How to Ignite Intimacy with Your Partner

For couples, familiarity and routine can be two factors that can downgrade their sex life and intimacy. Sometimes, we seem comfortable with the same old routines and positions when it comes to sex, and we convince ourselves that things can’t get any better than this. The truth is, there is so much room to explore when it comes to being intimate with another. Men, in particular, have so much to discover about their sex life, which can give them and their partners the ultimate satisfaction in sex. To enhance pleasure and improve the relationship of couples, we’ll share some of the secrets on how to up the tempo of intimacy and sex life.


Enhance Your Sexual Tools

The problem with the masculinity complex or the male machismo is the tendency of men to overestimate their sexual prowess and the refusal to admit their sexual limitations. They tend to dismiss the idea of applying sexual performance enhancers and sex toys in their lovemaking. Sex and relationship experts recommend penis pumps as both a performance enhancer and sex toy for men where the enhancement is directly applied to a man’s “tool,” and the effects can be felt in an instant. They point out that sexual performance enhancement or introducing sex toys in lovemaking don’t need to be complicated or bothersome. There’s no need to wait for a few hours to feel the effect or to wear something you might not be comfortable with. It’s not just women that can enjoy sex toys, more men are now open to the idea of enhancing intimacy with their partners through the introduction of certain sexual tools.

Discover New Pleasure Areas

As mentioned earlier, don’t stick to the usual routine or practice in your lovemaking. Explore other parts of your bodies that are sensitive and can evoke pleasure when stimulated. Try caressing, kissing or licking other sensitive parts such as the ears, the nape, the armpits, and the navel. Of course, don’t forget to pay attention to the erogenous zones as well. Being able to discover new pleasure areas is a good way of knowing your partner on a deeper level and it also brings out a new dimension of pleasure which both of you can find exciting.

Fulfill Each Other’s Fantasies

Communication is essential when it comes to knowing the fantasies of your partner and your partner knowing yours. It takes an open and accepting mind to open up such a topic when it comes to sex. Our partners can have some kinky fantasy or two and they also like it if these fantasies can be fulfilled or played out at least once. Sex is a give-and-take process and the pleasure should be mutually felt by the couple engaging the act. Don’t be selfish with only fulfilling your own sexual fantasies. Ask your partner what are her fantasies when it comes to sex. Surprise is a good element when it comes to sex. Surprise her in your next lovemaking by acting out her or making her fantasy a reality. For example, she may have a kinky fantasy of making love with you in your office suit and having her hands tied by your necktie. Plan the event carefully and set the mood for sex and surprise her with it. Again, it is important to pay attention to your partner and connect with her on an emotional level when it comes to sex. This is where you can derive the utmost pleasure.

Set the Mood and Build Anticipation

Mood and emotional preparation can do wonders when it comes to being intimate with your partner. A simple caress, hug, or kiss to your partner can be a gateway for opening up sexual possibilities. Getting physically close and being open with your emotions and feelings to your partner can send solid cues about your intentions, sexual or otherwise. Work on developing a deeper emotional bond with your partner and it will be easy for you to send feelers and cues for sex and intimacy without being vocal or demanding.

Apply what you learned in psychology class about playing the deprivation game. Playfully tease your partner in the morning before leaving for work and express your intention to continue where you left off when you come home. Your partner will surely be eagerly anticipating more intimacy due to your opening the subject and abruptly cutting it short, which leaves a wanting feeling. Take your partner’s anticipation further by sending reminders or letting them know what you’ll be doing when you get home.

Discover New Intimate Situations

Being intimate doesn’t always have to happen in the bedroom. Learn to be more physically, emotionally, and sexually close with your partner whenever you feel like it. Get more cuddly and touchy while both of you watch a movie on the couch; don’t hold back on your naughty urge when you see your partner fresh out of the shower; it wouldn’t hurt to get covertly touchy-feely while in the kitchen. The list of situations that can lead to exciting ways of opening sex and intimacy is just endless. All you need is to communicate and share a level of understanding with your partner.

Make Surprises Work

We know the profound effect surprises can have on the people we love. Even in sex and intimacy, doing things out of the blue can be pleasantly satisfying and exciting. Sometimes, a good way to break the ice or the monotony of the atmosphere is a surprise physical intimacy. When you are at that level of your relationship where you can freely play naughty tricks and games with each other, trying out surprises can work great. Those unexpected kisses, lap dances, gropes, and slaps on the behind are just the kind of surprises that can lead to sex and intimacy.


Sex and intimacy should never be boring and uninteresting. While it’s true that men are more open when it comes to having sex, women show the same interest, but most of the time, prefer not to be too open about it. As the more active partner, men still have a lot to discover when it comes to finding ways to spice their sex life. It’s time to discard that bloated ego and be more sensitive and explorative in order to bring new heights of intimacy and sexual pleasure to both you and your partner.

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