How to Make Money FAST as a Woman

It is very heartening to note that women are more inclined to make inroads into the male specialised zones. At the same time, the men need provocation to enter the areas of female dominance.

Raise the children while engaging in household chores keeps the woman too occupied that they only manage to subordinate to the male when it comes to earning a living.

Hence they sparingly find time to socialise with friends or squeeze some evasive time.

It makes a severe dent in their independent stature, particularly when it comes to money. The male would undoubtedly wish that she shares a sizable portion of the expenditure.

Still, he would hesitate to share the household expense burden with her. As life evolves, so thinks of the generation. Innumerable opportunities are opening up for a talented lot of women, even within the four walls of her home.

They offer her a fair share of the money that will only escalate with time. The details are outlined in the following text.

30+ WORKING Ways on How to Make Money FAST as a Woman 

Making money is more an individual choice. You could indulge in routine work during the daytime and pamper yourself by doing something that you are passionate about during the later hours or holidays.

You could revel only in an activity dear to you and hustle through it to instantly get you to the top. Alternatively, you may indulge in any activity that brings money to the table.

Choose from the following online activities:

1. Test Products

Job Description: As the name suggests, companies prefer to have their products tested for quality before being sold.

Products are subjected to regular tests for quality enhancement or to develop a better product to hit the market in the foreseeable future.

Criteria: A detailed profile is expected to be sent to the corporate to ascertain the products you offer for testing depending on your gender and demographics.

As a woman, you would be provided with self-care, health care, and beauty products.

However, if it may not suit your liking, agewise or due to other reasons, you could be asked to review a host of gender-neutral products. 

Platforms: You could log on to the following sites:

  • Usertesting

  • JJ friends & Neighbours (Johnson & Johnson)

  • Pinecone Research

  • American Consumer Option

    Earning Potential: An earning potential in the range of $3 - $50 per product. The content is much higher here as the reviews could be quite lengthy in terms of feedback, and some sites call for an in-depth study. 

    Duration of time of work/week: The more you work, the more you earn.

2. Voice your Opinion

Job Description: Voicing your opinion through a survey is the best way of earning money, even if the amount offered is more which can be later redeemed. The effort involved is the bare minimum.

There is very little skill involved in it as well. 

Platforms: There are many platforms that you can sign up for these surveys like:

  • Swagbucks

  • Inbox Dollars

  • Survey Junkie

  • My Points

Earning Potential: Firstly, you get a bonus just for signing in, from $5 - $10. The surveys usually will convey the points it allows for each study. Hence, you could prioritise as per the number of points allocated.

Furthermore, there are several more ways to earn points like reading emails, playing games online, watching videos, browsing the net or watching videos.

Duration of time of work/week: You may complete the survey between some work or between some programmes on TV.

3. Body Parts Model

Job Description: Images of body parts can be traded for money in the industry related to beauty and cosmetics. If you have attractive looking body segments, you can photograph them and upload them on various sites.

The US beauty, cosmetic and skincare industry fetches a revenue of 49 billion, with 39% of the share to skincare.

India cannot be left far away. It is currently running an industry worth proportionately the same in cosmetics and skincare.

The images are required for various purposes to build their brands through advertisements, particularly in print and digital form.

Platforms: The following media can be used to upload your images:

  • Getty Images

  • Shutterstock

  • iStockPhoto

  • BigStock

  • Design your website

Website: https://www.closeupmodelagency,com

Earning Potential: Earnings are not captured immediately. However, they will be apparent over some time.

Duration of time of work/week: Spent some time once to get some images taken and upload the same. Wait for a response.

4. Test Products

Job Description: A virtual friend is someone who can be drawn into a conversation by any of the following:

  • Introverted

  • Without any friends

  • Elderly

  • Disabled

  • New settler

  • Want someone who shares their interest. 

    Platforms: They need not have any physical meetings but can virtually meet and discuss areas of common interest.
  • Rent Friend

    Earning Potential: The potential is at least $20 - $30 per hour. It could rest on the interest the person has on you for him to pay more. Duration of time of work/week: This is not a regular job and could happen only for some hours in a day.

5. Provide Coaching

Job Description: Coaching is to provide input to enhance a person’s skills and improve his life. Among several coaches, the important ones that we all can relate to are as follows:

  • Life coaches: Change your outlook on life and get it back on track.

  • Career coaches: To chart the most suitable and glorious career for the person based on his liking.

  • Leadership coaches: Develop skill sets for those in leadership positions.

Platforms: Coaching requires a lot of networking with people and various agencies to build your own business. You have to set up your website for offering to coach, demonstrate your expertise on your website by posting content and connect with your clients.

Earning Potential: Earning cannot be evaluated so soon. It could happen after some success is seen.  

Duration of time of work/week: It is a full time

6. Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Job Description: Their work includes constantly making attractive pins and feeding the platforms. The pins are scheduled during heavy traffic times to get more viewership on the website.

Hence a lot of business owners outsource Pinterest marketing to virtual assistants.

Pins can be images, videos or products, or bookmarks that people use to save contents they like on Pinterest. When they click through the pin, you are made to run through the site to learn more about the pin.

Platforms: You could list your services on freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

Earning Potential: You can charge hourly to earn a part-time income for a couple of clients or charge monthly if your clientele multiplies. Alternately you could find clients in blogger or online business Facebook Groups.

If you are interested in growing your Pinterest virtual assistant business, you can check out the book ”PinterestVA”. Created by Kristen Larsen, a lady who could develop a part-time business into a full-fledged one in less than a year, the book is indeed a marvel and worth reading.    

Duration of time of work/week: Full time

7. Exercise, Lose Weight and then get Paid

Job Description: Amid your busy schedule, it would ask for too much to talk about exercising to stay fit and healthy. However, if an incentive is offered as compensation, it could stimulate women to go ahead and do it.

When many such weight loss cases are on display, the same could motivate more women, who would do it more for fitness than for any material benefit.  

Platforms: The two apps that help you with this are

  • Sweatcoin

  • HealthyWage

Earning Potential: Sweatcoin rewards you with “sweatcoins” for each step you take that gets you closer to remaining fit. You can redeem the coins as discount coupons in restaurants, some products, holiday vouchers, etc.

In HealthyWage, you set your own weight loss goals, join team challenges with family and friends, and win cash prizes. The jackpot prize is worth $100,000. That’s money worth fighting for.    

Duration of time of work/week: This can be done as you please.

8. Mystery Shop

Job Description: More than men, the women are well versed in bad customer service and undesirable display of products in a store.

Mystery shopping earns money for you when you share your unpleasant experiences with the website that signs you as a mystery shopper.

Platforms: Gigwalk is the site that pays you for giving feedback about your experiences while shopping  

Earning Potential: You make anything between $3 -$100 per mystery shop.

It depends on the length of time you spend at the shop and the feedback you provide.

Duration of time of work/week: When you have the spare time for it.

15 Realistic Ways to Make Money Fast as a woman

Many opportunities are opening up for women who are currently functioning as housewives and yet have the time to spare to indulge in activities they have always been passionate about. Obviously, the time could also be spent on those activities that fetch them money to live as per their dreams.

1. A Virtual Assistant

Job Description: A virtual assistant assists an online business, entrepreneur or a blogger in various administrative tasks such as:

  • Social media management

  • Moderate website comments

  • E-mail management

  • Scheduling

  • Data entry

  • Ecommerce services

  • Bookkeeping

  • Booking travel arrangements

Platforms: Online businesses. You may check up at 

  • Fiverr

  • Upwork

  • Fancy Hands

  • People per Hour

  • Freelancer

  • FlexJobs

Earning Potential: They make in the range of $15 - $30 per hour, corresponding to your experience and the type of service provided. You are paid more in line with the value you add to your services.


2.  Freelance Writer

Job Description: If you possess the right skill and aptitude for a specific kind of activity, freelancing would be most apt for you. 35% of the US workforce, which in absolute terms constitutes 57 million people, are drawn to freelancing.

The gains include schedule flexibility, location independence, and the potential for higher monetary benefits. It is hence attracting a lot of Indians online. You can get freelance work for the following:

  • Website design

  • Graphic design

  • Proofreading

  • Writing/Editing

  • Video editing

  • Transcription

  • Digital marketing

  • Translation

Platforms: Fiverr and Upwork are the most sought after venues in the US and the European nations. They have almost 200 categories of freelancing jobs with them.  

Earning Potential: The earning potential may not be suitable initially, but it could exponentially rise.


Duration of time of work/week: You can choose the convenient time, but your payment will be made proportionately.

3. Blogging or Podcaster

Job description: Blogging displays your writing skills and knowledge about the topic. You can answer questions posed by the readers, provide them with loads of valuable information and build a profitable online venture. You can create blogs on various topics like:

  • Parenting

  • Personal Finance

  • Cooking

  • Crafts

  • Organisation

  • Self-improvement

  • Wine

  • Pets

  • Organisation

  • Self-improvement

  • Wine

  • Pets

As a Podcaster, there are some specific responsibilities and some allied ones that are essentially support based.

  • Preparation of questions for an interview after the topic is determined.

  • Hosting the show either with a co-host or the guest. The show needs to be recorded.

  • A brief has to be prepared for each show/episode.

The allied or support activities include:

  • Audio editing, if required

  • Uploading and setup

    More often than not, the podcast is all business focussed. However, as a podcaster, you should be capable of handling topics that you are not familiar with and that need to be researched.

    It would be advantageous to have the edge over some of the below-mentioned topics:

    • Startups

    • Online marketing

    • Software products

    • Web design

    • WordPress

    • Business collaboration

    • Entrepreneurship

  • Platforms: Many sites host your blogs. It could be the following:

    Earning Potential: You start making money once a blog is up and generates sizable traffic. At the same time, it may start with around something like $1000; it could boost up to about $10,000. Making money is a skill in itself.


  • It would be advantageous to have the edge over some of the below-mentioned topics:
    • Startups
    • Online marketing
    • Software products
    • Web design
    • WordPress
    • Business collaboration
    • Entrepreneurship

4. SEO Consultant

Job description: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consultant's job is primarily to implement and manage the SEO strategy to the fullest extent. Their work content covers various activities such as Web marketing & analytics, content strategy, link building and keyword strategy. 

In contemporary times the online presence of a business is valued by all. It triggers the growth and success of any organisation.

The responsibilities are as follows:

  • Build strong relationships with clients, asking them for their referrals and endeavour to add to your clientele

  • Identify the key performance indicators of an SEO

  • Remain updated with the latest SEO trends and practices     

Platforms: Every company with an online link will need an SEO Consultant.

Website links: 

Earning Potential: Today's average salary in India is Rs 8.75 Lakhs / PA.


Duration of work/week: It is a full-time job.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Job description: The company’s affiliate programs are both internal and external. Internal concerns the employees, supply chain and all stakeholders, while external involves the customer base.

 The management is brought about through the following phases:

  • Brainstorming

  • Launch

  • Maintaining

  • Trafficking

  • Marketing 

  • Reporting 

  • Optimisation

  • Analysis

Criteria requirements: Must possess a bachelor’s degree in Marketing / Advertising. Experience will undoubtedly be an added qualification.

Platforms: A requirement is generated from all corporates doing business online.

Website Links:

Earning Potential: The bottom 10% earn $37,000 PA and the top 10% earn $71,000 PA.


Duration of work/week: It is a full-time job.

6. Photographer

Job Description: Capturing pictures of ongoing events or images of people posing for being captured in film or digitally, objects or scenes for posterity that serves art or commercial purpose.

Many photographers begin their careers as assistants organising the shoot armed with lights and stands, arranging for transport and acting as assistant photographers.

Platforms that employ them: They are generally used with

  • Agencies

  • Picture libraries

  • Newspapers

  • Magazine & Catalogues

  • Advertising agencies

  • Hospitals & Medical publishers

  • Museums, Art Galleries

  • Auctioneers 

Website Links: 

Earning Potential: The Annual average salary is around Rs 3.0 Lakhs. It may escalate to Rs 6.5 Lakhs per annum for senior-most level photographers. However, they vary considerably when advertising where the sky is the limit.


Duration of work/week: It is a full-time job.

7. Online Tutor

Job Description: Coaching is one of the oldest professions amidst part-time activity. Teaching can be done in physical presence as done in the past, or it can be done Online.

Of late online coaching is replacing physical coaching, sitting across the table.

 Skype, Meet, Facetime or Zoom are sites which provide you with virtual togetherness. Sitting in the class, you can easily have a practical, interactive session of coaching.  

Criteria: You should be qualified with the requisite skill to impart training. Several subjects can be taught, from Mathematics, English, Science, Art, Music and preparatory classes for all exams like the ACT, SAT, or GRE can be taught.  

Platforms: Wyzant is the most sought after venue for tutors. You are paid as per your ability and competence, and the portal handles all the payment issues.

Earning Potential: You can charge $15 per hour as a beginner; your final charges can exceed $550 per hour as your popularity gains the upper hand. 

Duration of time of work/week: As the money comes in, you only tend to give in as much time as you can. One has to take care of one’s health.

8. Teach English Online

Job Description: As the title suggests, the profession would be to impart knowledge of the English language. 

A million students from across the globe would like to learn English or enhance their skills in the language.

The motive is to study in the US, UK, and other nations where English is a necessary communication medium and essential to be eligible for admission.  

Platforms: Check some of these ESL tutoring gigs:

  • VIPKid

  • EF (Education First)

  • GoGoKid

  • ITalki - you set your rate.

Earning Potential: Your rates will range from $10 - $50 per hour. You can start by charging a bit lower at first and then increase further as your skill at teaching increases.


Duration of time of work/week: This is subject to the availability of time. The more time you have, the more you can earn. The teaching gains density towards evenings.

9. Drop. Shipping Entrepreneur

Job Description: This is earning through an effective created software and having some control over the logistics and the supply chain. The model is displayed above.

It amounts to a lot of savings on the inventory space and costs. You could experiment with new products and suppliers.

Dropshipping is a low-risk gamble to identify what works well for your business. It requires a Herculean marketing effort to get customer patronage.    

Criteria: To steer this business to unparalleled heights, you must be well-read and business-friendly. 

Platforms: This requires various platforms to advertise your service to rope in the customers in large quantities. 

Earning Potential: It works between $1000 and $5000 per month. The sky is the limit once you are successful.


Duration of time of work/week: Full-time engagement is required.

10. Insurance Franchise

Job Description: An insurance franchise can be got with an investment between Rs 0.5 Lakh to Rs 20 Lakh. Proportionate to the successful agencies, the franchise’s cost varies.

Insurance is a hard-selling job, and you have to be highly informed about the service you are to provide the customer during his unpleasant times.

Criteria: Minimum qualification is required to study the Insurance fully well and guide the customer according to his need, particularly during times of dire crisis.

Platforms: This requires various platforms to advertise your service to rope in the customers in large quantities. 

Earning Potential: The earnings would not be possible to spell out. A rapidly growing company could amass wealth. We have very few online retail sellers.


Duration of time of work/week: It is a full-time job. 

11. Sell on Shopify

Job Description: It is another form of eCommerce trade. Build your e-commerce site in the following manner:

  • Choose a theme to suit your shop design. You do not need any particular skill for that for it. The design is all available to be used.

  • Add the products you wish to sell with attractive pictures and the price and description.

  • Set the payment process and arrange for the shipping through courier if it's local or through various other agencies.

  • Start advertising and wait for the sales to happen. Your store name ends with  

Criteria: You need basic qualifications to start this business. A little knowledge related to website management and advert marketing would help.


Earning Potential: Shopify charges you 2.4% to 2.9% of the product's product's GMV (Gross Merchandise Value). Therefore, your earnings will grow with demand in due course. 


Duration of time of work/week: You have to be engaged full-time.

12.Selling E-books

Job Description: Create an ebook composed of stories, poems, essays, and so on. Get a personal website and sell directly to your readership.

You can accept contributions as well.

Criteria: You should be educated enough to write a book, and it should be good enough to sell.


Earning Potential: It could fetch you money from Rs 10,000 a month to Rs 12500.


Duration of time of work/week: You need time to write the book. You can do your job in tandem. 

13. Online Course Designer

Job Description: Prepare a presentation on Microsoft PowerPoint or any other format, along with videos and several different means; you have designed a training programme that could be presented in a workshop format to the interested group.

They would pay a fee for the privilege offered.

It is pretty standard in India today; many ads on FB and various other platforms have surfaced that provide training on multiple subjects, including public speaking, writing, screenwriting, stock market buying and selling, and various other fields. 

Criteria: One has to be an expert in offering training. 

Platforms: Virtual training can be provided on Zoom, Meet, Skype, and other communication software.

Earning Potential: The earning potential is high, mainly if you have already set a benchmark in the activity field. It could range from Rs 50,000 to Rs 100,000 for one session. You have the liberty to wait until the quorum is reached.


Duration of time of work/week: The designing of the course takes time, and hence focus is required.

14. Stock Market Investor

Job Description: Investing in stock lets your money work for you while you are busy with your occupation. Legendary investor Warren Buffet once remarked, “The goal of investing is to park your money on several or more investment vehicles in the hope of good returns in due time.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Stock investment can be defined as parking your funds in several other endeavours in the hope of reaping good benefits from them.

  • When you are in possession of a lot of disposable income, you think of a future rainy day and invest them in the stock market to compensate for it.

  • However, the stock market is also a risky proposition.   

Criteria: You have to know the intricacies of the stock market before you invest. It is a dangerous proposition but can be beneficial as well.

Platforms: Invest through your Demat account.

Earning Potential: A lot depends on the amount of money invested and the stock's stock's current position.


Duration of time of work/week: This can be worked upon for half an hour per day.

15. Manage Social Media Accounts

Job Description: The work content includes moderating social media comments and staying active on multiple platforms almost in tandem.

 They have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, and every other media your business is associated with. 

As a social media manager, besides having to moderate comments and posts, you will have to create ads, increase sales, build and engage a community and expand the brand's reach.  

Platforms: Platforms to search for the social media management gig are:

  • Fiverr

  • Upwork

  • FlexJobs

Earning Potential: Social media managers are growing in numbers and online businesses. The incomes are thus growing too. The remuneration ranges from $45,000 to $90,000.


Duration of time of work/week: It is full-time work.

15 Unique Ways of Making Money Fast as a Women

1. Donate Egg

Job Description: An ideal egg donor is below 35 years of age with robust internal health. Before she donates her egg, she goes through a thorough screening with tests such as: 

  • Ultrasound of her reproductive system

  • A pelvic examination

  • Blood tests

  • Psychological screening

  • A total review of her medical history

The purpose is for a fertile woman to donate the egg released by her ovary to an infertile couple to realise their dream of parenting a child.

In India, egg donation is gaining much ground to help couples overcome their cherished desire. 

This process is carried out on the following unfortunate couples:

  • When their ovaries are removed for some reason

  • Undergone cancer treatment

  • You are post-menopausal

  • Eggs released are few or of low quality

  • Several recurrent miscarriages have taken place

  • There is a grave risk of life due to some severe inherited disorder.

Criteria: The donor must be healthy and under 35 years of age.

Earning Potential: The couple will decide the money according to their affordability.

Duration of time of work/week: The employment is not affected.

2. Sell your Hair

Job Description: Hair is sold to women with scarce hair. It has many other uses as well.

Women with thick hair growth generally sell their hair for financial gains or to eliminate it. 

Sportswomen generally give off their hair to keep it short and prevent it from being a deterrent to their sport. 

Criteria: The woman should have dense and good looking hair.


Earning Potential: A kilogram of hair costs anything between Rs 4500 to Rs 6000, depending on the thickness and density.

3. Professional Huggers and Cuddlers

Job Description: Hugging and cuddling provide a healing touch to psychological issues, depression and mental imbalance. A psychologist mainly carries out the hugging after they are approached with your problem.

Intimacy is taboo in India, and hence it summons a lot of conviction and belief of hugs being part of the curing process.

However, there are a lot of professional cuddlers and huggers who can be engaged to do the same and for which they are paid as well.

This form of touch therapy is entirely platonic and business-like.

Criteria: The person needs to be hygienic and clean. 


Earning Potential: They are paid $40 to $80 per hour for being together.

Duration of time of work/week: Four to five hours a week.

4. Model for Art classes

Job Description: As the picture suggests, the job is to be a model in the art class; you will be sketched accordingly based on how you pose.

Criteria: The following features are essential to be a model for the art class:

  • 18 years of age 

  • Good body features

  • Stamina to pose and remain fixed for an extended period

  • It needs to be in different poses that tire the body 

  • Listening skills should be acute and should take direction from the instructor

  • Feedback is provided after the job

Earning Potential: Low range: $18,780 PA; Average: $37,240; High Range $54,560

Duration of time of work/week: Full-time activity

5. Storage Provider

Job Description: Cloud storage is the latest form of high volume storage. Most corporates are into cloud storage at present.

The advantages are multiple; firstly, when it comes to storage of higher volumes; secondly, the cloud storage system can be used without the worry of any damage to the operating system or the device. 

Thirdly there is a list of cloud storage providers where data is safe and cannot be tampered with. 

Criteria: A cloud computing PG course would benefit from better insight into the cloud storage system.

Platforms: The following are the existing cloud storage providers.

  • Ice Drive

  • PCloud

  • IDrive

  • Zoolz

  • Sync

  • Dropbox

  • iCloud

  • OneDrive

  • Google  Drive

  • Live drive

Earning Potential: Cloud storage employees earn a salary ranging from Rs 12 Lakhs PA to Rs 36 Lakhs PA. Therefore, the average earning can be estimated to be Rs 24 Lakhs.


Duration of time of work/week: Is is a full-time job.

6. Airbnb host

Job Description: An Airbnb host just gives out your extra space available for rent. You earn money that way. However, there are some steps to be followed to host someone.

  • First, you have to know if you need consent from the landlord to host someone. Then, read your lease to see if there is a provision to sublet the premises.

  • Prepare your Airbnb to maintain your privacy and your guest’s as well.

  • Give the guest greater comfort by providing necessary items like a refrigerator, microwave, and more.

  • Set your price, considering the affordability and the convenience available to the guest

  • List both the convenience and inconvenience you exercise while using your space.    


Earning Potential: The Airbnb host makes an average of $924 a month.

7. Food Delivery Driver

Job Description: Driving with food packets to deliver food on time is a courier’s job. They are supposed to deliver on time with the food intact. 

Criteria: They should be good two-wheelers riders or expert drivers of four-wheel drive. They should be able to read and understand all the local languages. 

Platforms: Swiggy, Zomato

Earning Potential: Their average salary is Rs 16,201 per month

Duration of time of work/week:   Full time or Part-time activity.

8.Personal Shopper

Job Description: The function of a personal shopper is as follows:

  • They shop department stores

  • Run through the catalogues

  • Surf the internet to identify best buys

  • The buys include a befitting price

  • To develop a suitable wardrobe for her client

  • To finds gifts for friends, relatives and employees.

Criteria: Should be conscious of fashion and befitting attire, colour and perfect fitness.

Platforms: All departmental stores

Earning Potential: The average annual salary of a personal shopper is Rs 3, 24,027 

Duration of time of work/week:  Full-time job 

9. Online Gamer

Job Description: Despite gaming being a passion, it could be a career option. There are opportunities to utilise gaming as a career option. You could take up the following possibilities in the gaming industry.

  • Game Designer

  • Game Developer

  • Sound Designer & Audio Engineer

  • Gamic Critic

  • Game Actor or Host

Criteria: Requires to be a qualified software engineer.  

Earning Potential: According to estimates, professional gamers earn Rs 70 Lakhs to Rs 85 Lakhs PA.


Duration of time of work/week: It is a full-time activity.

10.Personal Chef 

Job Description: Personal Chef cook in private homes, sometimes in four or five houses per week.

They talk to their clients, plan their menus, get the ingredients from the market, prepare the food and refrigerate them as per the client's needs.

Thus, leaving behind a customised meal in line with the customer’s needs, taste, and nutritional value specifications.  

Criteria: Has to be a qualified Chef.


Earning Potential: Earning are between $30,000 and $70,000 PA

Duration of time of work/week:  Full-time work       

11. Sell on Poshmark

Job Description: Sell your used ware, including clothing, jewellery, and other accessories, for money.

You may ask your friends to part with their items and take advantage of your branding on the site.

As your followers grow in size, you could pose with your clothes and outfits for a photo session and upload the same to attract more sales.

 Then, with more extraordinary entrepreneur skills, you can create your boutique on the site and enlarge the scale of your business.  

Platforms: Poshmark is the site where you sign for free, create a profile and start sales. Poshmark handles all payments; hence your money is sure to come through.  

Earning Potential: Earnings stand at $100 - $1000 a month. If you show more excellent enterprise, it might rise to six figures yearly.

Duration of time of work/week: A lot depends on your profitability which decides your time allocation to the activity.

12. Trade-in an Etsy Shop

History: Etsy is an online marketplace that caters to handmade goods, crafts, and DIY products. It has 69 million buyers worldwide and many more to patronise it further. They search for novel and exciting items. 

Job Description: You can start your venture using the Etsy site. Sell your wares using the Etsy leverage of its access to millions of buyers. You can create and sell many of the listed articles or even something unique and rare.

  • Handmade items

  • Jewellery

  • Clothing 

  • Accessories

  • Craft

  • Printables

  • Wedding and Party invitations

  • Services like Printify

Platforms: Etsy, get into their seller’s page to register.

Earning Potential: Start with $100 a month and grow it into a full-time venture.

Duration of time of work/week: You may start with an hour per day and make it into your full-time venture.

13. Get Paid to Chat with Men Online

Job Description: You can either send texts to men, try and flirt with them or have a direct chat with them online. Your safety and the secret liaison online would never be disclosed.

Criteria: Should be able to communicate well.

Platforms: Texting / Chatting Platforms

  • ChatOperator Jobs

  • Text121 Chat

  • Chat Recruit

  • FlirtBucks

  • LipService

  • Mygirlfund

  • Phrendly

  • TexKings

  • JustAnswer

  • Fiver

  • Ginger.i.o

Earning Potential: Get paid $0.2 for every message and $2 for a minute of chatting.

Duration of time of work/week:  Whenever time permits

14. Drive for Uber / Lyft / Doordash

Job Description: You have to convert your car into a public carrier for Uber / Lyft / Doordash. Carry passengers around the place of your choice and get paid for your services.

Some basic rules are as follows:

  • You have to be 18 years old

  • Clear all background screening

  • Need to possess a driver’s license

  • Visit the nearest certified stations in your city, submit your documents and photo, and sign up.  

Criteria: You have to have a driver’s license and should be 18 years or above.


Earning Potential: You make anything as much as $200 a week if you work per your schedule.

Duration of time of work/week:  It can be done full-time or Part-time.       

15. Babysitting / Childcare

Job Description: Taking care of children when their parents are away at work or going out to socialise.

Criteria: You should like kids and the ability to manage a lot of them without losing your cool.

Platforms: You can sign up for free and create a profile on the following sites


  • Sittercity

Earning Potential: The range starts from $13 per hour; you can make up to $20+ per hour with added experience in the activity.   

Duration of time of work/week: Working parents would need your services in the morning. The ones who want to socialise may need it on an hourly basis in the evenings. You could choose accordingly.

Final Words

An exhaustive list of jobs is identified and displayed above to be chosen and implemented by you.

Financial independence is essential to us, and nurturing your children is equally important. Hence, the couple needs to maintain a delicate balance between hours of work and the hours at home.

However, the monetary benefits, notwithstanding the care you offer your offsprings, goes a long way in building their character. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I make money immediately?

Money cannot be gained immediately unless you are well-versed in a profession. A chef, babysitter, or Uber driver can get you instant cash. Otherwise, you have a lot of planning to do to train yourself and get into a business, a job that will look after you for a lifetime.

How can I make money in 3 days?

Money can be made immediately only if you prefer to do jobs that do not pay you well, like babysitting, being a private chef, Uber driver, selling your hair, chatting online with men, etc.   

What apps pay on the same day?

There are no apps that pay you on the same day. However, you may try Uber, which pays you the same day for the day's rides.

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