Squirting 101: How to Make Yourself Squirt Like a Porn Star (100% Working) – 2020

Guys, we know squirting pussy turns you on, but this article is not for you because we are setting this up for our female audiences. This article is specifically designed to help our beautiful ladies squirt for their pleasure and your pleasure. Ladies, we would like to shift our attention towards you now.

Let us dive into this spiritual realization of making yourself go absolutely nut by your own through a magical liquid showering action called squirting.

 The squirting is in a debate just like the sexual orgasm organ in the G Spot. While some critiques argue squirting happens only when the bladder full of urine is pressed by dick or dildo.

Female Ejaculation - How to Make Yourself Squirt

There are others who argue it is just an act of pissing and not something which is supposed to arouse women like the clitoral simulation. The act of squirting from woman happens pretty less, and the woman does not believe squirting is a result of sexual arousal among themselves.

The people may have their personal views and opinions regarding this dirty sexual act, but we believe a woman should not miss out on the fun. Thus, this article is drafted for those inquisitive ladies who don't mind getting their bed sheets dirty.

A woman should also stay away from giving a damn about what their partners think about this act of pissing because you should take care about your own fun time at times. We hope the things in here help you to dream orgasm destination which results from an act of squirting.

Getting Started with Squirting

Ladies you cannot squirt right away for a squirting session because you need to find the legendary G Spot for it. You will need to stimulate pretty hard close to the elusive G Spot which fills up with blood.

You will feel like stimulating every part of your vagina and its wall for reaching the point of squirting, but you will fail miserably at it. You will fail miserably because the G Spot is not where people think it exists. The G Spot exists right behind your clitoris on top.


The walnut like bumpy clitoral part inside the vaginas is where the most amount of blood gets deposited, and nerves get sensitive. Thus, you need to make sure you touch that part to get high with orgasm to begin squirting right in your bed my honey.

You should also take notice of the bladder opening close to the walnut-like bumps to initiate squirting. Keep these things in mind whether you are taking a dick or you are sticking up your fingers or using a dildo to pleasure yourself, my lady.

Tips for the Best Squirting Experience

1. Know More About the Skene's Gland

Don't worry my pretty ladies, this is not a medical journal, and we do not aim to teach you complex medical terms. We are here to teach you more about the art of squirting, and we aim to do so with this piece of writing my pretty ladies.

However, you need to familiarize yourself with certain parts of your body to enhance your squirting experience. The squirting experience becomes great if you have these things right in the back of your head.

How To Enhance Your Sexual Confidence & Improve Your Lifestyle

The Walnut like bumpy place mentioned above is spongy in structure, and it is where all your juices flow out from your sexy body. It is your urethras opening where urine and sexual hormones which lubricate vaginal wall comes from dear ones.

This gland is known as Skenes Gland in medical terms, and you should know about it pretty well because you will want to hit the stimulation tool to hit on it quite often.

2. Pee and Squirt Juices are Different

While everything which is ejaculated from the vagina may feel likes its pee because it stinks. It is not pee which comes out in squirting session. The act of squirting begins way before you get aroused, comfortable and feel like taking the rock hard boner inside your thing girls.

How To Enhance Your Sexual Confidence & Improve Your Lifestyle

You want to prevent yourself from mixing your squirt juice before you start squirting which is why you will need to go pee first. If you are one of those hygiene junkies who washes the bed sheets every other day in your house, then you should definitely hit the washroom to begin.

We advise before you pee before you start your squirting journey because the urge to squirt is completely the same like wanting to pee. Your bladders and vagina will have the sensation of the need to drain your bladders when you are squirting.

Thus, ladies, you are not getting your bedsheets as dirty as you think you would.

3. Practice Squirting Alone

Single ladies, you are in an advantage for this one because you can practice squirting while you are alone. However, committed ladies living with their partners may want to hit the tub or bathroom to practice the art of squirting by themselves.

Maybe the right moment to practice it right on your bed may come at a time when he goes on a business trip. The business trips they make are not short, Are they?

How To Enhance Your Sexual Confidence & Improve Your Lifestyle

Use your fingers or dildo or even your automatic toothbrush (make sure you do not put it in your mouth again) to learn the art of squirting. We want you to make this alone because your guy would not be around to penetrate his dick inside.

Likewise, you will have some lone time to analyze the right spot properly. Try stimulating the gland close to your clitoris which we mentioned a few moments ago. The advantage of searching it for yourself is the control you will have to prevent yourself from suffering any unwanted events.

The dick head with dick will not stop when it is high in orgasms like your dildo.

Tip 4: Do Not Lose Hope

You may want to experience the orgasm from squirting but let us tell you it is not an easy journey. First of all the act of squirting in itself is a difficult act and secondly, there are bigger obstacles which will make you lose hope.

We talked about G spot pretty early up ahead but finding G spot itself is a daunting task which takes a lot of time my dear ladies. You will need to find your perfect G Spot because it varies from woman to woman. It may take days or weeks or even months to find the right point where G spot freaking exists honey.

How To Enhance Your Sexual Confidence & Improve Your Lifestyle

If you luckily found your G spot in a few days of trial and error; you may be the one among thousands of girls to wet the floor with squirt juice on this planet. However, do not be sure you will start squirting right away because you will need hours of practice before you start squirting.

Finding your g spot then practicing to squirt before you are actually able to squirt will break you and make you feel like quitting. However, do not give up because many porn stars claim they can squirt and you are human just like them so it must be possible for you as well.

Step-by-Step Squirting

Let us begin with the actual steps to the heavenly method of orgasming through squirting. This a short how-to guide on the act of squirting my dear ladies. You will now be able to squirt your bladders dry if you follow these steps mentioned here properly.

We cannot guarantee you will be able to squirt if you do not keep these things in mind because it's not possible if you miss out on any of these tips.


If you want to squirt the heck out of yourself alone, then you need to begin performing the things to come under the section below. The act of squirting alone gives you the much need ease of pressure and the stress relief session you need so much.

The processes here are pretty long in length because we want to bring out your full potential so follow thoroughly.

#1 Ease Your Body


The tension around the muscles of your body makes it tight and unable to squirt my pretty ladies. You may want to hit the shower or freshen up little to get your body at ease.

If you have a massaging tool at your home, it would be great to use it right before you start the squirting session. Gradually move on to some meditation to release the anger or any pressure which has been keeping your mind busy throughout the day dear honey.

If you do not know any meditation technique, do not fear because you can close your eyes and focus on your soft, slow breath. Move on to next step only after you feel like you have been relieved from all the pressures within yourself.

#2 Stretch Your Muscles


The stretching is a big relief to muscle as it opens up every fiber around your freaking body my precious ladies.

Focus on stretching your pelvic region than anything else. Go for leg and hip stretching exercises to make sure easy passage of blood can be provided to every freaking part of your body.

There are a variety of exercise on the web which will help you extend those fibers in your freaking muscle pretty lady. Start with simple hip exercises with squat, to begin with, because you will need expert supervision to pull off those difficult stretches.

Do not damage your body for a longer term for the entertainment of a few seconds. We are not trying to scare you, but you need to perform some easy, harmless stretches to begin squirting.

#3 Set the Right Mood


The sex drive in the woman is pretty less than a man. Nature has designed us in such a way that sex is much of arousal process than actual fucking for us. Unlike those pussy hungry dick heads who want to drill anything in their visual site, we are not hungry sex animals.

We are set up in such a way by nature that we do not get aroused by the site of dicks before our eyes. Some of us are turned about the right type of environment with candles lighting up our rooms and romantic fragrances spread all across the room.

Likewise, some of us may be turned on only after having a nifty small bite of our favorite chocolate bar and a glass of our favorite wine. Some of us are only turned on after watching guys and girls kiss each other sensually in our favorite romantic movie or tv series.

While some of us are turned on only after watching some guys chiseled abs and fit body on our mobile screen. Choose the thing which makes your vagina wet and makes it feel like it wants something inside it.

Every girl is different, and there are various ways to set your mood right. Plus, it can be really annoying to do the same thing again and again, right. The ideas that we will share now might help you get into the mood and feel aroused. 

  • If you feel like squirting, but tired of trying the same idea, you can read erotica. These stories will pump up your mood, and you may want to touch yourself. 
  • Another easy way to set your mood right is by watching porn. You can watch videos of girls squirting. 
  • If you are in a long-distance relationship or have a crush on someone, you can always fantasize about them. 
  • To get aroused, you can also gently start to massage your genital area. 
  • The final one is to use a dildo or a vibrator; this will definitely set the mood right. 

While you try to arouse, don’t put your focus on your G-spot. You need to think about the other body parts to aroused. You might have to work for 20 minutes to set the mood, by the way. But then, it depends on person to person.

#4 Choose the Right Weapon


The fourth step to orgasm is pretty simple at sight but difficult for some. You want to practice squirting with a large ass dildo up your sweet vagina but some do not fit in an ad may drop all the horny feeling inside you once it makes its way down your vaginal canal.

Thus you should not rush squirting with such a mammoth size toy. Instead, start with a simple natural toy -- your fingers. The best thing about finger is they can be twisted and controlled any way you want it. If you think fingers are not enough, you may want to try inserting a nifty vibrator down your hole honey.

If you still do not want to listen to us and have a ton of experience with handling large ass dicks then choose a dildo of your preference. However, do not take time to choose the weapon you want to insert, keep things you may want to insert right beside your masturbation place.

Fingering Techniques You Might Want to Try

1. The Hook

In the hook technique, you will be using only your hands—one hand, in particular. First, lie down, and face your head towards your belly region. Now, insert two of the fingers, middle, and ring fingers inside the vagina.

Allow the pinkie and index finger to stay outside, and they will point towards the bed. While inserting your finger, your end goal is to find the G-sport. Once you do, start to massage that area and be gentle while doing it. This is called the hook position. 

2. Push the Button

Just like you press a button, you need to push your G-spot repeatedly. You need to pay attention to the amount of pressure you will be using. For some women, a small amount of stress does the trick, while others will require more intense pressure. 

3. Come Hither

To provide yourself with better stimulation, you need to try the come-hither technique. In this technique, you will be beckoning motion over and back the G-spot again and again. Once again, pay attention to the amount of pressure required.

This technique and push the button can make you feel tired a bit pretty quickly.

4. The Arm Shaker

This technique will involve both come hither and push the button techniques. This technique will include the whole of your hand. First, you will gently insert your middle finger. Place your finger firmly. The tip of your finger needs to touch with G-spot. 

You will then use the entire hand’s pressure. The pressure will be a lot more intense than the previous techniques. While doing this, your finger will be able to press the G-spot with full force. Just make sure to keep your hand stiff. This will, for sure, make you squirt. 


You will need to squirt the hell out of yourself even when you are having sex with the right technique. We suggest you communicate these techniques of making yourself squirt to your partner so you can both have a great time while fucking each other in bed.

This is not a sure shot guide, but we believe these things will be helpful in making you squirt during your sex session. Furthermore, we want to ask you to copy this section and show it to your partner to give him an idea on how to perform these things.

#1 Licking is the Key


Make your partner lick the hell out of your pussy and the clit to stimulate your walnut patch inside your freaking pussy. Tell him to press the Skene's gland on the roof with his tongue with occasional licks on your sweet clitoris.

However, when you feel like he has hit the right spot and you feel like you are about to squirt tell him to get far away from your pussy.

#2 Add the Fingers


Why make his dick or tongue work for your pleasure when you can use his fingers for sex. Ask your man to rub the clitoris on your with his fingers when you are laid flat on your back in the bed.

Ask him to find the bumpy walls on your pussy and the Skenes gland to incite you to a fine ass orgasm and squirting session because fingers can reach right places which his dick and tongue cannot reach right my lady.

#3 Try G-Spot Sex Positions


Probably the best way to stimulate your G spot is to position yourself in the right positions where your clitoris and the skenes Gland is rubbed. Some woman's clit and skenes gland gets rubbed while they ride their partner while others get aroused only when their pussy is drilled.

Find out which type of position hits the ureteral opening and stimulates your clitoris. 

The "Good" Spot Sex Positions Every Couple has to TRY

Difference between peeing and squirting in terms of appearance

Peeing and squirting are two different things. Some women feel that when they are ejaculating, they are doing nothing else but urinating. Even though the possibility is there, but it is very rare. The fluid that will come after you ejaculate will pass through skene’s gland.

The skene’s gland is located right on top of the G-spot, and it is close to your bladder. This is the main reason why women feel as if they are going to pee. However, squirting will be odorless, colorless, and clean as water, unlike pee. In squirting, you will be gushing in a really large quantity. 

Fluid flowed/gushed; it’s only a trickle but not steam. Why?

The gush of fluid that comes out of the vagina depends on the person, and it can vary from person to person. Some women will be gushing a large stream of water, while others will only have some fluids coming out of the vagina.  It is the same that happens to men. Some men ejaculate a lot of sperm, while others don’t. 

Squirting and orgasm

You must understand that squirting has no relation to having an orgasm. Therefore, if you have squirt and didn’t orgasm, it is perfectly normal. 

Final Thoughts

While these methods are your best bet of squirting the heck out your orgasmic part, it is not a sure shot technique of releasing those juices. Test these techniques out, and maybe you will find the technique yourself while doing so. All the best ladies.

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