How to Sell Onlyfans Posts and Add Previews?


OnlyFans is a social media platform based on content subscription services. It was founded in 2016 by British origin entrepreneur Timothy Stokely in London.

It enables content creators to provide videos, photos, messages and other media in exchange for monthly, quarterly, annual subscription fees from users. 

Due to its liberal content policy, it doesn’t place many restrictions on content creators.

Today, OnlyFans has been popularized due to its large user base of 50 million registered users and more than 1 million content creators. This article will open up another mystery on OnlyFans regarding how to sell posts and add previews to one’s profile. Buckle up and prepare for the journey!

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Onlyfans Preview: how to post pictures on onlyfans (2022) : PAID Photo

How to Set up the Preview: step by step

In order to earn a hefty amount from your OnlyFans posts, you need to sell them regularly. This happens if your posts itself have high selling potential which is maximized by a good preview.

A good preview also helps to make buying decisions and get to know more about your audience. The steps to setup a good preview on your profile are as follows-

  1. Uploading your Post

The first step towards a good preview is as simple as it seems. You just need to choose your desired photo for the public and simply upload it on your profile. It can be a multitude of things ranging from a photo, just like Instagram, to even videos as you do it on TikTok.

A tip of caution for this process is you must double-check the file that you are going to upload on OnlyFans. Any mishap in this process can cause a blot on your private life and may also hurt people’s identity closer to you.

  1. Setting a Price

This is the most important step after you have done the uploading procedure. It will actually impact your earnings, follower base and your visibility on OnlyFans.

Setting too high a price might deter your middle class followers and may create a niche among the elite sections, provided your content is flawless. 

On the other hand, too low a price wouldn’t work well for your sustainable needs and may not bring out your worth. Hence, a good price must be set by considering all these factors in mind.

Once you set the price, you’ll see a blue box signifying the content that will be available to watch once you buy its subscription.

You also have the option of providing it for free but it all depends on your discretion. You must use your ‘free content’ campaigns sparingly as you can’t always give away your hard-worked content.

  1. Setting a Preview

Here again comes another super important step in your promotional journey. You must pay attention to this one if you want to sell your photos, videos and whatsoever allowed on the platform.

Outside the blue box, there’s an arrow pointing towards the left. You need to click on it in order to select the files that you intend to upload for your audience.

Next, select the media you want to use as a preview and click the checkmark button to confirm. The blue box would take out the media selected for preview but it will still be an essential part of the content for which the user needs to pay to unlock it.

Write an attention-grabbing caption 

  1. Write an attention- grabbing caption

People in the digital era usually have a shorter attention span due to the distractions created by the overflowing content curators in the bucket of social media. This is why you need a captivating caption to grab your audience’s attention.

Of course, it’s not as hard as writing a novel for you to be the connoisseur of words. But the golden rule is to write something that is short, sweet and to the point. This will enable your buyers to know what to expect when they unlock your content.

 Pro tip- you can suggest your users to tip something they particularly like. This will get you your passive income.

  1. Cross-check everything

Just like you double-checked before uploading the media, you need to do the same with each and every step you did so far as the final check of the whole process. Check if the preview is perfect and the price is affordable. This is done in order to be 100% sure before you hit the “upload” button.

Once it is done, post your content and it will go live for the public. Time to earn some bucks baby!

Tips and Tricks for selling Post and Previews

This article aims to provide a step by step guide on how to sell your OnlyFans content.Hence, if you want to learn to promote your posts and make some serious treasures out of the platform; you need to pay attention to what I am going to tell you next. Apart from earning through subscriptions on OnlyFans, there are various hacks to earn more which are as follows-

  1. Choose your most attractive photo

If you are uploading multiple media at the same time, you must make sure to choose the most attractive photo as your cover so it grabs the attention of potential buyers. On OnlyFans, a good visual preview can outshine anything else.

If you want to sell your adult content, you might want to go for a preview picture that isn’t the most revealing yet mesmerizing enough to evoke the greediness of your buyer. You’ll be surprised at the results.

While selling non-adult content on OnlyFans, you can go for creating a screenshot for your own preview. It’s just like uploading a special thumbnail on your YouTube video. Here, try adding some captivating lines to ‘tease’ your audience into getting more of you.

This thumbnail sort of thing has many uses from photos to a whole video series. It's easy once you get a hang of it. But if it gets too time-consuming, you can always outsource this task to someone else who has experience working with this content.

  1. Don’t over think caption

As stressed earlier in this article, caption is an important tool of attention grabbing especially when it’s short, sweet and simple. You don’t need to be Jane Austen or William Wordsworth for words to do their magic.

For starters, you can try going for some sexually suggestive words like Twitch right now, booty call, shhh and so on. But you need to know the thin line when this sort of risque is appropriate and when it’s not. After all, it all boils down to getting the right message upfront to your customers.

  1. Come with creative content ideas

Content creation is the soul of OnlyFans. If you can regularly come up with ideas for your content, you need not to worry about your consistency. But for my friends who are struggling with it, there is only one messiah for you. That is your followers and subscribers. They can be your shining light towards great ideas.

There’s no shame in asking your audience what content they would prefer as it would look like you are concerned about their wishes and interests. However, this veil won’t last forever and you eventually need to find your inner imagination to come up with ideas.

In situations when your users want you to create something out of your comfort zone, you should take the challenge upfront and saying ‘No’ should be the last of your options if it violates your personal boundaries and values.

There should be a balance between catering to fan’s demands and respecting your own integrity.

  1. Regular promotion is necessary 

The secret ingredient to your chef special dish on the menu is ‘promoting your content’. At first, you can choose two social media channels at maximum so that you don’t get overwhelmed with it.

The most popular choices are Instagram and Twitter. However, Reddit is also a good starter pack with the feature of subreddits to help you find your niche audience.

You should also know the rules of these platforms before starting out promotional campaigns. While Twitter, Reddit will allow your adult content, Instagram and Facebook will not.

Now, go on, plan out your strategy and stick with it for a longer term, unlike some of our relationships.

  1. Formulate a pricing strategy

OnlyFans is based on the subscription-model for monetary returns. Hence, if you want to become rich out of it, you need to form your own pricing strategy that works for you.

Let’s say your base price is $14.99. You can sell stand-alone content for a lesser price that can go as low as $7 to $12. Aim for a price that is at least half off at most, but no less than ten percent off. 

It seems tedious at first, but you want to find the right balance of providing pleasure to your fans as well as building your own coffers out of it.


If you are a beginner and all of this looks too much of a hassle, you need not to worry much. Just like learning to walk was difficult at first but now you are acing it like anything, similarly working at an unknown platform might seem difficult and get you into the inertia of inactivity. But this is where you have to push yourself into what you actually like, that is create content, interact with your fans if you wish, and have fun with it.


  • Can you see OnlyFans without an account?

Open this link  to access OnlyFans content for free,  that is without creating any account and follow the steps-

  • Enter Your Target Onlyfans Username
  • Click ''Connect'' Button
  • Choice Options You Want Unlock Then Click ''Start'' Button
  • Enter your email to get FREE Access Then
  • Confirm model @Username and Click ''Get Free Access!'' Button
  • How do I send a preview on OnlyFans?

You can send your preview of photos and videos through the feature of pay per view (PPV). Just go to your messages and either open an existing conversation or click the “New Message” button and search for the username/s of your subscriber/s to send the message to. 

 There are now 2 buttons on the left. Click one to upload media and the other to set a price. Your fan/s will then receive a censored version of your media with a button to confirm the message. 


  • Can you browse OnlyFans?

OnlyFans doesn’t provide you with the feature of “search” option. Hence, if you want to search for anyone’s account in particular, you won’t be able to do so. This means you can only find anyone’s account if you have their account’s link with you. The only option to find if someone has an OnlyFans account, you either need to check their bio on other social media or use third-party apps like OnlyFinder.

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