Complete Guide on How to Make a Girl Cum (2020)

Have you heard the analogy of sex with the human ear? If not, this is how it goes: When your ear itches, and you insert your finger inside the ear to itch it, which one feels better? Finger or the ear?

Exactly, this is why you must know how to give a perfect orgasm to your babe!

Orgasm is not just a psychological thing; it is the measurement of giving your significant other the pleasure of a lifetime, in seconds!

Most of the women enjoy their first orgasm through an act of self-satisfaction.

So, the question is: Are we men lacking somewhere in giving the best orgasm to our significant other? Let us explore the myths surrounding orgasm.

Exploring how to make your babe cum through the penile-vaginal intercourse will be discussed in this article.

Let us debunk some myths surrounding orgasm and explore some ways to make your babe cum through sexual intercourse.


Myths Surrounding the female orgasm

Though female orgasm has been hyped a lot across the media and pornography, yet studies have shown that only 57% of women cum during sex!

Don’t be so sure if she just moaned the roof out of your home during sex! She is just feeling it, and it is not the real one! Often the mantra to have your babe cum is the depth of the relationship and the meaning it imparts to her.

Not the depth of where you can reach her, within!

If your partner has a lower libido or there is a mismatch in the sexual compatibility between you, making her cum can be a disappointment. And last, as we have always believed: No two women are similar!

What worked out for your ex-girlfriend might just be too little for your Wifey!

Studies show how a dirty mind can improve the quality of your sex life! If your partner has a lower attachment towards sex or has lesser thoughts of the same, you are in for a hard luck mate. The connection between the thoughts and orgasm is always an ephemeral one!

One reason could be getting into the mood for the deed has a deep connection with an orgasm!

Penetration is not always the answer.

Another myth surrounding the female orgasm is that penetrative sex can make your babe cum! Guess what? It is not the penetration, but the proximity of the clitoris to the opening of the vagina that stimulates it. Making your babe cum should start by giving a relaxing massage to the clit!

The clit is the real deal!

Guess what, squirting is an art only a few women are artists of! So, if you have a beauty who squirts every time she experiences great sex, thank your stars for dating the artist! Squirting is not something that many women experience post-sex, which makes it the most researched topic!

Orgasm is not merely sex! It incorporates a lot more than just sex! Having the perfect bonding and the depth of the relationship is often a parameter. Not the only one, though! You can be sure about the effect of communication and conflict on making your girl cum.

If she is not in good terms with you, satisfying her through your tool can be challenging. As discussed before, sex is more of a mental connection with the sensory nerves for her!

Talking about mutual satisfaction, sex is only over till she is as much satisfied as much as you are! Have you ever left your babe without rubbing her clit after the deed is done!? If yes, it is time to work on the mistake and give her a nice clit massage after the sex. To have both parties satisfied!

Understanding the needs of a woman can boost up your sexual performance to a new level. It is not always what you think women want, do they want! If women were so simple to understand, had it not been easier for men to court them!

Understanding a Woman through her perspective

Have you ever tried watching the next best erotic DVD along with your babe while licking the beautiful pussy of hers? If you have thought why did she not talk about the encounter any further, here is why:

During sexual encounters, women don’t prefer to watch erotic DVDs as much as they wish you to focus more on licking the vulva!

That must be something new for you!

Now, unearthing (literally!) the sexual desires of a woman can be very challenging. Yet, over 65% of women have given preference to vaginal intercourse over any other form of sex! One of the major reasons is that the sensitivity of the nerve endings near the vagina is more.

You will be shocked to know what drives women more often than cunnilingus! If you have been licking using your tongue down there too often, it is now time to spend more time spooning her. As much as 60% of the women have laid the importance of spooning for sexual arousal.

With over 50% of the women letting their clits enjoy the vibrators, don’t you think you are missing out on something important? Having a sex toy in your home is one of the best ways to improve your sex life, whereas a vibrator should be your go-to toy!

Adding the extra spice to your sex life is one aspect of sex toys! Having the best combination of giver and receiver always helps your babe to extract the happiness out of sex!

Making sex art and not merely an act is why you must-have sex toys!

How about amplifying the pleasure of doggy-style along with the clit massage! It will surely give her more happiness than your tool alone!

Adding a little spice to your sex life is the most basic thing you can do to make your babe cum! Now we shall explore some of the proven techniques to have your darling enjoy on the bed and remember your skills for a long time!

Ways to make your girl cum During the sexual encounter

If you have not yet realized the main crux about making your girl cum, well, it starts way before you even land on the bed (or on the sofa!) with her! Before you even take her under the sheets and lick her brains out, you need to swipe her off her feet!

A great sexual encounter is like any other competitive examination! If you prepare the way beforehand, you are going through it (well, literally!) with flying colors! Along with a great conversation, understanding that women need more than just physical pleasure to reach an orgasm is important.

So, Develop a bond such that she can confide into you. Studies have shown that foreplay of about 10 minutes can lead to an increased orgasm by about 40% of couples during sex. Furthermore, foreplay with teasing adds some extra spice.

Foreplay plays a major anchor around which the entire sexual encounter lies. Building up of the anticipation and the suspense along with a tweak of events have increased the sexual behavior of women. Building up the climax becomes important.

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It will drive your woman crazy if there is an element of suspense in your approach. It would make her crave for more of you, till you are out of your tricks! Knowing that she has a lot to take, can leave her hungry! Drive her crazy by making her beg you for more till she reaches the epoch of sex.

Women generate sexual drive through the clit. A wonderful lick down there can increase her chances of reaching the orgasm quicker! In short, Make her sensory ending feel the power of your tongue! Have you ever tried the act of role play?

Be her uptight boss and she will love the narcissist you more than the real you! Make her beg to get through the task and see her drip the cum as she swallows the ego of the self-centered, uptight boss!

Women love to see their daddy in you!

Authority, power, and discipline drive no one else other than your beautiful girl! If you have been wondering about what gets to attract her more, it is the dominance that you show on the bed.

Now that you have been through with the foreplay and set her feelings on fire, it becomes important to get to the deed soon. If you delay it further, it will end the fire that you have sparked in her. Raising an orgasm within a woman can often be done in four different ways. Let us explore them.

During the sexual encounter

first time anal sex

It is one of the most befitting ways to make her cum. The entire idea of having your penis within her can make her lose her mind to jubilation and esoteric hysteria. Moreover, hitting the G-Spot stimulates and gives her the pleasure she has been looking for.

Having your women in the perfect position is crucial if you are looking to hit the G-Spot whichcan often be the craziest yet excellent feats you can achieve with your babe. Having her beautiful butt rest on top of two pillows at the edge of the bed bringsthe G spot closer to you.

As you insert your tool in the standing position, ensure that you thrust it deep into the pussy harder and relentlessly. Enjoy as she moans every time you hit the G-spot. Planting a kiss during sex is often a great way to make her feel comfortable.

Give a deep kiss onto her lips and pull her hair closer to you as you thrust deep into her spot. As you have raised the Spot, the angle now is perfect to bring her to the climax to make her cum harder!

Using your finger, the right way


Want her to lick right through your entire body as if you are coated in her favorite chocolate? How about starting it with your fingers! Knowing that penetrative sex is not the only way to pacify your girl is imperative  as then you cannot sustain that long in bed. 

It is always a great option to use your fingers to hit the G spot which will make her cum faster than you can think of! There are many ways to cast a skin—All you got to know is using the right way! Fingering your babe using the following way can make her feel heaven on earth!

Use your middle fingers and insert them inside the vagina of your girl. Curl up the fingers pointing towards her belly and move the hand in an up and down position. You can easily hit the G Spot this way as your palm rubs against the clit of your girl.

Eat her pussy out!

pussy licking gifs

There can be nothing better for a girl! Eat her entire pussy out and lick through it like you are enjoying the buffet after being famished for a year. Drive straight through her pussy with your tongue as you hum or blow straight through it.

Teasing and playing while eating her pussy can add further excitement. Even more, blindfolding her as you slowly carve your tongue through her body can spice up things even more. Start with the low blowing of the beautiful pussy and licking of the clits.

Blowing it will drive chills through her spine as the subtle sensations near her nerve endings gets stimulated.

Never miss out on giving her an experience of a lifetime as you eat her pussy by taking her to a sense of hypersensitivity, wherein she can feel even the slightest movement down there.

As her body trembles every time, blow straight through her pussy; you are lighting the fire to the woods in the winter! Now, it is time to set up the temperature higher, as you proceed for licking her pink pussy just like you lick the Cadbury!

Spicing up the sex life doesn’t always have to do with the real chillies, but it is how you lick the Cadbury that shows your skills. Light licking is always the best way to start and If you rush into it, you might hurt her more than giving her any pleasure.

Be unpredictable, smooth and soothing across her clit. Teasing her skin through your tongue is what you must not miss out on. Up and down motion along with the increased suspense can increase her sexuality and sensation.

A pro tip: Keeping the secrecy and the suspense high will attract her even more. During sex, be radical and unpredictable by trying out new things with her every time!

Be soft, be hard, be slow and be rough! Ensure that nothing is monotonous and nothing lasts longer! This way you can make her crave for it more.

Know that the variation in the strokes can make her feel more excited about the entire sex.

Also, getting her into an orgasm must be your priority during the pussy-eating. The louder she moans, the more you know you have left a mark on her pussy! As you are done eating the beauty, you need to suck her life out through her pussy and fill it with barrels of orgasm.

As you suck it, give her a feeling that she is the most prized possession for you. Suck her pussy like a weasel sucks the egg and yes, you need to make her arousal higher and higher. Don’t just stop once she reaches the level of sexual pleasure, but keep on sucking her pussy even further.

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Till the point you feel exhausted, suck the pussy! Sometimes, you may not know when she has reached her orgasm, which becomes difficult for her also. It is for this reason, you must not stop sucking the pink beauty even though she moans.

An intense sucking along with the great attention to detail is something you must not compromise with. More than just sucking her pussy, pay enough attention to her clit also, as it is the powerhouse of orgasmic sensation for your babe.

Have you ever wanted your lips to be the motorboat? If yes, then it is the time to be the one to satisfy your darling.

You can vary the motorboating as you change the speed, frequency, and direction to give your girl the real enjoyment of life. Making her pussy vibrate is often what you should try to do if you are looking forward to giving her an orgasm of a lifetime.

Make sure you don’t end up hurting her in giving her an orgasm. Be gentle, yet unpredictable!

Going the Anal Way

anal sex cowgirl

Though this might not be the go-to way for many women, yet you can always convince her to try something different. It is suggested to not go against her will if she is not agreeing to getting rammed from behind! Once again, start by licking the pussy.

With the changing strokes while eating the pussy, ensure that you make her feel comfortable as you slowly slide your finger to her butts. Once again, start by licking the pussy and with each changing stroke, ensure that she’s comfortable with your finger sliding into her butts.

Using lube might be necessary to make her feel at ease while having anal sex. Use the finger to move in and out of her rear and slowly insert two fingers within her. As you see the contentment onher face, slowly put your entire tool in her anus to give her a new experience.

Having anal can increase the orgasm and make her cum even more than you think, since it will be a new experience for her.

Trying Out the other forms of Orgasm

how to find your gspot -feature-

Making your babe cum can make her crave for more of you, even more than you think! How you wish to stay in demand all the time. Most of the time, not showing all the tricks in your cards is often the best way. . Give her G Spot the real thunder with your fingers the right way.

Also, hitting her with the right tone makes her crave you more. The clit is the most sensitive area of any woman, and it needs to be handled with care and gentleness. You can learn to stimulate her clit perfectly while fingering or having intercourse.

Stimulating her twice will increase the chance to cum even better!

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Final note

Understanding that every part below the hip of your woman can stimulate an orgasm and make your babe cum is crucial. Don’t forget that developing an emotional connection is more important for your woman to have an orgasm. Be gentle with her as nothing more can make her moan.

Make your woman cum once, she will come to you forever! Keep the sex life thrilling by trying new ways and adding suspense in the intimacy which will also make her feel special. At last, treating a woman right is the best way to make her cum as well as come!

Instead of perceiving her as a human for entertainment, staying true and genuine to her can help you in landing meaningful relationship with her.

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