How to Make 1000 Dollars Fast?

As of 2021, more than one-third of Americans were actively engaged in a side hustle. Why exactly are so many people going out of their way to perform additional work?

Well, whether it is your rent, mortgage, car payments, or just groceries, having an additional $1000 is something that can make your life easier and tension free.

Surprisingly, along with being a lucrative idea, earning up to $1000 on the side is actually not as hard as it may seem. This is because there are multiple ways you can create a side hustle that can give you a regular cash flow to support your bills, entertainment, or just about anything.

So, to help you find the right way to make $1000 fast, we have prepared a list of the top side hustles that you can perform.

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How to Make 1000 Dollars Fast in 2022 : Get $1000 Fast Money 

Take Part In Market Research Opportunities 

How It Works

A large part of marketing involves collecting data from the public and there are various companies that pay you to collect such data. This involves the completion of surveys, playing games, scrolling the web, and more. Some of the most prominent companies that you can use to make money from market research opportunities are:

  • Branded SurveysThe BrandedSurveys app works by paying you for each survey you complete. The system works by awarding users with points that can later be cashed out for USD or in the form of vouchers for large retailers and businesses.
  • SurveyJunkieSurveyJunkie is one of the largest apps of this kind and provides you with the option to perform surveys, participate in focus groups, and more each money.
  • InboxDollarsThis app is much more robust in its tasks and allows users to play games, watch videos, and many other interesting activities to earn free coupons and cash rewards!
  • PointclubWith a 5,000 bonus point sign up bonus, Pointclub is both fun and profitable. The app manages preferences and skills to match you with relevant surveys and games which allow you to earn rewards that can make you money.
  • SwagbucksSwagbucks has been around for a long time and is one of the easiest and most entertaining platforms in this sector. On this, you can play games, watch videos, browse the web, and each activity will earn you different amounts of Swagbucks, which can later be redeemed for cash.

Average PayDepending on the exact application you use, it is possible to make up to $20 per survey which, if done regularly, can amount to nearly $1000 per month.

Method Of Payment: Most apps pay through either gift cards, vouchers, coupons, or cash.

Payment Schedule: The most common payment schedule in market research apps involves a minimum payout amount after which you can cash in your earnings.

Working Hours: There is no set working schedule and you are free to complete tasks whenever you feel like it.

Expertise Needed: Minimal expertise is needed for this side hustle.

Legality & Security: These apps are registered businesses and utilise your surveys for market research. So, you can trust them to be safe.

Sell Your Old Textbooks

How It Works

Throughout school, college, or even various working roles, many of you have probably amassed a large collection of professional textbooks, guides, and much more. Considering you are someone with good condition books lying around, one way to make money fast is by selling them to the right people. Some sites that can help you do this are:

  • DecluttrDecluttr is a site that buys old textbooks, CDs, games, phones, and much more. To do this, you can go to their site and enter the details of your book such as the ISBN into their system.
    Following this, you are given a price with a 28-day time limit so that you have enough time to send the books to them.

  • BookbyteQuite similar to the model of Decluttr, Bookbyte will provide you with a quote based on the ISBN of your book and then provide you with an option to accept their offer and get 30 days to send the books to them.

  • BookDealBookDeal is another site that buys old books but has a bit of a different system as compared to the previous two. Unlike them, BookDeal has a much broader network of vendors which allows you more freedom and convenience throughout the entire process. 

Average Pay: Can range from as little as $5 to $1000 depending on the number, condition, and type of books you have.

Method Of Payment: Payments are cleared via Paypal or check.

Payment Schedule: Payment is cleared on arrival and inspection of books.

Working Hours: Will only take an hour or so whenever you plan on selling your books.

Expertise Needed: No expertise is needed.

Legality & Security: All of these sites are completely legal and offer various security assurances.

Become A Delivery Partner With Doordash And Instacart

How It Works

One market that has boomed over the past few years is the food delivery sector and it also offers great opportunities to make money fast. Specifically, working as a delivery partner for one of these companies can make you money:

  • DoorDashPresent in more than 4000 cities across the United States, Canada, and Australia, DoorDash offers people the opportunity to work as ‘Dashers,’ which involves completing regular food deliveries for payment.
    This involves an initial application phase which takes up to 7 days and has a few prerequisites such as having a working smartphone and a valid license.

  • InstacartThe model of Instacart is slightly different as it involves going to stores and purchasing items based on a customer’s request. While registration is more or less similar to DoorDash, Instacart also requires that their delivery partners be able to lift at least 30 pounds as it can be necessary for larger orders.

Average Pay: The average pay for both of these companies ranges between $5-$15 per order but you can also earn more via tips that customers make.

Method Of Payment: Payment is done directly to your bank account in most cases.

Payment Schedule: While DoorDash pays out on a weekly basis to their Dashers, Instacart allows you to withdraw money whenever you have more than $5 in your Instacart account.

Working Hours: The working hours as a delivery partner are part-time and defined by your willingness to pick up orders. That being said, the more you work, the more you can make from this side hustle.

Expertise Needed: While you don’t need any professional expertise, there are various requirements to begin working as a delivery partner.

Legality & Security: These companies are registered and have been functioning globally for many years. So, you can trust that they pay on time and are completely legal.

Take Advantage Of Signup Bonus

A surprising method of making fast money that many people tend to ignore is by taking advantage of the various sign-up bonuses that applications and sites provide. Some of the most well-known companies that provide decent sign-up bonuses are:

  • SwagbucksSwagbucks pays a minimum of $5 to new sign-ups on their platform. However, they also run regular bonuses at which time you can get paid up to $10 just for making an account.

  • IbottaIbotta pays an impressive $20 to new sign-ups which is one of the highest amounts in the market.

  • InboxDollarsYou can make $20 on InboxDollars as well for just signing up.

  • RakutenRakuten is another site that will pay new users $5 when they sign up.

How It Works

This way to make money works by creating accounts on various platforms that pay users a bonus for setting up a new account. This is done to bring in more customers but can be used to make some quick cash as well!

Average Pay: The average pay for sign-up bonuses is minimal and comes to anywhere between $5 and $20 per site.

Method Of Payment: These payments are usually made directly onto the application in the form of points or benefits.

Payment Schedule: The payment schedule is often instant but can also require you to complete some tasks depending on the application or site you have signed up to.

Working Hours: You only have to spend a few minutes to create an account after which you will be able to avail the bonus.

Expertise Needed: Little to no expertise is needed as all you have to do is enter your details to set up an account.

Legality & Security: These bonuses are completely legal and you are usually paid into your application’s account.

Refer And Earn

In an attempt to attract new customers, many online sites provide referral bonuses or affiliate programs to existing users. This is often done using a code or link that allows the site to know that the new user has signed up on your referral.
Following this, you can earn benefits ranging from cash to coupons and more. Some sites that offer referral bonuses are:

  • CashApp: One of the most well-known apps of its kind, CashApp pays users a small bonus whenever any of their referred friends make a payment of $5 or more through the CashApp system.

  • EbatesIf you are an existing user on Ebates, you can make up to $5 for each referral you make that then goes on to purchase on the site.

  • Ibotta: Apart from their impressive signing bonus, Ibotta also pays users $5 directly whenever they refer a verified user.

How It Works

This side hustle works by making the most of the referral bonus provided by various sites. As this is often limitless, you can refer multiple people to earn a decent amount of money.

Average Pay: The average pay per referral is often $5 but this depends on the specific site you are using as some larger sites can pay much higher than this.

Method Of Payment: Payment is either done directly into your account via PayPal or in the form of site points/coupons.

Payment Schedule: You are paid whenever a referral you make signs up or completes a certain verification task such as making a purchase.

Working Hours: There are no specific work hours as you will make money without doing any work as long as you can get people to sign up on your referral.

Expertise Needed: There is no expertise needed for this method of making money fast.

Legality & Security: These bonuses for referrals are completely legal and are a common marketing method.

Garage Sale

How It Works

Having a garage sale is a great way to get rid of old stuff in your home while also making money fast. While it may not seem like it at first, most people tend to have lots of stuff lying around that can be of use and sold to others. That being said, garage sales do involve some work so to help you out, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Timing: Having a yard sale during mid-day in the summer can deter many people from coming due to the heat. Similarly, having one later at night in a colder climate would also bring you fewer people as they would probably art home.

  • Advertising: A problem with garage sales is that not many people know about them which can cause you to miss out on many possible customers. So, make sure to put out banners or online posts that can let people know where the garage sale is, the timing, and also some items you plan on selling.

  • Item Pricing: While garage sales are a great way of making money, you still have to manage your prices to make sure they are lucrative and make sense. So, manage your pricing according to the utility, age, and type of item so that both you and your customers can leave happy!

Average Pay: The amount of money you can make from a garage sale is completely dependent on the type of items you sell.

Method Of Payment: The method of payment is up to you and the customer but is often cash in garage sales.

Payment Schedule: In most sales, you will be paid as soon as you sell your item.

Working Hours: Garage sales take a few hours to set up and a few hours for the sale itself. So, you will need at least a whole day or more for a proper garage sale.

Expertise Needed: No expertise needed.

Legality & Security: Garage sales are legal in most of the world but you should check with local laws before setting up a large sale.

Testing Out Websites And Apps

How It Works

Various sites offer users money just to use and test them out. This is often done to understand user behaviour and can help you make some quick cash. Some platforms that pay for website testing are:

  • UsertestingUsertesting is one of the most prominent platforms in this industry and will send you 1-2 tests per week for various websites.

  • Whatusersdo: After completing a simple screening process, you can make money testing sites with Whatusersdo. On this platform, users tend to get 3-5 tests monthly as well as various bonus competitions and offers.

  • UserTest: UserTest is one of the easiest platforms for website testing and all you need to sign up is your email ID to start making $10 per website test.

Average Pay: The average pay per website test is approximately $10 but can be higher for larger projects. So, you can make up to $1000 working with multiple platforms.

Method Of Payment: Payment tends to be via PayPal.

Payment Schedule: Most platforms will pay you within a week of test completion.

Working Hours: When it comes to website testing, most platforms will assign 1-2 tests weekly which take up anywhere between 10 minutes and an hour.

Expertise Needed: You will need a basic understanding of computers and the internet to aptly test the websites.

Legality & Security: These platforms are legal and will pay you within a week so you can be sure that your work will be compensated.

Affiliate Marketing

How It Works

One of the more well-known side hustles, affiliate marketing involves setting up a link for a certain product or sign up process on your page. Whenever a user clicks on these or completes a certain action, you will get paid for bringing them to the affiliate company.

For example, if you have an affiliate link to a $500 television on your site, whenever a user makes a purchase through that link, you can be paid up to $100 depending on the platform and terms of your agreement.

Average Pay: Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative side hustles in terms of pay as you can earn large amounts of money.

Method Of Payment: Payment is most often done via PayPal or direct bank transfer.

Payment Schedule: Affiliate marketing payments are usually cleared on a monthly basis.

Working Hours: While setting up links might take some time, affiliate marketing is a passive activity that doesn’t need much time.

Expertise Needed: While the knowledge requirement is minimal, you do need a website with decent traffic to make money.

Legality & Security: Affiliate marketing is a prominent method of earning money globally and is completely legal. However, make sure you only work with trusted companies.

Freelance Your Skills

How It Works

Freelancing is a form of self-employment wherein you are able to work according to your own timings and terms. You can freelance for a variety of skills such as writing, singing, editing, and more. In addition to this, there are various platforms that allow freelancers to list and sell their services such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.

Some of the most common skills you can sell as a freelancer are:

  • Graphic design
  • Video editingGame design
  • Writing
  • Singing
  • Photo editing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing

Average Pay: You can make thousands of dollars through freelancing depending on the skill you are providing.

Method Of Payment: Most freelance platforms will pay you via their internal system.

Payment Schedule: Payments are made either monthly or upon completion of a task.

Working Hours: This can be either part-time or full-time depending on your preference.

Expertise Needed: You will need expertise in the skills you plan to freelance. That being said, using online courses, you can easily learn some popular skills such as writing.

Legality & Security: Freelancing is legal however you should actively make sure you are working with trustworthy clients and paying your taxes.

Teach English Online

How It Works

With english becoming increasingly prominent across the globe, more and more people are willing to pay for a good tutor.

So, if you think your grasp on the language is good, you can teach people online and charge an impressive rate of more than $20 an hour. Some platforms for teaching English online are:

Average Pay: You can expect an hourly pay of around $20. So, working for 14 hours a week can make you an easy $1000.

Method Of Payment: Payment is usually done directly into your bank account.

Payment Schedule: Payments are made monthly on most platforms.

Working Hours: The working hours are part-time and dependent on your and the student’s availability.

Expertise Needed: You will need to have an understanding of the english language to teach it. That being said, you can easily get a grasp with courses here.

Legality & Security: Working as an english tutor is a form of self-emplyoment and you will earn taxable income.

Become A Virtual Assistant

How It Works

If you are comfortable speaking to people and think you can help them out, becoming a virtual assistant is one way you can make $1000. Virtual assistants, as the name indicates, help companies manage their online presence such as social media, data entry, and more.

Thus, many companies are willing to pay large amounts for a decent VA. There are also websites that can help you find clients as a VA siuch as:

Average Pay: Virtual assistants are easily able to make more than $1000 a month with some dedicated hours of work.

Method Of Payment: Payment is usually done via PayPal or direct bank transfer.

Payment Schedule: VAs are paid either monthly or upon task completion.

Working Hours: Working hours are decided based on the task but are usually within a few hours per week.

Expertise Needed: You will need an understanding of technologym marketing, or other similar fields to become a virtual assistant. That being said, you can check out this course to help get started.

Legality & Security: This job is a professional freelancing/part-time role and is completely safe as long as you work with registered companies and clients.

Start A Blog

How It Works

If you want to make $1,000 fast and build a steady side income, a great way to do this is by starting a blog. This side hustle is quite easy and if you write about something that interests you, can be quite fun as well. Along with this, starting a blog with platforms such as WordPress and Blogger can take less than an hour so you won’t need to put in too much effort at the beginning.

Average Pay: The average blogger makes around $500 per month but this can be higher for technical topics or with a larger audience.

Method Of Payment: Most advertisement companies will pay you via bank transfer.

Payment Schedule: Payments are made once you reach a certain threshold of money or monthly.

Working Hours: You will need to spend a few hours weekly to write blogs and advertise your website.

Expertise Needed: To write a blog, it is advisable that you have prior knowledge of the topic you are writing on.

Legality & Security: Starting a blog does not confirm your income as it depends on how many people visit your site. That being said, it is a completely legal way of making money.

Work As A Brand Ambassador

How It Works

Brand ambassadors are individuals who work for short shifts in events or physical locations to help in the marketing of a brand. For example, helping distribute free samples of a new drink to people at a store is something that a brand ambassador would be assigned to do.

Average Pay: Considering you spend 10 hours a week working as a brand ambassador, you can make approximately $1000

Method Of Payment: Brand ambassadors are paid through various methods depending on the employer’s guidelines.

Payment Schedule: The payment schedule for this is either after a single shift or in case you have a longer agreement, could also be monthly.

Working Hours: This side hustle does involve slightly more working hours than most others as you will need to work for a few hours at a time.

Expertise Needed: You need minimal knowledge of the brand and how to interact with people to become a good brand ambassador.

Legality & Security: As long as you are working with a trusted company, brand ambassadors are well paid and respected.

Clean/Organise For People

How It Works

While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of ways to earn $1000, cleaning for others is actually an established service. Using services such as Cragislist and Facebook, you can list your cleaning services for a certain price and wait for people to take you up on it.

Once you get some clients, just spend some time cleaning for them and you can make some quick and easy cash. Some types of cleaning you can offer are:

  • Home cleaning
  • Car cleaning
  • Lawn clean up
  • Cleaning out carpets or stains

Average Pay: With difficult cleaning jobs paying more than $20 per hour, with a few hours of regular work each week, you can make upwards of $1000.

Method Of Payment: Depending on the client, you can be paid in cash or digitally.

Payment Schedule: Payments are made upon completion of a job.

Working Hours: You will have to spend a few hours per week to make a decent income.

Expertise Needed: While basic cleaning does not require any professional knowledge, cleaning out deep stains or carpets will need some know-how.

Legality & Security: Cleaning is essentially a service which would make this a form of self-employment.

Resell Sneakers

How It Works

Whether its vintage jordans or modern yeezys, the sneaker market is worth an impressive $6 billion globally. So, setting yourself up with some stock and then listing it online can help you become a reseller and make a lot of money on the side. However, some things you should consider before starting are:

  • Investment
  • Type of sneakers
  • Where you’ll keep the stock
  • What platform you’ll use to sell

To help you out, some of the most well-known platforms are:

Average Pay: With enough investment and the right choices, you can make millions of dollars reselling sneakers.

Method Of Payment: Payments can be made in whatever method suits you and your client, although, some platforms will pay through PayPal or bank transfers.

Payment Schedule: You get paid as soon as a sale is made.

Working Hours: While you are free to manage your own timings, sneaker reselling can take up a lot of time as it involves buying, negotiation, marketing, selling, etc.

Expertise Needed: No professional expertise is needed although an eye for quality can go a long way.

Legality & Security: As long as your sales and transactions are recorded and you pay taxes on them, it will be legal.

Sell An Online Course

How It Works

Online courses are a great way to learn and also make money. This is because instead of being on the learning end, you can also make and sell your own course. It could be something as simple as solving a puzzle or even a difficult course such as astrophysics. Some platforms for selling online courses are:

Average Pay: Depending on the type and pricing of your course, you can easily create a passive income of more than $1000 monthly.

Method Of Payment: Payments are made digitally into your bank account.

Payment Schedule: Most platforms pay monthly based on sales.

Working Hours: You will have to invest a lot of time initially to create the course after which there is minimal work involved.

Expertise Needed: Knwoledge of the topic you are creating a course on is important.

Legality & Security: Selling a course on platforms like Udemy offers you safety and marketing with a complete legal framework.

Play Music On A Busy Road

How It Works

If you are a musician and want to spend your free time making some money, a great wayto use your craft to do so would be playing music on the street. However, don’t just go to any street. Instead, start playing in busy areas where people can appreciate your skills and give you tips for your performance.

Average Pay: The average pay varies significantly depending on your instrument, location, skill level, etc. and can be anywhere between a few hundred dollars a month to more than a thousand.

Method Of Payment: You will make money in cash.

Payment Schedule: You will be paid directly by people who tip.

Working Hours: This is a side-hustle that does require some time to get the most benefit. An average amount of time would be 10-12 hours a week to make the most out of your skills.

Expertise Needed: You need to be skilled in an instrument otherwise people will not tip as much.

Legality & Security: There are some locations that don’t allow street musicians so you should check with your local

Use Nielson Mobile App

How It Works

Using the Nielson Mobile App, you can make money by taking part in research projects for Nielson. The company tracks TV ratings and uses your behaviour on the internet to understand the popularity of websites and videos.

To do this, you need to join the Nielsen Panel which then tracks your web-srufing activity without slowing down your system. So, this won’t hinder your daily activity and you can make $50 a year to keep the app running on your device.

Average Pay: You can make $50 annually being on the Nielsen Panel with the opportunity to enter into lucrative $10,000 sweepstakes.

Method Of Payment: Payments are made into your bank account.

Payment Schedule: The payment schedule is a yearly one.

Working Hours: The working hours are technically 0 as you can continue surfing the web as you do normally.

Expertise Needed: You need no expertise to earn money with this method.

Legality & Security: Nielsen is a large and well-known brand with years of respected service and security.

Make Money By Playing Games

How It Works

Some websites allow you to make money by playing games. All you have to do is spend some time gaming and you will get rewarded with cash. Some of these sites are:

Average Pay: You can make $10-$30 every day.

Method Of Payment: Payments are made digitally.

Payment Schedule: The schedule differs based on each platform.

Working Hours: While gaming is fun, you will have to spend some time every day on these platforms.

Expertise Needed: Basic game knowledge is enough for this method of making money.

Legality & Security: These games are legal and don’t usually require a prior investment.

Use InboxDollars

How It Works

InboxDollars is an online loyalty club that offers a variety of cash rewards to its members. The site allows you to perform various basic activities through which you can earn money on a daily basis. Some of the tasks you can perform to make the most money out of this method are:

  • Complete all profile surveys
  • Complete the various cash offers that are available on the platform
  • Always complete the specific “Best Survey” as soon as possible

Average Pay: Using all the above tips, you can make $100 in a month.

Method Of Payment: InboxDollars pays users via PayPal or vouchers.

Payment Schedule: Payments can be made according to your preference.

Working Hours: You will have to spend approximately an hour a day to make the most of all the offers, surveys, etc.

Expertise Needed: There is little to no expertise needed beyond a basic understanding of the internet.

Legality & Security: InboxDollars is a registered company and has been paying out users for the past few years.

Help People With Their Errands On TaskRabbit

How It Works

TaskRabbit is a platform that connects people willing to perform a variety of services to the individuals who need those jobs done. The process starts off with a verification of the Tasker after which he/she will have to chose what service they wish to provide and for what price. Then, whenever that service is requested, the tasker can complete it and get paid.

Average Pay: The average pay per hour for TaskRabbit is $35, so you can easily make more than $1000 a month.

Method Of Payment: Payments are made via the TaskRabbit system.

Payment Schedule: You are paid upon completion of a job.

Working Hours: Working hours are completely customizable and you are free to pick which jobs to accept.

Expertise Needed: You will need an expertise of the service you are providing.

Legality & Security: Taskrabbit has been functioning since 2008 and is owned by the parent company of IKEA. So, it is a platform you can trust.


How It Works

Babysitting is a great way to make some money on the side of your primary job or education. All you need to do is take out some time from your day and make sure that the baby you are caring for is healthy, safe, and well-fed. Apart from this, many people enjoy babysitting as it can be fun to interact and play with kids.

Average Pay: Babysitters can make around $1000 a month with just a few regular hours of work per week. 

Method Of Payment: Babysitting jobs usually involve payment in cash but this can be discussed with the parents.

Payment Schedule: Payment schedules for babysitting jobs are very differentiated and depdnding on the client, you could be paid daily or monthly.

Working Hours: As a babysitter, you will have to spend at least a few hours per week to make a decent income. That being said, this is based on the child you are looking after and how often they need a babysitter.

Expertise Needed: While you don’t need any professional knowledge, you need to be trustworthy and decent.

Legality & Security: For babysitting, it is advisable to set up an agreement to ensure that you are working legally and have payment security.

Work As A Handyman

How It Works

Whether you live in a small dorm or a large mansion, one expense that many people don’t expect is construction and repairs. This could be fixing a drawer or setting in a new pipe for your shower. Either way, these things can cost a lot and people are willing to pay money to get them fixed quickly. So, a great way you can make money and help people is by working as a handyman on the side.

Average Pay: You can make upwards of $1000 monthly by working part time as a handyman.

Method Of Payment: Payments are made via cash or whatever method you and your client are comfortable with.

Payment Schedule: Payments are often completed right after a job but some larger projects can be split into multiple bills.

Working Hours: You can work according to your preferences but each job will probably take a few hours.

Expertise Needed: This side hustle does need extensive knowledge of construction and related work.

Legality & Security: While you may need to register yourself in some places, this is a legal profession.

Get Paid To Walk

How It Works

Did you know that you can earn money by just walking? With the help of an application named Sweatcoins, you can stay fit and earn money while you do so. The app works by rewarding you for physical activity such as walking with Swaetcoins that can be traded in for cash or points to buy various products.

Average Pay: You can make up to $50 per month by just walking.

Method Of Payment: The payments are made via Paypal.

Payment Schedule: You can convert your Swatcoins into cash whenever you reach the minimum threshold.

Working Hours: Working hours are minimal as you can earn on a normal walk or run.

Expertise Needed: You don’t need any expertise to earn money with this side hustle.

Legality & Security: These apps are known to pay timely but can take some time to reach a noticeable amount of money.

Make Money Driving For Uber

How It Works

If you have a vehicle and don’t mind driving around in your free time, becoming an Uber driver is a great way to earn money. With an easy system that allows you to take rides and a great payment plan, Uber driving is something that many people do full-time and can also be done as a side job.

To get started, you have to sign up and get verified on the Uber app after which you will be allowed to log in on the driver application. On this, you will be allowed to select your availability and accept rides that you find suitable based on your route, time, and preference.

Average Pay: Ubver drivers make an average of $21 per hour. So, if you work for 12 hours a week, you can make more than $1000 a month.

Method Of Payment: Uber pays drivers with an electronic system that transfers money into their bank account.

Payment Schedule: Payments are cleared monthly.

Working Hours: This is a part-time task and you can choose when you want to work.

Expertise Needed: You need to have a car as well as a license before you can become a driver for Uber.

Legality & Security: Uber pays their drivers on time and has a robust legal system.

Sell Your Old Stuff

How It Works

If you have old stuff lying around and aren’t able to sell it through a garage sale, another great way you can make money is by selling it online. Currently, there are various websites that allow you to list your old items online for people to view and purchase. Some of the best platforms for selling used items online are:

  • eBay: One of the largest platforms for used items, eBay offers users with a platform to buy and sell used itself online. The process is quite simple and can be done for a variety of products ranging from electronics to collectables and more.

  • Amazon: While many people associate Amazon to new products, they also have a system in place for selling old books and items. Specifically, you can set up an account with their Fulfilment program and begin selling old books and electronics for money.

  • Craigslist: Craigslist allows users to sell their items and services globally. Also, the platform will connect you directly to the buyer making it easy to discuss things like price, the timing of a sale, and more.

  • Letgo: Letgo is a fairly new company on this list that deals specifically with selling old stuff online. With more than 100 million users, you can use their simple interface to quickly set up ads for a large audience.

  • OfferupOfferup is a mobile marketplace where you can sell items like phones, jewellery, and accessories. The platform connects you with nearby people making it easier to complete sales.

Average Pay: The amount of money you make is dependent on what items you are able to sell.

Method Of Payment: Payment details are either completed through the platform into your PayPal/bank account or can be discussed directly with the buyer.

Payment Schedule: The payment schedule depends on the platform's specific rules or your personal agreement with the buyer.

Working Hours: If you want to sell old items as a side hustle, you will need to take out about 15-20 minutes per listing for photos, descriptions, etc.

Expertise Needed: You will need minimal expertise to sell stuff online.

Legality & Security: These platforms are completely legal, however, you should be wary of who your buyers are.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How can I make 1000 dollars right now?

There are many ways you can make $1000 dollars quickly ranging from online websites that pay you for surveys to sneaker reselling and more.

  • How can I make $1000 in 24 hours online?

Making $1000 in 24 hours is quite difficult but you can try selling your old stuff on sites like eBay.

  • How to make $1000 fast without a job online?

You can complete a basic course and start working part-time as a freelancer.

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