How to Open a Strip Club – Complete Plan

Friday..your boss asks you to stay late.There is a ton of work and after a couple of hours of constant brain work, you get out of the office. What you need is, Of Course A chilled beer  and maybe a hot Russian girl giving you a lap dance.

Where would you or anyone visit? That’s right. A strip club. We must admit, Hollywood has taken the whole concept of clubbing and partying to a new level.

Ever wonder what if you were the one owning a strip club? We got you covered! Keep reading to know how you can make easy money by opening a strip club. 

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How to open a Strip Club (2022) - ULTIMATE A-Z GUIDE

  1. What exactly is a strip club 

A strip club is basically an updated version of a bar or brothel where you can find many hot girls dancing in G-string bikinis. That also includes pole dance, strip dance and many other things.

You basically need to shortlist a girl dancing on stage and then you can pay her some extra money to give you a private lap dance. Strip club is basically a place meant for enjoying and relaxing. Men usually pay cover charges or there are drink minimums.

People go crazy in strip club as they get to see almost naked women dancing in a seducing and erotic way. 

  1. Things to consider while opening a strip club

  • Location

When it comes to opening a new strip club, location plays the most crucial role. As an entrepreneur, one should always try to look for a place which is in the city centre so that he can attract crowds from all over the city.

However places near the city centre tend to be costly when it comes to rent so make sure you balance the money and location well.

If you are less confident, you can always be on safer side by opening your strip club nearby a college or an institution so that you can attract all the young crowd and mouth publicity will take care of the rest. 

  • Staffing

Strip clubs are meant to be posh and classy. And to keep them classy, you will need a well trained staff including waitress, bartenders, security guards, floor host who will make sure new visitors have a comfortable seat, a chilled drink in hand and a stripper as soon as customers arrive at the club.

Customers would never want to be mistreated by arrogant staff members and if you want to maintain the good name you must carefully select the staff. I suggest that the staff should be equivalent to a five star hotel. 

  • Strippers 

Here we come to the elephant in the room. The strippers! Some men prefer blondes, some prefer MILFs while some drool over Asians.

So it is advised that you should select strippers of all categories so that no one will return disappointed. While selecting strippers, make sure they are experienced, well mannered and polite.

Also have a detailed discussion about your pay scale as sometimes they may expect too much. You can place advertisements on sites like craigslist and reddit to start with the hiring process.

  1.  Marketing and promotion of your strip club

Marketing and promotion is a serious aspect of any business. You should begin strategizing advertisements at least 6 months before the actual opening.

You need a good website to attract visitors from the internet. Having an attractive website would always give you a good edge over your competitors as many of the new visitors would simply google looking for stripclub nearby them.

You need to use mouth publicity efficiently and also provide some incentives to tourist guides, limo drivers and cafe owners so that they can direct the new customers to your club.

  1. Production requirements of strip club

A strip club requires various things in an orderly manner to continue operating without any problems. The most important production requirement is Infrastructure.

You will need good furniture, couches, bar tables, kitchen, and refrigeration. Good air conditioning and music system is obviously needed.

You need to keep all types of soft/hard drinks in your inventory. You should atleast have 18-20 types of alcohol and appropriate glassware to serve. 

  1. Types of strip club 

Strip clubs can be of following three types:

  • Democratic

In democratic clubs, everyone is allowed to enter. The strip tease is usually shown 3-4 times a week. The major source of money in democratic types of clubs comes from entry tickets.

So the owners keep the entry tickets high on weekends and low on the weekdays. To run this type of club profitably you will need a high traffic on each day of the week.

Sometimes male strippers also happen to work in democratic type of clubs.

  • Elite or Closed Clubs

These types of clubs are targeted for only a specific audience. Mostly rich and classy people. Elite or Closed type of club operate for 2-3 years before closing down.

It is difficult to maintain profitability since the rich people would always want to try new clubs. 

  • Highly Specialised Clubs

Have you ever visited a gay strip club or a lesbian strip club? Well they classify in the Highly specialised club category.

Before opening such a club, the entrepreneur should seriously think about his target age group/ population. Marketing and advertising would obviously play a very important role here.

Also the infrastructure for this type of club would be totally different from the Democratic or Elite clubs.

In this article, we gave you important dos and don’ts for opening a profitable strip club. Owning a strip club could make you rich very quickly if you follow all the above given points very carefully.

Location, Availability of new strippers, Infrastructure, Staff and management, marketing and promotion are the important things to consider while planning to open a new strip club.

 Once you are set in a city, then there is no holding back. You can open different branches or you can expand your club’s name to other cities and make a good fortune.

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