How To Make Candles to Sell

Establishing a scented candle company from the convenience of your own home may be an excellent way to bolster your current income, and there is always the possibility of expanding your part-time endeavor into a full-time profession or business.

In addition, it is a lot less difficult than you may imagine. Making candles is one of the easiest and cost-effective methods to launch a new company.

To get started, you won't need a significant amount of money or complicated equipment. Due to the ease with which raw materials like as wax and wicks can be obtained, running a candle company is an excellent option for those interested in becoming small-scale entrepreneurs.

On addition, there is a constant demand for candles in the market since many people have a soft spot in their hearts for handcrafted goods.

Candles are often used in the celebration of religious rites, as well as for decorative purposes in restaurants, during parties, and at weddings and other celebrations.

They are also extremely fundamental components of many people's homes. Candles have a significant market in India, which makes it one of the largest candle marketplaces in the world.

Continue reading if you are interested in learning more about starting a candle-making company with a cheap initial investment.

How To Make Candles to Sell in 2022 - Candle Making Business

Best Types of Candles to Sell

There are many various kinds of candles, and each kind is designed to appeal to a certain demographic of buyers.

  1. 1
    Soy Candles Soy candles are manufactured from soy wax, which is produced from soybean oil that has been processed. Most of the time, they are jar candles because soy wax has a lower melting point than other waxes. However, column candles can be made by adding certain things to the soy wax. Soy wax comes in flakes and pellets, and it looks like off-white, opaque flakes. Soy candles send out less scent and give off less heat than paraffin candles. Most of the time, paraffin is added to soy to make a "soy blend," which lets the scent spread farther and works much better in warmer climates.
  2. 2
    Paraffin Candles When crude oil is converted into gasoline, one of the by-products that are produced is a substance known as paraffin wax.It is a solid that is colourless and odourless. Candles are often made using paraffin, which is the most frequent kind of wax used. It is capable of retaining a significant quantity of both scent and colour. It is also available in a variety of melt points, which enables it to be used in the production of a wide variety of candles, ranging from pillars to jars. Because it is produced from a waste product of the oil industry, this variety of candle wax is not regarded as being the most environmentally friendly option.
  3. 3
    Decorative Candles  A beautiful candle assortment that includes cheese candles, citrus lemon candles, and orange candles. It is possible to use them as candle decorations or desk candles on which to set the fruit candles. The light from it as well as the fragrance might make for a better day. It is an eccentric wax candle with a one-of-a-kind fruit candle smell, and it may be used as a decorative element during festivities as a Diwali candle. People of all ages and demographics express a desire to have the candle as part of their home décor since it is such a wonderful accessory. It is also possible to provide it to someone as a gift.
  4. 4
    Aromatherapy candles The phrase "aromatherapy candle" refers to any kind of candle that contains an unspecified quantity of essential oils for therapeutic purposes. Plants and resins are the primary sources of the concentrated compounds known as essential oils. The quality and effectiveness of aromatherapy candles may vary greatly from product to product since there is no universally accepted definition of what constitutes an aromatherapy candle. There are other blends that combine essential oils with artificial smells, while some include simply essential oils. Some essential oils have been shown to be helpful in reducing emotions of stress
  5. 5
    WoodWick Candles The distinctive crackling sound made by burning WoodWick candles has become the brand's trademark. In order to provide an atmosphere that is more conducive to relaxation, these candles include wooden wicks that, when lit, produce a crackling sound, much like that of a fireplace.
    When you are producing these kinds of candles, you will need to give some thought not just to the wicks that you will need, but also to the aromas that could complement the sound that they produce.
  6. 6
    Vegan candles Candles can only be vegan if the things added to them are made from plants. Soy wax is used to make most of the candles that are vegan. Most of the time, different vegan candles are made by mixing different kinds of vegetables and plants. One of the most important reasons to choose vegan candles over regular ones is that they don't hurt the environment. Vegan candles are made from natural materials that can be used again and again. Candles can now be used as part of a vegan's home decor without worrying about how it will hurt animals. These candles are different from other candles because they are labelled "vegan friendly."


How to start a candle business

Here's how to get off to a good start in turning your passion into a successful company.

1. Do market research

Increasing demand for candles for decorating of homes and businesses, as well as for commemorating holidays like Diwali and Christmas, is another important driver driving this market. 

The Global Candle Market study offers an in-depth analysis of the industry. The study provides an in-depth look at major market segments, trends, drivers, and constraints, as well as the competitive landscape and other aspects.

With the growing popularity of candles in home design and an increased desire to personalise their surroundings, the worldwide market for scented candles is expected to develop at a rapid pace.

The worldwide market for massages and aromatherapy has grown as a result of an increase in demand. Eco-friendly and organic candle sales are expected to rise in the coming years due to factors like these.

Prestige candles are noted for their luxury packaging, scents, and focus on brand stories. The prices of mid-market candles are cheaper than those of luxury candles, yet they often have distinctive scents like rose water, grapefruit, or basil.

The most economical mass candles are available on the market. It's possible that the middle market is the way to go.

Choosing your market will assist you in a variety of endeavours, including the acquisition of resources, the development of your brand, and the packaging of your goods.

The kinds of candles that you decide to offer will be the basis for the brand that you establish.

2. Brand yourself

Because there are so many various approaches to making a candle, this is a great opportunity to let your imagination run wild. Choose packaging that is either recyclable or favourable to the environment.

Make your brand more memorable by using eye-catching colours and whimsical typography. Creating a brand for your candles requires a lot of work, including designing and creating the candles themselves.

Try your hand at crafting customised candles with picture mementos, utilise colours and moulds to create candles inspired by everything from desserts to landscapes, build centrepieces for celebratory dinners or weddings, or make candles as gifts.

Consumers currently place the highest importance on the aroma as a deciding element in their purchases. Create a scent that is uniquely associated with your brand.

Instead of offering the typical floral and woodsy odours, focus on more nuanced and refined aromas that customers won't be able to get anywhere else.

Personalization is essential since it offers a sense of ownership over the overall design. It is very necessary that you have complete control over all of its components, just as you have complete control over your brand.

3. Come up with a name for your candle business

A name may tell you a lot about a person. It helps you differentiate yourself from your rivals while also communicating the individuality of your business.

You should also be informed of the regulations that protect goods and businesses from infringement on their intellectual property and copyrights.

Look through the list of potential names, and choose the one that stands out to you the most among the other options.

Your company's name should be one of a kind and easily distinguishable, pertinent to the items you sell and their aromas, basic, straightforward, and instantly recognised, and it should convey the nature of your candle business.

Make an effort to think of a name for your company that is both memorable to your target audience and conveys information about the products or services you provide.

Remember to take care of the SEO and search Google for your name to see what other results pop up. 

Also, don't put too many restrictions on yourself; if you ever decide to broaden the range of products you sell, test the waters with the brand name first.

4. Prepare a business plan

Even though we could all do without the hassle of company administration, having a business plan may assist you in comprehending your mission, your strategic goals, and your primary rivals.

Additionally, if you want to apply for a loan to establish a business, this might be of assistance to you.

Create a summary of your company that includes your goal and vision, as well as the activities you have planned for your company over the course of the next year and the legal paperwork you will need.

When beginning any kind of company, it is essential to have a solid grasp of the economics that will support the enterprise.

Maintaining accurate records of your company's sales, operational expenditures, and profit margins, as well as establishing financial predictions for the future, may go a long way toward ensuring that your candle manufacturing business is profitable and runs smoothly.

You will be responsible for ensuring that you secure all of the necessary licences, permits, and insurance that are required by both your state and federal governments.

These criteria will change depending on the sort of company you run, where you do business, and the organisational structure you choose.

After that, you'll need to get an employment identification number, sometimes known as an EIN, since having one is necessary for tax reasons.

Investigate getting your company covered by insurance, particularly if you have staff working for you.

In such instance, you could be required to carry workers' adequate insurance coverage, unemployment insurance, or disability insurance. It's possible that you'll also need general liability insurance and commercial property insurance.

5. Making candles to sell

You have a wide variety of options when it comes to the kinds of candles that you may make on your own. We'll walk you through the process of making a simple soy candle here.

You may make a candle that is uniquely yours by using the same fundamental components, but modifying them in very tiny ways.

a. Buy the raw materials:

  • Candle wax- In the manufacturing of candles, wax may be the most important element. Wicks burn, melt, and    eventually evaporate into the air because of it.
  • Wick- The kind and amount of candle wick you require will be determined by the type and size of the candle you wish to produce.
  • Moulds- Make your candles stand out by using candle moulds, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Metal, plastic, and silicone moulds are the three most common forms of candle moulds.
  • Jars- Instead of using standard free-standing candles, consider using candle jars, which not only save space but also look stunning.
  • Double boiler- Using a double boiler (Bain Marie) is the only method to ensure that your wax is completely melted without any of it being burned off.
  • Dyes- In order to colour your candles, you will need Candle Dye.
  • Essential oils- Infusing a candle with the odours of flowers, spices, cuisines, and other pleasant scents may be done using essential oils or fragrances.
  • Mould sealant- Up order to keep the wax from leaking out of the base of your moulds, you need to apply candle  mould sealant to fill in the gap.
    Guns with Temperature Regulators and Glue
  • Wicking needle- Threading your wick through moulds is made easier using a wicking needle. With a thick wick, it might be difficult to thread the needle. These are extremely useful. Several of these items probably already exist in your home, but the rest can be easily acquired without breaking the bank.

b. Measure your wax:

Measure your wax so that it will fit inside the container you want to use. Add a few ounces to the wax since you'll also be adding fragrance oil, so you'll need to cut down on the quantity of wax.

Weight is used to determine wax specifications (like how much fragrance oil it can hold, etc). Weight is used to determine the scent's potency.

When measuring wax, it's crucial to keep in mind that although though it melts into a liquid, it doesn't weigh the same as water. To get the volume of your container, just multiply the measured value by 0.9

When calculating your total cost, keep in mind that this does not include the cost of any fragrances that may be used.

c. Melt your candle wax

It is possible to melt wax in a variety of ways, ranging from the slow and steady techniques of the past to the more contemporary and efficient methods of today, all of which are ideal for the task at hand.
Electric Wax Melting Pot- Saves time by reducing the amount of time it takes to melt wax for candles. Make a lot of candles to save time.
Double boiler- It is possible to create a double boiler by putting a wax-filled pouring jug in a pot of water, which allows for a more gradual and equal heating process.
Microwave- Fill a microwave-safe jar half-way with wax and heat for one minute. In 2-minute intervals, heat your wax until it is totally melted. It saves time and is more convenient.

d. Add the scent(s) of your choosing

A Good fragrance throw is a sign of a well-crafted scented candle. It might be difficult to figure out exactly how much fragrance essence to use.

Consider the strength of the perfume when determining the amount of fragrance oil to be added to the wax. In general, fragrance oils with more delicate fragrances should account for 8-10% of the whole blend.

Fragrance oils with deeper aromas usually benefit from a 6% to 8% dilution ratio. The formula for calculating the number of aroma oils you'll need is as follows:.

[Weight of Soy Wax (in grammes)] x [0.06 – 0.10 (Percentage of Fragrance Oil)] = Fragrance Oil Amount Required (in grams)

That fragrance oil quantity is now ready for you to properly measure. Begin by lowering the temperature of your wax to the point where it will flash with the fragrance oil you want to use.

e. Add colourants and dye

Liquid colours made expressly for use with candle products are sold by several firms. Other all-purpose dyes can colour almost any candle satisfactorily.

It is critical that you choose a dye that is compatible with the sort of wax you will be dealing with. In the event that it doesn't, it could not mix correctly. Shake in 2-3 teaspoons of powdered colour or a few drops using a squeeze bottle.

Candle dyes are quite concentrated, thus a little goes a long way, therefore take caution not to oversaturate the wax. Stir the melted wax gently and constantly with a wooden stirrer.

This will guarantee that the colour is uniformly dispersed throughout the molten wax.

f. Add your wick

Tighten one end of an uncut wick around a wooden stick or pencil, and you're ready to go. In order for the other end to reach the bottom of the container, it must be just long enough for it.

The wick should be properly aligned and hanging straight down when you place the stick over the mouth wide open.

g. Pour your candle wax

Using a funnel or transferring the wax to a jar with a pour vent can help you avoid a mess. The candle's wax should be able to accumulate in the mold's upper half inches (1.3 cm) of the area when burning.

h. Wicks should be checked

Put your pen across the opening of the jar to keep the wick upright. Tie the end of the wick to the pen.

i. Give your candle time to cool

Wax may harden in an hour. As it cools, it will adopt the form of the container, giving you a new handcrafted candle. Avoid damaging the wax. This might leave distortions, smears, or other flaws.

j. Trim your wick before using

Unwrap the wick from the stick or cut it off. Cut the wick about one-fourth inch (0.64 cm) from the outer edge of the wax with scissors.

k. Add your labels

Candle labels must be applied uniformly if you want your unique candles to shine out. Creased, popping, or asymmetrical labels look terrible. How to correctly apply a label.

Gather items like Isopropyl alcohol, microfiber cloth, stabiliser, stickpin, candles, and labels.

Thoroughly clean candle jars or tins using isopropyl alcohol and microfiber cloth. This helps the label adhesive stick to the jar.

Carefully position your label on your candle container in reference to the upper end or top cover.
Wash hands. Peel the label off the liner and grasp it by the edges to prevent adhesive contamination.

Start to apply pressure at the label's center and proceed outward to avoid wrinkles.

Using a credit card or gloved hands, push wrinkles and bubbles to the label's rim.

If you can't eliminate bubbles with your plain tool, try a stickpin. Pierce the bubble and push it to the label's edge.

l. Store your candles

Keep your candles Safe and protected from young kids, animals, or anything else that could easily burst into flames. Avoid cardboard boxes if you can.
Candles should always be kept in a cool place, if possible at room temperature or even below. This is to keep them from getting too soft, flexing, or melting.
Don't get too much direct sunlight. The place should be as dark as possible. Indirect sunlight will melt the candle and also colors and smells will fade faster.

6. Build your online store

As a good starting point, you may open an online shop to sell your candles.

Comparing the creation of an online shop to the listing of your candles on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, the former seems more difficult.

However, these markets eat away at your income and prevent you from freely expressing your brand. As a digital home for your brand, your online shop is not simply more lucrative in the long term.

7. Create a marketing plan

You may reach global clients via social media and your eCommerce site. Lifestyle companies have found success on Instagram. Curate a stream of brand-related photographs, showcase candle shots, and reach a broader audience.

Pinterest is a popular tool for finding businesses and items, and home décor is a popular category. So handmade candle sellers should use Pinterest for promotion.

Snapchat is another visual channel for maker merchants. DIY hustlers may promote to a growing audience on Instagram, one of the fastest-growing social media sites.

Giveaways, competitions. You may utilise your items as rewards in giveaways and competitions as part of a social/content marketing plan.

These competitions may help you get followers and boost brand exposure while showcasing your items.

Face-to-face meetings with target consumers might reveal fresh product ideas. Markets and fairs are good places to meet wholesale customers.
Festivals, marketplaces, and fairs also attract manufacturers and businesses.

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Candle business tips 

1. Take amazing product photos 

Candle manufacturers tend to overlook the importance of photographing their products. It's easier to stand out in a crowded marketplace if you have high-quality images.

A white backdrop and a close-up photograph of a candle are both classics. They begin to imagine themselves utilising the product as soon as they see a picture of another person doing it.

Even if you include measurements on your ad or website, showing a candle in a familiar setting (such as a kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom) helps buyers better grasp its scale.

There are a multitude of materials you may choose for your backdrop. There are places when a picture may tell a thousand words about what your candle stands for.

Grouped candles may also display a complete series that you've made to highlight all the varied sizes, shapes, and colours that you provide as a business service.

These images work well for promoting Christmas gift sets and other festive collections.

2. Create more selling opportunities 

When evaluating distribution methods, consider your audience. Your candle company can offer to sell via:

  • A website
  • E-commerce Websites
  • flea markets
  • Retail Stores

Set up WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. Websites and eCommerce platforms boost your visibility. It increases your consumer base and opportunities. Your internet shop is both lucrative and a digital home for your brand. Lifestyle companies have found success on Instagram. Curate a stream of brand-related photographs, showcase candle shots and reach a bigger audience. Cross-sell and upsell current clients to boost income.

3. Expand your product line

Materials affect your product line. Your targeted audience and label should determine your wax. Natural materials and eco-friendliness make this a wonderful option. The perfect aroma may create memories and emotions in your consumers, establishing a lasting relationship. Perfume names allow you to be creative. Explore each scent's notes profile and description, then design a unique name that suits your brand. Consider the sorts of containers that match your market and how to make your product line unique. Your product line may stand out with the correct containers and lids. Packaging and labeling complete your product range. Creativity helps visually distinguish things.

4. Push holiday sales

Candles are a thoughtful and beautiful present for those you hold dear. Because of this, there is typically a significant increase in demand during holidays, particularly Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. Use your imagination with different hues, geometric patterns, and images of the changing seasons. The finest scented candles are exquisite holiday presents since they help create the scene, whether the recipient is looking to relax, feel cosy, or achieve a great balance of the two.

5. Stay on top of consumer trends

The candle business is showing no signs of slowing down, with a wide variety of candles available from large suppliers and small manufacturers alike. To avoid feeling alone, people throughout the world invested in their houses to make them seem like a refuge rather than an isolated location. Consumers may choose from a wide range of candles, each with a specific use in mind. Because of its inexpensive cost and ability to maintain a variety of forms, paraffin was the most popular option for candles. Because of its minimal carbon impact, moderate burn, and long-lasting aroma, soy wax is projected to gain substantial traction in the coming years. The use of candles in business settings is on the increase. Candles are used at spas and massage facilities to create a relaxing ambience, while they are also used in restaurants to create a cosy atmosphere. Candle goods are also being used by other companies, including as independent brands, fashion houses, and beauty merchants, to attract new consumers and sustain brand loyalty and interest.

Is Candle Making Profitable

From home, you can start a candle-making business with a small amount of money. People buy candles not only for religious reasons, but also to make their homes and businesses smell nice and look nice.

Scented and decorative candles are very popular, and people want to buy them. This is a great business opportunity for people who are just starting out.

Candle making can be a very profitable business if you plan well and have a good marketing plan. It doesn't cost much to make candles. The profit margin is also higher than with a lot of other consumer products.

Selling candles is an easy way to make a profit of more than 30 percent. The profit margins are also quite high, and it doesn't matter if the materials are expensive or cheap.

You should think about things like how busy it gets around Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving.


Is candle making a profitable business?

Making candles as a company might bring in a lot of money. By 2026, the candle-making market will have grown to about $5 billion in revenue, with a low cost barrier to entry. Candles are in high demand from buyers.

How much money do you make selling candles?

Making candles is the easiest way to make 20-25 thousand rupees each month. Because of its deep religious roots, India has a particularly strong market for candles.

What do you need to make candles to sell?

Materials requires to make candles for selling are: candle wax, wicks, moulds, jars, wicking needle, sticks, double boiler, color or dyes, and melting pots.

How much money do you need to start a candle business?

To get started with a home business creating candles, all you need is a conventional candle-making machine. Small-scale candle production in India will need an expenditure of up to 10 lakh rupees.

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