw her cards. She doesn’t really care, she just cast her spell, and let everything else fall into place. And if that doesn’t happen, she moves on firmly.

You can’t be desperate to have him. He should crave for you too as much as you do, and this is where you have to play the upper hand.

Parting words

Try the above mentioned things, and if you have difficulty in understanding something, try to re-read everything. The more you learn about the act of seductiveness, the better it will be for you.

Remember, you can’t lose patience; you can’t become too clingy; you need to make the right eye contact, find the right moment to talk to him, learn how to ignore him, and, most importantly, you need to work on your confidence. Work on these things and you will see your man go weak on his knees.

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